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How to sanctify a house: a description of the ways, prayers, features, priestly advice


How to understand that a clot of bad energy lives in the house? The most common symptoms of this are:

    within its walls, household appliances constantly break down,

the family is mired in debt and credit,

tears and despair became faithful companions of the household,

uncomfortable in the apartment

plants die, animals get sick,

keys are lost, locks on the front door break,

pests attack the house,

at night, extraneous sounds are heard: steps, knocking, rustling,

things are lost and gone.

It also happens that the owners of a "bad" house remain unpleasant after the arrival of guests and vice versa.

In a similar situation, a cleansing ritual will help.

The power of holy water

Church holy water will help drive out evil spirits and corruption. It can be purchased at the temple for a small donation any day. If you visit him on an Orthodox holiday, the priest will bless censer with water for free.

Church water supplies should be periodically updated. Being in the house for years, she draws in the negative of secular existence and gradually loses her amazing capabilities.

Physical cleaning

Before starting the sacrament cleansing of negativity, it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning in your home: look into all the hidden corners, erase even the thinnest layer of dust, brush away every hardly noticeable cobweb. Bedding and clothing should be washed; mirrors and windowpanes should be cleaned. All households should take a shower, washing away bad energy from their bodies.

Consecration process

When the house becomes absolutely clean, you can move on to the main part.

Carrying a bowl in his left hand with fresh church water, his right hand is spraying the space in front of him, moving clockwise around the house, starting from the front door. In the process, you need to read aloud or silently “Our Father”. For those who do not know prayer by heart, one can repeat “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

The apartment is blessed - you can go to its permanent residents, family members and pets. Also, additionally pass through the rooms, spraying with holy water all the beds, a dining table, places where quarrels occurred before. After the procedure, they do not open the window for a couple of hours, fearing that an evil spirit will not enter.

Such house cleaning is carried out after scandals, before the great Orthodox holidays. You can make it a rule to free up space from the negative once a month, combining this with general cleaning.

When is it necessary to sanctify?

Thinking about how to consecrate a house, people involuntarily ask themselves a question about whether to do it. In our country, for many decades, the church did not participate in human life. Accordingly, the houses were not consecrated, and the children were not baptized, while people lived very well. Something like this is argued by many newly minted property owners who do not quite know who to turn to for consecration and who believe that this is a complex and troublesome process.

Indeed, it is not always necessary to consecrate a house, but only in certain situations. Consecration should be resorted to if in a purchased house:

  • a crime happened
  • people lived badly, went bankrupt, the family broke up or the children died,
  • there were many seriously ill among past owners,
  • sinful, godless or satanic deeds were going on,
  • there were fires, basement flooding, regular subsidence of the roof.

Of course, no one will tell buyers about all this. Therefore, you need to pay attention and listen to your intuition. The main reason for the consecration of the home is a deep conviction of the need for this, an irrational inexplicable desire to consecrate the premises. Such sensations cannot be ignored, and if they arise, it is necessary to sanctify.

When is it impossible to sanctify?

When thinking about how to bless a house, many people ask themselves questions about the circumstances under which this cannot be done. There are many superstitions among the people. For example, someone is convinced that it is impossible to conduct rituals in fasting. Others are convinced that a woman who is a member of the family may have critical days as an obstacle to consecration. Still others believe that if one of the family members is not baptized, then the house cannot be blessed. There are other beliefs.

However, all this is not true. Neither critical days, nor the absence of a cross on the neck of one of the relatives, nor the posts interfere with the consecration of the house. As any priest will say, even Lent is not an obstacle to the consecration of a home.

The only thing that can prevent the consecration of the acquired house is the rite already held. The dwelling is consecrated only once, subsequently it is only cleansed. Rituals with holy water, church candles and prayers, conducted both by clergy and independently, are aimed at cleansing the home.

Can I sanctify myself?

Contrary to the widespread belief in the need for an invitation for this priestly rite, the church does not forbid to conduct it independently. The answer of the clergy to the question of whether it is possible to sanctify the house themselves will be affirmative.

Of course, one can not always conduct the rite of blessing on one's own. Moreover, not everyone. People often confuse the rites of consecration of a home with the rituals for its purification. There are no obstacles and conditions for independent cleaning of home premises. But the possibility of consecrating housing on their own still has limitations.

What is needed for an independent rite?

How to consecrate a house yourself? The most important point is the strength of faith and the righteousness of human life. Of course, the one who will conduct the rite must be baptized.

The first thing to do is to secure the approval of the clergyman, in other words, to receive a blessing from the priest. With the clergyman it is necessary to discuss the details of the rite, to determine the method of its conduct.

Without the blessing of the clergyman, it is impossible to think about how to bless the house yourself. Conducting the rite by a person who has not received a blessing will not have power.

What are the rite options?

How to bless the house yourself? There are two options. In the first version, the ceremony is carried out using church candles. The second uses holy water.

Which of the ways to bless the home should be used, it is necessary to determine together with the clergyman, during the discussion of the future ritual. It is not worth neglecting the advice of the priest, but in the event that there is an internal conviction that it should be sanctified with water or just with candles, this should be discussed.

Which rite is better?

Consecration of the home by the laity with candles is much less popular than with water. This is a very common belief that they sanctify with water and purify it with candles. In fact, you can use either one or the other for an independent ritual to consecrate living quarters.

The methods have no advantages over each other. But there are some nuances that determine the choice in the case when there is no firm internal preference or if the priest does not recommend a specific method for any reason.

In the rite with the use of candles, a prayer is read to Nicholas the Wonderworker. A person who is about to bless a house with a candle prays before the rite to this saint. The ritual itself is recommended on Thursdays.

In a rite of passage with water, a layman turns to the Lord himself. The rite is recommended to be held on Sunday, after praying to Jesus.

What prayer should be read during sanctification?

The prayer that helps to sanctify the house is a combination of the psalms of the 90th and 100th, between which there is an unspoken appeal to the Lord. In this way the clergy consecrate their homes. The priests first read Psalm 90. Then they turn to themselves to the Lord with a request to protect and bless the living quarters, and at the end they read Psalm 100.

However, in how to sanctify the house of a layman, deviations from the accepted ritual order are permissible. Prayers that will be read at consecration should be discussed with the clergyman. Psalms are difficult to read, so when they conduct the consecration independently, they usually read Our Father and other prayers.

When buying an old house, is it better to sanctify or clean?

Before you consecrate the house you bought, on your own or by inviting a clergyman, you need to find out if this rite has already been performed. Of course, if the house is new, then there can be no doubt that holding the blessing is not forbidden. But when acquiring an old home, this issue becomes important. This is exactly what any priest of a parishioner who comes to him for approval, support and blessing will ask.

Church canons strictly prohibit re-consecration. It is generally accepted that such an action is blasphemy. After all, once the dwelling has already been consecrated, it means that it is under the jurisdiction of the Lord and under his protection. Repeated sanctification is nothing more than a manifestation of distrust of the Lord, an expression of doubt in himself.

In the event that the property purchased was the sole owner, it will not be particularly difficult to find out if the house was consecrated. But if you buy an old dwelling that has replaced many generations of owners, for example, a village house built at the beginning of the last century, then to find out if it was practically consecrated. Even if the owners of the house were generations of staunch atheists, political workers, or community activists from the local collective farm, one should not miss the chance that one of the owners could conduct a secret rite of consecration. Therefore, it is better to clean such houses from filth and evil, and not to sanctify.

How is the rite with candles performed?

There is nothing complicated about how to sanctify a house with candles. Candles must be purchased at the church trading shop in every church. Three to face Nicholas the Wonderworker, and three more to conduct the ceremony.

It is recommended that the house be blessed this way on Thursday. Before proceeding to the ritual, one should place a candle in front of the image of the Miracle Worker and pray to him, asking for blessings and help in implementing his plan.

You can pray to the Miracle Worker as follows:

Blessed Nicholas the Wonderworker, father. Bless me, servant of God (proper name) for a great deed. Give me strength and free me from doubt. Save and increase the firmness of my faith. Give rest to my soul and lordship thoughts. Help in the consecration of my habitation and the betrayal of walls and shelter in the hands of the Lord, under the protection of the Most High and at the mercy of his great, amen

The procedure for the house is as follows:

  • the lit candle is held in the right hand,
  • go around all rooms clockwise,
  • baptize every corner, threshold, passage and walls,
  • read prayers.

Before you begin the ceremony, you should discuss with the priest how many times you have to conduct it. The traditional belief is to perform the ritual three Thursdays in a row. However, if the house is new and devoid of filth, and pious people have entered it, a single round with a candle and prayers may be enough.

How is the rite with water performed?

In how to sanctify the house with holy water, there is also nothing complicated. Having secured the blessing of a priest, on Sunday you should come to the service of the temple, pray to the Lord, asking for his help in conducting the ceremony. Also in the church you need to take the holy water necessary for the ritual.

Actions in the home are as follows:

  • pour water into large and convenient dishes, such as a bowl,
  • go around the premises clockwise,
  • spray water on every corner, passage, jambs, walls,
  • fingers need to be folded as they do for the sign of the cross,
  • throughout the rite to read prayers.

If there is a Red Corner in the house or if you plan to equip it, you should start the detour from it.

What does sanctification require?

Any human action in this world has its consequences. Such an important act as the consecration of one's own home is no exception. This act obliges the people who committed it to live in piety and purity, both moral and everyday. After all, when they bless the habitation, they enthusiastically hand over their house to the Lord. Accordingly, they should take care of him, that is, like a house belonging to God, in which he can look at any moment.

In such a dwelling one cannot sin. We must not forget about maintaining cleanliness and order. You can not indulge in idleness and blasphemy. In other words, the consecration of housing is not only important from an energy point of view, it also serves as a powerful incentive for people. It is the core that does not allow them to indulge in idle laziness and wallow in the mud not only spiritual or moral, but also the most ordinary. Indeed, in a house handed over to the Lord, one should not give up a hand on a layer of dust or unwashed windowpanes, a pile of laundry, a dirty stove and rubbish left behind.

Thus, the consecration of a home disciplines a person. It does not allow him to “spread” on the sofa, which means that it is a blessing not only for the soul, but also for simple everyday mundane life.

How to sanctify a house with Epiphany water

This tradition is quite ancient, since it takes its existence from the moment Christianity was born. Even then, all the Orthodox knew that holy water is one of the main defenses for the people. Today the priest conducts this rite, as it is he who knows exactly how to bless the apartment with water. One has only to turn to any church or chapel to talk with knowledgeable people at what time it is possible to consecrate your home.

They say that only a servant of the Lord can conduct the ceremony correctly. Why exactly Father? The fact is that all clergymen passed the sacrament of the Priesthood, so each of them is endowed with divine rights that allow this church rite. But the main rules for a believer who wants to bless his house still exist. Here's what you need to do before inviting Father to your house:

  • restore perfect order, remove all those things that are bad,
  • try to throw out all that is unnecessary and useless,
  • the apartment should have an icon and some candles from the church,
  • the priest will come with his personal belongings, for which you need to free up some space.

The time taken to bless the house with holy water, as a rule, takes Batyushka a little over an hour. It is not necessary to monitor his every movement, you can just watch from the side. And the most important thing is not to distract.

How can one bless an apartment with holy water?

If it is not possible to turn to the priest, then the apartment can be blessed with holy water on its own. True, in this case, it is important to visit the church and receive a blessing, because without it the ceremony will not work. It is necessary to stock up not only with icons, necessary candles, but also with a prayer book, where there are all the most important sacred texts that are usually read during the ceremony. Such literature is acquired only in the temple; it is not available in any other store. Detailed preparatory instructions before blessing each room with holy water:

  1. Reading a prayer, a believer always turns to God, to the Mother of God, who constantly protects a person, to all Guardian Angels and other Saints. You can’t think of anything outside while consecrating the apartment. It is necessary to tune in and clearly say prayers (you can also do it to yourself), to see the true meaning in them.
  2. It is also important that the lifestyle is closer to the spiritual.For example, you can’t let in negative energy into your home, and also curse in the apartment every day. It is worth attending church at least on weekends every week, and even better - attend Saturday and Sunday morning and evening services.
  3. A person needs to sincerely believe in the Lord God and never wish someone harm, even the most archenemy and ill-wisher. You must always be happy for the happiness of others, even for those who have hurt and not well.
  4. Do not defile your thoughts with bad thoughts, do not speak bad words out loud, avoid all bad habits, do not break the biblical commandments.

If all these four points are present in life and are observed, then consecrating the apartment with water will be a great grace. Holy water can be brought from the church absolutely any day when it is convenient for a believer to conduct a ceremony. To do this, on the porch of the temple or in the hall for all comers, they usually prepare holy bottled water for takeaways, the price of which is symbolic.

You can use other water - the one that Batyushka sanctifies during a church holiday: you just need to bring a container and wait for the priest to go around, substituting his water. In order to independently carry out the ritual, you need fresh water, just consecrated.

You can not use stagnant, as it takes on all the negativity in the apartments. So:

  1. In the left hand, the believer should hold a cup with holy water, and with his right hand spray drops in front of him on all the walls of the room.
  2. It is customary to start the ceremony from the eastern corner, the movement should be clockwise.
  3. It is important to read the prayer “Our Father”, which everyone knows from an early age. If there are prayers such as “May God rise again” or 90 psalms, then they will also need to be read.
  4. It is not necessary to conduct a church ritual of consecrating an apartment on Thursday or Sunday. You can choose any other day convenient for this. But of course, Friday is best avoided.

Consecration of an apartment with holy water - what is it for?

If a believer has consecrated an apartment, this does not mean that now in his life there will be no sins. We are all partly sinful people, and sometimes we don’t even notice that we are not doing the most pure and good things. Having sanctified every room, a person becomes a little closer to the Lord, entrusts his house and a roof over his head to the Almighty, promises to maintain peace and quiet in his family. Yes, in the place where the walls are sprinkled with water, less disease happens, they are much less likely to swear. But it all depends on the person, since the consecration of the apartment is only a small step to ensure that everything is good in the future.

There is one great example that happened relatively recently in real life. The family lived in an ordinary apartment, not previously consecrated. Between spouses there were constantly scandals, squabbles and even assault. It seems that these two people loved each other, respected, but for some reason, it was in this room that everything went wrong as usual. In any other place between the spouses there was a real idyll.

Having sanctified the apartment, the husband and wife began to curse less, listen more to each other and respect the opinion of a loved one. The consecration of each room helped the family to find peace, harmony and carry all that accumulated devilish negative energy beyond the threshold of the family world. This is the most striking example and fact, why it is still worth consecrating the apartment with holy water.

What house or apartment is considered unclean?

Firstly, this is the place where they often drank, consumed prohibited substances, cursed a lot, threw dirty words, fought, engaged in debauchery. Secondly, this is the room where people live who do not believe in the Lord God. It is such dwellings that are usually considered unclean, and they need to be lit with holy water at the most convenient opportunity.

It is believed that in such houses are shrouded in not only negative energy, but also full of demons.. It is true, everyone who is present in the apartment, where there is a constant scandal, himself becomes the center for conflict. Everyone who lives in such conditions will never feel real happiness, will always face problems and troubles, there will be no peace in their souls.

Many people moving to a new place, and they don’t know that astrologers, psychics, fortunetellers or fortunetellers once lived here. All these groups of people are not from God, there is nothing Holy in them. And the apartments in which people associated with magic once were and spent their lives must be consecrated immediately. In no case do not let the children into the house where the Father was not yet with holy water. Especially if a witch or any other person associated with magic and psychics lived in this place once upon a time.

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Even if it all depends on the person - after the consecration of the house with holy water, living in a clean room becomes much simpler, easier and more enjoyable. He will not want to scandalize anymore, there will be no desire to resort to bad habits, constant harmony will prevail between people. Many believers can confirm that after the ritual of blessing water, even breathing in the room becomes much easier than before. Let in every house there will be only peace, pleasant thoughts and constant children's laughter, and negative energy as little as possible. Sanctify your apartment - this is the right decision for everyone if faith in God is strong enough and unshakable!

Is it possible and how to consecrate the apartment with water