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How to run programs from any source in macOS Sierra

It works, the phone was bought a week ago.

There is a problem. Only calls are displayed on the watch, and text messages from contacts and applications are not displayed, although the notification display function is turned on. (fitbit versa)

Good day. Tell me how to solve the problem. When the screen goes blank, music does not play

Thanks for the tips. But why did you miss such a painful question (especially not for a Samsung speaker), how to set the photo size on the S10e? I could not figure it out. But to receive photos from 40 to 340 Kb in size from this device with beautiful cameras is at least insulting! (((
Do not tell me how to fix this tragic situation?

How to bypass gatekeeper protection?

To open a program from an uncertified developer bypassing Gatekeeper protection, right-click on the shortcut (either with the left mouse button in combination with the Control key, or by tapping the trackpad with two fingers), and select the Open option. Gatekeeper will warn that the application may contain viruses, but will allow it to run.

How to disable Gatekeeper in macOS Sierra?

To make it possible to launch programs from any source without additional actions, you must enter the following command in the Terminal (you will need to enter the administrator password):

sudo spctl --master-disable

After you enter this command, open System Preferences -> Protection and Security. Here, in the Basic tab, you will be able to allow the launch of applications from "Any Source". This almost completely disables Gatekeeper.

Keep in mind that Gatekeeper is an important macOS security feature that prevents the installation of malware. Do not disconnect Gatekeeper if you do not consider it necessary.