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How to use Pinterest: a guide for beginners


Pinterest is a very interesting site that has changed (improved) since its launch. It was originally designed for people to share information (for example, recipes) with their friends and family members. However, the situation has changed. More and more people are finding Pinterest to be ideal for collecting all those photos you find on the Internet, or saved images that you would like to upload to the public. You can edit your profile from any desktop or phone.

Check in

The most common way to register is to register an email address. Before discussing the question of how to use Pinterest, it is worth considering all ways to gain access to the internal functions of the portal.

If you decide to register using your email address, Pinterest will need to provide some information. To create your account, you need to report:

  1. Username.
  2. E-mail address.
  3. Password.
  4. Name.
  5. Surname.
  6. Floor.

Then click the "Create Account" button, and you're done. Pinterest is not just for people. It is profitable for business to promote products on this resource. You can join the resource as an entrepreneur or convert your existing personal account to Many companies use this site to increase sales and increase interest in their brand and products.

Control Guide

In order to understand how to use Pinterest, you also need to consider all the internal elements of the system. In addition, it is worthwhile to understand the basic controls. New users may not be comfortable using this resource. Its controls are slightly different from what people are used to seeing on social networks.

Pin It Button (Bookmarklet)

To understand how to use Pinterest, you need to consider the main function of this portal. Once you have created your account, the first thing to do is set the Pin It button (or bookmarklet) on your browser's bookmarks bar. After installation in the browser, the “Attach” button allows you to capture an image from any website and add it to one of your necessary sections. When you attach a link from a website, the resource automatically receives a link to the source. Thus, the rights of the owner of the content are not violated.

To get the “Attach” button, hover over the down arrow next to the “About” link on the Pinterest toolbar ribbon and click “Attach Button” or visit

Make sure the browser displays the bookmarks bar, and then drag the Pin button to the bookmarks bar. Now, when you browse various sites, you can click the “Pin” button on the bookmarks bar to save the image. Each pin code (in this value is meant a link to the source file) added using the Pin It bookmarklet refers to the site from which it came.

When you see something you like on the website or in a mobile application, and click the Repeat button, you attach this image to one of your boards. When the “Repin” key is pressed (repeated publication of the source material), the following information will be indicated with your pin (a system that fixes the source image on the portal):

  1. Link to the Pinterest user profile whose image you have republished.
  2. Link to the board to which the source file was attached.
  3. Links to the original pinner (a unique publication on the site) and to the board on which the user has attached the file. provides some default registration tips so you can get started. They include such public boards as:

  1. Products that I love.
  2. Favorite places and places.
  3. Books worth reading.
  4. My style.
  5. For home.

You can leave these boards by default, rename them, or create completely new boards.

How does Pinterest work with subscriptions? The question is interesting. Keeping track of other users is a great way to discover new content. On your main pages, the portal displays the contacts of people and companies to which you are subscribed. If there are proposals of people as relevant, they will be listed on the left side of the main page.

To subscribe to a user, click the "Subscribe" button next to his name or click on his name to go to his profile page.

The Like button allows you to save this pin code without attaching it to one of your own boards. Everything that you have in “Like” (a set of selected subscriptions), you can see on the “Like” tab on your profile page. If you are interested in the question of how to upload photos to Pinterest, you should also contact the control panel. Under each publication there is a Save button, it is located in the image properties. Just click on it and select the place where the photo will be copied to the computer.

Friends and search for new users

On the left side of the main page you can see a list of friends to follow (if the portal has any suggestions, depending on whether you have connected your Facebook or Twitter accounts).

Keeping track of someone on Pinterest is the same as following someone on Twitter or making friends with someone on Facebook. You can see their pins, boards (except Secret Boards - more on that later), comments and likes. Click the Follow button next to the username to keep track of everything he attaches to the boards he created. If you want to subscribe only to certain forums, click on the name of that person, and then choose on which boards you want to subscribe. The image cataloger works on the same principle. With it, you can select the most popular publications.

You can also invite friends or search for those who are already Pinterest users. Click the arrow to the right of your photo and name in the toolbar ribbon and select “Invite Friends” or “Find Friends”. You can enter individual email addresses of the people you want to invite, or connect your Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo account. If you decide to connect an external account, the site will display a list of your contacts from it and you can choose which of those people you want to invite as new users.

Recent activity

Your Pinterest homepage displays a Recent Activity list on the left side of the page. Here you can see the notifications:

  1. When someone repeats one of your posts.
  2. When someone likes one of your pins.
  3. When someone starts following you or one of your boards.

If you are interested in the question of how to save pictures from Pinterest to your phone, then you should turn to the mobile application. With it, a function in the “Save” image properties becomes available. However, if the author has restricted it, it will be impossible to copy a photograph to his device.

Repin, Like and Comment

Clicking on a pin will display a full-size image of this entry. Here you can find a lot of different information about it, including information about the original image and, of course, about the original source. Click on the full-sized image to visit the website from which the image was originally received.

When you hover over the full-size image of someone else’s pin, the Repeat, Like, and Comment buttons are displayed. Click on “Repin” to attach the image to one of your own boards. Click the Like button to save the icon on the Like tab in your profile.

To comment on the thumbnail view of the pin, hover over it and click the Comment button. To leave a comment while viewing the pins in full size, enter your comment in the comment box below the image.

You can mention another Pinterest user in your comments if you are subscribed to at least one of his boards. Like Twitter, enter the @ symbol followed by the username (e.g. @username) and a list of possible matches will be downloaded, allowing you to click on the person you would like to mention in your comment. If you consider the question of how to remove a board in Pinterest, then it is also worth referring to the properties of the board. Having selected the necessary and going to its settings, you can find the "Delete" button.

New Pins Notification

Like at the top of your Facebook news feed, Pinterest notifies you if new pins have been posted since the last reload of your homepage. Click on the “New Contacts” link to view them. How to remove pins on Pinterest - the question is also relevant. It is important to select the necessary publications stored in your home. After that, highlighting them with a tick, go to the properties and click on the "Delete" button.

Scroll up

One small but very nice feature of scrolling through the Pinterest homepage is that it is simply endless. As you scroll, more pins are loaded onto the page, and you can continue to view beautiful posts from the people and boards you follow. If you want to return to the top of the home page, just click the “Scroll Up” tab, which appears in the lower right corner of the screen. The official instruction on how to use Pinterest, located on the portal, notes that when scrolling, the current subscriptions and entries appear first, and then the content is formed from recommendations and matches for requests.

User profile

By clicking on your name or photo on the Pinterest toolbar, you will be taken to your profile page. Here you can view and edit your own boards and pins. In this menu you can fully edit your account or deactivate it if necessary. How to save a picture from Pinterest to a gallery from your profile is also a popular question. For this action, you need to select the necessary images and place them in the properties in the desired section. It should be noted that there should be no restrictions on the use of content.

Account settings

On the settings screen, you can manage your account functions and general profile information. You can also disable your Pinterest account here. Enter the settings by hovering over the drop-down arrow next to your name on the Pinterest toolbar ribbon and clicking the "Settings" link.

In the "Change account settings" section, you can update your email address, change your password, set your preferred language and indicate your gender (male, female). If we consider the question of how to use the Pinterest application on mobile devices, then there should be no difficulties in application. After downloading from the official source and registration, a user profile will appear that is identical to that located on the official website.

The first steps

Like on any other platform, before you start using all the functions of the service, you will need to identify and configure the basic tools.

This information will be useful to users who are just starting to get acquainted with Interest, those who have already managed to register a profile can skip this block.

Profile Information

Your profile information can be entered and changed on the settings page. Here you can change your first and last name, nickname and image of your profile. You have the option to upload a profile picture or you can click the “Update from Facebook” button and Pinterest will use your current profile picture on this social network.

If you have a website, you can use the portal confirmation feature to show that you own it on your Pinterest profile. After you confirm its availability, a checkmark will appear next to your domain in Pinterest search results, and your full website address and checkmark will be displayed in your profile.

The steps for checking a site depend on several variables. A message on says: “Currently, you can only check a top-level domain, such as For most bloggers, we recommend using the HTML meta tag to validate your blog. Unfortunately, WordPress users will not be able to check their blogs at this time. ” See for more information on how to check your website.

The portal recently launched The Secret Boards. These are just boards that are closed and available for viewing only to you and your authorized persons. You can currently create up to three secret boards. They are great for posting publications that I would like to limit from a large number of users. These may be family photos. But this is not the only way to use secret boards. Party planning, wedding details - these are all great “candidates” for secret tips. Private login allows you to create your own public to view such content.

Edit existing board

Although you cannot rearrange contacts in a profile, you can edit some functions of an existing board. Click on one of your boards on the profile page, and then click on the “Edit board” button under its name (or alternatively click on the “Edit” button under the board on your profile page).

This screen allows you to edit the title, description and category of the board. You can also invite (or delete) collaborators — other people who are allowed to post to your board.

How to get your Pinterest profile

No one will view your Pinterest profile under a microscope. Therefore, even an occasional visitor to your account should immediately understand: who you are or what your blog / site is about. This should be facilitated by:

Applied to me, my profile is entitled as "

Olga Meshcheryakova | Pinterest in Russian | Pinterest for business | Pinterest training for business. " The description says that this is a Pinterest account for business | Interest management | Pinterest in Russian | Promotion on Pinterest. "

The photo is clear and recognizable. It needs to be selected in advance and it should be the same for all social networks. Do not change your photo, name or nickname on Pinterest. The visitor can search for you exactly on them in all social networks.

A showcase of boards shows the cover slides of 5 boards on the topic that I am currently promoting.

Below the showcase are the main and related boards, selected specifically for the current moment. Let me remind you that the covers for boards need to be created in the same style, and the boards periodically interchanged (raise and lower the seasonal boards). There is a video about this on my YouTube channel

Note. There are few visitors who have looked just like that into your profile. I admit it. But even for these “random” things, everything should be clearly and correctly arranged: here it will be interesting for you on the topic ... / you got to a specialist in the field ../ here are the pins on the topic ... etc. And for those who are interested in cooperating with you, all the more everything should be clear at a glance.

If a person goes to your website or blog using the "Read" button, then this is a small victory. If you switched, then your pin seemed interesting and he wanted more information. How to hook it further is a question of the usefulness of the content on your site. I want to write about something else:

It’s important to have a “Follow Pinterest” button and other social media subscription buttons. Since it’s just laziness to return to the social network itself. Give him a chance to become your follower right here on the blog. Look to the right - the Follow on Pinterest widget is visible to every reader. Therefore, there is a chance of subscribing right here on the blog))

Next, fill in all the necessary columns and be sure to confirm the site / blog. If there is no blog, then ... Sorry))) You are depriving yourself of a powerful means to earn money on the Internet.

We set up notifications to your taste and start creating boards. But more on that in the next article. This, about how to fill out a profile on Pinterest, I finish. It seems to have written everything. Drop in)))

Attention! All new materials are now published on the Pinterest website in Russian and on the video channel. We subscribe if you want to make money at Interest :)

I would be grateful if you click on the buttons :)))

How to change photo

  1. In the "Profile" section, click on the "Change Image" button.
  2. The “Select Photo” function will open the download page where you can add the necessary picture from your PC.

How to add a photo to the interest from a computer

We’ll talk about how to add your photos to Pinterest.

  1. Open the site from the browser on the PC.
  2. Before adding pins to Pinterest, click on the plus sign in the lower right corner of the main page.
  3. Select the option "Download pin".
  4. Drag the desired photo into a special field or select it from the folder using Explorer.
  5. Add a description, and, if possible, a link to a photo on the network, then click on the “Finish” button.

Now, if you already have created boards, the platform will offer to save the pin in one of them, if not, then you will need to have a board for such publications.

How to create a board

You can create a board before adding a pin to the Interest, or, more conveniently, during the photo upload process. For this:

  1. Click on the “Create Board” button.
  2. Add an album name (For example: Dishes, Decor, Beautiful dresses) and move the pointer to the "Secret" option, for those boards that will be available only to you. (If you want to create a public album, do not change the privacy settings).
  3. Click on the “Finish” button and your pin will appear in the newly added album.

You’ve learned how to add your photos and create a board on the Interest, now we’ll show how to add a photo to Pinterest from the site.

How to add pins to Pinterest from a third-party source

  1. After getting into the "Create Pin" menu, you will be asked to add your picture to the Interest, how to download a public photo from the site? Very simple, go to the "Save from site" tab.
  2. Insert the link on the page with the photo and select the necessary one from the offered ones.
  3. Hover over the image with the mouse and click on the "Save" button.
  4. Select the board where you want to add the picture and click "Save" again.

Your pin will be added to the board, and in the description to it, the system will attach a link to the source site.

How to add photos to your interest on your phone

In order for you to be able to upload photos from your smartphone, you need to know how to use the Pinterest application. In fact, all the main functions of the application are similar to the onboard version of the site. With one exception - to get started, you will need to download the program from the store.

After the application is installed on the phone, you can start adding photos.

  1. Open your profile’s home page and click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. In the menu that appears, select the “Photos” option.
  3. The application will open a list of your images, and you can select the desired picture.
  4. After that, add the uploaded picture to the theme board.

The simple process of adding photos is completed, and your pin will appear in the selected album.

How to remove a board on Pinterest

It so happens that the once created album is no longer needed. Perhaps all ideas have been tried or there is already a board with a similar theme. Then you need to delete the unnecessary collection.

  1. Open the list of boards on the home page of your account.
  2. Click the edit button (pencil icon).
  3. In the menu that appears, select the "Delete" option.
  4. Confirm the action and your album will be deleted from the account along with the downloaded pins.

How to remove pinterest pins selectively

We looked at how to remove pins in Interestest along with the board, but this cardinal option is not always suitable for users. We’ll tell you how to remove one photo from the album:

  1. Open the board, select the unnecessary pin and click on the edit button.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the “Delete” option and confirm the action.

That's all, your pin will be deleted, and the rest of the board data will not be affected.

How to Promote Interest

Today Pinterest is on the list of popular social networks with minimal competition in the Russian-speaking regions. The lack of a struggle for a place in the TOP is due only to the recent spread of the network in Russia and the CIS countries. That is why using Perestest as a platform for promoting a business is more than a good idea.

We offer several secrets on how to promote your pins in Interest and, as a result, the account as a whole.

Make profile

You should describe your business, its goals and advantages as accurately, succinctly and briefly as possible, investing in a small number of characters in the profile header. At first glance, this seems like a difficult task, but by adding a clear name, a simple description and a link to the main site, you will already be able to complete the task.

Work with boards

Arrange albums in order of importance: from key to neutral. This will help users quickly navigate the subject of the account.

One more tip - try not to remove the boards. Most users can be subscribed to this particular album, and if you delete it you will lose not only the content, but also the subscribers.

Add pins regularly

Optimal is to kick 2-3 times a day. Then visitors to your account will not lose you in the flow of information, but will not be annoyed by a large number of posts.

Working at Perestest is an interesting and exciting process that requires constant study of information. Learn about innovations and forget to update your application on your phone. Then using a social network will be not only simple, but also pleasant.

When a brand is interesting to subscribers.
When your content is like.
When they don’t forget about you.
When your site is visited.

How to use board covers?

Pinterest allows you to choose which themes are used as the cover for the board. There are two ways to choose a design. On your profile page, hover over one of your boards and the “Edit Board Cover” button will appear. Click on it. Now you can click on all the images on this board and select one of them for the cover by clicking the “Install Cover” button. In addition, you can click on one of your boards to view all the contacts on this group of files.

Rearrange boards

Let's go back to your profile page, where all your message boards are displayed. If you want to rearrange the boards on this page, just click the “Rearrange Boards” button located next to the “Change Profile” button on the main page of the account. Now you can drag and drop your boards to change their order. Click the checkmark button when you're done to save the location.

Block another user

Blocking another user on Pinterest means that this person cannot follow you or interact with your posts. You cannot follow the person you are blocking or interact with his pins. To block a user, go to his profile page and click on the checkbox to the right of his profile.