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How to play a guitar fight


Annotation: If you have not learned how to play battle, this article will help you! After reading this article, you will learn to read and play guitar combat. Recommended for beginner guitarists, and for those who do not know how to read the battle.

Guitar fight is the easiest and most common way to play the guitar. The battle is used in a huge number of songs with the guitar, while there are a great many varieties of battle.

Let's first, we will learn to read the battle and play the battle on the guitar, and then we'll see its varieties.

Guitar battle - legend

It is customary to designate a fight with rows of characters:

  • First row and symbol: I - is a designation for the actions of the index finger of the right hand. The ^ sign indicates a hit up, v - naturally down, and the X sign means that we must hit the strings down and make the stub sound of the strings with the edge of the palm of our hand.
  • Second row and symbol: P - designation of actions for the thumb of the right hand. If you see, next to the letter P, the sign ^, then you need to make a pinch of one bass string (bass strings - 6.5 and sometimes 4). That is, you touch the string, and stop on the next string (finer). Symbol | means that you need to do an action such as sliding your thumb down the strings, touching several bass strings.
  • Third row and symbol: L- Produces a description of the game with his left hand. Symbol designations: v - at the moment of impact with the right hand, the strings should be tightly clamped. x– the strings are released (that is, fingers simply lie on the strings), when you hit the strings, you get a muffled sound. ^ - press the strings well, make a hit and then slowly release (note: this sign applies only to the strings that you beat (play) with the index finger of your right hand).

In each row, there is a symbol -, which is responsible for the duration of the strike.

Have you learned? If so, great! If not, then read it again, then we will try to play in battle!

Guitar Fight Training

And so, we take the guitar (In the last lesson, we talked about how to hold the guitar correctly). Clamp any guitar chord, and try the fight that we described above.

The first meaning of the letters I - ^, P - ^, L - v. Therefore, we need to carefully press the strings, pull the bass and beat up. Further, the value of I becomes v, P - empty, L - v. Ie We hold the strings well and hit with the index finger down. Next, I - x, P - empty, L - x. Therefore, we need to hit the strings (on which the fingers simply lie) and the plug with the palm of the hand.

So, the battle is read and played. There is nothing complicated about it, the main thing is to train your fingers!

Varieties of Guitar Combat

For training, one type of battle will be enough for you. But when you play different songs, most of them will need to pick up a fight. We spread several battle styles:

  1. Simple, good for beginners:
    v v v ^ v
  2. More difficult fight:
    v ^ v ^ v
  3. Fight Six:
    v vkh ^ ^ vkh ^ (vx-blow with a plug)

With this, we end our combat guitar training. In the next lesson, we will talk about playing the guitar by busting!

Video how the battle figure eight is played

In this video, we analyze how the figure eight is played on the guitar.

It is also necessary to keep the rhythm - that is, the intervals between beats up and down, etc. should be the same, so for some types of combat, where there is a gap in the drawing, you should move your hand and make a “false battle”, ie make a movement with your hand to hit the strings, but do not hit them, but carry it next to them. In other words, the right hand must be constantly in motion.

How to learn to play battle six

This battle is a little more complicated than the one where you need to beat up and down, and there is nothing complicated in it, but it will take practice to master it.

The rhythmic pattern is: Down-Down-Up-Up-Down-Up

It is very popular and, knowing it, you can play 90% of the songs, even those that were not played by him in the original are easy to adjust for it, this makes it universal and therefore it is advisable to learn it at the very beginning. How to learn to play battle six in practice? In the same way that all other fights are practiced - the strings on the bar are jammed and the rhythm is honed, then they are unclenched and the reproduced sound is improved.

Those who are interested in how to quickly play the battle on the guitar need to know that by this moment you need to perfectly master the technique of the game at normal speed and after that you can already increase the speed and reduce the intervals between beats.

What finger to play guitar fight

Some beginners do not know which finger to play the battle on the guitar, so all the available options should be noted:

  • Thumb,
  • Large and pointing
  • Forefinger.

When playing with the thumb, downward strikes are made on the inside, and upward - on the outside.

When playing big and forefinger - downward strikes are also carried out by the inside of the big one, but upward strokes are already indexed, and the whole hand makes a “sweeping” movement.

When playing with the index finger - it bends, a thumb is placed on top of it and punches are made. The general position of the fingers is as if a pen is in the hands.

How to learn to play the bar

There is another technique, the possession of which will significantly improve the skills of playing the guitar - the bar. With it, the finger of the left hand clamps two or more strings on the fret, while in a normal chord, one finger clamps only one string. Now it will be described in detail how to learn how to play the bar.

This technique is the most difficult of all that are used, but has one advantage. It allows you to play chords in all keys, which contributes to the popularity of the instrument throughout the world. For a more complete understanding of how to learn how to play the barre on the guitar, two things need to be clarified:

  • The landing of the guitarist should be such that the instrument is placed in the hands strictly horizontally, and not at different angles.
  • Do not bend your wrist too much. So there will be excess tension in it and it will quickly get tired and sick.

Clamp the strings in this technique as close to the fret as possible, so the sound will be much cleaner, plus this is much easier than pushing them to the fretboard. Also, this should be done not with the edge of the finger, otherwise it will impede the movement of other fingers, but in its entirety. At this time, the thumb should create a counterweight and press against the back of the neck.

You should not expect that you will be able to master this technique quickly, it will take many months to train and only then you will be able to master this art.

In this article, the basic elements of playing the guitar were analyzed, and the answer was given to the question of how to learn how to play the barre. All these tips are useful for beginner guitarists and are designed to facilitate their training.

Fight Four: a diagram of how to play

The four fight is also referred to as the Tsoev battle, because it is used in some of his songs.

In the recording, I play a Quartet four-song movie "A pack of cigarettes."

The combat scheme looks like this:

Down - Up - Down with blank - Up

  1. swipe down
  2. thumb or forefinger up
  3. index finger down (fingernail),
  4. thumb or forefinger up.

Tsoev battle: schemes, types of battle

The Tsoyev battle is actually not one at all, there are at least 3 of them, one of them is the four fight, which you see above. But there are other types, and they sound like this:

first battle of six movements

There are 6 main movements and there should be great speed.

B - thumb, U - index

At the very beginning we play from the end: down B - down B - up B - down U

Then we play all the time: down B - up B - down B >>>>> down B - up B - down U

another fight of Tsoi consists of 7 movements:

down B - up B - stub - up B - down B - up B - stub

Thug fight: a diagram of how to play

Honestly, I learned about a thug fight on a guitar recently when I started preparing this article :) The essence of this fight is that the bass strings change during the game. That is, first we pull one string, then draw along all the strings, and then pull another string - and again draw along all the strings.

Pull B string> down with your index finger> pull another string (not bass)> down with your index finger.


Bass String - End Cap - Bass String - End Cap

You can pull the bass string both times so as not to get confused.

Fight figure eight: a diagram of how to play

Fight eight consists of eight movements and sounds something like this:

Specifically, this piece is cut from Bast’s song “Sansara”, the eight is used in this song.

Figure eight

Down - Down with a blank - Up - Up - 3 times in a row down with a blank - Up

What is a guitar fight?

I promised that I would not use incomprehensible words, therefore.

What is a fight? A fight is a cycle of repetitive movements with the right hand near the resonator hole (read: guitar structure). In short, roughly speaking, this is what you do with your right hand along the strings, and more precisely, these are actions when you hit several strings at once.

Do not confuse the battle with busting on the guitar. Busting is also a cycle of repeated movements with the right hand, but fingers are meant here. That is, repeated finger movements. Each string has its own finger. And in battle we use the whole palm, and even squeeze a palm into a fist and other movements.

How to play a guitar fight

How to play a guitar fight? The question is controversial and does not have a clear answer. There are many types of guitar fights - and they are all played differently. There are no such uniform movements for all fights, each of them is unique.

There is only a small list of movements along the strings, of which usually constitute a battle:

  • holding thumb down the strings
  • holding thumb up the strings
  • stub
  • open hit on strings (similar to a stub, only without jamming).

These are the main 4 different movements, of which usually comprise a battle.

How to play Simple Fight

Guitar fight - This is a rhythmic pattern that is created by striking the strings of the fingers of the right hand.

Depending on the song performed, the rhythmic pattern of the battle may be different.

Over time, you will intuitively use the battle pattern that best suits the song you are playing.

To begin with, we will master the simplest versions of the game in battle.

The first, most simple, battle option

Simple Combat Scheme

When recording a battle pattern, the direction of impact on the strings or the nature of sound extraction is shown:

A - hit the strings from top to bottom (in the direction from the sixth string to the first)

V - hit the strings from the bottom up (in the direction from the first string to the sixth)

> - shows the accent (a stronger hit on the strings)