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How to apply blush: tips


To give the face a more attractive look, hide the existing flaws and emphasize the merits - makeup can handle all these tasks. To achieve this effect, it is important to know how to apply this or that cosmetic product correctly. Blush has long been popular among beautiful women, and today you can pick them up at any cosmetics store. Correctly applied tone is able to give makeup harmony and adjust the shape of the face, while an improperly selected product will nullify all efforts.


  • General recommendations
  • Choosing a blush brush
  • The sequence of applying blush on the face
  • Rules for applying blush on different face shapes
  • Application of different types of blush
  • A few secrets of applying

The content of the article:

To adjust the shape and complexion, a lady does not need to visit beauty salons. This can be done at home with blush. Such cosmetics not only emphasize all the advantages of makeup, but also hide many of the shortcomings.

If they are used correctly, then the contour of the face will become more expressive and attractive, and a suitable color blush will give a woman a highlight. But how to apply blush? The answer to this question interests every member of the fair sex. After all, these funds can both emphasize the beauty of makeup, and spoil it.

How to apply dry blush?

To adjust the shape of the face, most women opt for dry cosmetics. It is universal because it is suitable for all skin types. Before applying dry blush on your face, you should buy a special brush. Her choice should be approached responsibly, because the final result depends on it. In order for the product to blend well, it is recommended to use a brush made of natural pile. In shape, it can be round or with a beveled edge.

Before applying dry blush, a lady should apply powder. It removes unnecessary shine and gives the face a beautiful shade. After applying a layer of powder, you can use dry blush. The classical scheme is quite simple and universal, as it suits everyone. Apply these funds first to the cheekbones, after which you can move diagonally to the outer corner of the eyes (you can’t go beyond two fingers from the nose). Applying dry blush close to the center of the face or under the cheekbones is also not recommended! In the latter case, you can apply bronzer. Next, you can begin to shade the product. A soft brush with a natural pile is ideal for this action.

Rules for applying cream blush

Cream blush consists of talcum powder, moisturizing and waxy components, vegetable oils. Choosing such funds is recommended for owners of aging and dry skin. Blush is applied in the form of a cream with your fingertips or with a sponge on the face that has been pre-treated with powder. If the color is too saturated, then you should use a cotton pad. Creamy blush is not suitable for oily or combination skin.

Types of blush

To know how to apply blush, First you need to make their right choice. In fact, there are several species and they are all different. You should also pay attention to brushes for convenient and high-quality application.

The most common and long-existing type of blush is dry compressed. You need to apply them with a thick beveled blush brush. You can also use a small or large powder brush. The main thing is to clean it on the wrist in order to remove the remaining particles of powder. Experts still advise taking a smaller brush, because it allows you to apply blush more precisely. Many girls make a fairly common mistake by inflicting an uncontrolled amount of blush on their faces.

The next view is cream blush. They are good in that the girl can apply them on the face in a small amount and with her fingers to correct, shade as needed. Such blush is preferred to use in the summer. To apply cream blush, except with fingers, you can use special brushes - duofibres. Duofiber is a brush for cream blush of two types of pile - combined long synthetic with short natural. Such short hairs give the effect of spraying blush on the skin, they mask it and spread blush in thin particles. But such brushes have a drawback - their price is really overpriced.

And the last new kind of blush is special sticks. By consistency, they are somewhat reminiscent of cream blush. But due to the fact that they appeared relatively recently, there are no clear rules for their application. Some recommend applying such blush with your hands, and some with special brushes. There are many ways to apply, but so far this is an experimental group of tools and it is difficult to talk about them specifically.

How to choose the right shade of blush?

Blush is suitable for almost all girls, the main thing is to choose their texture and shade correctly. Blush with a small shimmer gives a glossy radiant effect, and girls with problematic flaky skin should not use such blush. On the contrary, in order to hide imperfections on the skin, it is better to choose a blush with a matte effect.

Blush according to shades can conditionally be divided into pink, peach, cream. Pink shades are suitable for girls with pale skin, blond hair and eyes, he will inform the face of teenage freshness. Peach shades are dark and light. Such blush is the most universal, they are suitable for almost all types of girls, refresh the face. They blend well with pink and peach lipstick, suitable for both day and evening makeup. Creamy shades are a cross between yellow, peach and brown. They are suitable for girls with a yellow undertone. Such blush, when well shaded on the skin, does not create the effect of synthetic blush, it is not visible that something is applied to the skin. They make the skin color a little brighter and more saturated, create the effect of glowing the skin from the inside. And how to apply blush to swarthy and tanned girls? In this case, you should use a matte blush of a creamy shade, but pick a tone a quarter lighter than the skin and this will make it visually younger.

Rules for applying blush

It happens that not every girl thinks how to properly apply blush. And the following list of rules will be a reminder for many beauties and will help you learn how to use blush in makeup perfectly.

  1. Be sure to distinguish blush from contouring. You can not apply them too much so as not to look like a circus actress or a tasteless lady. Blush should create the effect of freshness of the face and visually tighten it.
  2. On oily skin, you need to apply a matte blush of a less saturated shade and, of course, be moderate in this.
  3. If you apply a little blush above the cheeks, hitting a little on the whiskey - you can give your face youth, freshness and smartness. But do not confuse whiskey and the outer corners of the eyes. The area around the eyes should be given to the shadows, concealer or highlighter, which brighten this area.
  4. In the use of blush should be moderation and accuracy. Do not apply them all over the cheek, cheekbones and whiskey at the same time, and at the same time very generously.
    H-Highlighter C-Contouring B-Blush

Apply blush with soft driving movements to achieve a spray effect and a natural blush. If you do this with your fingers, then the movements should be slightly patting, airy. And the longer it takes to blush, shading them, the smoother they will lie.

You need to smile and visually outline the most prominent, round, motionless zone of the cheek, relax and then only apply blush. If you need to make your face visually narrower, then it is recommended to put the spot a few millimeters higher than usual.

To hide the dark circles under the eyes, try to pick a blush a little brighter and a little colder shade.

If arrows are used in the makeup, then the blush needs to be applied much less, or their shade should be natural. But if you use bright shades of blush, then you should not draw an arrow.

Using bright lipstick, you should remember that you need to apply a little more blush than usual.

The use of blush is a simple science, but if you make even the slightest mistake: choose the wrong shade, or apply too many blush or place them incorrectly on your face, you can completely ruin the whole image.

General recommendations

To know how to properly apply blush, you need to analyze a lot of nuances, among which the important are the shape of the face, skin color, hair, lipstick, type of cosmetic.

Blushers are dry, liquid and creamy. Depending on their form, the application method will be slightly different. In addition, an important aspect is the phasing in applying the product. This will help to achieve the desired result and give makeup completeness.

The brush is selected based on which blush was given preference.

Choosing a blush brush

Dry blush, for example, in the form of balls, are compact, and special brushes are necessarily used for their application. Often this tool is included. It is used not only for applying, but also for refreshing makeup. At least two brushes should be in the arsenal: large round and flat.

Pay attention to the pile. For compact blush you will need a brush with natural soft nap. Cosmetics in the form of balls are easier to blend with fluffy light villi. For cream-like blush, it is recommended to use a sponge or simply evenly distribute the product with your fingers.

The sequence of applying blush on the face

To give the makeup a harmonious and complete look, it is important not only to choose the right blush, but also to observe the phasing of their application:

  1. Many do not know how to apply blush in order to emphasize cheekbones. To do this, a little blush is shaded with a round brush in the direction from the earlobes to the corners of the mouth to highlight the desired area. At the same time, the cheeks are slightly retracted so that the tone lies more evenly. Then the product is distributed evenly in a circular motion. This will give the face a certain relief and make the cheekbones more expressive.
  2. Next, you need to emphasize the contours of the face. All the same round brush makes several smooth movements from the outside of the jaw to the middle of the chin.
  3. Now it should be emphasized "apples" on the cheeks. To do this, it is worth smiling slightly and in a circular motion to apply blush on the emerging bulges. In this case, you need a tool a tone lighter than the main one.
  4. The final step is to blend the makeup in the direction of the temple. To blush do not stand out on the face, you need to balance the color of the skin. For this, several easy movements with the brush along the chin, nose, forehead are done.

Compliance with these recommendations will allow you to apply the blush correctly, as well as combine them with tones of lipstick, powder or foundation and other cosmetics.

Sometimes it seems that the number of blush on the face is more than necessary. In such cases, it is better to shade them or moisten the brush with thermal water and walk through the desired areas with light movements.

Face shape and palette

Depending on the oval and the shape of the head, a specific scheme for spraying blush is selected. The following types of persons are distinguished:

The triangular shape of the face implies a wide frontal part and a narrow chin. It is also called a heart shape. Along with this, there is also an inverted heart - if the skull expands to the bottom, for example, such an effect is created with chubby cheeks or a narrow forehead.

A square is characterized by sharp strong-willed and traits, you need to apply blush on the most protruding areas. This is a wide forehead and selections, well-defined cheekbones and small (often) cheeks. Here the main problem is the presence of a rough, masculine chin, which gives the whole appearance a certain “masculinity”.

Photos - Square

Oval is perfect. Owners of this type of appearance do not need to pay much attention to contouring, because the form already emphasizes all the advantages. The exception is only an elongated and narrow face, where the cheeks are somewhat elongated to the bottom. An elongated face must be balanced by darkening the problem areas.

Photos - Oval

Chubby girls often have to highlight chubby cheeks. Cheekbones on such a face are rarely noticeable. Due to this, it looks very cute and feminine. Here, blush is necessary in order to give forms of expressiveness and drama.

Photos - Oval

For a successful make-up, it is not enough to choose a scheme for applying blush, you must additionally take into account your own color type. Blondes are suitable blush apricot and delicate peach color. They should be soft, not flashy, because often blond girls are mistresses of pale china skin.

Light-haired girls with beige skin are recommended to use cream, beige and light brown shades. There are many options, you need to consider not only the color of the epidermis, but also the shade of the hair and eyes to achieve the most organic look.

Photos - Types of faces

Dark-skinned brunettes need to focus on bronze, brown and pink colors. Even red shades are suitable for blacks, but you need to be careful with them - they highlight not only turned sunken cheekbones, but also problem areas on the face: acne, blackheads. Dark girls can even use bronzer or bronzer instead of blush.

But do not apply dark blush too intensely, otherwise they will look like spots.

How to dye blush

Based on their shape and consistency, it follows that for application, you can use special devices (sponges, discs, brushes) or your own fingertips. Before describing the tutorial, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some tips:

  1. Dry options are best driven into the skin, as if tapping on it with your fingers. This will help make the application even.
  2. Creamy options are conveniently applied with sponges, because if necessary, excess is quickly absorbed into the porous surface. But do not press them with effort - then the stains that spoil the makeup will remain on the face,
  3. If something went wrong, for example, there are too many blush or they are too bright, then you can always fix the mistake without washing your face completely. Simply powder the application area with light powder (loose or dry).

Where to apply dry blush on a round faceto make it look worse:

  1. This stage of makeup is the final one, that is, it is implied that the skin has already been prepared, there is a foundation and powder, therefore, it is not necessary to even out the face. Highlight the following areas: apples, troughs, problem areas,
  2. Apples are easy to identify with a smile, by the way, this is one of the secrets of a successful make-up: just smile and blush the mounds on your cheeks, following the diagonal to the temples,
  3. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the hollows on the cheeks, this will visually make the thick face much smaller. For such contouring, dark shades are used, but which do not interrupt the main ones - more delicate and light. When smiling, they form not only apples, but also hollows under them, they need to be slightly darkened,
  4. After, if the face is full, then the nose is also blushed, also in dark shades. If it needs to be further reduced, then a drop of blush is smeared on its tip,
  5. After the cosmetics are carefully shaded.
Photos - Round

Depending on your color type, this can be any color, but masters often use a simple rule: brownish and red shades for hollows and pink shades for bulges.

How to apply blush on an oval face with photo:

  1. In oval faces, often you only need to highlight high cheekbones and slightly reduce the length of the chin. You will need light shades and dark, matching the gamut,
  2. The first layer of cosmetics is horizontally applied to the apples, it is shaded to the temples,
  3. The chin and forehead are softly drawn in a dark palette. The pattern may vary depending on the hairstyle or additional features of the oval. For example, if a girl has a bang, then there’s no need to reduce her forehead,
  4. A darker color is applied to the cheekbones than to apples - this is very important, then in the shade they will seem even more expressive and effective.
Photos - Oval

Workshop on how to apply blush step by step to narrow your square face and wide cheekbones:

  1. Here you need to round sharp corners and emphasize the bulge that will make the shape more neat and feminine. To do this, the protrusions of the chin and cheekbones are immediately darkened,
  2. A light shade is applied to the apples of the cheeks, it must be shaded to the chin,
  3. If the face is wide, then the line of blush application becomes longer - from cheeks to ears, the main thing after that is to shade it well.
Photos - Square

Heart-shaped face blush is not so difficult, you just need to slightly darken the upper part:

  1. The starting point is determined - apples, from which you need to draw a vertical line to the temples. The line should have an upward direction, Photos - Triangle
  2. Depressions are rarely emphasized, but if you want to highlight them, then use the same technique as with a square face - darken sharp areas,
  3. Feather the lines. It is recommended to apply a highlighter under the eyes and nose.

Features of applying blush in the form of mousse

Many ladies choose blush in the form of mousse because they stick on the skin for a long time and do not lose their original tone. Such products have a light and liquid texture. They really like fans of natural and discreet makeup. To remove this tool, special fluids are used. Important to remember! Before applying it, it is recommended to moisturize the skin with a cream.

Application Technique

How to apply blush on the face? In this case, it is important to consider their type. For example, dry products are applied to the skin with a wide and soft brush. They can be applied not only to the cheekbones, but also to the forehead, chin. Powdery cosmetics need to be applied with short strokes. A similar method should be used for owners of blush balls. If a woman acquired creamy cosmetics, then she should refuse to use a brush. In this case, the sponge is perfect. You can also apply and shade them with your fingers. It is important for owners of liquid blush to remember that they are applied on a tonal basis.

How to apply blush with a brush?

How to apply blush step by step with a brush? A brush is a popular and sought-after tool for applying them. To make the makeup perfect, the lady needs to know the following:

1. Before applying blush to the cheekbones, you need to retract the cheeks. You should start with the line of the ear, and end with the corner of your mouth. Blend the cosmetic product in a circular motion.

2. The jaw line should be drawn from the outer edge to the middle of the chin.

3. To highlight the cheeks, it is recommended to use a round brush and a tone lighter than blush. Then you should smile and apply the product to the formed bulges.

4. To shade such decorative cosmetics is necessary with sharp movements in the direction of the temples.

5. Use a brush to walk along the back of the nose, forehead, and chin.

Features of a round face

The peculiarity of a round face is that it has the same width and height, a smooth line of the chin. To make it oval, blush is recommended to be applied not to the cheekbones, but at an acute angle to them (in the form of a triangle from the temples to the lips). Next, you can learn how to apply blush on your face step by step. A woman should do the following:

1. Apply a foundation to the face (powder or foundation).

2. Smile, walk the brush over the convex sections. You need to move diagonally towards the temples.

3. To emphasize the sunken places in order to narrow the face contour. In this case, it is recommended to use products that have a dark and saturated shade. But it is important to remember that the tone should not overshadow other areas.

4. You can narrow your nose with dark blush. They must be applied to the tip.

5. The applied decorative cosmetics should be shaded.

How to be the owners of a square face?

A square is a face with the same width and length of an oval, an angular forehead. It is important for its owners to remember the following:

1. Hide dark corners helps darkening the cheekbones and protrusions of the chin.

2. The apples of the cheeks should be covered with light blush. They should be shaded to the chin area.

3. If you have a wide oval, you can apply a cosmetic product from the cheeks to the ears.

How to apply blush to the owners of a triangular face?

Ladies with a wide forehead and a narrow chin are the owners of a triangular face. You can adjust its shape using blush as follows:

1. First you need to create a line (from the apples of the cheeks to the temples).

2. To highlight the depressions, it is recommended to darken them (this item is optional).

3. The product applied to the face should be carefully shaded with a sponge, brush (depending on the type of makeup used).

Blush is a rather finicky cosmetic product. With it, you can both emphasize the beauty of the shape of the face, and spoil the make-up. Before applying this product, it is important to determine the type and color of the skin, the shape of the face.

Round face

To slightly lengthen the face and make puffy cheeks less expressive, blush is applied from the middle of the ear to the chin. You should also shade a small amount of the product in the forehead in the direction up from the outside of the eyebrow.

In this case, shades such as gray-pink, dark beige, brown are used.

Oval face

The owners of the oval face were most fortunate, since they can be applied blush according to the classic version. However, another way is possible: smile a little and apply the product on the "apples", and then use a brush to blend it down.

As for the choice of shade, then any color scheme is used. The main thing is that it goes well with the tone of the face and hair.

Square face

To visually soften the outlines of a square face, blush is applied from the chin to the earlobe. This must be done from the bottom up, then shading the tool. It is worth noting that in this case it is recommended to use two shades. In the area of ​​the chin, light pink tones are used, closer to the temple - brown. You can draw small dots near the corners of the eyes and shade them down.

Triangular face

The main goal in such cases is the effect of a smooth transition from a wide part of the face to a narrow one. Here they pay attention not even to how to apply blush, but how to shade them correctly: from the middle of the cheeks - towards the earlobes.

In this case, the choice of color scheme is also important. It is better to apply a peach-pink tone on the cheekbones, as this will make them less pronounced. A wide forehead will visually correct the blush of a terracotta hue, applied from the center to the sides.

Application of different types of blush

To properly shade the blush, you need to consider not only individual characteristics, but also the type of product. As for the use of compact ones, everything is simple: apply them to a brush and blend them over the skin with light movements in the right direction. Other types of blush have their own characteristics.

Balls Blush

This type is very convenient to use and suitable for those who can not correctly determine the tone or use several shades at the same time. To get a different tone, extra balls are simply removed from the jar. If necessary, they can be returned back.

It is not difficult to apply such blush on the face, this is done with the help of sponges or brushes. With a similar product, the skin has a fresh, natural look.

Liquid blush

To apply liquid blush on your face, you will need skills, since it is not always possible to do this. Perhaps for this reason, such products are more often used by professional makeup artists.

A small amount of blush is rubbed with the palm of your hand, and then shaded over the face in the right direction. It is worth noting that this type is recommended to be applied to the base under makeup or cream and only then cover the skin with a tonal agent.

Creamy blush

A cosmetic product in the form of a cream is quite simple to use, it can be applied with either a sponge or fingertips. A little blush is taken and shaded, while it is better to use small doses so as not to overdo it. Apply this type on powder-free skin, which will help to avoid uneven application and sharp transitions.

A few secrets of applying

To visually change the shape of the face and hide some of the imperfections, you can use the following application secrets:

  1. If it is necessary to divert attention from certain areas, a dark tone of blush is applied to them. In contrast, light shades are used to highlight the desired areas.
  2. Owners of a long face should put a few horizontal strokes on the cheekbones, which will slightly adjust the shape visually.
  3. To give a flat and wide face a certain elegance by applying a dark shade of blush on the whiskey, contour and part of the chin. In this case, you must always follow the choice of shade in accordance with the color of the skin and hair.
  4. To make the nose seem smaller, a little dark blush is applied to the tip.
  5. If the blush is applied incorrectly, they can simply be erased with a napkin and repeat the procedure.

How to apply blush, it is worth knowing to each girl, even if this is not a very simple stage in creating makeup. The amazing result from the correct use of the product will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions and give a great mood.