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TOP 20 secrets to get up early in the morning and get enough sleep


Each of us has heard that a healthy sleep should last 8 hours. That is exactly what scientists and doctors advise to sleep in order to restore human vitality, to prepare the body for the upcoming fruitful work. At the same time, it is advisable to wake up and fall asleep at the same time, both on weekdays and on weekends. Having formed the right habit, a person will be able to get up in the morning without problems even without an alarm clock. If you can’t get yourself to sleep at all, use the advice of professional doctors and coaches, which we have collected especially for you in this article.

How to learn to get up early: form a mode

Many associate the word “regime” with severe restrictions. To make it easier for him, take as a basis the fact that it will help you feel better, and will also have a beneficial effect on health. A person observing a sleep regimen works more fruitfully, studies, plays sports and gets tired less. At first, you really have to collect all your will into a fist. You’ll have to give up late dinner, watching YouTube videos until two in the morning and other things familiar to you. But so you free up time that you can spend on sleep.

To form any habit, you need only three things:

It is a mistake to believe that a habit is formed in a couple of days. Each person is unique, but on average it takes about 3 months. The body will spend this time on the restructuring of previously existing processes. This is not a quick process, but the result will please you. You will feel better, morning awakening will no longer seem like hell in reality.

Why can't I fall asleep on time and what to do

To form a mode, perform a number of required actions:

  • Scheduling. You can build it in your mind, but it’s better to move it to paper. Calculate when it is best to get up, and based on this, calculate the time of going to bed. Schedule all your morning activities, starting from the camp, ending with breakfast and exercising. In this case, the sleep itself should take at least 8 hours. For most people, the best time to go to bed is between 22:00 and 00:00.
  • Follow your schedule. The hardest part of this process is getting started. Overpower yourself, not giving indulgences, in the form of moving the alarm for several minutes ahead. No need to despair if you once oversleep. Just keep following the schedule as if nothing had happened. However, constant concessions will turn the established process into chaos, and you will not achieve the desired success.
  • Do an analysis of your condition. 6 hours of sleep is enough for one person, the other cannot sleep enough for 10. Someone goes in for sports in the morning, another is more active in the evening. If you experience discomfort in the first week - this is normal. But if this goes on longer, try adjusting the existing schedule. Experiment until you find your perfect mode.

How to make owls get up earlier

Indeed, many people feel more comfortable in the evening and at night. At this time, their performance is much higher. To such a person to reprogram his body, you will have to make incredible efforts. The first step is to find out if you really are an “owl” or is it a force of habit. Try to change the schedule of awakening and follow it for a couple of weeks. If the result is comfortable for you, most likely you are not an owl.

If you are uncomfortable, you are definitely an owl. In this case, use the following techniques:

  • Minimize stress.
  • Include daytime sleep in your daily routine.
  • Go to bed 1-2 hours earlier.
  • Before getting into a dream, go through training - meditate, draw, listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Stop using gadgets 30 minutes before bedtime.

With self-discipline, even owls can turn into larks. At first, replace active night activities with a quiet pastime - drawing, solving logical problems. It is better if the task is monotonous, boring. Tire your body so that its only desire is to plunge into the arms of Morpheus.

How to improve sleep by changing lifestyle

Good sleep and a healthy lifestyle go side by side. In order not to suffer from insomnia and it is easier to endure the restructuring of the body, use the following tips:

  1. Switch to proper nutrition. If healthy food, which is easier to digest, enters our body, it will be easier to function. And this is the key to a healthy sleep. Try to replace sweet pastries with fruits, switch from milk chocolate to dark. Do not fry food, but stew it. Eat as much seasonal vegetables and protein as possible. The main enemy of proper nutrition is trans fats and simple carbohydrates. Try to reduce their use to a minimum.
  2. Go in for sports. The body will thank you for regularly visiting the gym. You can replace it with morning jogging in the fresh air. The latter will allow you to keep in shape without unnecessary cash costs. You can do a set of exercises by finding the appropriate videos on YouTube. The easiest way to do sports is in the company of like-minded people. Take part in team sports such as soccer or volleyball. You can start with a 15-minute morning exercise, and then move on to more intense exercises.
  3. Minimize stress. It’s unlikely that you can bring them to zero, but getting rid of them to the maximum is quite possible! If the boss at work is constantly unhappy, think about changing your current place. Exclude from the circle of communication conflicting and envious people, try to avoid quarrels yourself, and especially not start them. Do only what you like, and do not push yourself from under the stick.

TOP 20 Tips for Early Awakening

  1. Make friends with the alarm clock. Over time, you will learn to get up without its fervent sound, but for now, instantly get up without translating the signal even a couple of minutes later.
  2. Find your own source of motivation. Plan important things for the morning or imagine how slowly you drink coffee while admiring the rising sun. Finding the benefits in an early awakening will make you uncomfortable.
  3. Ventilate the room before going to bed. Lack of oxygen directly prevents easy falling asleep and waking up. Ideally, it is better to sleep with an open window.
  4. Stop rearranging the alarm. Every 5 minutes added to the moment you wake up will not do you any good. Make it a rule to get up at his first signal and go to wash. In a few minutes you will get rid of the sleepy state.
  5. Get enough sleep. An adult needs to devote about 8 hours to sleep. If this rule is not observed, no life hacks will help you.
  6. Buy comfortable sleepwear. It should be different from your everyday outfits. The kit should be their cotton fabric so that the skin can breathe.
  7. Organize a comfortable sleeping place. Get an orthopedic mattress, a comfortable pillow or body linens. Do everything to make you want to fall asleep in your bed.
  8. Select a ringtone for your alarm. She should not terrify all your neighbors. Pick up rhythmic, pleasant ear music.
  9. Get rid of unnecessary thoughts before going to bed. Do something monotonous, soothing. This can be drawing, assembling a puzzle or meditation. The main thing is to focus on the process, not letting outside thoughts into your head.
  10. Prefer a light dinner and avoid snacks before bedtime. Eat 3 hours before going to sleep. Try to choose light salads, stewed vegetables and some protein for dinner.
  11. Set aside your gadgets. Do not pick up a smartphone, turn off the TV and computer 30 minutes before the hour “X”. Otherwise, you can immerse yourself in this process with your head and steal time from your own sleep.
  12. Drink more water throughout the day. The morning should start with a glass of warm water, and drink about 2.5-3 liters a day. So you normalize the work of your body, which will affect sleep.
  13. Sleep without light and in complete silence. Third-party sounds interfere with sound sleep. This also applies to bright light. Sleeping is best in the dark.
  14. Take a soothing bath. Pour aromatic oil into the water and sprinkle with sea salt. This will help to relax and prepare for a sound sleep.
  15. Do morning exercises. Exercise will help to cheer up, cheer up due to the release of serotonin. Plus, your body will become fit and athletic.
  16. Try to move more. If the weather is nice, get a few stops earlier and take a walk. Find the sport you like. Instead of a regular gym, sign up for a dance or pool.
  17. Remember the mode. It must not be violated even on weekends. Gather all your will into a fist and hold out for a month. Then it will become much easier for you.
  18. Keep yourself alert throughout the day. Listen to energetic music, go outside on work breaks, have a hearty breakfast. You can even dance a little while no one sees you.
  19. Do not give up if something went wrong. You can forgive yourself later awakening, pretend that there was nothing. Remember the purpose of your event, prioritize.
  20. Do a daily analysis. Look for the pros in every action. Remember that an early rise promises you many benefits - the day will be longer, your strength will increase, and your health will be better.

Having formed the correct regime of the day, you can fall asleep early and wake up in time. You will increase strength and energy. Most importantly, do not quit what you started halfway. Soon you will feel the first fruits of the new daily routine.