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How to make a collage of photos on a computer


It has everything you were looking for and more. Photo frames made of wood or plastic? Print a photo, buy a photo frame and hang it on the wall? It may be so, but the walls may not be enough. Are you a creative person and keep up to date? You will certainly be interested in creating a unique photo frame with your photos in electronic form online for free without any pitfalls. And not one, not two, not three - but how much your heart desires! Save your creation on your phone or computer, and then at the right time send the finished gift to friends, family and acquaintances, delighting them with the refined taste and creativity of ideas.

Delve into the paid and complex methods of working with photo frames? Drowning in the so-called abundance of monotony? What for? After all, we offer what we need! The choice is worthy, the technique for creating photos in photo frames is simple, specially created for your comfortable use with detailed explanations.

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Photo Collage Tools

There are a lot of ways to create a collage. It can even be a piece of plywood, with images printed on it in a random order placed on it. But in this case, we will focus on special software, starting with professional photo editors and ending with online services.

Method 1: Photoshop

A powerful tool from Adobe Systems, designed to work with graphic elements, can be called one of the most popular and professional of its kind. The greatness of its functionality does not require proof. It’s enough to recall the well-known Liquify filter ("Plastic"), thanks to which teeth are miraculously straightened, hair curled, noses and figure are corrected.

Photoshop provides deep work with layers - you can copy them, adjust transparency, type of offset, and assign names. There are endless possibilities for retouching photos and a large set of customizable drawing tools. So with the combination of several pictures in one composition, he will definitely cope. But, like other Adobe projects, the program is not cheap.

Method 2: Photo Collage

Although Photoshop is more solid and professional, but this is clearly not the only worthy tool for creating collages. For a long time there are special programs for this. Take at least the Photo Collage application, which includes more than 300 thematic templates and is great for developing greeting cards, invitations, photo books, and even website design. Its only drawback is that the free use period lasts only 10 days. To create a simple project, you must:

  1. Run the program and go to “Creating a new collage”.
  2. Select a project type.
  3. Define a pattern, for example, among chaotic ones and click "Further".
  4. Set page format and click Done.
  5. Drag and drop pictures to the workspace.
  6. Save the project.

Method 3: Collage Maker

More simple, but also interesting is the product of AMS Software, a Russian developer that has achieved incredible results in this area. Their activity is dedicated to the creation of applications for processing photo and video, as well as in the field of design and printing. Among the useful functions of the Collage Wizard are: perspective settings, adding labels, the presence of effects and filters, as well as a section with jokes and aphorisms. Moreover, the user has 30 free launches. To create a project you need:

  1. Run the program, select the tab "New".
  2. Set page options and click "Create a project".
  3. Add photos to the work area, and using the tabs "Picture" and "Treatment", you can experiment with the effects.
  4. Go to tab "File" and select item "Save as".

Method 4: CollageIt

The developer of Pearl Mountain claims that CollageIt is designed to instantly create collages. In just a few steps, a user of any level will be able to create a composition that can accommodate up to two hundred photographs. There are functions for previewing, auto-mixing and changing the background. Modest, of course, but for free. Everything is fair here - they ask for money only for the professional version.

Method 5: Microsoft Tools

And finally, Office, which is probably installed on every computer. In this case, photos can fill in both the Word page and the Power Point slide. But more suitable for this is the Publisher application. Naturally, you will have to abandon the fashion filters, but a local set of design elements (fonts, frames and effects) will be enough. The general algorithm for creating a collage in Publisher is simple:

  1. Go to the tab Page Layout and select landscape orientation.
  2. In the tab "Insert" click the icon "Drawings".
  3. Add photos and place them randomly. All other actions are individual.

In principle, the list could be longer, but these methods are quite enough to solve the problem posed above. A suitable tool will be found here for those users who care about speed and simplicity when creating collages, and those who value the maximum functionality in this business more.

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