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How to kiss correctly: we study various techniques


There are times when you do not know where to put your hands during a kiss. But don’t worry, you have many options and you can choose any of them. Try to do what is convenient for you, which is natural for you. For example, you can hold the girl by the hands, you can touch her face with your hand or just hug the girl. If you are already close to a girl and are sure that she also wants to take the relationship to a new level, you can put your hands on the girl’s waist, you can stroke the girl or even start taking off her clothes during a kiss.

Types and methods

First of all, you need to understand what a kiss is:

When a person touches the cheeks of friends and relatives with his lips, this is considered to be a form of expression of joy or greeting. Kissing with friends, relatives at a meeting and goodbye is normal for Italians and French. This tradition can also be found among some Slavic peoples.

Love, in turn, is divided into the following:

  • butterfly wings,
  • French with language
  • farewell,
  • Kiss sucking.

Butterfly wings represent gentle touches with closed lips of various parts of the body: lips, neck, cheeks, eyes. In parallel with this beloved person, you can whisper various tender words in your ear.

Goodbye kiss most often characteristic of the end of a date or meeting. His people give each other in gratitude for the evening. But such light and gentle touches can smoothly turn into a passionate impulse, which, in turn, becomes the harbinger of a stormy night of two loving people.

The French kiss is considered to be the most popular and frank expression of feelings. It must be done with a slightly open mouth. In this case, contact is made with tongues with the help of stroking, biting.

If we talk abouterotic kiss, then most often it is a harbinger of intimacy between two people. If young people decide to have sex, you need to learn how to kiss properly. Moreover, this process should not put a person in an awkward position, making him embarrassed. During the kiss, both partners should enjoy what is happening, as well as be relaxed and confident.

To learn how to kiss, it is recommended to use the following tips:

  • in no case before a date do not eat food with garlic, onions, it is also not recommended to drink alcohol and smoke. It’s very unpleasant for a guy to kiss a drunk woman, who also smells of cigarettes,
  • the girl must bring her hands, lips, hair to perfect condition. Outwardly, she should look like sweetie, smell delicious, be beautiful so that the guy wants to eat her,
  • a romantic atmosphere can be arranged upon request. For example, to slightly dim the light, light candles, spread the rose petals, light the aroma lamp,
  • body and mouth hygiene plays a very important role. Surely everyone knows that bad breath can discourage kissing even from a person in love. If at the same time you do not have the opportunity to brush your teeth now, then use chewing gum, an oral spray, you can also eat an apple or chew parsley,
  • while kissing try not to freeze in one position. Relax yourself and let your partner relax while stroking his back, hair and shoulders,
  • in no case feel free. Concentrate on the pleasure you receive, not on the kissing technique itself.

Someone even learns to kiss properly using tomatoes or peaches. In this case, you need to imagine a vegetable or fruit as the lips of your partner.

On the first date

The first kiss is the most exciting event in the life of each couple. If at the same time both partners can do it right, you can bring great pleasure to each other. Often, chaste and young girls have a question about when you can let a guy kiss himself for the first time. In this case, it should immediately be noted that any girl who respects the girl will appreciate herand the girl shouldn’t pounce on the guy’s neck at the first date.

But if we turn to statistics, then 70% of young people not only kissed on a first date, but also entered into sexual intimacy. True, at the same time, such relations were not lasting. That is why, if a girl is really expensive for a guy, then he should show respect for her principles.

Everyone, for himself, decides what kind of relationship he needs and what he wants to get from them. At the same time, the unspoken rule states that decent girls on the first date should not pounce on the guy and allow him something superfluous.

Of course, frivolous men will cool this fact, and serious and interested guys, on the contrary, will be more interested in a woman.

But there are often cases when a girl just likes a guy, but he does not show her any signs of attention. In this situation, the girl must act very wisely and subtly, resorting to female tricks and charm. To win a guy, first of all, it is necessary to study his interests. For example, to go with a young man to a football match if he is a fan. But you will have to do this, naturally, together with the guy rejoicing at every goal scored by your favorite team.

If a young man is a romantic, then night walks under the moon, talk about poetry and music will become quite pleasant for him. But the data conversations must be natural and sincere. Do not step over yourself to please your loved one. After all, men, as a rule, feel the sincerity of women.

As for the first kiss with a guy, he should be gentle and sensual. The girl will like to give the young man a part of her freshness and youth. Do not rush things, but it is also considered wrong to show excessive shyness.

Kiss with tongue

With a French kiss, insecurity and timidity are excluded. Most often this happens in a fit of passion and the intensity of love emotions. Do not resort to such frank caresses if the girl is not ready for this. At the same time, a man should be quite patient and attentive to his partner.

During intimate caresses deep penetration of the tongue must be avoided. Remember that kissing is not considered a sporting event. In addition, do not allow excessive salivation.

When kissing the tongue, consider the following points:

  • the quality of the kiss with the tongue will directly depend on the feelings of partners. If a guy is in love with a girl, then he will be able to give her an unforgettable experience, even if he is inexperienced in cupid affairs. Therefore, it is recommended to learn to kiss with your loved one,
  • as mentioned earlier, outwardly it is necessary to look neat, the body must be clean. In addition to the fact that during an intimate kiss, fresh breath is important, the body should also emit a pleasant smell, the hair should be clean, the nails well-groomed, and the clothes neat. All these aspects can create an aura of intimacy,
  • girls should observe moderation in cosmetics. Because licking a tasteless lipstick will be unpleasant for a guy. Pay special attention to perfume. It should not be sharp and saturated. On a date from a girl should smell like freshness, tenderness, naturalness,
  • the kiss should be relaxed and natural. The guy should not necessarily inform the girl that he is going to kiss her now,
  • You should also not hold your breath before a kiss, because it is not a sports leap. Breathe calmly and naturally
  • so that the noses do not interfere with the kiss, the head should be positioned at an angle to the partner’s head,
  • hug while kissing your partner. Circle your arms around your neck, stroke your partner on the back.

French kiss technique

Forget about the complexes, there are no taboos here.

The technique of the French kiss is as follows:

  • start with a light touch on your partner’s lips
  • then close your eyes, clinging to the lips of a loved one, while slightly opening his mouth,
  • penetrate the tongue into the mouth of a loved one, touch his tongue and gently swipe yours. The language should not be lethargic and very tense. A kiss should be natural and relaxed
  • languages ​​of partners should mutually contact each other, while stroking each other in different directions and places,
  • lips should also be part of the kiss. Touch your lips to the lips of a partner with different intensities: now softer, then stronger. Throughout the kiss, partners' mouths should not open,
  • during and after a passionate kiss, you can kiss the partner’s face, which will add a certain amount of pleasant sensations,
  • the depth, speed and method of kissing should vary. You can go from a passionate kiss to a tender one, or vice versa.

A passionate kiss should occur with a deep penetration of the tongue, and tenderness is characterized by delicacy and softness.

Blowjob technique

If young people feel sympathy for each other, a natural attraction is formed between them, which, as a rule, leads to intimacy. Kissing is the first step to rough sex. You can kiss passionately using the language, as described in the previous version, but you can do without it. You can just bite your partner’s lips.

In the first version, the partner’s tongue can caress the girl’s delicate lips or passionately penetrate her mouth. This option will bring more sensual pleasures to lovers.

Kissing a sucker, you must follow the following technique:

  • lean slightly towards your partner, open your mouth and gently touch his lips. If the partner is quite experienced, then he must respond to this touch by touching the tongue to the partner's lips. If this never happened, then the girl should take the initiative in her own hands,
  • lick the guy’s tongue in a circular motion. For many men, the tongue is an erogenous zone, so such manipulations will give the partner pleasure. This must be done very carefully so as not to accidentally bite,
  • many men prefer stroking the inside of the lips with the female tongue. To do this, you need to draw the tongue along the inner contour of the mouth,
  • hands during the kiss should also be involved. The girl should gently hug her beloved by the neck, while caressing her shoulders, chest and back.

How to kiss a guy first

In intimate caresses, it is usually customary to give the initiative to a man. We should not forget that the man is a hunter and conqueror. But what if the guy is very indecisive and shy? In this case, the girl is allowed to take the first step.

To kiss a guy first, you need to look at him with an inviting look. The eyes are the mirror of the soulthey are really better than any words. At the same time, the girl should directly and frankly look the guy in the eye, letting him know that she wants to kiss him.

Next, you need to gently hug the guy and pull him to yourself. Closing her eyes, the girl should cling to the boy's lips. When she kisses her partner on the lips, it is necessary to slightly open her mouth, with this action the girl makes it clear to the guy that she is ready for more bold actions.

If a guy loves a girl, he will definitely answer her with a passionate French kiss, while hugging him tightly. However, you should not demonstrate all your skills at once during the first kiss.

Watch the video tutorial to help you learn the cool kissing technique.