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I stand on the site between the second and third floors on the small stairs of our institute and, resting my chest on the windowsill, I look out the window. The textbook bag is lying right there, in the corner, in the hands is a pack of cigarettes. The mood is preposed and there are reasons. Today is the first day of the second semester, and my tests for the first have not been passed. It turned out that I was sick and did not go to additional classes. But does Syrkina, a phonetics teacher, now explain this? Yes, it does not interest her. Today, on the first day, she went and complained to the dean.

Young, overly bitchy teachers infuriate me. Especially those who barely got up because of the desk, begin to recoup on others. They don’t care about your personal problems, no matter how difficult they may be. So she is the same, immediately to the dean. They combed me against the coat, of course, but they did not drive me out. And it, perhaps, even upset Syrkin - she made such a mine. And she said that she wouldn’t take credit anyway.

To strangle her is not enough.

Fingers nervously wrinkle a pack, In the hand is a cigarette, which, it seems, is destined to be crushed to smithereens. Suddenly she disappears, as if she weren’t. I look indifferently at the empty space between my fingers, make scissors, sigh and take out the next one, but again I do not light it. The phonetics that Syrkina didn’t let me in has already ended, and she’s probably hanging out in the teaching room now, maybe she’ll go home soon. A girlfriend is sitting downstairs in a cafe and patiently waiting for me to return. Officially, I went into the ladies' room, but stuck here to the window. Eyes automatically glide over the lace of black branches on the street, along the snowdrifts and tram tracks, but the thoughts are not there at all.

Well, what should I do if she so disliked me? Hand over something. They gave me a one-month trial period - if I study well, they will allow me to finish my tails. But this harm will not be accepted. She, you see, is writing a dissertation.

To strangle her is not enough.

I feel smoke, but do not pay attention. Almost everyone comes to smoke on this spare staircase. For some reason, the hair on the back of the head is moving, like on a draft, and puffs of smoke rise upward.

The stomp in the corridors is getting smaller, our group is sitting together at a lecture. Once I was with them. One had only to get sick and everything changed. It's a shame. You enter the audience, and they behave as if you did not belong there. They leave one by one and in groups, silently, and I am left alone. No one to ask, no one to talk to. Lord, how disgusting. Everything will be formed, of course, but now it’s so sickening. You can’t leave and quit everything, you need to get along with this bitch at any cost. She will by all means abut.

To strangle her is not enough.

-Why press? - There is a quiet laugh behind him. “You will get rid of her much earlier than you think.” If only you want.

And from this voice, and from this laugh, it immediately becomes easier on the soul. I turn around. Well, of course, on time. Is he. It hangs in the air, about two meters from the floor, and smokes my cigarette. The very first one. And the eyes are cunning, cunning. Still would! He again shoots cigarettes without asking and again climbs to read his mind. Poganets, because she asked not to do this!

He throws a cigarette butt into a corner where there is a kind of urn.

-Do not look at me so! Well, shot, think! You know, in our skyscraper you can’t smoke, only here.

The second cigarette also evaporates from my hands. For a second, a bluish light flashed in the air. He lit a cigarette and looked dreamily out the window.

- So, there is information about Syrkina. Do you want to know now or prefer later, along with everyone?

-Do you pick her up?

I take out a third cigarette and finally light it myself. Hands tremble for some reason. After all, is it all the same to me? ? It’s time to get used to the fact that I know a lot in advance. You can’t save everyone, and you can’t change your fate, that’s what HE is for. If he permits, I will help, but no - it would be better if I didn’t speak. It is wild to know about death, and to realize its powerlessness. So when rock can be changed, HE asks if I want to know? Do I want to know what will happen to Syrkina?

A strange choice for a simple student, is not it? But I'm not simple, although I pretend to be a fool. In fact, I can do absolutely everything. My fellow students would know. But it’s impossible, everything has its time. And this disaster began about three years ago.

Always look where you go and what you do! I probably heard this phrase a thousand times. And angry, not small, they say. Once again preparing for the holidays, I once again listened to the two-hour notation and, under the first excuse, got away from home. My favorite mascara has run out. And then the holidays, the sea, the beach. This is a serious matter.

I go to the store, run up to the counter with cosmetics. Thank God there are buyers, but I can’t stand it when the saleswoman, exhausted by the lack of people, looks at me through the eyes of a hungry ghoul. I stand, I choose, the saleswoman is struggling to give the doubting lady a shade more expensive.

A dried-up old woman stops beside me and moves curiously closer to the window. But here, absolutely by accident, she discovers on the floor an object that undoubtedly deserves more attention. Lifting an object from the floor, she presents to me, and then to other customers, a dirty, half-nibbled chicken leg of dubious freshness. With a question: Didn’t you drop it? she tried to put him in the pocket of a nearby well-fed citizen. She angrily denied her involvement in the unfortunate leg. But the old woman seemed to have a certain sympathy for him and resolutely rejected my offer to treat the metro mongrel. The grandmother judged that her fledgling was supposed to have a more brilliant fate, and she, taking advantage of the saleswoman’s employment, quietly placed him on the counter, strategically covering him with a blond hairpiece. Satisfied with the work done, the old woman disappeared from the scene of the crime, hiding in the fitting room.

I finally bought mascara, but I was not going to leave - it was painfully curious to see how it all ended. The people at the counter became smaller, and the saleswoman began to glance at me with suspicion. I bet she was going to ask me her basic question. Can I help you with something ?, when she was approached by an overly-painted beggar of about thirteen years old, asking if there were any black and green nail polishes on sale. Offended by this question to the core, a young saleswoman in a triumphant voice proclaimed:

Baby Shower Games

Recently, a party for the expectant mother on the eve of childbirth is gaining popularity. To get the most out of her, use our tips.

If you are a future mother, your party on the eve of childbirth can become such that it really leaves the best memories of the times before the birth of the baby. Just try to plan ahead. You will make sure that the party goes very well if the script of the game for baby shauer pre-planned.
Games do not have to be complicated, they also do not need to use many objects, since much can be done with things that just lie around you. So, baby shauer games: One of the most popular games that you can play, Guess the size of the future mom's tummy.
Guests at the party take pieces of yarn and cut it to a length that, in their opinion, can fit perfectly around the mother’s tummy. Then the stomach is measured with a tape, and the player with the yarn that is closest to the size of the tape is considered the winner.
Another game you can play during the party is to ban guests from pronouncing the word child. The ban, of course, will be tough due to the fact that introduced at the time of the party. People have several tokens and each time they mention the word baby, they must give one of their tokens back. The winner is the one with the most tokens left at the time the evening ends.
As a child, you were probably familiar with the game Attach the tail to the donkey, which is usually played at a birthday party. For this type of party, a more adult version is suitable. You can actually play a donkey or, if necessary, you can create your own game. Attach a sperm to the egg if you want a little laugh this evening.
You can also easily play a game where guests should try to guess what mom would say in response to a question about how she wants her baby to look. It is necessary to make a list of such facial features as eyes, nose, etc. And mother should pay attention to what she thinks. Will the child have eyes like her or father’s. And select the rest from the list, and then compare. The winner is the one who has more answers coincided with the opinion of the mother.
Thus, at the Baby Shower party, the games really depend on your imagination, but, as a rule, revolve around the expectant mother. Games do not have to be expensive, but they can really help diversify the evening and make it as interesting as possible.

Reward fan fiction "Different creatures, but so alike"

I ended up in Inwell by accident. I got lost in the forest and was looking for a way home. And hit the Inquell. And finding no way home, she began to live there.

When I got there first who I saw was a house. Knocking there, an old man came out. He introduced himself as the Old Kettle. He also introduced his "tomboys." Kaphead and Magmen.

I have been living there for a year now. And for all this time I liked one flower. Who doesn’t want to be friends with anyone. I thought there would be no reciprocity on my feelings. But I was mistaken.

Victory Day

- Heh, a beautiful view of the sky, isn't it? he asked me. -Yes, beautiful! Okay, I'll go home. Let's sing. Good? I told him. -OK see you later! he said goodbye. -See you later! I said goodbye and went home.

19:28. I was already at home. Saw gulls with waffles. Over these one and a half days, more than a year has happened. It was necessary for the three of us to lose the soul. Also take the souls of others. And defeat the Devil with his lackey. Thank God, Kaphead and Magman and I coped with the task! After dinner, I went to the bedroom to change my clothes. As soon as I arrived in the bedroom, I noticed a note on the dresser. Going to the dresser, I took a note and read it. It was an invitation. It read:

Dear Vera! We invite you to a holiday in honor of your victory with Caphead and Magman over the Devil! Second island. At eight o'clock. There will be delicious food, dancing, games and burning stuffed Devil! I hope you come! From: Residents of All Islands.

I was invited to a celebration in honor of our victory with the brothers? Well, I always wanted to attend a celebration in my honor. Well, not just mine. I'm still a modest cutie. Hee hee hee! Nearly! Five minutes later. I was beautifully dressed. White-yellow dress and shoes. Okay, don't be late. It's time to go out.

I was already approaching the second island. But even here you can hear how they are already celebrating. And by the way, it was already dark outside. The stars shone, and the full moon. Handsomely. -Vera! Are you going on holiday too? someone asked me. I turned and saw Magman with Caphead. Only in more fashionable outfits. In short, an official costume. -Yes, why? I answered. “Nothing,” said Caphead. We came for a holiday and saw that, we came last. Everyone was there. Even Kagney, who I thought couldn’t go anywhere. There are no legs. But I was mistaken. It happens! -And here are our main guests! We are so glad that you came! said Cala Maria's voice. -We already thought you decided not to come! Well, sit down at the table, it's time to start the feast! said the voice as I understood Baroness Von Bon Bon. We decided to sit at the table so as not to attract more attention. We are already late. -And so, I want to make a toast! said Hilda Berg. We debtors remember very well how we lost our souls to the Devil, right? But did anyone dare to fight the Devil? None of us, up to these three guys! -Hilda pointed at us with the brothers. -They did not hide from duty, as we did! They gathered our souls to go to the Devil. When they collected all the contracts of souls and went to the Devil. They did not give them and fought with him. None of us, before them did this! So, Vera, Magmen, Kaphead, I wish that in the near future, you will find great happiness! And yes, knowing your intentions, I would give my contract without a fight! Everyone applauded her and Hilda sat down. -For Faith and brothers! said the clown Beppy. -For Faith and brothers! repeated the rest raising their glasses. -Thank you all! Magman answered. -We are very grateful to you! -I said. -You are very kind! said Caphead. Then there were games. Miscellaneous: Attach the tail to the donkey, smash the piñatu in the form of King Dice, ordinary salki and hide and seek. Yes, which was not there. Also, different scenes were played. Sally Stageplay did it best. Actress after all. But after these games, I got tired and went to a calmer place. It was quiet next to that lake, where I rested. Then he came to me.

Give me smiles

The fifth chapter is unpacked! The last chapter is left! See you there!

R.s. She is the most interesting, among other chapters in Naysylka!