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Re-posting an ad


eBay is a great way to earn extra money from home, on your own schedule, with all the flexibility of doing business the way you want. Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when the seller must cancel bids, cancel sales or even block the buyer. eBay allows you to perform all of these actions, and some may damage your seller’s rating. Make sure you understand the process and consequences of canceling bids, canceling sales, and blocking customers.

Cancel auction offers

There are several reasons why a seller can cancel a request from a potential buyer:

While sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers, they can submit unpaid merchandise (UPI) that appear in Buyer Requirements. If the buyer has too many UPI, the seller may not want to sell them, fearing that they will not pay for the goods. Unpaid merchandise is a huge problem for the seller, because the case must be filed, then another four days must pass before the case can be closed. Sellers can lose up to a week, expecting that the UPI case will be resolved by everyone, while their goods essentially go out of the market. Therefore, if the seller sees that the buyer has a large number of UPI, he may not want this buyer to bid on his goods.

Other legal reasons for canceling a buyer's request:

  • The bidder will contact you to return from the auction.
  • You cannot verify the identity of the participant by trying all reasonable ways to contact.
  • You want to end your ad sooner because your product is no longer available for sale. In this case, you must cancel all bets in your listing before it ends.

How to cancel a bid:

  • Go to the list and click on the number of bids (next to the price).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the bid history chart and select the bid cancellation icon.
  • You will be redirected to the bid cancellation form, in which you enter the auction information and the bids you want to cancel.

Cancel eBay sales

Canceling an eBay sale is actually eBay no-no unless the buyer asks for it. The buyer can change his mind, and if so, it is perfectly acceptable to cancel the sale. But, if the goods are damaged or not in stock, and the seller must cancel because he can not send the goods, the amount of deviation is considered against the seller. Sellers should always be informed about what actions cause “transaction defects”, since defects can lead to sales limits, suspension or permanent deletion of an eBay account.

To cancel an eBay sale:

Go to My eBay > Sales and find the item.

Drop down menu Additional Actions select Cancel this order .

Choose a reason for cancellation and follow the on-screen instructions

EBay Buyer Lock

Some sellers use the Block Buyer function a little too liberally. Remember that the person there wants to give you money for the item, so use discretionary rights by blocking them. Sometimes buyers ask strange or unusual questions, but this is really no reason to block them. After blocking, a person cannot buy anything from you unless you delete the block.

Legitimate reasons for blocking a buyer include:

  • Previous bad customer experience
  • Threatening or abusive messages from the buyer (report it on eBay)
  • Poor reviews
  • Non-payment history

To block another eBay, go to the Blocked Bidder page and enter your user information.

Before blocking another buyer, canceling a bid or canceling a sale, consider all your options. Do not make a quick decision or do something rash that may cost you sales now or in the future. Take some time and think about it. You have done all the work to get the buyer on your list - do not turn the buyer too quickly.

Auto Re-Publish Ad

You can easily set up automatic re-posting of your product listing.

When automatically republishing:

If the product is not sold, the ad will be automatically re-published up to 8 times.

When re-publishing ads in auction format with a duration of 1 or 3 days, they will be automatically re-published up to 8 times with an auction duration of 7 days.

You can change the announcement when republishing. At the same time, our rules for editing ads apply. Learn more about restrictions on editing product announcements.

The fees for republishing a product are the same as for publishing a source product.

Automatically published repeat ads will be counted in the monthly ad quota without paying a product display fee. Learn more about the monthly ad quota without paying a product display fee.

Fees for any selected additional ad parameters will be deducted each time the ad is re-published. Read more about the fees system.

What to consider

Automatic republishing is not possible for proposals in the format of the proposal is active until canceled.

You can automatically re-post ads in the auction format and in the format of ads with a fixed price.

When the product is re-offered for sale, it may not appear on the site for several hours after the end of the first auction.

Your ability to automatically place repeat ads is determined by your transactions and sales. If you can automatically post repeat sales announcements, you will see this option in the form of a product announcement. You can view transactions and sales on the seller’s panel in My eBay.

Once you have chosen to automatically re-post your ad three times, you won’t be able to manually post the ad until the third auto-posting period has expired.

If automatic re-posting of the ad failed, you can re-post the ad manually. If the automatic re-posting of the advertisement failed, you will see a message about this product in My eBay.

You can remove the automatically published repeat ad at any time.

Click on the Sell link, which is at the top of most eBay pages.

Create an ad for a product by describing the product, setting a price, and choosing delivery options.

On the View Announcement page check the box Automatically publish this ad again 1 time if the product is not sold.

Cancel automatic republishing:

You can delete Automatic Re-Publishing at any time. from the ad by going to My eBay.

Go to My eBay> All Actions> Sales> Active and find a product listing.

Additional Actions drop-down menu select Cancel automatic republishing.

Manually re-posting an ad

Go to My eBay > All actions > Sold or All actions > Unsold.

Select More Actions from the drop-down menu. To the right of the announcement, the option Resubmit.

Make changes to the ad and save it.

What to consider

Manually re-published ads are included in the monthly ad quota without paying a product display fee.

When you re-publish an ad, your product ad may not be available in a search by category or keyword for several hours.

If you choose to automatically re-post an ad, you won’t be able to place the ad manually until the publication expires. If the automatic republishing of the advertisement failed, you can manually publish the advertisement.

Note about manually re-posting ads that use the auto-re-post feature.

If your product was not sold for the first time and you did not select the option of automatic re-placement, you can still place it manually. If you place the advertisement manually, and then select the automatic re-placement of the announcement function up to 2 times, you will be required to pay the fee for placing the goods in the original announcement, as well as subsequent fees for placing the goods when placing the advertisement manually and each automatic placement of the announcement. You are also required to pay fees for any selected additional ad parameters for each re-publication. If the item in your ad is sold in an auction format, you may receive a refund of the exhibit fee.

Ad Re-Publishing Tips

If the product announcement expired and you want to manually publish the advertisement again, try the following methods to sell the product during the announcement

Lower starting price

Lower starting prices can attract new customers.

Improve title and description

Use words that accurately describe the product in the title (for example, “Chinese Vase of the Ming Dynasty,” and not just “Flower Vase”). Please be aware that when you change the title of your ad, your product ad may not be available in search by category or keyword for several hours.

Avoid words and characters that the buyer will not look for (for example, “L @@ k”).

How to return or exchange an item on eBay

Almost all products on eBay have a guarantee of return within 14, 30 or 60 days from the date of delivery. The terms of return are established by the seller. According to eBay rules, the seller cannot completely exclude the possibility of a return (even if he chooses such an item in the settings, this will not affect the eBay policy), however, he has the right to indicate his return conditions: only a refund, a refund, or exchange for any other product ( at the buyer's option), a refund or replacement with another similar product (at the buyer's option). The seller can also set a restocking fee, which applies only to non-warranty cases of returning goods to eBay.

In most cases, you can either exchange the goods if they:

  • not as described
  • damaged
  • fake
  • not delivered fully loaded.

3. If you intend to return the product purchased on eBay under warranty, the seller must send you the so-called return label and your address, and you, in turn, send him the goods within 5 days from the date of reply. If the seller does not respond to the appeal or makes unlawful demands, you can open a dispute in the Conflict Resolution Center section:

Select a product, answer questions and click the "Open Case" button. Take a few photos that clearly show the flaws of the thing, and attach to the request.
After that, you will have a position in the "Your Requests and Disputes" window. A claim will be automatically sent to the seller, to which he is obliged to respond within 7 days, otherwise eBay will refund you for the goods.

Refund Policy

Most products are also covered by a money back guarantee. A refund to eBay is possible thanks to the PayPal payment system, in which the money is transferred first to the eBay account, and only after delivery of the goods to the seller’s account. At the same time, although the cost of goods on eBay is always calculated approximately, depending on the exchange rate of the seller’s country, the amount of your payment will be returned to the account specifically.

You can return money with eBay if

  • the goods were not delivered on time,
  • the goods were not sent (such a situation may occur, for example, if the seller’s account was frozen due to a suspicion of fraud),
  • you want to return the goods, but the seller does not offer the opportunity to exchange,
  • you want to return the goods without exchange for another,
  • funds were debited from your account without your consent (for example, your account was hacked).

Attention! If the seller can confirm the fact of sending the goods and provide the package tracking number, the delivery problem will have to be solved at the post office. The eBay Return Guarantee does not apply to such cases.