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Before you become familiar with the profession of a data entry operator, you need to understand the nuances. For example, to understand what he is doing. Data entry involves the transfer of information from one source to another. Usually you have to use a keyboard. This allows you to enter the necessary information into a given program. For example, it may be a payroll, which must be issued in the form of a standard Excel spreadsheet. Handwritten data in the form of a sequence of numbers, personal information, etc. can be used as a source of information.


The data entry operator is not only a separate profession, but also part of another specialization. What does this mean in practice? For example, a programmer also occasionally has to play the role of a data entry operator. This happens when some information needs to be digitized, that is, put into a computer.

If the job seeker is a PC operator, data entry should be one of his core skills. This is an important criterion that a potential employer pays attention to. To get around other competitors, applicants, you need to type the maximum number of characters per minute. However, a minimum number of mistakes should be made among other candidates.

Successful completion of such an uncomplicated selection will allow you to get a fairly simple position - a data entry operator, which can be the first step in a future career.

Employer Expectations

Different industries have different requirements when selecting candidates for the position of the data entry group operator. Sometimes you need to transfer an audio file to a text document. At the same time, it is advisable to type characters, keeping up with the speaker, and allow minimal downtime in their work.

Particular accuracy will have to be shown to data input-output operators that work with source code. Just one single error is enough, which will not allow the program to perform the functions laid down in it.

And in print media, typos made undermine the credibility of the publication, and sometimes lead to ridiculous mistakes.

That is why perhaps the most important quality that a potential data entry operator should possess is attentiveness.


Usually, job seekers who do not have special education are accepted for this vacancy. To learn how to quickly type texts, it is enough to take specialized courses. However, even this is not required if the candidate has extensive practical experience.

Sometimes the data entry operator additionally has to master the program into which the provided information will need to be entered. Also, you may have to become more familiar with the industry in which you have to work. Special knowledge will not be superfluous and will be useful in controversial moments.

However, if there are additional requirements, the candidate has the right to rely on a large payment. But at the same time you need to be prepared to undergo certification organized by the employer, or special training.

Job description

This document is needed in order to systematize information about the profession. In particular, the job description for the operator should contain a set of his duties. However, some employers neglect the drafting of this document. And I must say, they do it in vain. Because the absence of clearly defined and predefined responsibilities is a direct path to conflicts with an employee.


Working as a data entry operator involves not only entering ready-made information. But also some other work.

In particular, sometimes it is necessary to systematize the initial information according to the criteria provided. It is often required to collect data from available sources. Various methods are used for this:

  • Internet surfing,
  • telephone marketing
  • monitoring
  • study of documents.

Working with huge flows of information, the operator must have tremendous attentiveness and remarkable patience. After all, in fact, data entry is a monotonous routine that is not suitable for everyone. Some people prefer a change of activity and experience.

Where to work?

There are many vacancies on the Internet that offer remote work to data entry operators. Unfortunately, often such ads hide offers from scammers aimed at gullible job seekers.

In fact, no one is going to offer a stranger a real job. The scammers have a completely different goal - to deceive money by fraud. That is why they first offer the applicant to pay for training materials or anything else necessary, they say, to start work.

However, after the transfer of money, they cease to get in touch. The applicant is deceived. Therefore, it is important to remember that when applying for a job, the candidate should not spend a dime.

To find a real job for a remote operator, HR specialists recommend contacting trusted agencies. They are unlikely to begin to undermine their reputation by working with scammers.

You can also consider the vacancy of the operator of the data entry group “Market”, which offers the most famous Runet search engine called “Yandex”.

Remote work

The vacancy of the data entry operator attracts applicants with a great opportunity to collaborate with the company remotely. What does it mean? In fact, everything is extremely simple. An employee can work from anywhere connected to the Internet. In addition, it is usually not tied to a strict schedule. Isn't that perfect?

He does not need to wake up early and in a drowsy state jostle in public transport, constantly looking nervously at his watch and being afraid to be late for even a minute. On the contrary, a remote employee can slowly drink a cup of invigorating coffee and begin to carry out his duties.

However, not all employers trust freelancers. Some allow you to work remotely only after passing a trial period in the office. Nevertheless, the prospect of getting a job as an operator remains attractive for many.

Work at Yandex

For many, it is curious and unfamiliar that the all-Russian famous search engine is gaining remote employees. In particular, for a vacancy, the operator of the Market data entry group, reviews about which practically do not appear on the Internet.

Information about the set periodically appears on the official website. And also on all kinds of specialized Internet resources intended for job search, including remote.

So, “Market” is a service that collects information about the goods and stores in which they are sold. According to Yandex itself, over a month more than 15 million people visit it. Agree, the figure is impressive.

Moreover, the Market catalog itself contains millions of various goods. And since this list is constantly updated, an Internet monster called Yandex is gaining remote data entry operators.

Their main responsibility is to keep up to date information and introduce new information.

Primary requirements

The list includes:

  • attentiveness
  • accuracy,
  • ability to work with electrical engineering,
  • a responsibility,
  • the ability to quickly find information,
  • interest in learning,
  • willingness to become a mentor to others.

An operator’s vacancy on the Market is suitable for job seekers who hate a tight office schedule and who have sufficient discipline for daily routine work. Even in the absence of superiors.

Are there any prospects?

Humanity is moving towards the automation of many simple processes. Data entry is no exception. Equipment in some cases is capable of independently processing information. Based on scanned documents.

In the future, such technologies can lead to the complete liquidation of the position of the operator engaged in data entry. That is why you can not consider this vacancy as the peak of your career. You need to constantly improve, acquiring additional skills.

Probably, in no profession everything goes smoothly. The peculiarity of the described vacancy is that this work is not at all as simple as it might seem to an ignorant person. Amateurs believe that this is nothing complicated.

In fact, everything is completely wrong. Even such a simple position as a data entry operator requires maximum concentration throughout the entire shift. She is exhausted physically and emotionally.

Sedentary work is not so good for health. It is necessary to monitor posture, constantly take breaks.

If you need to enter data from a handwritten source, the work can take a long time. After all, not everyone has a clear calligraphic handwriting. Often you have to unravel the meaning of what is written, determining what the next set of poorly readable characters means.

Data Entry Specialist New

We are looking for content managers for our project.

Duration of design work: 2 months.

  • Search for structured information on the Internet and add (with processing) to the site.

  • High speed (ability to quickly process the information found)
  • Good literacy
  • The ability to quickly find information on the Internet
  • Knowledge of Notepad ++ and the ability to use regular expressions in it is desirable.
  • A responsibility

  • Piecework payment - direct dependence on the volume of work performed

  • July 26, 2019 -

Data Entry Operator New

  • experienced Excel user (VLOOKUP, discrepancies, formulas),
  • work experience in databases,
  • high literacy
  • perseverance
  • accuracy and attentiveness

  • entering information into the database,
  • analysis of requests received for loading,
  • reporting in 1C according to the main reference books of the nomenclature,
  • based on the product descriptions, filling out the product properties,

  • official registration under a fixed-term employment contract (for 5 months),
  • the opportunity to do yoga,

  • July 26, 2019 -

Data Entry Operator (PC Operator) New

  • Entering text and digital information from scanned images in accordance with the regulations.

  • Passing testing for a vacancy (a link to a site with testing will come in response to a response to a vacancy. After you pass the test, check the mail that you specify during registration and the SPAM folder. We will send instructions for registration to your mail.). Testing is free, does not take much time, simple, there are several

  • July 26, 2019 -

Data Entry Officer

Do not write to JobCareer.Ru about this vacancy. The vacancy is available on the website Requirements and Responsibilities: Confident PC user Counseling Visitor services at registration desks for events of international level Mandatory knowledge of one of the languages ​​Counseling visitors on the conditions for purchasing tickets for events Verification of documents Registration of visitors to the event (photographing, issuing a badge), Working conditions: Clearance for TC, Schedule.

  • July 26, 2019 -

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