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Varial Kickflip

How to make varial kickflip on a skateboard

What is varial kickflip on a skateboard?

Varial kickflip is a combination of pop shove-it and kickflip together. By learning to do varial kickflip, you will immediately forget about it, since it is not popular. But playing in GOS and making it in the last letter you can easily win. How to make this pop shove-it and kickflip together?

To perform Varial kickflip you must be able to take two of its tricks separately. Put your back foot on pop shove-it, and your front foot on kickflip. Of course, with a hind leg, ask her to spin the pop shove-it, and with the front foot start spinning kickflip.

The most common mistake is looping in all planes. Most often, this trick begins to spin 360 flip, which should not be allowed. Jump higher, set the deck rotation a little smoother. Indeed, so Varial kickflip will look much cooler, and most importantly you will put it very stable.

Be sure to jump forward a bit in order to catch the board. Visually look for deck bolts to ground directly on them. Squat on a landing and leave as if nothing had happened. It is worth noting that this trick is more popular with skaters who ride in hop-hop style. And the universal not popularity of Varial kickflip can only be explained by the fact that the three are much easier to do.

- Do the trick very smoothly, so it will be high and you will not twist it

- Try to snap out more down than to the side. After all, do you want the series to spin under your feet?