Useful Tips

Tip 1: How to distribute files


Torrents are a wonderful thing! This is the easiest and most convenient way to share large files with friends and strangers. But this is a strange thing - few people create a torrent distribution when you need to quickly send a file to your friends. I have a lot of friends who are actively downloading torrents, but to share a 200 megabyte archive of their holiday photos, they send me to MSN.

I have nothing against MSN (although the file transfer function works just disgusting for them), but why not just use BitTorrent? Especially if you need to send files to several recipients at once, or, for example, if it is a high-quality widescreen video, which otherwise will eat up the entire bandwidth of the channel.

How do torrents create? In fact, everything is very simple. Just start your favorite BitTorrent client and do a little trick:

File> Create torrent (File> Create torrent)

“Is that all?” You ask. Almost. Now you need to specify the tracker data and place a couple of flags. In different clients, this procedure may vary slightly, but as a result it all comes down to one.


1. Menu item "File> Create new torrent" (File> Create new Torrent) or clickCTRL + N.

2. Select files and / or folders.

3. Specify a tracker. For most users, this part seems to be the most difficult, but in fact, everything is very simple. Just enter one of the popular open trackers. In principle, you can specify several torrent trackers, but one is enough. You can use one of these:
udp: // 6969 / announce

Specify one of these addresses in the Tracker field.

4. DO NOT check the option “Private torrent”, unless you intend to use a private tracker.

5. Save the * .torrent file and send it to your friends.


1. Choose the menu item "File> Create Torrent" (File> Create Torrent) or clickCTRL + M.

2. Select files and / or folders.

3. Select the option “Enable public DHT network” from the drop-down list. So you yourself will be a tracker if the torrent tracker stops working.

4. Indicate the tracker (s) and the list of DHT nodes. Again, for many this part will seem the most difficult, but in reality everything is very simple. Just select one of the most popular open trackers. You can specify a few, but one is enough. Try for example:
udp: // 6969 / announce

Specify one of these addresses in the Tracker field.

5. Save the torrent file and send it to your friends.


1. Choose the menu item "File> Create torrent" (File> New Torrent) or clickCTRL + N.

2. Check the box “Use an external tracker” and specify its address. At first this point is incomprehensible to the majority, but, in fact, everything is very simple. Just select one of the most popular open trackers:

Specify one of these addresses in the Tracker field.

3. Specify the file or folder that you want to include in the torrent, and click "Next".

4. DO NOT mark the option "Private torrent" (Private torrent).

5. Check the box “Allow decentralized tracking”.

6. Save the torrent file and send it to your friends.

Have a nice hand! Please note: uploading your * .torrent file to the site is optional. By sending this small torrent file via personal channels (for example, via e-mail), you decide who can download your distribution and who will not. Outsiders will not know about it at all!

What is Torrent?

The Torrent service is a file storage designed for data exchange between Internet users. After all, it may well be that the resource you need is stored on the computer of another user, and you have information that is very necessary for someone else. Thus, “Torrent” is a complex system, when at the same time all users download and distribute to the interested people the files they need and have. This happens automatically if the Torrent Service program is installed on the computer and the computer has Internet access.

The Torrent service is intended for file sharing between Internet users.

There are special servers called “Trackers”, they store information about which IP address on the network has the desired file, its brief description, as well as download statistics, a list of new arrivals, etc.

Creating a torrent file

First, select the file or folder that you want to transfer to another user. If necessary, then you can transfer files from your computer, not to one, but to many users at once. Place this file in a specific folder on your computer in order not to accidentally delete it, or move the file that has not yet been downloaded by other users.

Then you will need to create a special metadata file - a torrent file that contains general information about the contents of this distribution.

To create a torrent file, in the uTorrent program open the “File” menu, in the context menu that opens, select the option “Create a new torrent ...”, or press the keyboard keys “Ctrl” + “N” at the same time.

After that, a new window “Create a new torrent” will open. First you will need to select the file that you want to transfer over the Internet to another user. Use the “File” or “Folder” button to select a file or folder on your computer. Then click on the "Create" button in this window.

In the Explorer window, select a location for the location of the created file with the extension “.torrent”, and then click on the “Save” button.

To store such files, select a special place on your computer (for example, the “Downloads” folder or some other folder). It would be better to save this file in the same place where the file is located, which you are going to share with other users.

After that, just that the created torrent file will be added to the uTorrent program. Thus, the file distribution was created.

Now you will need to transfer the torrent file to another user with whom you want to share your data. A torrent file, the size of which is only a few KB, can be copied and sent in any way convenient for you: by email, via Skype, TeamVewer, etc.

How to use the Torrent service

Download a program for downloading files on one of these services. To do this, you need to log in or register on the site. Install it on your computer.

If you want to share your personal resource, first you need to create a torrent file in a special program. To do this, you need to specify the path to it in the program, and it itself will convert it to the appropriate format. This is a kind of conductor, indicating in "Torrent" the path to the source stored on your computer.

Then you need to enter the server site under your name, select the appropriate section for this file, give a brief description and size for those users who want to download it, and upload the data following the site’s prompts.

If you need to download music or a movie, you also need to register on the site and install the torrent service program. Search for the desired file and download it to your computer. Then run this explorer and wait for the download to finish. At the same time, through your computer, everyone can also download for themselves.

At Torrent there are requirements according to which all participants must exchange files with each other.

At Torrent there is a rule according to which everyone should share with each other. If you do not want to share your files with anyone, it means that downloading will also fail, only beginners are given a limit for free download of 500 MB. Although there are sites where registration is not required and there are no such severe restrictions.

Distributions also allow to receive the necessary files. There are times that they are closed at the request of copyright holders, because actions to transfer data free of charge can infringe copyright. Indeed, authors lose a significant part of their income due to the existence of such resources, but formally no one can forbid this, because the law is not actually violated.

It is on this contradiction that the Torrent Sites system is based

Transfer torrent file

Next, you will need to run µTorrent on another computer. In the main program window, in the "File" menu, you will need to click on the "Add torrent ..." context menu item, or execute this command using the keyboard buttons "Ctrl" + "O".

In the Explorer window, you will need to select the resulting torrent file. After adding the torrent file to the uTorrent program, the transferred file will start downloading to another computer.

Download time will depend on the size of the transferred file, the speed of the Internet connection on your computer, and on the other host computer. If the file will be distributed to several users at the same time, then the transfer speed may increase significantly.

File transfer via magnet link

Similarly, it will be possible to transfer files through the uTorrent program, using the so-called magnet link.

First, select the file that you will need to transfer using the uTorrent program. Then create a torrent file, as described above, in this article.

After adding the torrent file to the µTorrent program window, right-click on the added file in the program window. In the context menu, select the option “Copy Magnet URI”.

First, copy the resulting link, and then transfer this link to the person with whom you want to share your data.

Another user will need to run µTorrent on his computer. In the “File” menu, he will need to select the “Add from URL ...” context menu command, or click on the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl” + “U” for this.

After that, the "Add torrent from URL" window will open. Next, in the "Specify the location of the torrent file:" field, you will need to insert the received magnet link, and then click on the "OK" button.

Immediately after that, the file will start downloading to another user's computer.

How to give out more

The main principle of distribution is rating. The more you download, the higher the rating. Then you can download, dimensionless numbers. In order to constantly increase the rating, it’s enough to follow a few rules:

  • Good internet connection. The download and upload speed depends on this.
  • Less on the network. The computer should be running the application, if possible. It's good to leave it in this mode all night. Most people download at night precisely because there are more offers at night.
  • Watch for popularity. Create a download yourself until a specific file appears, in high demand. Make the return coefficient the largest, set content for distribution, higher for requirements.

Subject to these rules, the rating in the program will increase. So you will begin to use the provided top-level service functions.

People who distribute content are called sids. And those who load it with feasts. There is a chance of meeting these terms on any torrent.

The meaning of a torrent is the ability to exchange, between people. It connects a lot of PCs, organizes an exchange for participants with everything that their heart desires.

A large number of people do not understand how to use torrents. There is nothing supernatural in this. It is enough to have a special program on the PC. Then you can distribute programs, games, music and more. So that those in need do not have trouble with the search, everyone should share.

If you are having difficulty finding files, it is enough to ask in the comments on the site where to find this information on the object. Someone will definitely see the comment, respond and provide a link. The main thing is to come to the rescue of each other, to bring the opportunity to others who want to download everything. For example: a new film, a series that you have already watched, someone cannot find.