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Tip 1: How to make green beer


The name "green beer" quite often refers to a semi-finished beer, that is, an unripe drink. However, thanks to the mastery of the brewers, the final color of the finished product can be changed to give it an emerald hue. Green Ale - an unusual, exotic drink. It is produced in the Czech Republic, China, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Japan and Russia.

What is green beer made of?

Most often, traditional ingredients (malt, hops, yeast) and secret ingredients are used for cooking. In China, for example, bamboo is added, in Japan and Australia - seaweed, in Russia - lime juice.

However, all these additives can change the taste of the drink. Therefore, in Ireland, ale is tinted with a blue dye, as this allows you to maintain the initial beer taste. A special beer is brewed in the Czech Republic according to a secret recipe - it has a pronounced green color and a bitter taste.

Green beer from China

Tanuki - a traditional Chinese beer made from bamboo bright green in color, having a strength of no more than five degrees. The taste of this drink is not quite ordinary, but quite soft and pleasant, with grassy notes. Tanuki foam is not dense and quickly disperses. This drink goes well with shrimps, sushi, noodles, rolls, fried pork or beef.

For the manufacture of tanuki use a special grade of bamboo Psyllostachys, native to China. In September-October, the leaves are torn off, carefully sorted, dried, and then sorted. Subsequently, an extract is delivered from bamboo leaves that is supplied to the USA and Europe, since the tree does not grow in these regions. In Canada, they use juice and leaves of bamboo grown in greenhouses.

Chinese manufacturers adhere to traditional methods of brewing, only slightly changing the composition of the drink.

Beer is made using the fermentation of a grape must (rice or barley), adding hops to it. And as the main ingredient used juice or bamboo extract. The mixture is boiled, filtered, and after cooling, it is saturated with oxygen and brewer's yeast is introduced (most often bottom fermentation). After a few weeks, the mash is poured into barrels, and then into special tanks, in which the mixture is aged under high pressure and at a temperature of no more than two degrees. After that, green beer is filtered and bottled.

Chinese bamboo beer is quite a useful product, because it contains only natural ingredients, and the percentage of alcohol is low. Such a drink is able to remove toxins and toxins from the body.

You can try the cocktail "Fresh". The ingredients for it are gin (one part), green beer (four parts), ice and a sprig of mint.

Green Thursday and Zelene pivo

Not so long ago (since 2006) an unusual tradition appeared in the Czech Republic: on Good Thursday (Easter Eve) green beer is served in restaurants. This is explained by the fact that on Green Thursday (we call it Clean), priests of the country put on green robes.

Green beer (its name is Zelene pivo) is a thirteen-degree foamy drink made from traditional ingredients, but with the addition of an herbal extract. This gives the beer a natural green tint. Starobrno keeps the secret of the preparation in the strictest confidence.

In addition to Starobrno, the Lobcowicz brewery also produces green beer. There are two options for serving the drink: pure dark emerald beer and a two-layer drink, which consists of red (brown-red) and green beer.

Beer from Ireland

Every year on March 17, all of Ireland dresses in green and celebrates St. Patrick's Day. Earlier this day was of purely religious significance, today Irish pubs have become the central place for festivities. A few days before the celebration, literally everything in Ireland turns green - from beards and suits to beer.

Irish green beer, the composition of which is no different from ordinary, is tinted with blue food coloring, due to which it acquires a beautiful emerald hue.

Emerald beer. Cook at home

If you decide to surprise guests or brightly celebrate St. Patrick's Day, you can prepare green beer at home.

This will require:

  • beer glass
  • a small amount of green dye (naturally, food grade),
  • regular light beer
  • a spoon for mixing the resulting drink.

  • It is necessary to slowly pour beer into the glass (it is better to fill half or a third of the container).
  • Add three to four drops of dye.

Instead of food coloring, you can use blue Curacao blue liquor (20 ml of liquor per half liter of beer). When it is added, the drink will also turn green (this cocktail, by the way, has the name "Green Dragon").

Green in color beer.

It may sound wild or unusual for you, but in reality there is a green beer. I would not say that it is 100% beer, rather a beer drink, however, some private breweries dare to take such an extraordinary step. Frankly, I have not tried green beer, and I’m unlikely to risk it.

Although, as far as I know, in the Czech Republic and Ireland, it is quite common. In our country, people are accustomed to malt color, which is probably even good.

I think that green beer is nothing more than the simplest and lightest lager, flavored with a pinch of food coloring. The taste is most likely appropriate ...

What is the point of releasing green beer? - For me personally, this is obvious. This is money. While people will buy it, it will be produced.

Immature beer.

Immature beer is also called green, and this is the most correct definition. Some people use green beer as a must in which yeast is thrown and it roams. But until the wort is fermented, it is a must, not a beer. So calling a wandering wort - beer, even green - is not entirely correct. Of course, if you already have secondary fermentation, or even fermentation in a bottle, then this is beer .. there is no point in arguing. Yes it is a young (green) beer.

Over time, it settles and ripens.

When does beer stop being green?

This is a very specific question, for which there is no single answer. The point here is that different styles and varieties ripen in different ways. It’s the same as saying that the wort is fermented into beer in 7 days. This is not true. Even if we take ale yeast and talk about wheat beer, the speed of fermentation can vary greatly depending on many factors. At the time of fermentation and maturation of green beer, factors such as the yeast strain, their quantity, their biological state, fermentation temperature, the presence and access of oxygen ... and many, many others will greatly influence.

As soon as the fermentation is over - you have green beer, set it to ripen and wait ... It’s hard to say how long to wait until it ripens. Wheat on ale yeast - after 2 weeks, lagers can stand for 2-3 months.

When I brew, I start trying in 15-20 days (ale). In my experience, this is exactly the period that green beer needs to mature, but you should understand that this is my approach and it may be completely incompatible with your recipe . So your beer has matured or not yet - you decide. But the minimum that must pass is at least 12-14 days.

The taste of green beer.

You have probably come across the fact that when bottled, green beer tastes weird. At first, the thought creeped in to me, but did I do everything right or did something mess up somewhere. But then, with experience, I realized that young beer should be different. It's like with berries or tomatoes ... as long as they are green - it is impossible to eat them, but let them ripen, and they will reveal to you a whole bunch of taste and aroma. So it is with green beer. It may be strange, not tasty, and not at all like beer, but let it ripen and you will get the drink you deserve.

And yes, if after ripening you get a full fowl - then you are worthy of it anyway, because you did it that way. You may have been messy, or perhaps it’s the consequence of infection. In any case, this is the experience that you have gained and now know in which direction to move!

Brew delicious beer and good luck!

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Which countries brew real green beer?

It is believed that the most delicious and high-quality beer is brewed in the Czech Republic. This country is rich in ancient traditions and brewing recipes. Famous beer festivals are held here and unique beers are brewed.

On Green Thursday, on the eve of Easter, green beer is prepared in the Czech Republic, and priests don green robes.
The strength of real green beer is 13 degrees, the drink has a bright green color and an unusual aroma.

Such beer is brewed in Ireland. This happens before St. Patrick's Day. Every year on March 17, the Irish put on green clothes with clover leaves and cheerfully celebrate this holiday.

Green beer is brewed in Ireland and the Czech Republic. The best time to taste this drink is March.

How to make green beer from bamboo

The recipe for genuine Czech and Irish green beer is classified, but in China beer of the same color is made from Phyllostachys bamboo leaves. This variety is grown in the Yangtze River Valley. In autumn, leaves are collected, after which they are dried and sorted. An extract is prepared from bamboo leaves, which will then be added to the beer.

First, the brewers make the grape must, then mix it with dry chopped leaves and bamboo extract. Then the wort is clarified and filtered. After cooling the resulting raw material, it is saturated with oxygen.

At the next stage of preparation, brewer's yeast is added to the wort and left for several weeks for fermentation. After that, the drink becomes cloudy and resembles a mash, at this stage it is still impossible to drink.

Braga is poured into closed barrels. Under a slight pressure of carbon dioxide, as well as at a temperature of no higher than 2 ° C, the mash is aged for some time and turns into an original, grassy-tasting, green beer.

There are no bamboo plantations in Russia, therefore, raw materials for the preparation of green beer are purchased in China.

The strength of Chinese green beer varies from 4.5 to 5 degrees.

How to make green beer at home

As mentioned earlier, real green beer is produced in only two countries. In China, brewers make bamboo green beer. But what if you want to treat yourself to such an original drink by making it yourself? It's simple, the original masterpiece at home, of course, will not work, but the color of the beer will be exactly unique.

In order to prepare green beer at home, you must:

- cool the beer mugs in the freezer,
- drip a few drops of green food coloring or Curacao Blue liquor to the bottom of the chilled dishes,
- pour light beer into mugs,
- raise a cup with a green drink and imagine that you are in Ireland.

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