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How to make green tea


Green tea is a delicious, tonic and incredibly healthy drink. Regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis, destroys pathogenic microflora, normalizes the concentration of glucose in the blood, and prevents the growth of cancer. Here you can only get all the beneficial properties of the drink only if it is properly prepared and consumed, which has its own specifics and characteristics.

Green Tea - A Millennial History

In the East, tea from green leaves has been loved for many centuries, the traditions of its use have a thousand-year history. For the Chinese, green tea is not just a drink that warms in the cold, but in the summer tones up, gives a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. Green tea is a medicine, the best way to prevent many diseases, and its use is the philosophy of the soul.

for black and green tea leaves are collected from one bush, making them different from each other by a different way of processing raw materials.

Why is green tea so respectable in the East - the whole point is its benefit to the body. Green leaves contain many trace elements, or rather, there are at least 500 of them, almost all vitamins and organic acids are collected. How green tea affects the human body:

  1. Normalizes and speeds up metabolic processes, because its use is recommended for those people who want to get rid of extra pounds.
  2. Cleans the walls of blood vessels from toxins and fatty deposits, thereby normalizing blood pressure.
  3. The high concentration of tannins in tea promotes the activation of regeneration processes at the cellular level. Thanks to this, wounds on the skin and abrasions heal faster.
  4. Relieves pain.
  5. It reduces the concentration of harmful cholesterol, preventing the development of heart diseases and pathologies from the vascular system.
  6. Destroys pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.
  7. It removes toxic substances and wastes from the body, stones from the bladder and kidneys.
  8. Prevents and reduces the risk of cancer cells.

Only leafy green tea is valuable; a packaged product does not even contain half of the beneficial properties of the drink. When purchasing green tea, preference should be given to large-leaved variety. Allowed the presence of additional ingredients - lemon or orange zest, fruits and dried berries.

How to drink green tea

The drink must be properly brewed, following certain recommendations, otherwise green tea will not only not reveal its positive properties, but may also harm the body.

Green tea is never brewed with boiling water. The optimum temperature of the liquid is in the range of 60 - 90 C. If the variety is large-leafed, and was grown in the shade, the temperature of the water for brewing should not be higher than 65 C. Coarse, mature leaves are brewed in water at a temperature of 90 C.

An important role in obtaining a high-quality and healthy drink is played by water, it should be soft, without impurities of calcium and salts. It is best to use spring water, like bottled water.

After filling the leaves with water, the liquid must be drained immediately, this measure is necessary in order to clean the leaves. Immediately after draining the first water, a new portion of the liquid is poured. The time for brewing tea before drinking it is 3-4 minutes. Green tea is drunk only freshly prepared, the drink cannot be prepared for the future and left in the teapot for a long time.

In the East, there is a tradition of brewing green tea, which has the name "get married." A little tea is poured into a cup, and immediately poured out, the manipulation is repeated three times, after which you need to wait a minute, and already pour the drink into the cup. What this gives is that the leaves are brewed evenly, the drink is homogeneous and saturated. Therefore, the tradition has the name “marry” - tea leaves and water get married.

Ready green tea is not diluted with water, if the resulting drink is too hot, you need to wait until it cools naturally. Honey, sugar and other sweeteners are not added to tea. Do not drink the drink in the bite with sweets and flour products.

Tea Precautions:

  1. Green tea can not drink medicine, as the therapeutic effect of medicines is reduced.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to mix tea with alcoholic and alcohol-containing drinks, this combination will extremely negatively affect the kidneys and other organs of the urinary system.

Green tea can not be consumed in large quantities, otherwise it can cause harm to the body, especially the kidneys and urinary system will suffer from abuse of the drink. Tea is drunk hot and often, but in small portions.

When is the best time to drink green tea?

You can drink green tea during the day, morning or evening, drink it with a meal, and for those who want to lose weight faster, it is recommended to replace one of the meals with a cup of aromatic and tonic drink. Depending on what time of the day the drink will be consumed, the effect obtained from it will vary.

In the morning or evening

A cup of green tea in the morning will give a boost of energy and energy for the whole day, help you wake up faster and spend the day in a pleasant tone. But tea, drunk in the evening, can cause insomnia. Although it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, people with a strong nervous system can safely drink a drink just before bedtime and then sleep peacefully all night.

If the love of tea does not deter even the risk of a sleepless night, it is recommended to use morning tea leaves for evening tea drinking. Then the concentration of tea will be reduced, but at the same time its rich taste will be slightly lost, but the effect on the nervous system will be less.

Green drink on an empty stomach or after a meal

Tea from green leaves is best consumed only after a meal, then the food will be digested faster, even if the food was oily, the drink will help remove the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. But you can’t drink green tea on an empty stomach. The drink activates the process of producing gastric juice, and without the presence of food in the stomach, it will begin to digest itself, this will cause unpleasant, painful sensations. In the future, the habit of regularly drinking tea on an empty stomach may result in the development of gastritis or ulcers.

To drink or not to drink - that’s the question

Every year, at least 3 billion cups of a tonic and healthy green drink are drunk in the world. These statistics are not the best confirmation that we love green tea for its unusual, rich taste and incredible benefits for the body. Drinking green tea daily is a good habit that will be rewarded with good health, prolonged youth and a charge of tone and energy. To enhance the benefits of the drink and give it a more rich and interesting taste, you can add lemon, ginger or cinnamon to it.

General tea brewing requirements

Green tea is a delicate product, it went through an incomplete fermentation cycle, so it did not acquire a classic brown color. That is why the methods of brewing black and green tea are fundamentally different from each other. How to brew green tea in order to feel its proper taste and aroma?

There are several universal requirements that connoisseurs of this healing drink observe.

  1. Water. Her choice needs to be emphasized. Ideally, this is spring water, which, unlike tap water, is very soft. In urban conditions, it is difficult to find such water, so bottled drinking and even tap water, which has stood in an open glass container for at least 5 hours, is suitable.
  2. Teapot. It can be thick-walled porcelain or clay. In the traditional Chinese sense, this vessel should be made of porous yixing clay. This material allows tea to breathe and absorbs aromas. That is why, with a long brewing of one type of tea in it, it each time becomes more intense in taste and aroma.
  3. Calculation of the amount of infusion. It all depends on the type of tea, but on average it is 5-6 g per 200 ml of water. In a simplified form, take 2 tsp. product.
  4. Brewing temperature. The universal temperature of water for brewing green tea is 80 ° С. But there are especially delicate varieties of tea, consisting of a large number of tips and young leaves, that they can be brewed with water at a temperature of 65 ° C.

There are many varieties of tea ceremonies in the world, but true drink lovers always follow the traditions of China. Here they can really competently brew green tea of ​​the rarest variety. They approach each stage of this philosophical process slowly and meaningfully, which is probably why they can understand the true taste of the divine drink.

How to make Chinese tea

It is customary to brew Chinese tea several times in straits. This is not just a whim, but a necessity due to the technological process of production of the tea itself. Lightly fermented green teas and oolongs are popular in this country. They can be brewed up to 10 times, so the best way to make a drink is considered to be the spill. What is it like?

Its essence is that the infusion is filled with hot water for only a few seconds. The habitual Europeans insistence as such does not occur. That is why tea withstands such a large number of brews and each time gives new notes in the taste.

The brewing of green tea for a traditional tea party is carried out in Guyana - a container with a lid specially designed for this purpose. First, the Gaivan is warmed up. This is done with freshly boiled water in the kettle. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. During this time, the water in the kettle manages to catch a cold to the desired 80 ° C.

The right amount of tea leaves is poured into the warm and humid haiwan and quickly pour water on ¾. Leave in this form for only 2-3 seconds and also quickly drain the water out. Such a first strait is necessary in order to soften the sheet and remove dust from its surface, with which it could become covered during production and storage.

Further, the brewing technology is reduced to the following procedures.

  1. The softened sheet is again poured with hot water to the full volume of gaiwan. The exposure time is 5 seconds. After this, the infusion pours into a chahai - the so-called cup of justice, in which the drink acquires a uniform taste, color and aroma. From a tepid drink is poured into bowls or cups.
  2. Next is the second strait and subsequent. With each new strait, the exposure time of tea in water is extended by 5 seconds and can reach 2 minutes. This is the maximum time that occurs when brewing Chinese tea.

In this case, the answer to the question how many times you can brew green tea will be 10. But this rule does not apply to all varieties of the product, so when buying, you need to clarify this point with the seller or examine the information on the package.

Brewing Indian and Ceylon Tea

The technology for the production of green tea in India and Ceylon is different from the Chinese, therefore the product itself is more coarse and less aromatic. To extract the maximum of taste, smell and benefit from it, the infusion method is most often used.

Leaf tea at the rate of 1 tsp. 200 ml of water plus another spoon on the teapot is filled with hot water, the temperature of which is not lower than 85 ° C. Infuse the drink for 2-3 minutes. This is the maximum time for green tea, as with further contact with hot water, the infusion becomes bitter and harmful components can form in it.

Indian and Ceylon tea is not previously spilled with water. This option of preparing and cleaning the sheet is not practiced. The infusion of this tea is always more intense in color than Chinese, but less aromatic and delicate in taste.

How much to brew green tea and can it be done several times? Indian and Ceylon product does not involve re-brewing. In this, it is less economical than Chinese. Nevertheless, most Europeans prefer to brew tea leaves rather than spill it.

A porcelain, earthenware and even glass teapot is suitable for this method. Well, if a strainer is attached to it. During the preparation of the drink, the teapot is covered with a towel on top to maintain the maximum temperature of the water for the coming minutes. Later, the finished drink is poured into cups.

There is an option for brewing green tea bags. To do this, use special sachets for the teapot, which contain a larger volume of tea compared to a standard bag. This method is suitable in case of shortage of time, therefore it is preferred by office workers.

How to drink green tea

Green tea must be not only able to brew, but also consumed. How to drink green tea and what causes some taboos? In China, this drink can be drunk up to 10 times, both day and night, because in their national culture there are night tea parties. The European is not accustomed to such a regime, therefore, seeks to drink green tea in the first half of the day, as he attributes the drink to tonic.

He really invigorates well, so it is better to drink green tea in the morning after waking up, before dinner and after it, but no later than 18 hours. Experts recommend doing this every day to help the body cope with a lack of vitamins and other substances it needs.

In order to get the maximum benefit from tea, you need to drink a freshly brewed drink. It should not be hot or cold, but optimal for a pleasant tea party. A good tea leaf has a lot of antioxidants, micro and macro elements, so it is useful to use it in between meals. In this case, the components of the drink will not interact with food and are better absorbed by the body.

Despite the fact that tea is very healthy, it is not drunk instead of water. Pure drinking water, juices and fruit drinks should still be included in the human diet. Why can not you drink green tea in the evening or at night? It is harmful to the nervous system. In the evening, the whole body prepares for sleep, and a portion of the tonic will be superfluous to him. You cannot drink expired tea, pathogenic microbes may be present in it, and beneficial substances are already lost to a greater extent.

If we talk about a drink with additional ingredients, then tea with lemon and honey will be most useful. When to drink green tea with lemon? In between meals, especially in the winter, when the body often experiences hypothermia and is exposed to viral diseases.

There are many opinions that green tea strengthens or weakens. Rather, it normalizes stool, as it promotes good digestion. It can be drunk with intestinal disorders, as it relieves spasms, helps to cleanse and soothe the mucous membrane.

Green tea is the drink with the longest and most colorful history. There are many ways to brew, eat and use it in cooking. Its extracts are widely used in dietary supplements, in Japan they are added to food, but nothing can be more pleasant and interesting than the classical tea drinking ceremony.

Green Tea - A Century-Long Story

Green tea has its roots in the two thousandth years BC. It was then, according to an ancient Chinese legend, that one emperor, who used only boiled water as a drink, accidentally tried a potion obtained in a random way. Several green leaves from nearby bushes growing in a gust of wind were brought into a cauldron in which water was boiling. The resulting drink simply captivated the emperor with his taste, and he considered this broth a drink sent by the gods to comprehend wisdom. Since then, green tea has firmly taken its place in the culture of China.

Green tea is very popular because it has a lot of positive properties.

Before you figure out how to drink the right green tea, let's determine its varieties. Since then, tea began to be cultivated, and over time, many varieties were bred, among which several basic ones that differ in properties and taste are distinguished.

Gunpowder or gunpowder. This variety, reminiscent of dry small peas that open in boiling water during the brewing process and give their aroma and taste. This variety is an excellent antioxidant and contains a large amount of fluorine, which makes it useful for teeth. The drink has a slightly noticeable pleasant bitterness due to which the variety acquired its admirers.

Bunch. Another green tea cultivated in Japan. This variety has a brighter taste, which has an astringent effect. The peculiarity of the variety is a small amount of caffeine, which makes it possible to drink it even in the evening, without fear of disturbing sleep.

Chinese green tea. The word “Chinese” does not mean the place of origin, but is the name of the variety. This tea has a soft, pleasant taste, with less pronounced bitterness, but at the same time it is not inferior to other varieties with useful qualities.

Сентя или сенча. Сорт, родиной которого является Япония. Особенность сорта заключается в его натуральном сладковатом вкусе, который можно полностью раскрыть только при заваривании при температуре 70 градусов. Именно этот напиток чаще всего подается гостям в японских домах.

Маття. Tea, in dry form, having the smallest fraction, because after drying it undergoes an additional grinding procedure. When brewing this variety, it is considered correct to stir it with a bamboo whisk, which allows you not to lose the true aroma of the drink. The peculiarity of this variety is that it is used not only for tea ceremonies, but also serves as an additive for baking cookies, making ice cream.

Gekuro. This variety is one of the rarest and most expensive. When brewing, the drink has a sweetness and pronounced aroma. To produce this variety, the tea leaf is harvested in early spring and subjected to quick processing, not exceeding 20 seconds in time. Brewing this grade is required at a water temperature of 40 to 60 degrees, but no more.

When and how to drink green tea correctly?

Most people are accustomed to consider tea as a morning drink, which is designed to have a tonic effect on the body and prepare it for the upcoming work day. The best time for drinking green tea in the morning is after breakfast. Having completely eaten the cooked breakfast, you should spend some time brewing a small teapot of green tea in order to slowly, with pleasure, taste the drink, listening to your own feelings, concentrating on the pleasure you receive and absorbing a charge of energy with each sip, which will allow you to get the required amount energy for the whole day.

It is not recommended to drink green tea immediately before going outside, because the drink has a diuretic effect, which in its strength exceeds that of black tea. Some people are used to adding milk or sugar to green tea, but this will violate the tradition of tea drinking, as it spoils the real taste of the drink.

The time when you should not drink green tea is evening, because the drink contains a large amount of caffeine, which although has a milder effect than caffeine contained in natural coffee, can still have a tonic effect, which will be completely unnecessary in anticipation night sleep. Existing caffeine can spur the body before the start of a busy day, but will lead to sleep disturbance. For those people who can’t imagine an evening without a cup of tea, we can recommend re-brewing morning tea leaves, which will have a lower concentration and will not cause strong stimulation of the nervous system.

When is it best to drink green tea for children

Since tea has healing properties and is the most common drink, many parents wonder when to start giving children tea, in particular green tea. It should be remembered that green tea is a tonic drink and its introduction into the diet depends primarily on the age of the child.

Also, at a young age, the child eats food in the form of a liquid or puree, which is why all drinks should be selected so that they contain a maximum of useful substances, and it will not be possible to feed the child with tea.

Doctors recommend introducing tea into the children's diet no earlier than three years of age, but this applies to fruit varieties or lightly brewed black tea. Green tea can be given to children no earlier than 10-11 years after prior consultation with a specialist, since this drink can lead to the development of intoxication or allergic reactions. The best option would be a child to drink a green drink after reaching puberty, when the body is almost fully grown and formed.

Green Tea - Before or After Meal

In the drink’s homeland, drinking a cup of green tea before meals and immediately after is considered traditional, which helps stimulate appetite and improve the digestion process. It is worth noting that a regular tea cup in China has a volume of about 50 ml, and a tea cup in Russia is 200 ml. Drinking such an amount of green tea before eating can have the opposite effect and complicate the process of digesting food, so it is recommended to drink a green drink half an hour before eating. That is why it is not recommended to drink green tea in order to drink medicines, as this can lead to poor absorption of the active components of the drug.

During the day, it is allowed to drink no more than a liter of green tea, which equals 6 cups. A similar amount will be able to cover the body’s need for fluid, will also be able to provide half the required rate of manganese and two-thirds of potassium. The consumption of too much green tea will negatively affect hypertensive organisms, leading to increased pressure, as well as for people with increased nervous excitability.

We advise you to watch a video in which experts talk about drinking green tea for breakfast:

Properly brewed green tea will allow you to fully enjoy the drink, get the maximum of nutrients and trace elements. At the same time, observing the amount of tea drunk and the time of drinking it will help not to cause side effects for the body, but will have an exclusively positive effect.