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How to become a comedian


If the ability to joke cannot be called your inborn quality, do not despair. You can master the humorous craft yourself, turning the training into a fascinating adventure. We will tell you how to become a funny, funny and positive person without much time and effort.

Think over the image

From the appearance of a person depends on how others will relate to him. If the eyebrows are frowned, movements are constrained or played, then, despite the smile, it will become clear - the person does not know how to become funny, but really wants to seem like that.

Everything is important in the image of a joker - gait, clothes, manner of greeting, timbre, facial expressions.

Our success depends on how we talk, gesticulate and look at the interlocutor. Bringing people together is an art in which every detail matters.

Refresh words

They pay more attention to jokes with special, unusual words. For example, the word "Zenoyam", which must be read backwards, sounds funnier than "mayonnaise." You can say the usual phrase: “I'm going to sleep,” but it sounds funnier: “I'm going to listen to the noise of submarines.”

American comedian Gilbert Gottfried joked in one of the comedy shows: “If a girl has a hairy back, you don’t need to be upset. You can close your eyes and imagine that she is wearing an alpaca jacket. ” In this joke, the word “alpaca” played a climactic role, showing all the absurdity of the situation.

Comedic stories add specific sounds. For example, showman Eddie Driscoll, speaking on intimate topics, creates a sound that mimics the disclosure of lightning in the fly.

Joke with the goal

How to become funny and be the soul of the company? The answer is simple - comprehend your jokes, fill them with purpose. Spectators need a victim, a specific object of humor. It can be a person who is absent nearby, an internal enemy, a well-known ruler, or some generally recognized vice. The most popular objects for humorous attacks:

  • Geographical: city, country, people
  • Related: lovers, mother-in-law or mother-in-law, neighbors
  • Celebrities: high-profile personalities or current news about them
  • Sports: football team, coach

There is no formula that answers unambiguously to the question "How to become ridiculous." Someone can reach a humorous peak in a week, and someone will need a month or more. The main thing is not to lose the opportunity to practice. And without risk, nothing happens. If you have the slightest chance to make a joke, you need to take risks.

The worst thing that can happen is that the joke will be unsuccessful, but everyone will forget it over time. Even the most famous comedians admit that they never know which joke will work. At heart, they are afraid to hear dead silence in response to their miniatures. But they know that without risk in this matter - nothing.

Use surprise technique

Everything that is said unexpectedly and in vain remains the brightest and most ridiculous moment. No one expects jokes and there will be no prejudice towards its meaning.

Here's how to learn to joke spontaneously:

  • Recall a joke during a serious conversation
  • Give a humorous answer to a strict question
  • Say something simultaneously funny and shocking with a neutral expression

Complement and develop someone else's joke

In KVN, the “Warm-up” contest is thus constructed, where teams come up with a funny ending or the beginning of a pre-prepared phrase.

The answer to the question "How to learn to joke" is stored in jokes of friends or acquaintances. Let them think for us that it is interesting to say, and we will come up with our own phrase based on their phrase.

- He gives her the last shirt.

- And what do you think, with your old sweaty shirt size 52?

To be brief

Many jokes are only laughed out of politeness towards the narrator. Not because jokes are not funny, but because they are long, too imaginative, not always clear. Sometimes 2 words are enough to blow an audience, and lyrical inserts tire the listener. Sharp witty phrases are ideal for those who want to learn how to learn to make jokes so that the jokes are understandable to everyone.

Use self-irony, exaggeration, sarcasm

Self-mocking - The secret weapon of comedians. She makes it clear that the author of humor is not arrogant, does not imagine himself above others.

Psychologists have long noticed that people who know how to laugh at themselves, have others, cause trust, make communication comfortable. Self-irony is better than introspection, pompous modesty or a boring story about yourself. She is in the company of bouncers, makes the comedian higher, witty and nobler than the rest.

The famous American speaker Terry Bradshaw begins his speeches with jokes on his own hairstyle or character. So he makes contact with the audience. Arnold Schwarzenegger, knowing the secret of how to learn to joke, more than once began his speech with "jokes" over his accents.

The main thing is not to go too far. 2-3 jokes in this style are enough to get the desired effect.

Exaggeration qmakes the joke bright and funny. “Hungry enough to eat two servings,” is a common phrase. But if you confess that you would eat a hippo ham, a smile appears on the face itself.

Sarcasm - A good comic tool, but it's better to be careful with it.

When sarcasm is appropriate: Comedian Jay Leno commented on the decision of the Los Angeles authorities to open a Center for Abandoned Children, in which young mothers can leave a child with impunity for 72 hours. Using sarcasm, the speaker said: “That's why I love my country! I have more than 2 days to give an unwanted child, but there is no way to get rid of a car that I did not like. ”

It is important to remember that sarcasm is not appropriatewhen all is well. A sharp sarcastic joke in a favorable situation looks like sour grapes on a sweet cake.

How to learn to joke? Use self-irony and exaggeration regularly. Sarcasm can be left for special occasions.


Without experience, it’s difficult to even cook dumplings. And if we talk about how to become ridiculous, then a few attempts to joke, just do not get off.

Tests to appear in a new role, you need training in the company and in front of the mirror, attempts to joke in different forms should succeed and fail. Only trial and error can achieve a good result.

Practical exercises for training:

  • Compose a sarcastic commentary on current news.
  • To make up a story to look funny in it.
  • Come up with a trinity joke: somehow the wolf, the wild boar and the fox gathered ...
  • Make a few jokes about yourself, built on well-known features. Make a loved one laugh by inventing an interesting joke about him.

What kind of comedians do you belong to?

Types of Comedians

There are three types of comedians:

  1. Random comedian

An occasional comedian or coincidence comedy writer is someone who is waiting for something funny. When this happens, he takes notes. Or if something funny happens to him, he puts it at the heart of his material.

How to become a comedian

To be a random comedian, you just need to have a notebook for recordings or an application for recordings on your iPhone.

A comedian architect can take something mundane, daily and turn it into funny. A true comedian architect believes that he can take any logical chain of words and make them funny, sometimes he can even turn one word into a joke ...

For example, once my brother bought a very expensive Bell motorcycle helmet. He blew off dust particles from him and, if his girlfriend accidentally dropped his helmet, he was ready to shoot her.

And once, when I was playing bowling with them, my brother stabbed his girlfriend. And she answered, “Once again, as I will give you according to Bell.” I caught the topic, and, rolling my eyes, asked again: “According to Bell? Wow! ”

Here the new meaning of the word Bell was introduced. Thanks to the pitch, everyone understood what I meant by the word Bell. We were neighing well, and in the future this word served us for a long time as a tag of laughter.

To see the process of how this joke was created, leave a request for a free webinar on developing a sense of humor. There we will look at an example of the Double Entendre comedy structure in steps.

There are 13 such basic structures, and if you want to develop your sense of humor and learn to write jokes, you need to at least familiarize yourself with them.

A comedian is a comedian who includes the two above types. He can notice funny situations in life and present them even more fun. And also knows how to create funny stories from not funny situations. He understands the structure of comedy well and can create material even when he has no inspiration.

How to become a real comedian

Since the comedian uses two options for creating funny, he, respectively, and gives out twice as much material. It is usual for him to work on a monologue all day, and then write jokes on order all evening. More than a hundred jokes per evening.

Some students ask me what is the use of writing such a huge amount of material if you cannot use all of it? The answer is simple: when you write a lot of material, you will become a better writer faster. And if you cannot use a joke for your own performance, you can always sell it! Your customers can be radio stations, television, newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, other comedians, toasts, etc.

To be a comedian, record everything anytime, anywhere

Do you understand? It doesn’t matter if you use your jokes or not. The more you write, the more professional you become. That matters. It hones and develops your sense of humor. If your goal is to be a great comedian or a great comedy writer, then you need to train a lot and do it regularly.

How To Become A Comedian: Comedy Is Not Frivolity

If you strain and learn this craft, you can easily start working in the field of comedy, and not just make your friends laugh.

But to know how comedy works does not mean mastering the craft. Comedy is not bookkeeping. And a comedian is not an accountant. Accountant - he is linear, analytical and loud.

Comedy is not bookkeeping, but a comedian is not a noisy accountant

The left hemisphere of our brain controls our linear or analytical thinking. Our right brain controls creativity and emotion. Comedy activates both hemispheres of our brain.

See a quick diagram of various brain resources and how comedians of various kinds use them. This will give you a pretty good idea of ​​your own trends and help you develop further in developing a sense of humor.

How to become a comedian and use the brain 100%

Using the left brain

More used for writing.

  1. Current events.
  2. Something that can be funny.
  3. Analyzes humor for tags.
  4. Humorous pun.
  5. More structured.
  6. Using laughter triggers.
  7. Can produce volumes of material.
  8. Solves jokes - puzzles.
  9. Uses jigsaw puzzles.
  10. Material can be complex, heady, deep, factual.
  11. It uses magazines, newspapers, the Internet to find material for creating funny things.
  12. Rational.
  13. Sequential.
  14. Looks at parts.

Using the right brain

More used for improvisation.

  1. Creative.
  2. Spontaneous.
  3. It works more on feelings, emotions.
  4. Prone to observant humor.
  5. As a rule, he lacks structure.
  6. Contradictory.
  7. The initiative is characteristic.
  8. Parodies of songs.
  9. Impressions.
  10. Random.
  11. Intuitive.

A good comedian uses both hemispheres

A comedian works with both parts of the brain to use both imagination and cognitive skills. To understand when his observations are funny. At the same time, he sits down and creates jokes from any information and news.

A good comedian involved both hemispheres

The advantage of using both cerebral hemispheres is that you have direct access to more material. Volumes! In addition, a comedian can take any string of words and make them a fun joke by applying 13 basic structures of comedy. Do you want also? Leave a request for a free webinar.

This all makes comedians more popular in the sense that they can now write and sell material, create scripts, sketches, comedy columns, blogs, novels, etc. It is important to learn how to combine the mechanisms of the right hemisphere with the left.

When you master the technical basics, your creativity will sparkle in a new way!

Most comedians start out like random comedians. When you master the structures of creating the funny, you must remember that the creative side of your brain remains inactive. While the analytical part will work to its fullest. But when the technical fundamentals become part of you, you can connect the creative part of the brain and create masterpieces. Here's how it works.

To become a comedian, you need to train

Some people think that structure or formula limits the ability to write and create outstanding comedy. In fact, this is just the opposite. It’s kind of training you as a musician.

For example, you want to learn how to play the guitar. First you master the chords, types of battles, overkill. And then, having mastered all this technical part, you can give free rein to your creativity and come up with tunes yourself.

Just like in comedy. Once you master the formulas and structures, they will become part of you. Now you can write and play beautiful music of various styles and genres. But without the basics ... do you think you'll play in unison?

Leave a request for a webinar where you will learn how to develop a sense of humor quickly. And learn to play with laughter and become a great comedian!

Why do we need a sense of humor and what does it depend on?

A sense of humor is a person’s ability to relate to life situations easily and naturally. What does it give? It is this feeling that makes it easier for us to relate to failures, which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

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Humor is something that helps defuse the situation in tense situations, as well as distract from problems. If not for jokes, then it would be boring and sad to live.

But why do some people know how to joke and do it easily, while others do not understand even simple jokes? What determines a sense of humor?

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  • In the course of research it was found out that such a feeling directly depends on the human intellect. Indeed, in order to make a joke, you must first evaluate the situation and scroll through it in your head, and then see the funny side and formulate your thought. The main skill of the joker is to make the joke funny for everyone, and not for him alone. And for this, of course, certain mental abilities are needed.
  • But why do some people laugh at banter, while others do not. An important role is played by attitude to life. If a person is a pessimist, then laughing at him will not be so easy, especially if the joke concerns some ambiguous situation.

Can a sense of humor be developed?

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The ability to joke is not a character trait or a gift (although some may say that they are joking almost from birth), so such a skill can be developed in oneself if efforts are made to it. Lack of a sense of humor is not a sentence. Consider a few tips to help you look at the world through the prism of jokes and smiles.

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If you want to joke skillfully, competently and masterly, then develop yourself! Watch “smart” programs, read “smart” and useful books.

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Be sure to replenish your vocabulary, because many jokes are built specifically on the pun, and not on banal vulgarity. So if you come across strange words, find out their meaning.

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Be an optimist!

If you learn to relate easily to life and laugh at yourself, then jokes will be given to you easily. What does it take to become an optimist?

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  • Every day, start with a smile to cheer yourself up. Smile in the mirror and passers-by (and let some doubt your normality).
  • Look at any situations from different angles. No money for a new sofa? Tell yourself: “So what, but this sofa has become dear to me, we have survived so much. Let him stay with me. ”
  • Know how to enjoy life! Rain is coming? Put on rubber boots and boldly walk through the puddles! Snowing? Play snowballs. Got stuck in traffic? Call your friend or listen to your favorite music.
  • Rejoice at the little things, because it is from the little things that our life consists. Did you get out of transport? It's great!
  • Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself! So what if you forgot to make up one eye. Laugh about it with your girlfriend.

Read jokes

A joke is the same joke invented by someone. Buy a collection of jokes, read them. Analyze each joke, disassemble it in parts. Try to understand what is funny in a joke, how funny it is, what situations can be played with humor. You can also study the winged sayings of famous people.

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Write down your favorite phrases in your notebook, collect your own collection. In certain situations, some phrases may be quite appropriate, so you can use them and show off by inserting a quote related to the topic.

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Watch comedies

Комедии и юмористические передачи – это то, откуда вполне можно черпать вдохновение и идеи. Расспросите друзей о том, какие смешные комедии можно посмотреть. Смотрите такие фильмы, оценивайте шутки и главных героев. Вероятно, вам понравится какой-нибудь персонаж, и вы захотите перенять его манеры. А что?

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If everyone likes it, why not try it? But remember that complete imitation is stupid, ridiculous and not at all funny. So use only certain traits and features of behavior, adapt them to your personality, to your character, to your lifestyle.

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Communicate more

How to develop a sense of humor, if you seem to be able to joke, but are embarrassed to do so in public? The answer is simple: more communication. Meet new people, chat with them.

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Try to keep the conversation at ease and easy. Be yourself. And never be afraid to “freeze” some stupidity. Any absurdity can make your interlocutor laugh and bring him to you. And certainly it will be better than tense and strained conversations about the weather or something similar.

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More practice!

If you communicate with a large number of people, then by all means practice on them. At first, when you still will not have enough experience, use other people's jokes, adapting them to the situation and rephrasing a little.

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Be sure to evaluate the reaction to the joke to see how successful it was. Have you heard something funny from a friend? Remember, transform a little or complement and use.

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You need to speak correctly too!

Even the funniest joke will sound ridiculous and not at all funny if it is spoken with the wrong tone or with speech or other errors.

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  • First, fix your diction. Speak tongue twisters, speak complex syllables and combinations of sounds. Your speech should be clear and correct.
  • Secondly, pay attention to intonation. A monotonous monologue will not be interesting to anyone. So do everything with feeling, really, with arrangement. Remember reading with expression at school? It's time to remember.
  • Thirdly, say everything clearly and confidently in order to instill confidence in others that what you said is ridiculous.


How to improve your sense of humor? You can perform some exercises. Here are some examples:

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  1. Compare the incomparable. Take two items, such as a wallet and a bottle of vodka. Start describing each item individually. For example, a wallet: a nice touch, when full, the contents quickly end, and I want to open it. Now a bottle of vodka: many also want to open it, the contents also end quickly, a full bottle is better than an empty one. There are many similarities, isn't it? And some of them are very comical.
  2. Funny contrasts. Play in contrasts. For example, if a person is not neat, you can tell him something like: “Dear, you are a pedant!”
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Let the sense of humor accompany you through life!

1. Watch more comedies

The first thing that comes to mind. The simplest and most obvious method.

Humor can be learned, like any school subject. It's like learning English by watching movies in the original with subtitles. Listen to podcasts, read humorous books, watch comedies and stand-ups. If you don’t know where to start, choose humor to your taste or the most popular. What is in fashion now? Jimmy Carr and Eddie Izzard? God bless him. The main thing is to watch and listen carefully, watch how they make jokes, how long they bring to punch. Just watch what makes you and the audience laugh. But better trust yourself, at the concerts of Svyatoslav Yeshchenko, people also laugh to heart-rending grunts.

Try to find a middle ground between your tastes and the idea of ​​the masses about the funny. Maybe you are so old that you still laugh with the joke “Party, let me steer”, but, alas, even for those born in 1980, it does not cause a smile.

While watching, your memory itself will filter out the most vivid and capacious moments. The main thing is not to include the same KVN in the background - you must definitely look concentrated to better remember and emphasize the nuances.

Over time, you will understand that comedians talk about simple things from our daily lives, come up with nothing. Do the exact same thing though, this is the material from the second paragraph.

2. Try to see the funny in everything

If you really want to develop your humor, then the instruction is simple: take simple things from everyday life and make a joke out of them. Comic can be found even in the most sad situation. Only recall the video “Cat Leonid plays at the funeral”, where a charming cat plays the piano, while the funeral procession drops the coffin. But God bless him, try not to think about it.

Sometimes it’s funny to joke in your head - and it’s more fun and easier on the soul, and the spear doesn’t interfere. Take the example from Deadpool: all the humor of this character is based on turning a depressing reality into a farce and finding a humorous grain even in a bloody mess.

So try it. Analyze the simple things around you, think about how a simple cigarette purchase can turn into a funny and absurd situation.

3. Learn jokes

We assure you that in order to find a funny joke, it is not necessary to look at memes on MDK. There are other resources, publics, articles that are not popular, but abound in humor. Although, sometimes even watching old KVN games, where everything has long been outdated and moldy, can be useful. Indeed, there are good jokes that are still relevant. Look at the semi-finals of the 98th, and you’ll understand everything. Such dead art as jokes can also become a storehouse of jokes. It's a pity the jokes - they were finished off by memes, but such is the influence of time. Do not avoid classics such as Karen Hovhannisyan and Monty Python (but better than the latter).

If you do not understand, then we recommend seditious thing - borrowing. And why else do you need jokes, if not for public use? Most importantly, do not appropriate them and do not pronounce them on television. A person will hear them from you and laugh, will consider you funny. People do not care about authorship - they remember those who pronounce jokes.

4. Observe and learn from jokers from the environment

Jokers from the environment? Smell of a military theme. But seriously, everyone has friends that we find funny. Of course, from constantly being near the “fountains of humor” you can go cuckoo, get into a madhouse and spend days repeating Petrosyan’s joke about horoscope, fish and beer. Or hate the very concept of humor. But, definitely, they have something to learn. A free way to upgrade your skill is to surround yourself with people with a good sense of humor. Firstly, life will become more fun, and secondly, you will perforce notice their moves, try to become more hilarious. Or finally get lost on their background. Not everyone can be funny.

5. If someone does not laugh, do not give up

Humor is a subjective thing. Everyone has a different sense of humor. Someone laughs only with jokes about shit and same-sex love, but for someone they cause nausea. If, while you are joking, your face has not been broken, feel free to continue. Until you hit the target. If it’s broken, then it seems that you should not engage in humor. Although, our author Stepan Nikolayenko didn’t even stop it. A guy is studying, striving for excellence.

It did not work this time - draw conclusions. Maybe you need to watch people, see what amuses them. Or maybe you just do not have enough knowledge. Because either a complete fool or a smart person can become funny. Do not despair, even Chandler had bad days.

6. Do not overdo it and be careful not to offend others

In general, you need to know the audience in front of which you clown. You need to understand which topics you can joke about and which ones you can't. You understand that you should not make black jokes in front of the widow. Even to say: “Deadly sad. I can’t imagine life without your husband, ”- not worth it. Wrong place, wrong time. No need to joke with gays with gays, with people with disabilities - with people with disabilities and so on.

7. Be witty, not stupid

In the end, wit is always valued more than stupidity. A witty person is invulnerable and unique. It’s equally good to make fun of yourself and others, let go of sharp jokes that always hit the target, only an intelligent person can. By the way, only an intelligent person can organically pretend to be a fool. Because you get foolish only if there is a certain core within you.

Therefore, do not strive for primitivism, obscene, dope. It’s better to read more books and develop. Only in this case, your abomination can become taunting and funny, and the mat can be organic and not cause fainting seizures even among elderly philological virgins of blue blood from academic families who remember how good French Prince Yusupov had.

8. Be positive

When Yuri Loza just moored his small raft to the shore of media, his bile utterances were perceived as a good banter. He was treated only as a funny old man who is grumbling, carries a nonsense, but looks funny. Soon, as you can say, toxic remarks began to fill his mouth and simply annoy him. Because no one likes grumbling, bile people - they do not seem ridiculous, and even if Yuri Eduardovich starts to joke, no one will perceive his humor. Because they expect from him trash, delirium and oozing pus and hatred.

9. Do not slip into bullying

Joking over someone is a win-win option. In any of us you can find a reason for banter. But there are a couple of nuances. Firstly, you can run into such a wit that mixes you with shit so that you don’t wash yourself off - your reputation will be damaged. Secondly, you can offend a person. Thirdly, they will laugh at such jokes, but your reputation will be, to put it mildly, not the best. Because it immediately catches your eye how you poison your comrades. People avoid such persons - they do not want to become the object of jokes, they are attracted to kind and bright people.

Sarcasm and jokes are a good thing, but only when used in moderation. Otherwise, it develops into negative and bullying. It is better to alternate them with self-irony, because nothing makes the person more beautiful than the ability to laugh at oneself.

10. Practice

Well, where without practice. The fastest way to learn a foreign language is to get into an environment where you will perforce begin to practice. How do you know if you understand French, if you don’t explain to the seller what kind of filling the croissant is for you? So with jokes. How to understand which one hits the target if you have not tested them in public? Joke, record, practice wit. Notice what the person is laughing at and what is not, which jokes cause laughter, and which ones come with difficulty. Remember, people of what age and social status they are suitable.

How to become funny: cheat sheet

  • Use both spontaneous humor and phrases prepared in advance.
  • Laugh at yourself in awkward situations.
  • To joke over what is known to a wide circle of people.
  • Do not laugh at your own jokes.
  • Use different intonations and timbre (high, low, hoarse).
  • Do not rely on obscene language: a scandalous statement sounds better than a mat.
  • Do not humiliate others by trying to be funny.
  • To be original, not to appropriate the jokes of famous comedians.
  • Laugh with the jokes of others.
  • Do not try, by all means, to make the audience laugh. More important is to remain yourself.

We talked about how to become funny and original. It remains only to follow our advice. Do not be afraid to come up with your own jokes, take risks, exercise and they will definitely say about you: “This person is incredibly funny! We need to learn from him. "