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How to configure and use torrent on Android (or how to download torrent files from your phone)


About 10 years ago, no one could even dream that it would be possible to watch movies on the phone and store tens of gigabytes of information. Now you will not surprise anyone, it remains only to solve the problem of getting this information on your smartphone. Here uTorrent for Android comes to the rescue, which allows you to download through torrent any files at a speed like on a computer.

uTorrent (or, as it is also called, “u-rent”) is a completely free application and adapted for different resolutions of mobile devices (on a tablet it opens to full screen as it does on a phone). At the first launch, you will be shown a brief tour on the use of the client, below you can also familiarize yourself with this information.

What are the benefits?

  • download progress is displayed as a percentage - it’s very convenient,
  • the speed of upload and download can be limited in the settings to prevent Internet braking when uTorrent is running on the phone,
  • access to the audio and video library on your device through the uTorrent menu.

Using torrent client on Android

A few words about the connection (traffic)

As a rule, downloading and uploading torrents requires a good enough Internet channel (and better unlimited traffic). So far, at current average tariffs, mobile operators give not so many GB of incoming traffic, and therefore I would recommend using torrents only with an unlimited Wi-Fi connection.

Does Wi-Fi work.

However, if you select the uTorrent client (which I recommend staying on), then there is a special in its settings. function: downloading / uploading files is allowed only if there is a Wi-Fi connection. How to enable it will be shown later.

Choosing a torrent client

Just like for Windows, quite a lot of different torrent clients have already been released for Android. But, as I said above, I would still advise starting acquaintance with them on Android with uTorrent. Why:

  • It is supported by most torrent trackers,
  • it has functions to limit download / upload (so as not to “eat up” traffic accidentally),
  • good and stable background work.

By the way, the program interface is practically no different from the computer version (see screen below).

UTorrent main window

Please note that in the status bar after starting uTorrent, you will see an icon (it will always tell you if the application is active). It is very convenient, given that when you close the application window normally, it continues to work (note: you need to use the "exit" button in the program menu).

UTorrent icon in status bar

Important client settings

After installing uTorrent, before downloading torrents, I would first recommend going into its settings (note: to view the options in the top menu there is a special icon from three bars.), And:

  1. enable the function of saving traffic (so that torrents are downloaded only via Wi-Fi). Although, if you have unlimited mobile traffic, you can skip this step,
  2. set the maximum number of active torrents (if you intend to download a lot of "good" stuff, I recommend installing 2-3 active torrents - this will avoid the brakes and freezes of the phone),
  3. disable autorun (this thing can seriously affect the responsiveness of the phone when turned on). See the screen with the settings below.

UTorrent client settings


As for the direct download of torrents, on the phone it goes the same as on the PC. Go to the torrent tracker website, select the file you like, and click on the link "Download torrent." - received file with extension ".torrent" uTorrent application will open automatically directly from the browser (by the way, downloading starts immediately, in auto mode). See the example below.

If you click on the torrent file itself (already added to uTorrent), then you can see more detailed information about it (date and time of download, speed, peers, seeds, etc.). See screenshots below.

The folder where the torrent is saved (how to transfer)

To find out or change the download folder - click on the torrent file and go to the tab "Intelligence" . At the bottom of the window, the location where the downloaded torrent is located should be indicated. If you click on this path, you will have the opportunity to change it.

Please note that uTorrent allows you to upload files both to the phone’s memory and directly to the SD card. After setting a new path for the changes to take effect, do not forget to click on the button Save .

A few words about exiting the application

If you just close or minimize the application, it will continue to work (i.e. it will download / upload files). You can monitor the operation of the application by a small icon in the status bar (next to the name of the mobile operator, arrow-1 in the screenshot below).

To completely stop uTorrent - use the button in the menu "Output" (arrow-2 below).

Exit the program

In general, that's all for now.

The process itself is almost the same as on the PC.

Method 1: Flud

One of the most popular torrent clients for Android, and one of the easiest to use.

  1. Open the application. Read the warning that downloads will only happen over Wi-Fi, and click "OK".
  2. Once in the main application window, click on the plus button on the bottom right.
  3. You will see the built-in file manager. In it, find the torrent file that you want to add to the downloads.

    Click on a file to add it to the application.
  4. A window with two tabs will appear - "Information about the torrent" and "Files". In the first one, you can view the properties of the document that you added (list of trackers, hash amounts) and select the location of the downloaded one.

    The second tab allows you to select one specific file from the multi-file distribution.

  • Having finished the preset, click on the plus button in the upper right.

    Torrent will start loading.
  • A lot of settings, support for magnet links and continuous development have made Flood one of the most convenient clients. However, there are pitfalls in the form of advertising in the free version.

    Method 2: tTorrent

    The second most popular client application for working with torrents. Also quite comfortable and user friendly.

      Open the app. Unlike the above, this client allows you to select both 3G and LTE to download files.

    To add a torrent file to torrent, enter the main menu by clicking on the appropriate button.

    In the menu you need to select View Folder.

    By clicking on the file, the process of adding to the list of tasks will begin. After examining its properties and selecting the destination folder, click "Download".

  • The download will begin, its progress can be monitored through a notification in the status bar or the main application window.
  • In light of the ability to download using mobile data, tTorrent looks preferable, but it also has pretty annoying ads.

    Method 3: CatTorrent

    Recently appeared, but gaining popularity torrent client, characterized by small size and good optimization.

      Launch CatTorrent. By default, the main menu is open, so return to the main window by clicking on the arrow in the upper left.

    In the main window, click on the add torrent button, in the pop-up menu select "Add torrent file".

  • Use the built-in file manager to find a document with download information and add it to the application.

    Please note that CatTorrent does not recognize all types of such files.
  • By tapping on the file, you will get an add window with tabs familiar from other applications Info and "Files". Proceed in them according to the same algorithm as in the above, then click "OK".

  • Download progress is traditionally monitored both through the "curtain" and through the main application window.
  • Despite its nimble work, the shortcomings of KatTorrent are also substantial - limitations and advertising in the free version, as well as problems with playing some torrents.

    Method 4: LibreTorrent

    A very functional torrent client for Android, developed under a free license.

      Launch LibreTorrent. At the bottom right of the window is the add button. Click her.

      In the pop-up menu, select "Open file".

    The inner explorer can highlight documents in the TORRENT format, so that you can easily find the one you need.

    The add window shows information about the document and files that will be downloaded, and also allows you to select the destination directory.

    In the tab "Files" select what you want to download, and click on the download start button.

    The download status can be checked in the "curtain" of the device.

    Not only free software proponents will be interested in LibreTorrent, many will like it due to the lack of advertising and paid features. However, fans of custom firmware can stay with their noses: the program is unstable on them.

    Summing up, we note the following fact - the interface of most BitTorrent p2p network client applications on Android is very similar, so the above algorithms are also suitable for many other client applications.

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    What is torrent

    Before moving on to the applications themselves, at the beginning we recall what torrent is, why it is needed and how to work with it. If you know this or you are just not interested, feel free to scroll further. Surely many of you have at least once heard phrases like “download from a torrent” or “download via a torrent”, but did not think about what this means and how it works.

    Torrent (Torrent) - an Internet protocol that allows you to quickly download large files in parts from different sources.

    How does torrent work

    We will not scatter smart phrases and try to explain everything in simple words. To understand how a torrent works, compare it with the usual download from any site on the Internet. Unlike downloading in a simple way, when using a torrent, a file is downloaded not from one server, but in parts at once by a large number of users. This method allows you to download large files, such as music albums, movies and TV shows, much faster than in the traditional way.

    In fact, users do not download files from the server, but actually from each other from computers. In this case, the exchange scheme is organized in a very effective way, the program will select the fastest source. In addition, the system is designed in such a way that at the same time as downloading, you are automatically included in the distribution, allowing other users to download files that you already uploaded yourself.

    Best torrent clients for Android

    Until recently, only computer owners could use torrents, but time does not stand still, and right now there are many applications for Android devices available on the Google Play Market that can be downloaded for free. We value your time, so we decided to help you find a good torrent client and compiled a rating from the top 5 best applications.

    1. µTORRENT®- Torrent Downloader

    The best torrent downloader with over 100 million installations on Google Play. µTorrent is the official BitTorrent Android application that allows you to use torrent downloads for free without any speed or size restrictions.

    μTorrent downloads files using the “P2P” protocol, which splits the downloaded document into several parts and, using multithreading, downloads music, movies and videos much faster.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Antivirus protection.
    • Instant streaming.
    • Support for many formats.
    • Lack of advertising (in the Pro version).



    The second most popular torrent client for Android, which will allow you to download free movies and music at high speed. The application is quite popular and has already more than 5 million installations in Google Play.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Convenient search engine.
    • Built-in media player.
    • No need to register on trackers.
    • Scheduled downloads.


    3. FLUD

    The third line of our rating is occupied by a simple and stylish BitTorrent client for the Android operating system. The application has all the features of the BitTorrent protocol and makes them available on your mobile device. You can download and share files directly from your smartphone or tablet.

    The application is optimized for tablets and has a modern graphical interface (Hola), as well as three themes to choose from: light, dark and light with a dark menu.

    Key features and benefits:

    • There are no restrictions on the speed of loading and distribution.
    • Support for RSS feeds.
    • Ability to set priority for downloading individual files or folders.
    • Support for a large number of file attachments.
    • Serial download (you can watch a movie without waiting for it to be fully downloaded).


    4. BITTORRENT® - Torrent Downloads

    An application from the development team that invented the BitTorrent and Utorrent protocols. The BitTorrent Android app is an easy way to quickly and free download a file anywhere.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Beautiful design.
    • Wi-Fi mode.
    • No speed or size restrictions.
    • Improved mode for listening to music and watching videos in the player.
    • Automatic shutdown (in the Pro version).



    Another good torrent client (P2P) for Android devices, with which you can download large files at high speed. For work, it is recommended to use the Internet connection Wi-Fi or 4G.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Ability to create and publish torrent files
    • RSS support.
    • Select individual files within a folder.
    • Support for magnetic links.
    • Sequential boot mode (stream).


    What torrents do you use? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, maybe your message will be useful and help other users to choose.