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How to read fortunes along the lines, the basics of practical palmistry


Each of us wants to look at least a little into our future. One of the reliable ways of divination is “divination on coffee grounds”. “Divination on ordinary cards” is no less widespread, but the best way of divination for the future is “divination on the Tarot cards”. If you are more interested in palm reading, then you can read the hand yourself. With the help of fortune telling, you can determine the nature of a person and predict some events. And for this it is not necessary to be a professional palmist. We will tell you how to learn to guess on the arm, which lines are located on the palm of your hand and what they are talking about.

Is it possible to learn how to read the hand by yourself

Many are interested in what kind of hand palmists divine for women and men. Usually, when reading fate, the lines on both hands are taken into account. On the lines on both hands, you can see impending events, warn a person about problems. If you are interested, will you have a husband and children, and also whether you can realize yourself in life, then four lines in the palm of your hand will tell you about this - the line of life, heart, fate and mind or head.

There are additional lines that speak of a person’s health and aptitudes. These are the lines of Mars, marriage, intuition and voluptuousness, and others.

Line of mind or head

It starts between the first and second fingers and goes towards the edge of the palm. Long line indicates that the person is balanced, practical and inclined to analyze events. Short - that a person knows how to make quick decisions, has cunning and ingenuity.

Heart line

It is located between the first and second fingers and leads to the edge of the palm under the little finger. She is talks about emotional state person. If, among all the lines, the line of the heart is clearly and stronger than the others, this indicates that love and love affection are decisive in a person’s life.

Line of fate

The line of fate in the palm of man may be absent. This suggests that a person does not seek to achieve any one goal. If you have a line of fate - and it always goes from the wrist up to the fingers - then you will work to achieve one goal. If the line of fate forks, then a person will be able to achieve success in several areas of life.

How to guess the hand for the future

She may be alone, which indicates one marriage. The more explicit and direct it is, the stronger the relationship will be. If you many dashes, it speaks of many love affairs. The higher the marriage line to the little finger, the later you will get married. If it goes down - the person is disappointed in his chosen one. Availability horizontal barsgoing from the marriage line down indicates that there are problems in the relationship. If you have two or three marriage lines, there may be several marriages.

The same line is a line of love. To divine love by hand and find out how your relationship develops, take a closer look at the line. If she expressionless and short, then, most likely, the ideal relationship will be at the beginning. Subsequent events will lead to the fact that you will be disappointed in the chosen one. Broken line also indicates difficulties and possible painful separation.

How to guess on the hand how many children will be

If you are interested in how to read fortunes by hand and find out how many children you will have, squeeze your hand into a fist and look at the number of dashes under the little finger. How many folds are formed, so many will be children.

On the left and right hand there may be a different number of folds. Focus on the dominant hand.

Some palmists claim that under the little finger of a man, you can see not only the number of children sharing with him, but also the presence of an adopted child. Over time, the number of lines can change, so check the dashes every few years.

Guessing the hand yourself

In order to read the hand yourself, use our recommendations.

  • Pay attention to the line of the heart.

You will have satisfaction in love if the line starts from the index finger. If it starts from the middle finger, most likely you are selfish in a relationship. The line of the heart, which begins in the middle of the palm, speaks of amorousness.

A straight short line indicates that you are not very interested in love relationships. Long line - you are a sensual and emotional person. A wavy says a lot of love affairs and frivolity. If there is a gap in the heart line, emotional trauma is likely.

  • The line of the head or mind indicates your intellectual development.

If it is short, you are more likely a physically developed person. Curved and inclined indicates a creative personality. You are prone to adventure if the line of the head and the line of life are separate. If you have clear thinking, the line will be straight and long, and if it is difficult for you to concentrate, it will be wavy.

  • The line of life tells about the quality of life.

If it is close to the thumb, you feel tired. A long and deep line indicates your vitality. And magnificent - about energy. If the line of life is short and shallow, you are amenable to manipulation. And when straight and crossing the whole palm - about caution in a relationship. A break in the line of life may indicate a change in lifestyle.

  • The line of fate shows how a person is subject to certain events.

The deep line indicates the strong influence of fate on human life. And with breaks, it indicates frequent changes in life. If the line of fate is connected with the line of life, then you will sacrifice your interests for the sake of others' interests. If the line originates from the thumb and crosses the line of life, you have the support of family and friends.

What hand to guess

  • Passive hand reflects your past and what is bestowed upon man by fate.
  • Active hand reflects your present and future, shows what is given to you from birth and how you changed your life.

From the lines in the palm of your hand you can determine the nature of a person, see the most significant events and opportunities for human development. You can also determine how strong feelings you have for your partner.

But if you want to know about the prospect of your union with a lover, you need to watch not only your hands, but also the lines in the palm of the chosen one.

How to read fortunes along the line of life

  • It’s ideal to be clear deep and continuous line of life. She points to your vitality.
  • It is considered favorable when the line of life connects to the head line. But a great distance speaks of disappointment and sadness.

  • A happy and secure life promises forked line of life. And intermittent talks about diseases.
  • Life line can cross short lines, which also indicates poor health.

  • Fork in the bottom line life may indicate that you save your vitality. But if it is not very pronounced, it means the opposite.

How to read by hand

A person is often tormented by uncertainty and dissatisfaction with what is happening at the current moment, and then he has hopes for the future and tries to open the veil with the help of astrology, fortune tellers and clairvoyants.

  • what are the prospects in finance or personal life,
  • what fate awaits
  • and how long we are measured out, it is possible with the help of a secret science.

The work of a palmistry specialist begins with figuring out which hand the person with the request most often uses. For those who are accustomed to act with the right limb, it will be the leading one, and the left one will be passive. For lefties - the same thing, just the opposite.

A true palmist will always consider both hands, but taking into account the activity of the palm. When you look at only one palm, it looks rather suspicious and unprofessional.

If you carefully examine the hands, you can see that a similar image is imprinted on them, but there are slight differences. For a specialist, they say a lot.

Drawing on the leading palm

Studying the question of how to read fortunetelling along the lines, special attention should be paid to the life path and the fateful road. If the line of fate is clearly visible on it, and on the other hand it is weakly expressed, then we can characterize its owner as having fully realized himself in life.

In another case, when this thread is only on the non-leading hand, it makes sense for a person to think about his untapped potential.

Codes hidden on the active hand in movements show how the character of a person changes, how he makes his own destiny. The palm of this hand shows how the personality develops and where it is directed.

If the signs on it are not as good as on the passive hand, then presumably the questioner does not follow his mission and does not do what he needs.

Palmistry by hand, how to read fortunes of the Heart

Information about the sensory sphere, the emotional plane of a person can be found on the cord of the heart.

A well-defined, noticeable line speaks of the reliability, loyalty and nobility of the owner:

  1. If it is also long, then the person's communication skills are very well manifested.
  2. It is difficult for people with a short and thick heart line to find a common language with those around them because of the isolation and closeness.
  3. If the line is uneven and often interrupted, the person does not know how to maintain a constant relationship. This quality can be enhanced if there is a belt of Venus - an arc under the middle and ring fingers, such a holder does not manage to make long-term serious connections.

Sometimes thin lines depart from the heart road, which indicate that a person often doubts the correctness of the choice made, thinking that someone can better meet on his way.

What is palmistry

Fortune telling in the palm of your hand called palmistry and originates in India. It helps to know not only the future, but also to characterize the person himself. Fortune telling is a very informative process, because each pattern has its own name. In addition to them, there are hills that were named in honor of the gods of Roman mythology.

One of the most famous palmists is Aristotle, because it was he who first began to study the patterns on his hand and the pattern of their location. From his research it is clear that the location of the lines is no coincidence and each sign, whether it be a cross or an arc, has its own meaning.

Confirmation of this theory was found at William Warnerwho was trained by an Indian palmist. As a teenager, he determined his fate, and also predicted the future of England, Russia and France.

Palmistry is not an incomprehensible science. You can quickly and easily learn to determine a person’s character, inclination to adventures, degree of love, the number of marriages and children, creativity and the sphere of activity in which success awaits.

Palms - the eyes of the future

How to guess on the arm? First you need to decide on the names of the patterns and find out the function of each. Typically, a person has four lines:

  1. Heart line.
  2. Line of life.
  3. The line of reason, that is, the head.
  4. The line of fate, which is not present at all.

Before proceeding directly to the interpretation of patterns, we decide which hand should be considered. It is generally accepted that in women the right hand represents what it was born with, and the left represents what it has acquired during life, so you should choose your left hand when it comes to determining the future, and you can recognize the character and abilities from the right .

As for men, then here is the opposite. The left hand represents what the person was born with, and the right hand represents acquired skills.

There is also an opinion that it is necessary to determine which of the hands is leading. Right-handed people should guess on the right, and left-handers - on the left hand. The main palms will tell us about the future, and the secondary ones will tell us about the past.

Heart affairs

The heart line speaks about the emotionality of its owner. It can be used to determine the degree of compassion and love of a person, as well as temperament and character.

  • If it ends between the index and middle fingers, this suggests that a person can withstand stressful situations, and also has the ability to express himself.
  • If the pattern is short and straight, this indicates that its owner is prone to romance.
  • A pronounced pattern indicates the generosity of man.
  • If he comes in contact with the line of reason, this tells us that the owner of the hand can be very easily offended.
  • Long and crooked - indicates a strong emotionality.
  • A straight line parallel to the head line speaks of a person’s self-control.
  • Wavy indicates love and a lot of love affairs.

Intelligence level

The mind is a very important part of the palm. This pattern shows us the mental abilities of the owner, his intellectual development, craving for knowledge.

  • A short pattern tells us about the inability to analyze the situation and data.
  • A long line indicates the versatility of a person, the ability to simultaneously perceive a large amount of information.
  • The branches of this pattern indicate creative abilities and innovative solutions to problems.
  • An intermittent pattern indicates the low intelligence of the palm holder, poor attentiveness and memory.
  • Curved drawing means creativity.
  • A long, deep drawing speaks of seriousness and clear thinking.
  • The owner of the direct pattern is a realist.
  • Thin lines indicate frivolity.

Life path

Life line gives an opportunity to a palmist to see the well-being and general physical health of the palm holder. Also on this pattern, the main changes in life are displayed. For example, injuries, moving.

  • A pronounced line of life speaks of the enterprise and energy of a person. The length of this pattern is not related to life expectancy.
  • The sinuous pattern speaks of energy.
  • A long pattern indicates the viability of the host.
  • A short one indicates that it is easy to push a person around.
  • A direct drawing, which is close to the palm, indicates the selectivity of the person.
  • Interrupted speaks of drastic changes in life.

Drawing of fate

This is a very important element in palmistry., because it is thanks to him that a person is able to take balanced, correct actions. Using this pattern, you can determine the career growth and labor abilities of the owner of the palm. But, as was said before, not all people have this line. The drawing is located just above the wrist and extends vertically up to the middle finger throughout the palm of the hand.

  • A long picture indicates the independence of the owner.
  • Depth will tell about assertiveness.
  • An intermittent pattern indicates a change in activity.

Palm shape

In addition to lines, a lot can be said about a person his hands and the shape of his palms. To fortune-tell a person, it is not necessary to know all the patterns. It is enough to determine the basic characteristics of the hand, and you will learn the basic qualities of the palm holder.

  • Wide palms and thick fingers indicate the practicality and materialism of a person. These people usually work with their hands and prefer clearly defined goals, illusions and dreams. The owners of these hands are connected to the ground.
  • Wide rectangular palms with long fingers characterize the air. These people are usually very witty, versatile and talkative. Both mental and physical work suits them.
  • Water is distinguished by long fingers and an oval palm. These are creative and emotional people. Very often they are introverted and like to work alone in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Fire is a rectangular palm with short fingers. These are the most optimistic natures, which are characterized by selfishness and impulsiveness. They are extroverts. They are not afraid of difficulties, because in everything they rely on intuition.

Hills are the convex parts of our palm. Roman mythology served as the source of the names of these hillocks. Consider them.

  1. Venus is under the thumb. The bulge of this part of the palm speaks of promiscuous sexual relationships. The lack of bulge can be interpreted as disinterest in marriage.
  2. Jupiter is located under the index finger. He is responsible for assertiveness, selfishness and aggressiveness of character.
  3. Saturn is under the middle finger of the hand. He is responsible for depression, emotionality.
  4. The sun is located under the ring finger. Short temper and pride are the main qualities of character that he displays.
  5. Mercury is under the little finger. The bulge indicates the talkativeness of the owner of the palm.

So, we examined the main aspects of palmistry. Thanks to this basic knowledge, you can learn to determine the nature of a person, his abilities, receptivity, emotionality and sphere of activity. Despite the fact that many call palmistry a science, this opinion is not confirmed, but the current scientific centers prove the opposite. Be that as it may, this area of ​​fortune-telling has not lost its popularity throughout history, and interest in it is only growing.

A few words about secrets and signs on the threads of the heart

Loops or, in other words, islets on such a line indicate possible problems of the cardiovascular system, which requires increased attention to the main heart muscle and the passage of periodic examinations by doctors.

Иногда на сердечной линии появляются звезды, они предвещают инфаркты, особенно когда появляются там, где линия прервана. На целостной линии такие знаки показывают нешуточные эмоциональные переживания.

For some people, the Heart trait is generally absent in the palm of your hand. This is inherent in ambitious people with an unbending character, but, unfortunately, fate has prepared for them a short life.

When the line of the heart merges with the line of the head, such a pattern gives out people who are in balance with the mind and heart.

What will the mind's gossip talk about?

It is important for the predictor. It is necessary to consider the degree of curvature, and the clarity, as well as the length:

  • when the line is not too long, its owner prefers physical work,
  • in the opposite case, the owner likes to reason logically, analyze all events,
  • having a wavy character, speaks of a quick loss of attentiveness and inability to concentrate on one thing for a long time,
  • if it doesn’t intersect with the thread of life, you can understand that its owner is an adventurer, likes to change impressions and is restless,
  • tears or curls indicate a past emotional crisis.

Small dashes and crosses show periods when you have to make choices that affect future life.

What will the life road tell?

You can learn about the state of health, the level of energy, as well as about significant events in the fate of a person using this thread. Palmists claim that it is impossible to calculate how many people will live by it, but you can understand its quality.

What can be interpreted?

  • The level of vital energy increases with its distance from the thumb.
  • The owner of a short and weak trait is influenced by strangers.
  • A double life line indicates luck and success in a career, a triple line indicates the presence of hypersensitive abilities.
  • A chain on the line can predict possible health problems.
  • Decorated in the form of a semicircle suggests a great energy and internal strength of the owner.

When the thread is in the form of a straight line, this indicates caution to new friends. Where there is intermittent traits, unexpected changes in lifestyle occurred.

Line of Fate (Saturn): how to read fortunetelling along the lines correctly?

Not every person is a happy owner of a fateful trait. When the thread of Saturn is long and continuous, the way of life is the same, then without variations, a person is devoted to one thing.

A clear line, which runs deeply, means following the family lifestyle, generally accepted values ​​and rules. If she is deeper than the others, then the owner will not seek compromise, and is a strong, tough person.

The short road of fate is inherent in individualists. Their path is thorny and successful, depending on the efforts made.

Weak, shallow - indicates an indecisive character, doubts and difficulties in choosing a profession and type of activity.

Draw conclusions

To learn how to read drawings in the palm of your hand, you need to practice with friends and acquaintances, but it is not recommended at the initial stage to voice crucial moments to them.

You should start with the definition of the leading hand, not forgetting the interpretation of the patterns on each palm. First, it is worth exploring the four main roads: Life, Mind, Heart and Fate.

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How to read fortunes along the lines? It is necessary to take into account the general figure as a whole, studying the length, discontinuity, the beginning and end of the line, the depth and intersection with other lines. It is worthwhile to carefully examine the signs, chains, figures that are on all roads.