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The difference between Pokemon Pearl and Diamond

In 2006, the game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, co-developed by the developers of Game Freak and the Nintendo Publishing Center, was released. This Japanese RPG is the fourth in a series about the adventures of Pokemon. In this short review, we will tell you all about this wonderful game.

As in other games in the series, in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you become a Pokémon trainer who needs to find new creatures and fill in Pokedex, but it's not so simple. Impossible obstacles will meet on your way. In addition, a certain criminal organization will in every way resist you, and there will be nothing left but to destroy this group. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are not much different from other games in this franchise.

A slight change in the plot, several new types of Pokemon, a slightly complicated combat system and the ability to play with other catchers via the Internet - these are all the differences of this RPG. But despite this, Diamond and Pearl received excellent reviews from both critics and players. Therefore, the version of the game created for the Nintendo DS console sold much better than the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl GBA.

Game plot

As in previous versions of the franchise, the game takes place in a fictional universe - the Sinno region, inhabited by mysterious creatures similar to animals, but at the same time possessing unique abilities. Our main character, a novice catcher and trainer of Pokemon, decides to go with his friend to the nearest lake in search of a rare creature - the red Gayarados. On the spot, they will meet a professor who studies the evolution of these "animals." After a short conversation, this character together with his assistant will retire from the shore.

Predator attack

As soon as this happens, our hero will be attacked by aggressive Starlie Pokemon Starlings. Only the professor’s portfolio can save you, because it contains three pokeballs with starting Pokémon: Chimchar, Piplap and Tortwig. Having made a choice, we release our new friend at will, he will protect us from aggressive creatures. After defeating your opponents, you will need to return the portfolio to the professor, who will notice how you became friends with the pet and offer to take a journey in search of new creatures to fill Pokedex. This will be the main plot of the plot in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Passage of the game will lead you to all corners of the island of Sinno. Here you will meet both new friends and dangerous opponents.

Save the world

The plot of the game is based not only on the search and study of new types of Pokemon. As is customary in games, the protagonist has to save the world from total destruction. The evil organization, which is called the "Team of the Galaxy", together with its leader decided to bring back to life the legendary Pokemon Dialga (in the Diamond version) and Palkiya (Pearl). These creatures have incredibly destructive energy that will very quickly wipe the island off the face of the earth. To prevent this, the protagonist has to engage in battle with the creatures. But before doing this, he will have a long way to the heights of excellence, because if you do not have skills and strong pets, the battle is doomed to failure.

So get ready for an exciting adventure full of dangers and encounters with amazing creatures. Until recently, players who did not have sufficient knowledge of the English language could not fully enjoy the passage of this game. But the recently released Russian version of the game - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (rus) - corrected this situation. So you can easily try yourself as a Pokemon trainer.

This game is a classic Japanese RPG with quest elements. The basic mechanics have remained the same, so if you are already familiar with previous versions of this franchise, you will quickly figure out the game. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Nintendo DS also allows you to play. A third-person view is used. The game process itself takes place on three screens: a map of the world where you travel, a battle screen where Pokemon battles take place, a menu screen where you can view your inventory, organize a Pokemon team or change settings. Each player begins his journey in the company of only one Pokemon, but in the process of passing he will be able to catch new pets and put them in a pocket ball - pokeball.

How are the battles in the game

As soon as a player encounters wild Pokémon or enters a battle with another trainer, the game switches to the battle screen. The whole battle takes place in turn-based mode. At this time, the player can order his pet to use one or another ability, as well as change the creature or use an item from the inventory.

Each pet has its own health scale, the level of which drops if the Pokemon takes damage. Having received maximum damage, the creature falls unconscious and does not rise until it is healed. There can be only one winner in a battle, and one who comes out alive from a fight will receive experience points necessary for character development. Some Pokémon can evolve - turn into more advanced forms. But for this you will need to try to win as often as possible. In addition, the creature can develop when using the necessary items or exchanging data between players. Increasing the level increases the pet's characteristics, and also gives the Pokemon the opportunity to gain new abilities.

Catching Pokemon

The capture of new pets is one of the most important components in the game Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. Please note that you will not be able to get a Pokemon belonging to another trainer in battle. So you need to find wild creatures. As soon as you notice a suitable character, you need to join the battle with him. During the bout you need to quit pokeball. If the Pokemon does not break out of the trap, he will become a member of your team. To achieve this, the player needs to exhaust the creature as much as possible so that he does not have the strength to escape from pokeball.

Also consider the rarity of pets. A weaker Pokemon can be caught in a regular trap. A rare and strong creature is better to catch with an expensive pokeball. Up to six pets can remain active at the same time. All other captured Pokémon are transferred to a special storage, from where they can be obtained by replacing with another character. The ultimate goal of the game is to explore all the creatures in Pokedex. This can be done not only by catching Pokemon, but also by exchanging with other players.

What is the difference between Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Although this game retained the gameplay of its predecessors, several new additional features appeared in it. In this version of the franchise, a dynamic change of time of day has appeared. In addition, several changes were made to the mechanics of battles. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl also acquired Poketch - a device that includes a clock, a calculator, a game pedometer, a map and a notebook for recordings. All this became possible only thanks to the hardware capabilities of Nintendo DS. You can access these applications in the process of passing the game.

A few more improvements

Another innovation is the Dungeon. This game zone, located below the surface of Sinno Island, is designed for multiplayer games. Here, Pokemon trainers can build and equip their secret bases, as well as participate in mini-games. In addition, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have acquired the ability to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, thanks to which players can communicate or exchange creatures via the Internet. Another change affected the Pokemon contest - one of the players ’favorite entertainment. Now it takes place in three stages: visual, dance and theater competitions.