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Amazon promotional codes ✩ July 2019

Amazon (Amazon) - a widely recognized giant of e-commerce and one of the first Internet portals focused on the sale of consumer goods.

Amazon is one of the companies with the largest experience in selling all types of online products, including books, toys, mobile phones, furniture, clothes, food, electronic products, shoes, tools, jewelry, as well as virtual goods such as digital books, music, videos, software and more.

In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, Amazon is a site that you simply cannot leave aside when making purchases. Amazon customers have the opportunity to enjoy great offers and discounts, free delivery, vouchers and gift cards, with a guarantee of receiving high-quality service.

Amazon History and Activities

Amazon was established in 1994 by the American Jeff Bezos. was launched the next year and initially only books were sold here, and after a few years the range was replenished with music and video products. And even later, electronics, clothes, shoes, food, etc. began to be sold here.

There are 34 product categories in the catalog today. And the branches of the company operate in 10 countries. There are also more than 90 warehouses in which all orders are formed and from which they are sent. All sellers working with the company deliver products to Amazon warehouses.

How to buy on Amazon

Customers who prefer to make purchases through this platform note the convenience of such shopping: a wide range, the ability to scroll through a book before buying thanks to the Search inside this book service, real customer reviews with video and photos. Using the filters when searching for a product, you can narrow its circle by sorting them by brand, store type, product characteristics, price, Amazon discounts and free shipping, etc.

The resource interface is English, but using an online translator? You can easily figure it out.

To add the selected product to the basket, you must register, indicating the name, email and password.

After adding the product to the basket, the delivery amount will be automatically added to the order amount or a message will appear that your order can be delivered for free.

After that, you can proceed to checkout. At the first stage, you need to enter your name, surname and full delivery address in Latin, click "Continue". Next, you need to choose a delivery method, and also note the item on the formation of parcels: goods from different sellers can be sent in different parcels or in one.

On the next page, enter your bank card details and use the Amazon coupon. The next step is to pay for the order.

You can pay for purchases at this store with American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Eurocard, Visa.

And orders are delivered by well-known transport companies SPSR-Express, DPD, UPS, DHL.

Amazon Promotions and Discounts

The most profitable and interesting offers of sellers for the current day are placed in the Today’s Deals section. Here you can find products from various categories with discounts up to 90%. Each offer is limited in time and near many promotional products there is a timer that counts the time until the end of the promotion.

Amazon coupons for various products are placed in a separate section. Each coupon can be used for a limited time only once. You can also find relevant promotional codes for this trading platform on the 3D News resource.

Save easily with us

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And so that you are guaranteed to receive the promised privileges, we check each promo code for performance.

1. Track price trends

Prices for the same product are constantly changing, these are market mechanisms. When you want to buy cheaper and have the opportunity to wait, use one of the services that allows you to view the dynamics of changes in the cost of goods. There are not so few of them, the most famous are Camelcamelcamel and the extension for Firefox and Chrome Keepa.

You enter the product URL, and the services show how its value has changed. See and decide whether to wait for the best deal or buy now.

2. Look for discounts

Another example of a large service group is Amazon Discount Finder. With their help, you can find products at a discount without scrolling hundreds of pages in the search results of Amazon. They work according to one principle: you enter a group of goods and keywords to search, indicate the percentage of the discount that you want to receive, or set the maximum price for which you agree to buy the product. A service (such as will show which purchases will meet your expectations. Enter as many keywords as possible so that the search does not show you a lot of related products.

3. Compare prices

Amazon doesn't always have the lowest prices. Sometimes other stores offer to buy cheaper. To understand where it is more profitable, compare prices using special services. The pros are obvious, the cons too: the price difference is rarely a few dollars, and delivery options when buying in other online stores are limited. But what if you manage to find an extremely advantageous offer? For example, using

6. Buy at Garage Sales

Amazon Warehouse Deals - a section of the store with goods that customers returned to the store. The reasons for the return are very different, for example, damaged packaging or a minor cosmetic defect. There is a risk of acquiring a product that you do not like, but if you carefully read the descriptions and spend time searching, a completely new thing will go at a bargain price.

7. Buy surplus

The Outlet section is a treasury that stores surplus goods left after sales. Sometimes the prices are lower than on the sales themselves. So before buying anything, check if there are analogues in this section of the online store.

9. Sign up for Amazon Prime

For Amazon Prime members, the prices of some products are significantly lower. In addition, fast and free delivery works. You can use the benefits of a subscription for free for a month, a year later the right to a free re-subscription appears. Nuance: all this for the residents of the United States. The solution is to use the services of parcel delivery intermediaries so that purchases arrive at the address indicated by them, and then are sent to you. And do not forget to leave the program after a month of use so that you are not charged money for participation during the year ($ 99).

10. Postpone the purchase

The Wish List exists not only for convenience, but also for saving. Add products to your wish list and wait. Amazon may offer a discount on selected items if you have not decided on a purchase for some time. Of course, this method does not always work, you may not have to wait for an invitation to buy cheaper. But if you have time, then why not give it a try?

11. Compare prices yourself

Another way is not for the lazy, which does not give a one hundred percent guarantee of the result, but has the right to exist. The prices that Amazon offers to registered users may be higher than the prices that an online store lures potential buyers. Open Amazon in a different browser, do not enter your username and password. You may see that you have something to save on.

1. Check: maybe there are cheaper alternatives?

To do this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Especially for such purposes, there is a large group of services under the general name Amazon Discount Finder ("Amazon Discount Finder"): they allow you to see the products you need, which are currently sold at the maximum (or just a discount that suits you).

Personally, I like This service allows you to work with both the American and the British branches of Amazon. Anything you need:

  • select a product category,
  • set a keyword
  • set discount limits,
  • and, if desired, set the maximum price that you are willing to pay.

In a specific example, I was looking for children's dresses for four years of age (dress 4 T) with a discount of 80-99%, not more than $ 20 and always suitable for free shipping.

By pressing the key Find Amazon Discounts Goes to the Amazon page, where dozens of dresses are presented that meet the given conditions.

By the way, evaluate: there are absolutely wonderful options like Bonnie Jean dresses with a minimum price of $ 6.8. We have cheaper than $ 25-30 I have not seen these outfits.

2. Make sure that the value of the goods at a given time is not overstated

Suppose, the alternative does not suit you and you are categorically determined to buy only this product of a particular brand. Ok, let's analyze its value.

A 20% discount is good. But there are discounts and more - up to 90%! Often, to buy a position with a maximum discount, you just have to wait a bit with the purchase. Whether it is worth doing, any of the services evaluating the dynamics of prices will tell. For example, the popular (you can read about the features of its use in our article).

In general terms, all you have to do is enter the product URL into the search bar, and the service will clearly show how its cost has changed. See and decide whether to wait for the best offer or it makes sense to take the selected position right now.

3. Check for a similar sentence in the Used state

There is a whole section on Amazon with huge discounts on products that are given for one reason: these products were previously opened but returned by customers in a completely new (Like New) condition. This section is called Amazon Warehouse, and you can find a lot of things in it - from children's toys, watches, coffee machines to televisions, camcorders, computers ...

Open the page of your chosen product and look in the lower right corner - there, where similar offers from other sellers are indicated. See a phrase like "13 used & new from $."? That way.

The difference in price between the original product and its same Like New state can sometimes be 5-10 times!

It also makes sense to look into the Outlet section. This is a real treasury, which stores surplus goods left after sales. Sometimes the prices for such positions are lower than on the sales themselves. Find outlet offers here.

4. Compare price with competitors

Amazon is far from always giving the lowest cost: other stores may offer lower prices for your chosen product. To find out where it is more profitable to buy, use one of the price comparison services - for example,

Just enter the URL with the selected product in the search bar and the service will show you the list of stores with the lowest price.

Or maybe it won’t show: for example, a Nokia Lumia 640 smartphone at a particular moment in time is the cheapest way to buy on Amazon.

However, the service is not perfect, so it makes sense to use it only in an advisory manner.

5. Look for coupons and promotional codes for the selected product group

The section with current coupons for a wide variety of product categories can be found on Amazon Coupons.

It also makes sense to look for codes - on third-party sites using the keywords "Amazon Promo Code", or on Amazon itself, such as Amazon Fashion Deals.

For example, by clicking on the offer "Take 20% Off Dress We Love", you will be redirected to the page with dresses that you can buy at a 20% discount by using the specified promo code "20DRESSES" when checking out.

6. Postpone the purchase

Few people know that the "Wish List" on Amazon exists not only for convenience, but also for saving. Add the item you want to your wish list and wait a couple of days. There are frequent cases when Amazon, seeing that you are not hesitating to buy, offers a discount on selected items.

Yes, this method does not always work, but if you have the opportunity to wait a bit, why not try it?

Finally decided on the goods and the seller, making sure that they received the best price? Then go to the next step of saving.

7. Insure yourself against double blocking

Inexperienced users who pay with Amazon cards in national currency, rather than in dollars, quite often fall into the double blocking trap, temporarily losing access to an amount almost equivalent to the amount of the placed order.

It happens like this. The user places an order, receives an SMS about debiting funds. And then, after a while, another SMS arrives - about re-charging

The fact is that when placing an order, Amazon only reserves money on your card. Their physical cancellation occurs only when your order is packed and sent. Ideally, the reserved amount should exactly match the amount charged - then the process goes without problems. But if, due to a jump in the rate, the amount has changed, then Amazon will write off the updated amount during shipping. A blocked for the first time and remains to hang "in the block." You can get access to this money only after automatic unlocking (usually after 30 days) or by contacting your bank.

To avoid such problems, you must either get a dollar card (then you insure yourself that the amount of the invoice issued by Amazon will change at the time of sending), or go along a slightly different path - even before the purchase, add the required $ -amount to the balance of your Amazon account or buy a gift card of the corresponding denomination.

8. Save when buying gift cards or balance replenishment

The choice of a Amazon gift card as a means of payment or replenishment of the balance can be another saving item, and quite substantial.

Amazon more or less regularly holds promotions, within the framework of which it offers financial bonuses. For example, for replenishing the balance by $ 100 or more, you can receive a gift of $ 5.

For example, for buying a gift card for $ 75, bonuses of $ 15 are offered (for $ 50 - $ 10) - for this, when buying a gift, just enter the promotional code indicated by Amazon in the conditions of the action.

However, there are usually nuances: not everyone can buy gift cards with similar offers. Amazon chooses the participants of the action according to its own algorithms, and it is not a fact that you will find yourself exactly who meets all the conditions.

However, as experts say, restrictions can be circumvented by writing in an Amazon chat and asking the operator to help you participate in this promotion. If it did not work out with one operator, try to negotiate with another - in the Amazon chat, as elsewhere, the human factor "drives".

Attempts are worth it: because, for example, paying $ 75 for a gift card, you actually get $ 90 at your disposal. So go to the Gift Cards section of and check.

9. Finish the "Cart" with little things before free delivery

In most cases, in order to get free shipping, you need to place an order for a total of $ 49.99 or more (the second option is to be a Prime program subscriber, whose cost is $ 99 per year). However, it often happens that all the items you need in the Basket are already collected - and its cost does not reach the cherished $ 49.99.

In this case, it will be more profitable to finish off the “Basket” with trifles in order to get free shipping. You can search for supplements for the amount you need using the service we already know. Simply select the product category that suits you (for example, Health and Personal Care) and set an upper price limit equal to your shortage. You will see the Amazon page with offers, whose cost will be equal to or lower than the required amount.

…ten. Do not forget to get cashback

Do you have an Internet page with an Amazonian Basket ready for purchase? Close it and go to one of the many rebate sites that offer refunds for purchases on Amazon. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the auction you won’t get a big return, but 1-7% can also please.

Switching from the cashback service to Amazon, open the "Basket" already prepared for purchase and only now place an order. If you checked our ten points, you can do it with a completely pure heart (and a soothing "toad"): you have saved as much as possible!