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How to make a secret door yourself: how to hide


The question of how to make a secret door was relevant many hundreds of years ago. This was the easiest way to disguise savings and precious things. Today, this way to hide from prying eyes is no less popular. In addition, creating hidden rooms in an apartment hidden behind a secret door is easy. Even with your own hands, such a design is assembled.

Design principles

Thanks to secret doors, people create extraordinary interior ideas in housing. This design can be advantageously masked in such a way that it seems as if it is part of a wall decor. It’s easy to hide the door in the interior, you can order a finished design that will be combined with the picture of the repair.

Example of a secret door disguised as a brick wall

The main principle of the design is to be invisible in the picture of the design of the room. This can be achieved by choosing colors advantageously, or by disguising the design of a secret door for some interior detail.

Different options for decorating a secret door

There are many design options for secret entrances, one of them is decorating and masking the opening by installing mirrors. A secret room, the door of which is hidden under a curtain, a decorative and at the same time functional mirror or an artwork, will be hidden from unnecessary eyes. It is worth deciding what will be the best option for you.

Hidden door in the wall

To hide the door in the wall, you need to design it with your own hands so that it merges into the general interior. It is better to sheathe it with beautiful plastic or wood panels, but you can simply cover it with a material to match all the walls of the room.

At the same time, it is important not to put trims, but to use special locks and hidden hinges on hinges as accessories.

Secret door with a mirror

The door frame can be standard, as in a regular door. In the future, it will in any case be disguised as a frame for a mirror. The entire design of the door movable part is decorated with a mirror. Such a solution looks very impressive. It serves not only as an entrance to another room, but also worthy of the title of a beautiful element of the decor of the space of a room.


If for some reason, then I do not want to install a large mirror in the room, the picture may be the best solution. If you are a connoisseur of art, then with a canvas you can choose a real original masterpiece of your favorite writer of paintings. For this option, it will be necessary to lay out a round sum of funds, because decorating with a painting requires a large canvas. If you don’t plan to spend a lot of money for arranging a secret door, then ordinary photo murals, of which there are hundreds of interesting options today, can serve as an alternative.

Dressing with a secret door picture

This option of masking the door in the apartment will look elegant and rich. The main thing in this option is to think over the frame so that it fits the overall picture of the interior. The handle for opening the structure should be selected suitable for the color scheme of the image.
Such a disguise under the wall will decorate the space of the room, make it special. In addition, it will allow you to hide valuable things or rubbish from third parties that is inappropriate in the space of the room.

Masking the opening curtain

For those people who find it difficult to mask the door with a picture, a curtain can be a good idea. It is very simple to do this, it’s enough just to nail a few nails to the wall or fix the cornice. Then the curtains are attached to them. In the place where the curtain is attached, you can create an imitation of the window frame so that no one would guess that behind the fabric is the entrance to the room.

At first it may seem that such an idea is preferable. However, this option of masking the opening has a not too modern spirit. Although, having used imagination, be smart, you can buy a smart curtain and make it part of the overall picture of the design of space.

Disguise doors under the wall

There are several options for disguising a door under a wall; everyone can choose the one that is most attractive.

An example of masking a door under a wall

You can take into account such decisions:

  1. Painting doors.
  2. Pasting doors with the same wallpaper as on the walls.
  3. Niche equipment on the door.
  4. Tile decoration.

Door painting

If the walls in the apartment are painted in the same shade, then the door of the room can be painted with paint of the same color. In this embodiment, the presence of doors will not be noticeable to the naked eye. The main thing is that the design does not have a door frame, because its presence will immediately give out the location of the secret room.


This is the most common option for masking doors under the wall. It is enough just to purchase more material that pastes over the surface so that it is enough for the door.

But wallpaper with a pattern or print, in case of a mismatch of the picture, can give out the location of the doors. Therefore, you should carefully consider the selection of images.

Door Niche Equipment

Favorably masking secret doors can help niches. If you put books on shelves or decor items, then the door will be completely invisible. In addition, this option gives additional space to accommodate the necessary little things. In this option, no great skills are needed. After all, it is enough to fix the desired number of shelves on an ordinary door without boxes and the whole process ends. It is best if this element will be in harmony with the overall picture of the interior.

Tile Decoration

This option is considered one of the most reliable. The main thing is to determine the size of the door that will serve as the entrance to the secret room or simply hide the shelf with valuable things. When the entire surface is tiled, the doorway on such a coating will be completely invisible.

An example of masking a door with a tile

Assembling the design will not be difficult even for those people who have not encountered such works.

Wardrobe Disguise

An interesting option is to disguise the entrance to the secret room using a sliding wardrobe or an ordinary wardrobe. Today in the construction market you can buy a finished structure, which consists of a door and a built-in wardrobe.
The mechanism of operation of such a structure is quite simple. You just need to think about what the design will serve as. Some use the cabinet for its intended purpose and, if necessary, open the doors in the standard way. And others try to hide it and use it exclusively as a decorative element that adorns the space of the room. Often such doors mask the entrances to the pantries, secret rooms. In ancient times, camouflaged door structures hid jewelry, weapons, family values, passed down from generation to generation.

When a secret door may be needed

There are many reasons why people need to equip a secret door in their apartment or house. The most popular factors in view of which such a design is equipped are:

  • The need to hide weapons from prying eyes. Of course, some people prefer to store such things in safes. Nevertheless, if there are children in the house or if intruders enter the premises of the house or apartment, a safe that is in the public domain becomes the first place where you want to get into. Taking into account the above factors, people give preference to secret doors,
  • Also, a secret door is often equipped with the goal of hiding a safe with various valuable items or money from prying eyes.
  • Secret rooms store valuables. For example, they hide expensive jewelry, decor items,

Example of a secret room behind a door

These are just some of the reasons people can mask the door to their home. In addition to the above, various collections, family values, and ancient interior items that are of great value are also stored in secret rooms.

How to make a secret door

The issue of mounting a secret entrance must be approached responsibly. After all, it depends on how well the design is equipped, whether it will become a decoration of the room or spoil the picture of the interior. It is worth paying attention to the general requirements regarding the installation of such an aperture:

Secret door in a bookcase

  1. The design should not be noticeable against the general background of the interior. Often for a quality arrangement, plasterboard designs are used.
  2. Choose the right fittings. If we are talking about hinges or sliding mechanisms, then you need to buy those that are of a hidden type so that they are not noticeable on the surface of the wall.
  3. You should also pay special attention to the choice of handles that will open the countersunk structure. Preference should be given to one that will be completely identical in material to the decorative finish of the door itself.
  4. The bottom of the door should begin above the baseboard. This will make it possible to hide the fact of having a secret entrance.

Secret door masking option

Adhering to the above nuances, you can create a design that is perfectly hidden from prying eyes.

How to make a secret door with your own hands

If for some reason it is not possible to purchase a finished structure, you can assemble it yourself. Making a secret door with your own hands is not difficult, the main thing is to adhere to the rules.

  • The door is installed in the standard way, like a regular interior. The main thing in the installation process is to use hidden movable mechanisms and create a design that is in harmony with the overall picture of the interior of the room,
  • The door frame needs to be hidden or completely abandoned. Installation of the box is permissible if it is planned to decorate with a mirror, a picture.

We mask the design under the curtain

This method of disguise is quite simple. Despite its lightness, camouflage using curtains will allow you to hide the presence of a secret entrance to the secret room in the room.

To hide the secret entrance to the cabinet, it is enough to remove the back wall in the structure and tighten it tightly to the wall. Thus, the presence of the opening will be completely invisible. With the cabinet closed, no one can even think of an additional entrance.

Mirror masking

You can mount a uniform large mirror into the door structure, or several small ones. One large mirror looks aesthetically and harmoniously.

It is mounted on an aluminum mold, sized to fit the connector. The handle for opening the entrance to the secret room is the frame.

Case door hidden in the interior

Typically, this design is used by those people who do not want to hide something from third parties, but simply hide part of the room behind the design of the secret door. The pencil case is a sliding structure, which is not noticeable when opened. There are two ways to carry out the installation process:

  1. Slotting holes for a sliding structure directly in a concrete wall. This option is reliable, but it requires skills and considerable material costs.
  2. The second option is the removal of part of the concrete wall and the installation of a lightweight drywall construction in its place, into the structure of which a sliding door will go deep when opened.
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Hiding Door Tips

  • Before equipping the entrance to a secret room, you must read the article with recommendations and tips. Deepening in the details will help you choose the best option for a house or apartment,
  • Consider the location and appearance of the secret entrance should be at the stage of repair planning. This will help to create a harmonious and combining picture of the interior,
  • Particular attention should be paid to fittings. It is she who will help ensure secrecy and hide from prying eyes the fact of the presence of an opening in the wall.

A secret door can come in handy for many reasons. It will be a great addition to the interior and will save the most valuable in your own apartment or house.

What is hidden behind the stairs and cabinets?

If you place behind the stairs in the living room a secret door leading to your office, none of your guests will even guess about it.

In addition, you can get into such a room unnoticed, which means you will have the opportunity to retire when the need arises.

However, to implement this idea, you will need a design called a mobile staircase.

Designers note that ideas with so-called mobile stairs are very popular. They can be moved as manually as using a special remote control.

However, the creation of such stairs is a laborious process, which is quite expensive.

Therefore, if you certainly want to mount a secret door in your home, but do not want to spend too much money, we recommend that you install it behind a cabinet in the living room.

This original and unusual idea has become widespread among designers and is often used.

It is much easier to implement, besides the costs in this case are minimized. You can equip such a door directly at the back of your cabinet.

It is worth noting that a secret door in the living room is not only an interesting solution for hiding other rooms and passages.

Thanks to her, you will wrap a reliable shelter that will help you if robbers burst into your house.

How to mask a secret door?

If you intend to equip a real secret door in the living room, you need to make sure that it fits perfectly into the overall design of the room. Indeed, otherwise, it will cease to be secret, and any person who takes a closer look will understand that you have a door here.

To avoid this, we recommend that you use some tips to help hide the door from prying eyes.

You must first make sure that the door merges with the trim around it. This can only be achieved if you select the door structure in the correct color.

If the decoration around the future secret door is decorated with various elements, paste the door frame with plasterboard. Thus, decorating the door will be much easier.

Only select products that have a hidden sliding mechanism and hinges.

This is one of the most important conditions, because these small details, which few people pay attention to when buying, can give your idea.

Do not use a standard door handle. Mortise fittings are ideal for your secret door.

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase such a product, you can replace it with one that is equipped with a rotary mechanism.

To enhance masking, use a piece of skirting. It will replace the threshold and make the design invisible.

It is recommended to use mirrors for decorating a secret door. They not only help to hide it, but also adjust the size of the room. This is especially true for small living rooms.

In the event that the living room is quite spacious and its size does not need visual adjustment, you can use paintings or large photographs to decorate the secret door.

They should be selected based on the style in which the room is decorated. After all, if the decorating element does not fit into the general concept, it will not only become noticeable, but can also ruin the stylistic idea.

Observing these simple rules of disguise, you are guaranteed to be able to hide the door and at the same time significantly improve the appearance of the room.

The secret door in the living room does not have to just merge with the interior and be invisible. From it you can make a real masterpiece, looking at which no one will think that another room is hiding behind it.

Interior Application

A secret door in the interior has both a direct and a decorative purpose. Those who want to hide something from strangers install such structures in secret rooms where antiques, art objects, weapons are stored, rooms with safes are hidden, guarded rooms with jewelry. The barrier masking the passage will protect property in case of illegal entry into a house or apartment.

In modern homes and apartments, such door leaves are installed to withstand a single style of interior. An inconspicuous passage that merges with the wall will help visually expand the space of a small room. You can make invisible passages to dressing rooms, pantries, protect the office from accidental "penetration" of guests. An invisible secret door can also be used to equip a secret children's playroom.

Secret door in the wall

To mask the passage under the wall is one of the most popular, convenient, but not the easiest ways to design openings. This method is suitable for modern minimalist interiors, modern and hi-tech styles. Masking is carried out by pasting the canvas with wallpaper or painting to match the walls of the room. It will also help to hide the passage by decorating the wall with tiles or plaster.

Визуально можно спрятать прямоугольник двери, раскрасив стены геометрическим рисунком. Среди похожих фигур (квадратов и прямоугольников), она станет просто незаметной. Устанавливая тайный ход, замаскированный под стену, нужно вместо порога использовать плинтус, чтобы соединить ровную поверхность воедино.

Of special importance for the design of an inconspicuous design is a hidden, invisible fittings, handles, locks. These elements may indicate the location of the passage. Sliding structures devoid of handles or other elements are considered convenient and inconspicuous.

Secret cabinet door

An easy way to hide a secret door is to install a cabinet in its place. You can make to order a cabinet equipped with a door frame or to shelves to an installed design. This method was common in ancient times in castles equipped with many secret passages. Now installing this type of secret door leaf will help save space by creating an additional storage cabinet. Imitation serves as a bookcase, wooden shelves where souvenirs are stored.

When installing hidden doors in cabinets, it is worth considering the weight of the structure. It should not be heavy, otherwise the canvas will not withstand the load. All items on the shelves must be fixed or waxed to prevent slipping.

Camouflage aperture curtain

Using a curtain to mask an invisible door is easy. It is necessary to fix the window cornice over the opening and hang the selected curtain. The cornice can be hidden inside the suspended ceiling structure.

Curtains repeating window fit into the overall picture and do not attract too much attention. The material is selected so that it fits other details of the interior, to the upholstery of the sofa, wallpaper, and other fabrics. To cover with a curtain is the passages in the corner of the room - so they will be less noticeable. It is better to hide a safe or a room with jewelry under a reliable door with a secret opening mechanism or lock. The curtain is suitable for decorating walkways into pantries, niches, and other living rooms.

Secret Door Benefits

Secret doors have more advantages than disadvantages. The disadvantages of such structures are associated with the technical side of the installation.

Advantages of hidden door leafs:

  1. Merging with the wall - will help to decorate the room. This is especially important when 3-4 or more doorways are located in one room at once, the appearance of which spoils the overall picture. For example, in the corridor, where there are usually passages to the rooms, a bathroom, a closet, a dressing room. By masking at least a couple of walkways into the utility rooms, you can visually increase the space.
  2. Suitable for installation in openings of non-standard forms, for example, for entering the attic with a sloping ceiling.
  3. Save space and the ability to install a fairly narrow canvas, compared with conventional.
  4. The ability to choose a ready-made invisible door of large non-standard sizes. On a hidden box, most often set tall and wide canvases.
  5. Variability of decoration and decoration. The design, merging with the wall, performs its functions. You can hang a picture on it, as if it were part of a wall.

If the decision on arranging a secret passage is made, then you need to study the possibility of DIY installation.

Secret Door Tips

If there is no desire to contact special secret door manufacturing companies for individual orders, then when working independently, you should adhere to the following tips:

  • Mandatory installation or replacement of ordinary hinges with invisible (hidden),
  • selection and installation of special invisible fittings,
  • if there is a cavity in the wall, the best solution is to install a sliding structure,
  • the passage disguised as a wall should be flush with its plane,
  • the secret passage box must be hidden in the wall or disguised,
  • the use of a rotary mechanism for hidden passage is allowed.

Observing the rules for installing secret interior doors, it is not difficult to do it yourself. Such a design will help to hide from prying eyes everything that the owners wish - from the pantry to the safe.

Hidden wardrobe door

A secret door in the form of a cabinet is the oldest and classic version that has already lost its popularity. A cabinet equipped with shelves on which all kinds of souvenirs and personal items are located, few will cause any suspicion. So that when opening a secret door, things from the shelves do not fall, they are lubricated with special wax.

You can buy a ready-made system of cabinets, which is already equipped with a door, but it is much cheaper and easier to make bookshelves on a pre-installed door.

Another very simple option in the interior will be the location of the cabinet, in the back wall of which there will be a room.

Using cabinets is the best method of masking a secret door to a room. But using this method will only be appropriate if you have a home office or library.

Hidden door behind a mirror or picture

Perfectly hide secret interior doors will help a mirror or a special mirror plate. It is better to hide the door in this way with your own hands in the corridor or in any room where there are mirrored cabinets.

This is pretty easy to do. You just need to fix the mirror on the MDF base, make a frame of metal or wood and put a countersunk handle.

You can mask the interior doors with the help of a picture. As a result, instead of a door, you can get a work of art in which the door leaf will be a picture, and the frame will be instead of platbands. To do this, it is better to stick the murals on the door or to make manual painting of the canvas with special paints.

Thus, you can come up with an original interior and at the same time hide a certain room from prying eyes with your own hands.

Curtain to mask the door

One of the cheapest and easiest methods for arranging a secret door is a curtain. You can choose both simple fabric fabrics and intricate draped curtains.

To mask the door in this way, it is necessary to use a cornice (which can be sewn into a suspended ceiling or hung on special brackets) and a curtain or curtain. This option is best suited to hide the entrance to a niche, dressing room or for use in an inconspicuous corner of the room.

If the owners of the house want to hide something dangerous, then it is better to do it not behind a curtain, but behind a reliable door with a good lock.