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Technique and types of everyday makeup for every day with photos and videos


How to make light and beautiful makeup for every day? What cosmetics is needed to apply it? We talk about this in our article.

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Text: Veronika Gnezdilova
Updated October 16, 2018

As a rule, light makeup is understood as everyday makeup. The main cosmetics that will be useful to any girl for everyday makeup is a foundation, concealer or concealer, bronzing powder or blush, mascara, pencil and eye shadow, gloss or lipstick. This simple set will help you look attractive every day, both at school or at work, and on a walk with friends or a day date in the park.

Everyday Tips

To make the perfect makeup for your everyday look, pay attention to simple tips that will help you in this matter:

  • Use the tonal basis of two colors - apply darker on the cheekbones, chin and wings of the nose.
  • Blend the blush or powder with the brush movements upward - this will emphasize your eyes and help visually hide the dark circles beneath them.
  • For a light make-up use blush colder, not too noticeable shades.
  • Fill eyelashes from the root in different directions. Lower eyelashes must be tinted with at least one light layer.

How to make a make-up for every day at home

The task of light everyday make-up for every day, a step-by-step photo of which is presented below, is to refresh your face and skin as evenly as possible.

You should not choose too saturated shades or apply a large amount of foundation and blush on your face in the daytime, because in this way you just create a mask effect.

Do not forget about the daily cleansing and hydration of the skin, because if it is not groomed, not a single make will help to achieve a positive result.

  1. The main thing in applying cosmetics is a perfectly clean face. You will need to thoroughly wash yourself with water at room temperature, and you can also use special means for washing. After this, it is better to use a tonic that does not contain alcohol. And the third final stage is a moisturizer depending on age.
  2. If you have any kind of inflammation, redness, or bruising on your skin, then a concealer will come in handy. This cosmetic product will perfectly cope with these problems. Do not forget about the right choice of color (it should be slightly lighter than your skin). The concealer should be applied pointwise, after which it will be necessary to blend it with a special brush.
  3. Follow the concealer with a small amount of foundation. You should choose it, starting from the shade of your skin. In case you open the neckline, it should also be processed.
  4. The final step in disguising various imperfections is loose powder, which also should not be darker or lighter than your skin. To apply this tool is very convenient with a brush.
  5. To emphasize the oval of the face and give it freshness, use blush. Apply them according to your face type.
    Eyebrow make

Make-up will never look holistic and complete without neat eyebrows. Before you start eyebrow makeup, you need to get rid of excess hair with tweezers.

Next, comb the eyebrows with a special brush, and lightly touch the growth line with a pencil. The pencil should be matched to your hair color or a little darker, do not make the edges too narrow or wide.

In conclusion, you can cover the hairs with special wax, so they are fixed for a longer time. If for some reason you do not apply your eyebrows with a pencil or eye shadow, you can try permanent makeup or henna staining.

The main mistake that girls sometimes make is a saturated make-up of eyes and lips. You should single out one thing, otherwise your face will become rude and unnatural. Most often, they prefer to focus on the eyes.

Since we consider natural eye makeup for every day, beige, peach and brown colors should prevail in it. The choice of shade in this case depends on the color of the eyes. Shadows should not be applied in one tone, but should begin with light at the inner corner of the eye, moving to the outer and gradually darkening it.

Pencil or eyeliner

Even if you perform daily eye makeup, this does not mean that it is forbidden to use eyeliner or pencil in it, a photo of how to do this is presented below.

These cosmetics will become indispensable if you want to make your look more expressive. However, it is worth considering that black colors are suitable for dark-haired ladies, but the blonde-haired one should take a closer look at brown and gray shades. In addition, the arrow should not be too thick and long, as with evening makeup.

Mascara should be applied in a small amount so as not to make the cilia too bright and unnatural. Before applying the mascara, you can use special tweezers. Blonde girls are better off choosing brown mascara.

Doing daily lip makeup, you should very carefully choose shades. Peach, light pink and beige colors that will not stand out too are perfect for a daily make-up.

You can also use a pencil for lips, it will give them the desired shape and correct bumps. To increase the volume of the lips, you should use the gloss, applying it in a small amount in the middle.

Everyday makeup ideas

Despite the fact that everyday makeup should look as natural as possible, however, for each age category there are certain rules for its implementation, because what suits a 15-year-old teenager is absolutely contraindicated for a woman over 40. Let's look at quick makeup for every day for a certain age.

For teens

For adolescents, as well as for older girls, there is one algorithm for applying cosmetics - the skin should be perfectly clean.

To begin with, you should thoroughly wash yourself with warm water (not hot), and then apply a special teenage product to the skin that helps in the fight against acne, and then use a concealer.

It is better to use shades of light in shades, gradually dimming the outer corner of the eye. It is better to abstain from black mascara using brown, and you can apply a transparent balm or gloss to your lips.

In any case, light makeup for teens for every day should not attract too much attention and catch your eye.

For women after 40

Makeup at age 40 for every day is not significantly different from everyday makeup for 50 year olds. Even if women up to a certain age did not use concealer and concealer - it's time to start, because they are able to carefully mask wrinkles and age spots.

Do not choose foundation shades of cold shades, as they will make your face tired. When applying it, the layer should be minimal so as not to create the effect of a mask on which all the flaws will be visible.

Eyebrows should not be in a mess, they also need proper care. If the eyebrows are light, they should be tinted with a light brown or gray pencil, if they are dark - with darker shades, but at the same time, be sure to comb them and remove the extra hairs.

In order not to aggravate the already weak eyelids, use only light shadows, making the outer corner of the eye darker. For lips, it is better to use a pencil (darker than lipstick by 2 tones), slightly adjusting their shape.

Despite the fact that with the help of cosmetics you can mask many shortcomings, only daily proper care will correct your face.

In order to learn how to beautifully apply makeup, you need only a little desire. We suggest you watch a series of videos on makeup lessons and learn how to properly correct your face depending on your age.

We offer you a video of simple makeup for every day for beginners. In the video, the author will share the secrets of a simple make-up, as well as tell all the nuances of applying cosmetics.

In today's society, girls begin to use cosmetics at school, so the main task is to teach teenagers natural makeup for every day in accordance with their age. In this video, a young author will show by her own example how to properly do everyday makeup for a schoolgirl.

If you still do not know how to put on makeup to give your face freshness, then this video is especially for you. The author of the video will show how to do everyday makeup for women 50 years and older in order to hide all age-related imperfections.

Dear women, do you know how to make everyday make-up correctly in accordance with your age? What are your favorite shades of shade and lipstick? Share the secrets of your good looks in the comments.

How to look perfect every day

To apply a simple daily make-up, it is not necessary to visit expensive beauty salons. If you know the basic rules, any novice makeup artist can create easy make-up with their own hands. You can master the technique yourself, at home.

To create a light, beautiful image, you need to align the face relief.

Useful Tips

  • The face will look fresh, naturally, if you follow the diet and devote sufficient time to rest. Useful daily afternoon and evening walks in the fresh air, regular use of a sufficient amount of fluid.

It is advisable to conduct face peeling once every 7-8 days, use masks prepared with your own hands at home.

  • Every day it is worth saturating the face epithelium with nutrients. This will help daytime, evening creams, which refresh, make the delicate epithelium beautiful. In addition to applying a light everyday make-up you will need a set of good cosmetics. It’s better to choose proven, quality products that take care of your skin, allowing it to breathe all day.

What makeup do you need

To apply with your own hands the lightest simple makeup for every day you will need the following:

Cleansing milk, gel or tonic to remove dirt from the epithelium. After washing, it will acquire a smooth matte shade, will begin to fully breathe.

Makeup will ideally lie down after cleansing, if you cover your face with day cream.

The next step is to apply a foundation of delicate texture. Its tone should be as close as possible to the natural complexion of the skin.

Loose powder will help to maintain the persistence of makeup without weighing it down.

You must have a palette with shadows of different colors. It should contain dark, light shades, which with equal success will allow you to create a day or evening make-up.

Shadows can be dry or greasy - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin of the eyelids.

You can bring your eyes down with the help of a contour of a shade corresponding to the type of appearance. Eyebrow correction pencil, eye shadow palette is chosen a tone darker than the natural color of the hair.

The color of the mascara can be any, it all depends on personal preference. The main thing is that it lengthens the hairs, creates the maximum volume.

Classic daily makeup, subtleties of application

The main condition for beautiful everyday make-up is the closest approach to naturalness, natural colors.

The foundation for a daily light make-up should almost match the natural skin tone in tone. Checking compliance at home is very simple. It is enough to apply a little base on the side of the neck, in the area near the ear. If the spot is almost imperceptible, then this is what is suitable for every day.

The best simple makeup for every day is a make-up, where the palette of plum shades is the leader. It is ideal for any eye color, it looks easy and impressive at the same time.

Another mandatory rule of everyday make-up is to focus on one thing. A bright spot can be lips or eyes, but in no case both of them at the same time.

A bright spot may be lips or eyes, but in no case both.

To make the eyebrows look natural, it’s worth putting them in order, to bring out their correct shape. The tiniest flaws invisible in the evening make-up will stand out brightly in daylight. If you cannot correct the eyebrow contour yourself, you can use special stencils.

They are easy to use, any woman can use them at home.

To do spectacular everyday makeup with your own hands, you should have cotton swabs, disks, brushes and sponges on hand. With their help, you can draw clear contours at home, correct defects.

Simple makeup technique

The step-by-step instructions described below will help to create a simple make-up at home even for a novice makeup artist.

After cleansing the face with tonic, milk, applying a day cream, they begin to smooth the skin relief. For this, a concealer is used, which is applied to all areas in need of adjustment. Instructions for using the concealer are here.

The next step is to apply the foundation, after which it is slightly dusted on top. Today, foundation is replaced by BB cream. It is softer and more affectionate to the skin. How to use BB cream and how to choose the right one, read here.

Then you need to adjust the eyebrow line with a pencil. To increase the density of the hairs, you can apply a little shade on them, then comb with a brush.

Using a contour pencil of the desired tone, thin arrows are drawn on the eyelids. After that, you can apply the shadow, given the color of the eyes: brown, green or blue.

The final chord - application in 1-2 layers of mascara.

After eye makeup is done, we start applying lipstick to the lips. If we are talking about an evening out, you can afford more vivid, flashy tones. For owners of blue, green eyes, pink, lilac shades will be spectacular. Girls with brown eyes face to face with bright scarlet, purple lipstick.

For a simple day make-up, you should choose a neutral palette of lipsticks.

Brown eyes

An ideal daily option for owners of brown eyes - the easiest restrained make-up. He looks beautiful, emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman. It’s easy to make spectacular make-up for brown eyes at home, because they naturally have a rather bright appearance.

The minimum that can be done is to apply bronze shadows, to emphasize the brown eyes incision with brown or dark gray eyeliner. In conclusion, it is worth tinting the eyelashes with dark mascara. Owners of brown eyes should abandon the brick, terracotta shades, giving the image a painful look. In the photo you can see the make-up options for girls with brown eyes:

Green eyes

Unlike makeup for brown eyes, a simple make-up for green eyes owners is not so simple. The following rules should be observed:

  • Black eyeliner is to be excluded, but mascara of the same color is perfectly acceptable.
  • To make your eyes flicker, you should draw a thin line of dark green color along the edge of the upper eyelid.
  • Olive shades will help to add depth and restraint to the image. For evening makeup, you can choose more saturated bright colors of cold blue, silver-gray, greenish shades.
  • An interesting make-up option for green-eyed beauties is presented in the photo:

Blue eyes

Owners of blue eyes when creating everyday simple makeup should observe a sense of proportion. This will allow you to get a beautiful make-up that will look easy, naturally. The optimal palette of shadows is beige, shades of lilac, pink. Mascara can be plum, rich gray. If we talk about eyeliner, blue, lilac options are ideal.

In the afternoon, you should abandon the green, red, purple shades.

It is better to leave them for the evening make-up, when they will not look screaming. Photos presented on the site will push for new ideas:

Master the technique of simple makeup under the force of any girl. Help in this photo presented on the site. The reward for the efforts will be an impeccable appearance, femininity, shining in every detail.

Daily makeup with arrows

Beauty makeup blogger Marie Senn suggested yet another makeup option for every day. Follow the instructions!

  • That's how I look right after sleep. I start doing makeup right before I start shooting the video. Before applying makeup, I cleanse my skin with Garnier micellar water and apply cream as a base for makeup.

  • For this make-up option, I used the usual foundation as a tone, fixed it with powder and slightly emphasized the cheekbones with brown blush. I always pay attention to eyebrow makeup: I use liquid eyebrow shadows and a special brush. For eyes and lips, I always choose delicate pink shades.

  • I don’t like bright makeup, it just doesn’t suit me, so the classic black arrows are in my case the perfect accent for everyday makeup. Мне нравится, что они делают взгляд более выразительным. Поэтому я часто рисую их, даже не смотря на то, что этот процесс дается мне очень нелегко.
  • На последнем этапе я всегда наношу тушь для ресниц. I love long and fluffy eyelashes: Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara helps me achieve the desired effect.

Quick makeup for every day

How to do makeup for every day, if there is no time for this, see our video.

What makeup do you prefer every day? Share in the comments!

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