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10 bottles of liquor, which are in themselves a work of art


Unusually decorated bottle of cognac, whiskey or gin can in itself become a rather unusual gift. An intricately decorated bottle of alcohol can turn into a true decoration of your holiday table. The author of this workshop tells in some detail how you can make such a creative idea a reality with your own hands.

To translate the author’s ideas into reality you will need:
1. A bottle of alcoholic drink. In this case, the author decorates a bottle of cognac, you can opt for another drink.
2. Acrylic paints. The author used ivory, burnt umber and gold. You can choose a palette as you wish.
3. Putty or texture fine-grained paste.
4. Varnish in an aerosol can.
5. Crystal paste.
6. Foam sponge.
7. Palette knife or little trowel.
8. Wide bristle brush.
9. Thin brushes for applying acrylic paints.
10. Alcohol-containing liquid.
11. Cotton pads.
10. Shells, coins and other marine décor, since according to the author’s idea, the bottle was supposedly just raised from the bottom of the sea, where it had been lying for several years before.

2 step.
After the paint has completely dried, we put a putty or fine-grained paste on the painted surface. We put the putty on the bottom of the bottle.

3 step.
Now with a small trowel or palette knife we ​​apply relief to the putty. This will give the bottle a more realistic and mysterious look. Dry the putty during the day.

4 step.
We apply crystal paste to the dried putty and immediately press all kinds of marine decor into the paste.

5 step.
Then we cover the relief and small decor with the same acrylic paint of the color "burnt umber", which was previously primed on the surface of the bottle. Dry the paint.

6 step.
Now we collect the ivory-colored acrylic paint onto the sponge, dab the sponge on a piece of paper and tint the relief parts of the bottle with light tangential movements.

7 step.
Since, according to the author’s idea, the bottle has been lying at the bottom for more than a century, it should be made of clay. In order to simulate the clay surface, you need to take a wide dry brush from the bristles and make transverse stripes on the bottle.

8 step.
Using the color “gold” paint the coins and starfish. We also apply some light tangential movements along the raised part of the bottle. This will give even more mystery and charm to our creation. Dry the paint.

9 step.
Now we will cover the bottle with varnish from an aerosol can. The author used glossy varnish, but recommends using matte varnish, since a bottle that has lain on the seabed for more than one year should have lost all its luster. Then we dry the varnish and that's it - the original decoration of the festive table is ready to please and surprise.

1. Crystal head

Crystal Head Vodka by Globefill Inc. in Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), unique for two reasons. Firstly, there are no impurities in it, it’s just pure vodka. And secondly, it is bottled in transparent glass bottles in the shape of a human skull with a wooden lid. The design of the bottle was developed by the artist John Alexander, and the company Bruni Glass from Milan makes such “crystal skulls”. The vodka brand was coined and founded by actor Dan Aykroyd in 2007.

2. Rum Kukri

To mark the coronation of the ruler of Nepal, Sri Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva in 1974, the Coronation Khukri XXX Rum was released, poured into a specially designed bottle in the shape of a traditional Nepalese kukri dagger. While rum itself is considered a favorite drink in the Himalayas, the shape of the bottle represents Nepalese culture. It is worth noting that such bottles are made manually and only for individual orders.

3. Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection

Bombay Sapphire is a 1978 brand owned by Bacardi. In 2008, a special edition called the Revelation Collection was released, poured into handmade crystal bottles decorated with diamonds and sapphires. The design of the bottle, which made only 5 pieces, was developed by Karim Rashid.

4. Vodka "Kalashnikov AK 47"

There is probably not a single person in the world who does not know the famous Soviet (and then Russian) Kalashnikov assault rifles. Glazovsky Distillery in Udmurtia in 1995 released a special edition of Kalashnikov vodka, bottled in the form of an AK 47 assault rifle. Although there are other bottles in the form of pistols, this is perhaps the most original.

5. Jack Daniel’s Chess Set

Jack Daniel’s whiskey brand has released a special edition called Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Chess Set. This unique and exclusive “chess set” is notable for the fact that the figures in it are very detailed. Jack himself acts as the king, and pawns are bottles of Black Label.

6. Programmable bottle of Medea Vodka

The Dutch brand “Medea Vodka” claims that it has the technology of producing vodka of the 18th century, but not everyone liked it. Therefore, the brand decided to make a unique programmable bottle with a purple-blue LED sticker on which you can enter the phrase yourself (up to 255 characters), which will be displayed on it.

7. Absolut Disco

Absolut is the third largest brand of vodka in the world. The company, founded in 1879, has long earned a reputation for selling its bottled drinks, which are invariably creative and innovative. One of her most iconic bottles was Absolut Disco, launched in 2007. The gift bag in which the bottle is placed can be customized to order, and the bottle itself can be hung instead of a mirror ball at parties (since it reflects light no worse than such balls).

8. Vodka Bong Spirit

Bong Spirit Vodka is a super-premium brand of vodka, and as the name suggests, it is sold in a bottle that has the shape of a bong. Manufactures her company Bong Spirit Imports, LLC. Today it is considered to be a product that defines the spirit of the art world. Interestingly, a working bong can be made from a bottle.

9. Tequila Milagro Romance

Milagro is known for bottling tequila in exceptionally beautiful bottles. For example, Milagro Romance Tequila is a unique tequila poured into a bottle that not only looks weird and beautiful, but also provides a new drinking experience. The bottle is divided internally into two separate tanks, one of which contains Anejo tequila for 3 years, and the other Reposado for 10 months.

10. The end of time

The End of Times was released by the Scottish BrewDog brewery, founded in 2007. This 55-degree beer got its name in honor of the work of Francis Fukuyama, in which he called democracy the end of political evolution and, therefore, history. Similarly, the design of the bottle of this beer is "ultimatum", because the bottles are placed in real stuffed rabbits and squirrels.

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Four bottle shooting life hacks

The atmospheric shots of bottled alcohol are much easier to make than it might seem at first glance:

  • Foreshortening. Try to look at the subject with a fresh look: from above, from below or from the side. Do not be afraid to experiment: fill up the horizon or the fact that not the whole bottle will be in the frame. And do not neglect the simple rules of composition, which were told to you at school in the classroom of fine arts. The only thing you should avoid is shooting “in the forehead” at a right angle: such photos, even very high quality ones, are boring and are only suitable for placement in the catalog of an online store.

  • Background. Do you know which background is the best for shooting? Invisible! If you are not a professional photographer (and if you are reading this article, then most likely it is), then just remove all unnecessary items from the frame, even if it's just crumbs on the dining table. But this does not mean that only one bottle should fall into the frame: if you want to add something else to the photo, for example, glasses, ice cubes, wine accessories, just think about how to place all the objects in the frame beautifully.
  • Shine. Photograph translated from ancient Greek - "light painting". In this business, sometimes beautiful light decides even more than an interesting perspective. Experiment, try to make it fall from the side, from the bottom, in the back light, or use and combine several sources (windows, fluorescent lamps and table lamps, furniture lamps, flash, etc.) - all this will add to your photo volume and atmosphere .
  • Colour. Play with color saturation and filters: sometimes bright colors can look advantageous, and in another case - inappropriate. The same can be said about translating the image into black and white, which can give charm to one frame and completely ruin the other.

Actually, these same rules work when photographing cocktails and other alcoholic drinks in glasses. But such a survey has more nuances.

Cheers, or How to take drinks in glasses "delicious"

Shooting alcohol in glasses is complicated by the fact that it needs to be done quickly, otherwise everything that makes the drink “live” will disappear: air bubbles in a glass with wine, gas in champagne, color play in a glass with a cocktail, ideal layering, a cap of foam on beer , droplets of vaporized glass, the beautiful shape of ice cubes and other details causing a burning desire to drink this drink.

But there are a couple more points:

  • Two light sources and more. If a bottle of alcohol can be removed beautifully and with one light source (side from the window or back, for example), then with a drink in a glass such a trick will not work - the frame will turn out flat and boring. Therefore, there should be at least two of them. Reflectors can also be used to highlight shadows beautifully or simply add volume to a snapshot. By the way, many improvised objects can act in their quality - mirror surfaces, sheets of white paper or something else.

  • Two kinds of background. Relatively speaking, it is black and white: on the first, opaque drinks and the fancy shape of the glasses look good, and on the second, transparent ones are advantageously obtained.

That's all the secrets. Although the art of photography is primarily a practice, not a theory. Do not be afraid to experiment. If you have your own life hacks for shooting alcoholic beverages, then share them with us and our readers.