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Perfect picnic: 10 things to remember


Warm weather drives from the city to nature. Many people prefer to spend the weekend sitting on the grass with a basket of goodies. How to have a picnic that will be remembered?

The picnic seems to be something simple - take snacks, a blanket and go to rest on the nearest lawn. But if you want to have a really good time, this will require careful planning.

Probably when you think about a picnic, images come to mind with a red and white checkered blanket, a wicker basket, a bottle of wine, flavorful sandwiches and fruit. But in reality, most often it comes down to oilcloth, plastic utensils, large pieces of sausage and tomato and cucumber salad with beer. How to arrange the perfect outdoor recreation?

Good company

Before planning the menu and accessories, you need to decide on the company. There is a saying in Greece: “It’s important not what you eat, but with whom.” This is really very important. Make sure that you and your friends have the same idea of ​​outdoor recreation and agree on taste preferences. Since if, for example, a part of the company wants to relax culturally to the sounds of nature, and for friends it is important to turn on the music in the car at full volume and “light”, leaving mountains of garbage behind, it will not work out well. Decide in advance what type of vacation you prefer, and call those people who will be interested.

Think about taking children with you. A picnic can be romantic - for two, fun - in the company of friends or family. If you take children with you, make sure that they are also interested - take toys, water pistols, balls.

Simple menu

There is no special strictly “picnic menu” that needs to be followed. But there are obvious nuances. For example, do not take ice cream, soup, stuffed eggs or something else that will lose shape along the way.

If you bring a vegetable salad with you, mix the vegetables in advance, but do not season them with oil before you lay out the plaid in nature. It is best to use not large, juicy tomatoes, but cherry cut in half, then the salad will not turn into slurry. As a dressing, you can take in a bottle extra virgin olive oil mixed with Italian spices and balsamic vinegar.

In a separate container, take chopped salted or smoked fish, so as not to engage in butchering at a picnic. Boiled meat, chicken or hard-boiled eggs will not cause trouble. They can be wrapped with a salad in a tortilla or thin pita bread, then no additional dishes are needed.

Small pies or small pastries will also be a great snack.

Sliced ​​vegetables, boiled potatoes, fruits, cheese are also great for outdoor recreation.

Do not take too sweet drinks with you, this can attract bees. Morse, unsweetened compote, iced tea with fruits, wine, water - these are exemplary options for drinks for a picnic. If the surroundings are important to you, use beautiful bottles or jars, then you will not only relax, but also take many beautiful, atmospheric photos.

Thoughtful cookware

More and more people nowadays think about the environment and the harmful effects of plastic on our bodies. If this topic is close to you, choose the right dishes. If you are by car, then an extra basket with glassware and paper will not be a burden. You can also use wooden or metal plates and cups.

But if you don’t want to bother washing dishes, choose eco-friendly disposable options, such as biodegradable appliances and plates of corn starch, bamboo and sugar cane.

Use tightly closed containers to prevent odors from leaking and mixing. Remember to keep cool in your bag or basket to keep food fresh. You can use ordinary sponges for washing dishes. The day before the picnic, soak the sponge and place it in the freezer, then place it in a zip-lock bag, close it carefully and use to cool the food.

Dishes on fire

Departure for barbecue is a different story. A picnic is most often prepared meals prepared in advance. But if you still want to diversify your picnic menu with hot snacks, bring along a mini barbecue. It is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. For many, the essence of a picnic is precisely in the atmosphere and surroundings. On a small grill, you can warm up already cooked meat to give it a smoke flavor, or fry shrimps. An unusual dessert will be a banana baked with chocolate in coals. To do this, the unpeeled banana must be cut lengthwise, stuffed with chocolate slices, wrapped in foil and put in charcoal for 10-15 minutes.

You can buy a small bunch of firewood or coals in advance - picnic products are sold in any large supermarket.

Important little things

When going out for a picnic, check if you have taken:

  • napkins or paper towels
  • antibacterial gel or wipes
  • insect repellent
  • plaid for the “table”
  • umbrella or awning from the sun
  • opener
  • jackknife
  • chopping board
  • kitchen towel
  • garbage bags

If you plan to spend time actively, take a ball, a plate of frisbee, badminton rackets or the game “Twister”. On a hot day, do not forget to use a sun shade, hat or cap. A first aid kit with first aid equipment will also not be superfluous.

If you plan to spend a sunset, bring lanterns, candles, etc. Battery-powered candles placed in small glass jars look festive, romantic and will decorate a cozy evening in nature.

3. Cook the food

Now we are planning a picnic menu. It’s best to cook a few different snacks and get more fruit. It is advisable that the products are not perishable, otherwise you will have to take a cooler bag. Grab buns, cookies, light cakes, sliced ​​cheese and ham - something simple and tasty. Or make snacks according to our recipes.

  • Picnic Turkey Rolls

Method of preparation: grease thin pita bread or tortilla with cream cheese. Spread lettuce, turkey, tomato, egg, onion and avocado on top. Add a slice of bacon, carefully roll into a tube and cut in half.

  • Mushrooms stuffed with mushrooms

Method of preparation: cut the top of the tomato and gently cut the flesh. Drain the juice, chop the pulp finely. Fry chopped mushrooms and onions in a pan. Grate cheese, add tomatoes, onions, mushrooms to it. Season with pepper, add two tablespoons of mayonnaise or sour cream, mix. Spread the resulting mixture in tomatoes.

  • Mini cheese sandwiches

Method of preparation: cut Borodino bread into small pieces, spread tomato curd cheese on it. Roll a slice of smoked sausage and put on a sandwich. Garnish with greens.

However, no one forbids you to arrange a feast of the abdomen and prepare many original dishes!

4. Think about drinks

Everything is suitable for a picnic: from divine mint tea to refreshing citrus lemonade. From alcoholic beverages we offer light ones - apple cider or fruit sangria.

  • Lemon and Cucumber Lemonade with Basil

Method of preparation: grate the cucumber on a coarse grater, squeeze the juice. Cut the lemon into two parts and squeeze the juice. Cut another cucumber and lemon into rings. Put cucumber and lemon rings in a jug or jar, pour lemon-cucumber juice, sweeten to taste with sugar, honey or syrup, add basil leaves. Pour in water and let it brew.

Lemonade is best transported in a large glass jar or plastic jug with a tight lid.

  • Classic sangria

Method of preparation: chop apple, orange and lemon into small pieces. Mix wine with water in a ratio of 1: 1, add sugar - 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of wine. Put fruit in a drink. Before serving, it is best to keep the sangria in the refrigerator. In our case, a cooler bag is suitable.

However, a bottle of good wine or regular juice is also suitable. It is only important to know in advance the preferences of all your friends. Food and drinks are ready - move on!

6. Decide what you will sit on

There is a table, but what will be the chairs? Soft pillows! Ask each guest to take a small pillow so that there are no seating problems at the picnic.

An option for those who love comfort is folding picnic furniture. The table and four stools fold to the size of a diplomat, they can easily fit even in the trunk of a small car.

And in order not to be afraid of evening coolness, take some warm and soft microfiber rugs with you - these can be found in the Perina Peroni bedding salon.

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7. Decide on the dishes

Which dishes to take - regular or disposable? Let's do without white plastic plates and cups and will be original. Even if the dishes are disposable, then let it be a beautiful paper picnic set. But we insist on bringing ordinary dishes with us - at least wine glasses and several large plates for fruits and sandwiches.

And one more thing: take some wooden planks. What for? We will talk about this a bit later.

Perhaps it makes sense to buy a special basket in which it is convenient to store and transport everything you need for a picnic.

8. Come up with fun

What will you do in nature? Grab badminton rackets, frisbee plate and don't forget some board games like Imaginarium or Elias.

If you take children on a picnic, take care of their leisure. Board games-walkers are suitable, for example.

Fun competitive game “Moana. Call of the Ocean ”will captivate both children and adults. The task of the game is to cross the ocean, get to the mysterious island as soon as possible and return the stolen heart of the goddess The Fiti. You can find many other games for any age in the Tenth Kingdom store.

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Do not neglect outdoor activities! One of the fashionable entertainments is riding a gyro scooter. Powerful and protected, it is great for off-road driving and rough terrain.

If you have a picnic on the beach, bring bathing toys with you. By the way, air mattresses can replace seats if you spread your tablecloth in the sand.

Cool if you have a kite. You can also buy some sky lanterns and launch them after dark.

9. Think about serving

What will make your picnic truly cozy and festive? Original serving details. Use simple wooden boards for this: put bread, meat and cheese slices, cookies, fruits on them.

And, of course, we can not do without a beautiful wicker basket, which is associated with an ideal picnic. You can not only add a lot of goodies to it, but also make it the center of the table. In addition, cute napkins and a nice vase in which we put fresh flowers will come in handy.

10. Collect bags

Remained the final touches. Snacks are ready, the dishes are already in the car. What else to take?

  • Medication. Gather a minimal medicine cabinet with painkillers, poisoning medications and antiseptics.
  • Insect repellent. Believe me, mosquitoes also want to arrange a delicious dinner!
  • Water. Both drinking and technical.
  • Sunscreen. We don’t want to ruin the skin under the sun?
  • Wet wipes to wipe hands after fatty foods.
  • Garbage bags. After you in nature there should not be a single jar or piece of paper!