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How to get good grades


How to become an excellent student? / five ?? Studying is always important. For me, the present future begins with school, because at school we gain knowledge that will be useful to us in the future. And because of this, the school can not be left in the background! I voluntarily study closer to an excellent student, so I want to share with you the secret of good grades.

1. Try to get in touch with teachers. But do not suck. Just express interest in the subject.

My experience: a girl is studying with us (I’ll call her Olya. She is an excellent student. Partly, she succeeds because of her good attitude to teachers and her impressions. A chemistry teacher hardly checks the work. For some reason, she’s sure that this girl will always do everything right.

Conclusion: forge relationships with teachers, and they will make concessions to you.
School, advice, study.

What to wear? 2. There is little merit and appearance. Why? That's because teachers like it when a student looks neat. Do not think that their ideal clothing is a white blouse and a black skirt or trousers. It’s enough to look neat.

Conclusion: at school do not overdo it with makeup. You can choose only one or two bright things and make a neat hairstyle.
School, advice, study.

"I am writing off and all Cases."

3. When you reach for the bookmark or mouse to click on the site of quick charges - remember this item. All this will not help you when the control or test comes. In addition, you can not explain the next written-off homework.
My experience: I used to write off a lot from the Reshebniks. Thought "So Though I Make No Mistakes." But one day, the teacher told me: "You Have Such Good Homework, and the Classwork is Disgusting." I thought a lot about these words. And here is the conclusion.
Conclusion: use the rehearsals only to check on your homework.
School, advice, study.

4. You do not need to use your knowledge only in order to prove something or take revenge.
My experience: I admit that I competed with one girl. Who will get the best score? It didn’t lead to anything good.
Conclusion: at school, you need to get knowledge and improve yourself. The struggle for the best mark is not a way out of the situation.
School, advice, study.

"Thank you, Very Tasty."

5. for the brain to work, you need to eat right, or at least just eat. Breakfast must be required. Otherwise, the brain will stop working. Before the control, you can eat chocolate.
My experience: to be honest, I do not like breakfast. For some reason, in the morning I lose my appetite. And in the school cafeteria, the food is not very good. And hungry went all day. Then she began to notice that I was weakening to the third lesson. I can’t concentrate. And then I realized what was the matter.
Conclusion: have breakfast, lunch and dinner. School, advice, study.
A few reasons that prevent you from becoming an excellent student:

1. laziness. She can ruin everything. We need to start fighting it in time. I have already started.
2. do not care. That is, you do not care about grades. I rarely met such types of people. But the experience of communication was.
3. attitude towards teachers. As you are to them, so are they to you. Remember this.
4. misunderstanding. The man did not understand the subject. He is stuck and cannot move forward. Everything ends with a deuce.
5. other interests. Many different clubs and hobbies can also affect your performance. It’s better not to load yourself much.
School, advice, study.

1 read more additional literature. This will allow you to have interesting information on one subject. You have a chance to get a good grade.
2 get up from toyogi. Morning is the beginning of a new day. So watch your right morning.
3 go to bed early. Not later than 22: 00.
4, you can schedule classes. For example, spend an hour on math and 40 minutes on physics.
5 diary - the face of the student. And in general, watch the accuracy of notebooks and books.
6 do your homework regularly.
For example: we have geography in our class on Wednesdays. All specially come early and wait for excellent pupils to write off. They say that they themselves do not understand. Do not step on this slippery slope. Everything needs to be done on time.
7 memory: I have, for example, visual. I look at the text, reread it and remember. Who has auditory memory - listen carefully in the lesson.
8 if you do not understand something, then feel free to ask. Teachers will not eat you for this.
9) spend less time at the computer. In my case, it is my laptop that bothers me. Think about it. 10 carefully watch your table at which you are doing homework. Mine, for example, was littered with unnecessary fraudsters that constantly distracted me. I solved the problem - I just cleaned it.