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How to surprise mom


Mom’s birthday is a holy feast for her children. Now grown up children who have long left their parental home are increasingly confining themselves to congratulations by phone or skype on this day. But there are those who live nearby, which means they visit their mother much more often, and it’s just not convenient to come with a gift bought in a store. You’ll have to think about what you can do for her yourself.

It is best to arrange a surprise for your beloved mother on this holiday. When preparing an unusual congratulation, you need to consider several points:

  • age,
  • profession or occupation,
  • hobbies,
  • relations with relatives and acquaintances.

Given all these factors, you need to consider the idea of ​​holding a birthday, especially if it is an anniversary.

Festive morning

If you live with your mom or you can come early - arrange a surprise right in the morning. You can pre-make a festive newspaper with photos and drawings. Your children (mother's grandchildren) will happily help you with this. If there are none, grab ink or turn on the color printer.

Right in front of the door you can put a colorful box with helium balloons inflated. As soon as mom opens it, the balls will fly out and you will get a festive salute. And then it's nice to start your birthday with your beloved mom’s breakfast, cooked with your own rivers. When she comes to the window, let her see a congratulation under the window, written on the pavement by all family members.

If the mother will have to run to work further, help her buy food for a buffet and bring or bring all this to the place of her birthday. If she has a day off and you have one too, then the best surprise is the day spent with her.

Joint shopping

Even if you know your mother’s preferences in clothes, shoes, cosmetics, a gift chosen together will be more practical and necessary. Discuss in advance which shopping center is best to go to and which departments to visit. For example, before the start of winter, new boots or a fur hat are needed. Mom will be pleased if you not only help to choose clothes or shoes, but dress all this with your own hands, and also tell how this model looks good on it.

After that, it’s nice to go through the departments of perfumery and buy your mother’s favorite perfume, update lipstick or nail polish. And at the end of the shopping trip, you can sit on the terrace of some cozy cafe to treat yourself to a delicious dessert.

Then both of you with a smile will remember your adventures, all the oddities and awkwardness that occurred during the fitting. Surely, not without pride, my mother will later tell her colleagues and friends what a wonderful birthday her beloved daughter arranged. It’s great if your soulmates can join you in the evening. Then it will be a real surprise for your beloved mother!


If your mother is a business woman, works hard and has almost no rest, then on her birthday she definitely needs to rest and relax. The best for this beauty salon. Judging by the television broadcasts, you can completely change "catch in 24 hours." So give your mother in the hands of good specialists for the whole day. Let her receive a good massage, undergo SPA procedures, experience the bliss of cosmetic procedures, enjoy the manicure so that she can admire her hands for a long time. Let her come out of the beauty salon, shaking off a dozen years.

If funds allow, then there is no better idea for a daughter to go through all these “tests” with her mother so that she does not feel uncomfortable and lonely all day among strangers. And so you will relax together on neighboring couches or relax after procedures in neighboring booths, and your mother’s mood will be much better. In extreme cases, persuade her to do this on her day and her closest friend.

Home gatherings

Increasingly, people prefer to spend holidays in a restaurant and cafe, so as not to bother at home with cooking and utensils. But if mom loves to cook, bakes cakes with her own hands and cooks meat in the oven, then meeting her closest friends at home even on an anniversary is a pleasure. Then you have to make a pleasant surprise for your mom.

To begin, offer her your help in preparing salads and snacks. If she is preparing some of her signature salad, then let her do it herself, with her own hands, to once again give guests the opportunity to appreciate her culinary talent.

In the midst of fun, you can include pre-prepared video greetings from relatives, colleagues and those friends who could not come on this day. It will definitely be a real surprise for mom. If her children sing a song, and her grandchildren (if any) tell a poem, then her mother will be just happy. It is so nice to realize that you are dear to your family and loved by them.

DIY gift

Mom’s birthday is an occasion to demonstrate what she taught you. After all, every mother tries to teach her daughter (or even son) to craft something with her own hands. So give mom a surprise - create something for her yourself. Ideas can be very diverse:

  • color the tea set (in stores they sell ready-made sets), so that now she only drinks tea from this cup,
  • sew gloves and an apron (this will always come in handy in the kitchen)
  • you can knit beautiful socks or knee-high socks (by the way, even knitted boots are now in fashion),
  • it looks interesting postcard or even a whole panel in the technique of quilling,
  • sew a small pillow for the sofa and decorate it in the original way,
  • adolescents who are fond of creativity can themselves design a photo frame, a decorative candle, paint a cutting board and cover it with varnish, and also make a stained glass window (special paints are sold in the art departments).


To launch a regular salute is more customary for the New Year. And you start your own tradition: buy each member of the family Chinese lanterns. For mom, you can choose the brightest or with a festive inscription. When it gets dark, take the whole family out and light your flashlights. They will look very impressive in the evening sky. Let everyone make a wish for their mother, and after a year it will be interesting to check: which ones did come true?

So, if your mother is dear to you, you will always come up with a surprise for her on her birthday or anniversary. Ideas may be the most unexpected. It would be a desire!