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How to choose accessories for a dress - 70 examples in the photo


One of the fashionable rules says: style begins with trifles. Indeed, even the most beautiful and sophisticated outfits can look dull and dull, if they are not “beat” with the help of accessories. What to choose for a dress?

A modern woman cannot go out without many things: a phone, a wallet, keys, lipstick, a mirror, etc. But they cannot be put into the first bag or thrown into a backpack. The bag should become not just a place to store the necessary trifles, but a fashion accessory for the dress that complements the image.

  1. Business style. Dress in a business style, as a rule, black, dark blue, neutral beige, etc. It is unlikely to find a place for rhinestones, ruffles, a deep neckline or something like that. So the handbag should emphasize the simplicity and severity of the outfit. It can be either the same color or contrast with the clothes, the shape is preferably rectangular, of all the jewelry at most a pair of shiny buckles. Most often it is carried in the hand, but a shoulder strap is allowed.
  2. Light summer outfits. For plain clothes, you should choose a multi-colored handbag, for a colorful dress - plain, light, in natural colors. Any style, but the more difficult the print of the outfit, the easier the style of the bag should be.
  3. The publication. It is not easy to choose an evening dress, it is even more difficult to pick up a handbag that is appropriate for it, will not “kill” the whole image, will not dominate it, and it will also be small but roomy. In this case, it is worth stopping at the clutch. If you have only a phone and lipstick with you, you can also choose a small handbag, which is only slightly larger than the phone in size. When things need to be taken more, a soft clutch about the size of a school notebook is recommended.

The color of the handbag should certainly be in harmony with the color of the outfit. Colors that are successfully combined: green - with yellow, brown, golden, orange - with blue, white, black - with almost everything except brown, red - with black and white, etc. Rhinestones and sequins are allowed on the evening clutch, but only if they are not on the clothes.

How to choose accessories for a dress that requires a strap or belt? It is necessary to build on the style of the outfit itself and on the figure of the one that this outfit is going to wear.

  1. Narrow top, wide bottom. If the bodice of the outfit tightly fits the figure, and from the waist - a flared skirt, then you can choose any belt: wide, narrow, fabric, leather, from more dense materials, etc. It is only advisable to choose plain and without large and shiny buckles.
  2. A fitted dress is rarely combined with a belt, but if you want to emphasize the waist, then it is best to choose a thin strap to match the clothes or contrast. The strap should be solid, regardless of the color of the outfit.

  • Tunic, dress shirt. Such things mean casual or sporty, they are simple, often combined with sneakers, flat sandals, ballet shoes and so on. The belt is suitable monophonic, but with small details, for example, braided.
  • By the way, a woven belt, like some other accessories for a dress, is created with your own hands quite often. Such a belt can be knitted or crocheted, as well as braided from laces. To do this, 6 shoelaces are first sewn to a buckle or simply stitched together, and then weaved in a checkerboard pattern. The tips are simply tied into one large knot.

    Beads, necklaces and bracelets

    Any jewelry should match the occasion, and only then - along. Do not wear massive metal bracelets or a necklace made of natural stones for a walk on a hot summer day, and plastic beads for a dinner party. However, the style of the dress, or rather, what cutout it is, can still dictate some rules in choosing jewelry on the neck.

    • deep round - necklace repeating the cut line,
    • V-shaped - a pendant on a chain, beads or necklace, tapering downwards,
    • lack of shoulder straps - a short decoration under the throat,
    • neckline “boat” or “deaf” - pendants on long threads, long beads in several layers,
    • round neck - a decorative collar,
    • asymmetric and square - massive short necklaces.

    Some types of cutouts do not require any decoration. These include, for example, the neckline. You can also do without beads and necklaces if the dress has a colorful print or complex drapery, which in itself is already an ornament.

    Bracelets are worn if the clothes do not have sleeves or are short. A sleeveless dress will fit a bracelet not on the wrist, but on the forearm. Such jewelry will look good only on fragile women. And in general, the more fragile hands will adorn the bracelets, the more bold they can be.

    Not everyone knows how to wear such a seemingly simple decoration as a brooch. Some, due to the fact that they do not know what to combine it with, refuse this fashionable element of the outfit altogether. How to properly complement the dress with brooch accessories?

    • traditionally the brooch is attached closer to the left shoulder (although this is a matter of taste),
    • the most fashionable today are large brooches of various designs,
    • it is not recommended to wear such a decoration with a summer colorful dress,
    • the classic style will be decorated with metal brooches in the form of flowers,
    • dressing in casual style, you should give preference to a brooch to match the dress,
    • the brooch is attached not only to the top of the outfit, it can look good, for example, on a belt,
    • two small identical brooches will decorate the corners of the collar, if the dress has it.

    Sometimes a brooch can “dilute” complex drapery in the neckline, if it is held together by folds. Only in this case, it is worth giving preference to decoration without unnecessary details.

    Often brooches are made with your own hands. To do this, they stock up on the basis (it can be purchased at the sewing store), as well as those materials from which the decoration will be created:

    • beads,
    • leather (artificial or genuine),
    • fabric (possibly the same from which the dress itself is sewn),
    • tapes
    • lace,
    • beads
    • feathers etc.

    Brooches from old zippers look very original. Children's dresses will decorate brooches made of polymer clay, especially if you make them in the form of cartoon characters or funny animals.

    The selection of jewelry for the outfit is not an easy task. Therefore, stylists recommend, before choosing accessories for a dress, to think about what occasion it is worn. Then it should be laid out on the bed and, in turn, lay out all the accessories next to it until a suitable one is found. If any doubts arise, it is better to abandon this or that supplement, because in fashion, “under-” is better than “re-”.

    Basic rules for choosing accessories

    When choosing accessories for your new dress, follow a few basic rules that will help create a harmonious look:

    • The style of the dress is of great importance for the choice of accessories: for a dress with frills, made of thin materials with soft cut lines, choose accessories with rounded shapes. When choosing jewelry for a dress with a complex pattern, unpretentious products should be preferred, and a plain dress of simple cut is best decorated with catchy accessories with a complex design.

    • The classic rule for choosing accessories says: shoes and a bag, gloves and a belt should be made in the same color. Modern designers are constantly breaking this rule, but the classics are always in fashion. Follow it to easily create a stylish and sophisticated look for every day and for the holiday.
    • Do not use cheap accessories to complement expensive clothes. Plastic earrings will not decorate a haute couture dress, and a dermatine handbag will spoil the image if complemented by a chic designer outfit.

    See also:

    The vast expanses of the sea, the breathtaking blue of the clear sky, the boundless depth of blue eyes - juicy shades of the day and the luxury of night - in the blue palette of 180 shades, among which it is impossible not to find your own.

    If at an official celebration it is necessary to observe a dress code called "Black tie" or "White Tie", this means that you can not do without a white shirt and a small bow under the collar. This type of tie requires a special approach.

    Not all men, and not all women, know how to tie a business wardrobe around their necks. But even those who do not like such an accessory should learn to make at least the simplest nodes. And over time, you can move on to more complex ones.

    Accessories for dress by color

    The easiest way to achieve harmony in the image is to choose accessories of achromatic colors: white and black, which tend to be combined with all the colors of the rainbow. Another way to create a beautiful set is to complement the dress with accessories in tone. For example, as accessories for a red dress, earrings with rubies or a necklace with the use of these gems of small sizes are suitable. Such a luxurious look will perfectly complement a beige handbag and the same color shoes.

    Use the color wheel to choose the right accessories by color. Analog colors - located next to the circle, for example, blue and purple. Choose accessories for the blue dress: a small clutch bag, earrings and a purple bracelet.

    A very attractive image is obtained if you dress a dress in a neutral color (white, gray, beige) with bright accessories. For example, a gray dress is perfectly complemented by a raspberry bag and a similar shade of a scarf as an accent.

    The same catchy accessories will fit a black dress to emphasize a waist in the form of a bright belt, decorate a black dress with a vintage brooch with rhinestones, or complement the look with a multicolor handbag.

    Accessories for a summer dress

    The summer period provides ample opportunities for choosing accessories for dresses. Yes, and the dresses themselves are very diverse: in color and patterns, in style and length - from mini to maxi.

    For a dress with a multicolor print, choose plain accessories, the color of which exactly repeats one of the shades of the pattern. This rule applies to both floral patterns and geometric prints.

    Summer is the best time for white dresses. Since white refers to achromatic colors, accessories for a white dress can be selected with any, even the brightest, colors, the main thing is that they harmoniously combine with each other.

    Accessories for the autumn dress

    With the advent of autumn, girls and women say goodbye to their favorite summer dresses, and wear no less beloved warm clothes. The richness of colors and floral motifs give way to calmer colors and laconic combinations of shades. Usually, for demi-season clothes, they try to purchase shoes and bags of a dark color, mainly black. And this fully justifies itself, since black will suit all things in the wardrobe.

    However, the best solution is to add bright colors in the form of color accessories to your autumn wardrobe. It can be a bright neckerchief, which can be tied to the handle of a purse, or a warm stole of cheerful colors. And replace the handbag of the black popular in the demi-season period with a color model: one-color or a combination of two or three cheerful colors.

    Dress Accessories by Style

    Aged in a single style set is the main thing when creating a harmonious image based on a fashionable dress. A dress of classic cut will be well complemented with accessories in the same style, and cheap plastic jewelry will not suit him. Combine a shirt dress with country-style accessories: suede handbags with fringe, wooden beads and jewelry with turquoise and agate will create a laid-back look.

    Decorate a luxurious guipure or lace dress with a vintage brooch, large earrings, a ring with a large gem or long pearl beads. Such an image will look very rich. And on the basis of a laconic sheath dress from plain fabric, you can create many images by experimenting with accessories, shoes and other wardrobe items in various styles.

    Accessories for an evening dress

    To look stylish and elegant at a corporate event or social event, follow some tips from stylists on choosing accessories for an evening dress.

    Dresses made of shiny materials, with an asymmetrical neckline, decorated with a bow or artificial flower, as well as with embroidery or rhinestones near the neck do not need additional jewelry, such as beads, necklaces or pendants on a chain.

    Silver jewelry harmoniously complements dresses in cold shades (blue, purple, blue-green), but does not fit outfits in warm colors (yellow, orange, red). But jewelry made of gold will decorate any dress. To create a sophisticated look based on a white evening dress, wear jewelry with pearls or diamonds.

    Wedding Dress Accessories

    Modern fashion has become very democratic with regard to the choice of wedding dresses and their accessories. But still the most relevant is the white color, which is associated with lily tenderness and purity. It’s easy to choose accessories for the white dress by color, the main thing here is not to make a mistake with the style and form of various additions.

    The long and luxurious veil has already ceased to be an indispensable element of the wedding dress of the modern Cinderella, who met her Prince. When getting married, girls refuse a wedding veil in favor of a beautiful rim, hair clips, or decorate an exquisite hairstyle with artificial flowers.

    Tenderness and sophisticated beauty of the bride will be emphasized by pastel-colored accessories: a clutch bag, high-heeled shoes, artificial flowers in the hairstyle and a belt of pale pink, peach, mint or lavender.

    Office Dress Accessories

    The dress that the girl puts on to work requires particularly careful selection of a variety of accessories. They should not only be combined with the outfit in style, color and shape, but also be comfortable, without interfering with the work. Therefore, it is better not to wear hanging and large earrings, small clove earrings will decorate the office outfit, and they will not distract anyone from work. It is better to leave a necklace for evening and cocktail dresses; instead, put a laconic pendant on a chain for business clothes. One ring on a finger will be quite enough as an ornament to an office dress, and it should not be large and catchy.

    Office style does not like the abundance of accessories, so to create a concise look, divide all the jewelry into two types: the first - for the hands (bracelets and rings), the second - to the face and neck (pendants and earrings). Choose one copy from the first and second groups to put on the work.

    A selection of jewelry, bags and shoes for an evening dress

    The first thing that is taken into account is the model of the evening dress, namely the style, color, fabric. This outfit is sewn of expensive, high-quality and plain material.

    Sometimes there are options with a large print or additional decor.

    Evening dress requires jewelry made of precious metals, stones.

    Remember the 6 golden rules:

    1. A modest evening dress - bright massive accessories.
    2. Attire that attracts attention - subtle, discreet jewelry.
    3. The older the age, the more restrained in style earrings, rings, bracelets.
    4. In one image, two decorations. A maximum of three.
    5. Shoes are also selected not cheap. Classic patent leather shoes, suede and leather are welcome.
    6. The bag is only small in size. The best options are a clutch, minodier, envelope.

    I propose to analyze the topic in more detail and from different angles.

    How to choose the right decoration for the neckline of the dress?

    A dress with a V-neck is emphasized by the same form of decoration on the neck or in the neckline. Put on a necklace of large stones in the shape of one large or several small triangles. A short gold chain with a pendant in the shape of a drop and an interesting brooch is also suitable. The main thing is to emphasize the neck, shoulders and chest.

    The crew-neck outfit looks good in combination with a voluminous necklace. If this dress is with lowered shoulders, then the golden mantle is a perfect fit for it - a chic expensive decoration. But nothing else is needed, except for the puseti.

    Dress with a stand-up collar, complement with beads made of precious stones. They will make the neck more elegant. Tie them in an intricate knot!

    Emphasize the square neckline of the outfit with the same shape of the necklace.

    The outfit with a neckline in the shape of a heart is bright in itself; there is no need to put an ornament on the neck. A massive bracelet and signet will be just right.

    An elegant “boat” looks great paired with small beads or a long thin chain of white gold.

    Accessories depending on the length of the evening dress

    An evening outfit usually implies a maxi length. It is easy to choose accessories for a dress on the floor if you know the basic rules of style:

    • From shoes choose pumps, sandals on a thick platform or the usual "hairpin.
    • Bag - only minodier. Landmark look at our photo. Еще допустим клатч, но для платья в пол лучше остановиться на первом варианте.
    • Украшения должны быть единым целым. Хорошо будет выглядеть кольцо с рубином, например, и серьги с этим же камнем. Браслет уместен лишь в том случае, если он виден. Для наряда с длинным рукавом надевать его не нужно.
    • Если у тебя короткое, но эффектное вечернее платье, выбери лодочки с открытой пяткой под цвета платья, сумку-конверт и серьги-подвески.
    • Often there are evening dresses midi length - below the knees, but above the calf. Such an outfit is insidious, and not all fashionistas will do. If you chose midi, be sure to stretch the silhouette with a hairpin, a high hairstyle - “bundle” and a long string of pearls around the neck.

    Dress color and accessories

    How to choose accessories for a black dress? One of the most stylish additions to this outfit is a thin belt with rhinestones or stones. From shoes, give preference to lacquered black boats, jewelry - only voluminous change-over earrings. The image will be restrained, but very effective! The same accessories are selected for any other dress of restrained color - gray, sand, beige.

    Now I propose to choose accessories for a bright dress. The evening image of a scarlet or, for example, a turquoise hue looks good with a precious diadem on the head. In this case, it will be appropriate to make a beautiful hairstyle - a crown or a shell. Open neck and ears are also emphasized with a pearl (gold) necklace and earrings. For shoes and handbags, select a stone clutch and light suede pumps.

    Accessories for dresses with sequins are plain shoes, but not patent, or sandals. A small dark leather handbag is allowed. Jewelry will be superfluous.

    Accessories for an evening dress should correspond to the occasion and the main outfit - to be beautiful, high-quality and not cheap. The worn-out shoes, a worn bag or jewelry look paired with a fashionable evening dress, they are terrible and threaten to spoil the overall impression. If you don’t have the opportunity to invest in details for a solemn publication, buy only shoes. Fashionable and expensive shoes look like a million, and then you can do without jewelry and bags. Make only a spectacular hairstyle and makeup.

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