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Guide for beginner Spies, or - The Pyro is the Spy!


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Is it your butterfly knife in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?
What, in fact, does the Spy have in his pockets?

If we talk about equipment, then the Spy does not have, so to speak, diverse weapons. We always have a revolver, a knife, a watch. Whatever they are.

For example, instead of a pistol, you can take a drink or Evil Milk from a Scout. The Soldier has several types of Pipes, the Pyro can throw a shotgun and take the Rocket Launcher or the Detonator, the Demoman can flaunt a shield, the Machine gunner has several types of snacks, the Engineer can always take a Guide, the Medic can put on a Crossbow, the Sniper can hang on his back Natural selection or Armor . And only the Spy in life walks with the same equipment.


This toy is given to us from the very beginning. It has a fairly high damage and accuracy, but you need to take into account that the farther the target, the less damage the shot will inflict.

Can thoroughly ruin the skin. The first shot always hits exactly on target, but then turns on bullet scatter effect and you need to shoot accurately, you can, in principle, wait a second (although this is quite a lot) and shoot further. and then another second.

In principle, a Revolver is a good remedy, if you are discovered, we will discuss the use of it a little later.

Butterfly knife

ABOUT! How beautiful the Spy takes out these weapons! Honestly, I probably changed my weapon twenty times during the battle in order to enjoy this visual effect as it should.

Of course, from the side or in the face, the knife will simply scratch the opponent's skin. To a machine gunner with full health, this is generally like an elephant's shot.

The knife is the most weak melee weapons in the game*. Those who want to reproach me with an example of a scout's bat I want to remind you that she has a much faster attack speed.

But the Spy does not need a knife at all for strikes from the front or from the side.

And for a stab in the back. A spy kills in the back absolutely any goal with any health reserve.

And yes, a stab in the back can only be done with a knife. Do not think that grabbing the Revolver, you will kill all enemies behind.


Here it is, a gray box, a thunderstorm of the Engineer's buildings.

Except for the destruction of buildings and is not used.

The scale on the bug is just a visual effect. But when approaching the construction of the Engineer, it will increase.

Bugs can be put under disguise, while it does not subside. In fact, this is the only way, because without camouflage the turret will kill you, going to the building, you will see the outline of the bugs on the building. Click LMB. At first, the construction will stop working. Then it will slowly be dealt damage until it is destroyed.
We will consider the tactics of building destruction by a bug below.

Invisibility Clock

In fact, this is not a weapon (like a bug). By pressing RMB, the Spy for 1 second goes into invisibility.

Invisibility lasts ten seconds. Faced in invisibility with the enemy, you will show everyone your silhouette.

Used to move to enemy territory or to take off the scene of a crime.

Varieties of watches and their use are discussed below.

Camouflage set

Here it is, Spy chip. Choosing a Set, you can disguise as your opponent or (some forget about it) teammate.

First, the Spy is covered in puffs of smoke (2 seconds), and then disguised.

The player’s figure will appear on the player’s screen, under which you disguised himself, as well as his name (chosen randomly), his health reserve and even the name of the weapon that this player holds and, accordingly, your disguise.

If your health is complete, but the health of your “avatar” on the player’s screen is not, then you can pick up first-aid kits. The stock of avatar hits will also be replenished, and the first-aid kits will disappear.

Under disguise, the enemy will see the player you are disguised as. Team mates will see you in a mask with an image of the class you are disguised as.
Under disguise, you can use enemy teleporters and distributors.

When you disguise as a certain class, your speed will change and become the same as that of this class. I will warn your thoughts and I’ll say that disguising yourself as a Scout or Medic, your speed will remain the same - they say that a person cannot run faster than himself. From all this it is clear that the disguise as a Machine Gunner or a Scout is the most unsuccessful. But if you are in invisibility, then your speed becomes like a spy.

A more in-depth masking kit will be discussed below.
Maaaam! Well buy it!

Ambassador [revolver]

This revolver has reduced damage and attack speed. After the first shot, the sight goes astray; shooting in this way is much more difficult. But the accuracy of the first shot itself is huge, a headshot guarantees critical damage.

The woman engraved on the barrel of the Ambassador is the scout's mother. Particularly curious is watching the "Meet the Spy" video.

Also, bullets pass through people and buildings.

I would not advise taking this revolver. Well yes, critical damage. From afar it can be useful. on the first shot. But the Spy's revolver is primarily for defense and finishing, and not for attack. In general, leave this task to snipers - to shoot at the heads.

Stranger [revolver]

And here it is ambiguous.

The weapon deals reduced damage, but when hit, replenishes the charge of the invisibility cloak.

If you have problems with .. saving battery, take it.

But use it for finishing only highly wounded opponents.

Good to use with Death Ringing.

Together with the Famous Fez and Eternal Peace, he compiles the Sahara Spy set (a silent exit from invisibility, but in a collision you are visible 0.5 seconds longer).

Diamond snake [revolver]

Reduced damage, coupled with a lack of random crit. On the other side of the scale - guaranteed crit for each destroyed building.

Here to take at the discretion. If opponents have an Engineer, you can wear it.

But my advice is not necessary. As I said above - a revolver for defense / finishing.

Coercion [revolver]

Attack speed reduced, no critical hits, damage to the wearer increased. But the damage is increased. Strong.

Here you can take, a useful thing. Three shots - and the Sniper / Engineer lies.

But take it only if you can not stand under the blow.

Eternal peace [knife]

If you put on - the masking kit disappears. When you kill, you disguise as a victim. Instantly. It looks like a spy is included to the enemy.

It is also doubtful. Search for a victim first. and if they kill? Again?

But if you take it, then with the watch “Cloak and Dagger”.

Included in the Sahara Spy Pack.

Chief businessman [knife]

The health level is reduced, but upon killing, the charge of the cloak is replenished.

Good to use with Death Ringing.

Icicle [knife]

Kills silently. Also a nice visual effect. Of the really useful - when set on fire, immunity to fire for 2 seconds, but the weapon melts for 15 seconds.

Good bunch with Death Ringing.

Kunai conspirator [knife]

The level of health is reduced to disgrace, but when you kill, it steals health up to over-treatment. In my opinion, an unnecessary thing.

Cloak and dagger [hours of invisibility]

It is identical to a normal watch, but the time of invisibility is reduced, and it is impossible to recharge the charge with the help of ammunition.

But standing still you will restore the charge. with time.

Take it to those who advocate extinction at will.

Death's bell [hours of invisibility]

You are being killed. But you don't die.

It is with this watch that I always go.

Invisibility time reduced. You pretend to be death - everyone sees your corpse, but you just become invisible. Damage to you is reduced. When stumbling into enemies under a cloak, the silhouette will not be visible.

Used only when taking damage.

How it works?


Before the battle - whether in attack, in defense, or in another mode - preparation is minimal.

Select the class to disguise as.

In general, the best option is the Pyro. And don't say that predictably! For some reason, it works for me. The main thing in Disguise is do not be afraid. If you know what I mean.

Also not a very bad option - Medic (I see how they want to hit me in the face), because.

Secondly, The medic who ran past and did not cure is not so suspicious. Are you always treated at the first call ?,

Thirdly, The machine gunner would not be surprised if the Medic would run in his direction, while he is one of the most delicious Spy goals.

Demoman is also not bad, but, it seems to me, only if you need to heal, they will most likely not be checked for lice, but it is slow.

Engineer or Sniper - only if in the rear.

If, when you are under the guise of an Engineer, you see buildings, and next to opponents - jump onto the distributor / turret (SPACE + Ctrl) - they most likely will not suspect anything and will leave. In no case Do not do this if the Engineer you are disguised as is nearby.
The rest are either slow or not suitable.

If, under disguise, you reload the revolver, then your opponents will see reloading weapons of the class under which you are disguised.

But, as you know, the Pyro is resistant to fire, this does not apply to disguise - you will burn like a torch. But do not put out - if there is nobody nearby, disguise yourself as another class and call a medic. Well, or grab a first aid kit / jump into the water.
Also, under a disguise, you should be afraid of the Sniper Banker and the Scout's Milk - throwing it at you, they get wet your avatar, which in reality cannot be done with an ally.

I think this section also includes a cloak. If you play with a standard watch or a Cloak and a dagger, then in invisibility you need to avoid damage, monitor the charge reserve and not collide with opponents, but maneuverwithout hitting them.

With Death Ring, there is no need to worry about collisions and damage - but only at the beginning of the clocksince after some time they will act as standard.

In the rear

You can get there (to the rear) in several ways.

2.If you know the map well and the secluded places in it, you can do it unnoticed without spending a charge.

3.It’s possible to “merge” into a crowd of opponents under disguise, but if they see it, they will most likely expose it.

4.It is possible under disguise, putting on the Death Ring and pretending to be a dumb Spy.

5.Disguise yourself as yours (with the Death Ring), go to the enemy, "die", change to disguise as you move to the rear, and exit invisibility.

If you are already there, then you need to understand the specific goals of your "campaign."

First things first, check if the opponents have an Engineer. This can be useful if, for example, you attack. Do not be too lazy to tell your partners where and how the "development points" are located.

Then, (if the situation allows), try to disable the Engineer and his construction (we will consider destruction tactics below). Notify the allies of this (default command channel is U).

If there is no Engineer (or you destroyed it and the buildings several times, gaining superiority, in connection with which he will be furious, take the Pyro and check every angle), then you can just walk around the enemy’s base under the guise of a Sniper / Engineer / Pyro (they have reasons to be "behind" their).

Did you see the Machine Gunner with the Medic? Fine, let the team know.

Did you see the Demoman mined corner? Chat team is waiting for you.

Along the way, cut out the settled Snipers and just loners going to the front.

If there are several opponents, the task is simplified - you merge with the crowd. Wait until they line up and.

If a hand with a knife trembles over the opponent’s back (it’s not necessary to wait for a full lift), you can safely click LMB. Do not lose if it goes a little zigzag - beat a little to the left or right, focusing on its direction.

Read more about the art of stabbing in the back (or rather, look) here.

If you are exposed, do not be alarmed - retreat, shooting at the enemy, and then go into invisibility, demoralizing the enemy. Only you need to leave carefully - as soon as you are under the cloak, the enemy will shoot around him. You go in the opposite direction from the shots or in general far away.

With Death Ring, retreat tactics are much simpler.

If you see a Medic with a Machine Gunner, follow them. If the Medic has an uber charge of 100 percent, then hit him - even if you diethen usefully. But, most likely, there is no need to dramatize - it is not always death. The main thing is to do everything quickly.

If it is not clear which of them to kill the first, then focus on which of this pair leadingthat is, more experienced.

This, of course, is not always true, but by killing the one on whom this link is held, you doom the survivor to death (even though he died).

It certainly seems muddybut don’t worry, you’ll figure it out along the way.

On the battlefield

Who said that a spy is always valuable fur and a fresh rear? He can gnaw an attack line from the back of his opponents, helping his own.

Spy vs. Scout

This quick-footed bunny should not worry you in the sense that you will not intersect - but it happens that, carried away, he, jumping / running back will turn his back to us. Of course, he will suspect something, having felt an obstacle behind his back - but it will be too late.

If he carries intelligence, try stopping him with a revolver.

Even if you see him in the rear - do not mess, do not catch up.

Spy vs. Soldier

Finish with a revolver. Cut in the back. He is slow. But if he found you - run.

But there should not be any special problems.

Spy vs. Arsonist

Scared of him? And rightly so. Even a Noob Arsonist can kill an experienced Spy. This is your anticlass. It is possible to cut - cut. And finish off.

Your happiness, if in the rear, facing him, he will not suspect you.

Not everything is so bad, of course. There are icicle / ponds. If you killed him, but this cattle in a gas mask managed to set you on fire - call a doctor / take a first-aid kit.

Spy vs. Demoman

Pffff. Even if he noticed you close, do not be afraid. Grab the revolver.

You will greatly help the team by killing the Demoman who mined the passage somewhere.

Spy vs. Machine Gunner

Meat. That's who he is for you. Do you have 300 health reserves? Oh, a draft. Where from? From your back.

Um, well, I went too far. Do not think that the Spy is eating Machine Gunner for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s just that it’s slow, but, being carried away by post-shootings with your team, you won’t notice a guy in a fashionable outfit with a knife with a knife behind him.

True, if he is with the Medic, first beat the Medic. In battle, he is not particularly distracted.

The main thing is not to stand before him without disguise.

Spy vs. Engineer

It's all more complicated.

There are buildings. There is a paranoid engineer.

Walk as if by, then sharply turn towards the Engineer.

There are several options.

2. Immediately put a bug.

a) The engineer rushes to shoot him down. Shot down? Throw another, if you repeat this, then everything will succeed. You can intimidate him even more and put bugs on the rest of the buildings, while he knocks down this one, good, they are put instantly. But this tactic will only work when there are no opponents nearby. Although, if you still walk in circles. in the end you die, but destroy something,

b) he will go in your direction to an advantage with a shotgun. Run! This will distract him from the building. If he is not a noob, then he will return. Then you have to do it all over again (see paragraph 1)

3. You can kill him from around the corner (from around the corner) from the Revolver, and then put the bugs (if you are especially cruel - heal from his distributor, and then destroy it).

4. It happens that the Engineer lifts a turret and carries it somewhere. Killing him you destroy the turret. The rest of the buildings are for dessert.

5. If you carry Eternal Peace, the task is simplified (if you are already under the guise of someone).

6. If the teleport is not far from the buildings, then go to the entrance (most likely at the point of revival of opponents), move around, and then follow the algorithm.

7. If there are several Engineers (as well as nearby buildings), you should immediately throw bugs at the turrets (and what else will have to). There will be a panic. Do not hesitate! Beat Engineers (or at least one). You can try to act on paragraph 2.a), but with several buildings. Everything is complicated here, but liberties and experiments are welcome.

8. If you put a bug on a teleport from the side where there is no Engineer, then he will rush to shoot him from the other side. Follow paragraph 2.a).

The main thing is not to be afraid and act quickly, in a swoop.

If opponents are nearby, do not take chances. But if the critical moment of the battle, do not be afraid to die for good.

Spy vs Medic

Can kill with a saw, in principle, everything is described above.

Do not forget that he can treat you.

Spy vs Sniper

He looks into the sight, noticing anything around. Tasty.

But there is a banquet, be careful!

Particularly careful from time to time look around. If happened to you, go by. If he is still aiming, kill.

Spy vs Spy

In theory, you should not intersect. But if found, kill in the back or with a revolver. Humiliate him!

If you enter the fray, then the more experienced wins, as a rule.


Playing as a Spy is caution, composure and, above all, practice.

Practice, practice and practice again!

I took information about weapons and pictures here.

I took other pictures here and here.

Thanks for attention.

* - refers to standard weapons.