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Mountain pose


The pose of the mountain is especially known to people practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Here she is better known as “Samastkhiti”. We can say that the Mountain Pose is a complex-forming pose in this style of Hatha Yoga.

Generally speaking, the Mountain Pose in Hatha Yoga is quite popular, and this is not surprising. It is rare to find teachers who do without a mountain pose in their complexes.

Proper execution of the Mountain Pose

  • Stand on the mat
  • Straighten the body
  • Connect the feet, while the heels and thumbs are in contact,
  • Try to wrap your fingers around the largest possible area of ​​the mat,
  • Distribute body weight evenly over the entire surface of the foot touching the floor,
  • Pull up the patella
  • Keep your legs in good shape
  • The tailbone is slightly pulled inward,
  • Next, take the shoulders back and down in a circular motion, with the arms extended along the legs,
  • Open the thoracic region, bringing the shoulder blades closer to the spinal column,
  • Stretch your head up
  • Relax your neck and stomach
  • Cover your eyes and breathe calmly.

Mountain pose It has a beneficial effect on the whole body: in particular, it tones and strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms, forms the correct posture, and has an invaluable effect on the spine. In this position, it is stretched, which allows you to get rid of stoop and various deformations.

It will be especially useful for people who spend a lot of time on a chair at the computer, and just those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, to practice the pose of the mountain.

It should also be noted that the Mountain Pose teaches us how to stand: oddly enough, we often neglect this in everyday life.

In addition, the Mountain Pose has a rejuvenating effect for the whole body, helps to wake up easier in the morning, eliminates constipation and raises the general tone of the body.

At a more subtle level, the Mountain Pose is able to activate the heart chakra, which will allow you to be more calm and peaceful. Also, the energy flow in the body normalizes and affects our mind: it becomes clear and stable (a state of thoughtlessness appears)

Mountain pose

Swinging Palm Pose (Tiryaka Tadasana)
  • Perform the Pose of the Mountain, and then the Pose of the Palm,
  • Start leaning left and right - this is Tiryaka Tadasana.

You can also perform inclinations while on the toes of the feet.

Tiryaka Tadasana is used in one of the most effective cleansing techniques of yoga - Shank Prakshalana Kriye.

The positive effects of the Palm Pose and the Swinging Palm Pose are generally similar to the effects of the Pose of the Mountain in its original embodiment.

In Tiryaka Tadasan, the lateral parts of the body also get traction and there is a slight pressure on the internal organs, which also has a beneficial effect.

The pose of the mountain is also noteworthy for the fact that it has no special contraindications for execution.

Friends, in the present world, in the era of computers, the Internet, various gadgets and other achievements of mankind, we sometimes become stiff (in every sense), spending a lot of time sitting (in transport, at work, at home) and not noticing how our health is getting worse and energy. Standing poses in yoga and, of course, the Mountain Pose can revive in us the sensations of static, energetic and purposefulness.