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I don’t know how to tell mom that I want to shave my legs for me 12 mom tyrant just


Ask why she doesn’t allow and if she doesn’t give a normal reason, but shave without her permission

I have the same problem, but only they are light, but I also go for walks only in my pants_)

will allow the depot, from a razor they will be like a man’s beard

The hair on everyone’s legs. Mom is right. you're not at that age to shave your legs.

Get rid of them forever.

Talk to mom, listen to her arguments.
We do not see your legs - it is difficult to judge orally.

if you shave, they will grow even more wear a skirt and shorts and sunbathe in the sun for more hair from the sun will lighten and will not be noticeable!

she knows that if they shave, they will grow faster. but in fact it doesn’t depend so much on a razor, so I have a razor from vines + oley! good razor)

don't ask and shave

mdaa .. at 12 I had no such problems. It doesn’t allow, because you are still a child, and to be honest, really early .. And so, talk to your mother, say that you are ashamed to wear skirts, and it’s hot in jeans ..

If in the future you are going to live in the north or hand over wool for felt boots, then you need to persuade your mother to shave your legs. God forbid, you still freeze. But seriously, don’t listen to anyone about cool razors and stupid depilators, that’s all, then you’ll scrape your legs all your life, and you’ll stop growing like a sheep

ask mom better than lighten hairs

Maybe you are very self-critical to yourself and there is nothing to shave? Then listen to mom.

Honestly, I had no such problems at the age of 12 either. But you can explain that there are gentle means, such as depilation cream for example.

if so noticeable, then decide with mom how to deal with it, and if the fluff, then do not fool anyone's head

it’s not true that even more hair will grow. just hairs, even black, on the tip are lighter. accordingly, when you shave for the first time, the hair grows immediately from the black residue, so to speak. therefore, it seems that the hair grows even blacker and thicker. when my hair grew at age 12, I shaved it myself (though it was dry and irritated))))) my mother didn’t notice) noticed somewhere after six months, when I already knew how to shave correctly))))
it’s not true that it’s too early to shave. I want to wear shorts. and what to do in this case? soaring in the heat in jeans? if the hair, and even black has already grown, then the girl is not small already. and you need to get rid of hair. not by shaving, so by other means
You can dye the cheapest hair dye brightening to white. if you do this regularly, and your hair will shave less

if mom herself doesn’t shave, then it will be more difficult to persuade her. with mom arguments like all shaved already have no effect. To this she will answer: and if everyone goes from the 10th floor to jump, will you also go?)))
so try calmly, without hysteria and slamming the door, to explain to your mom that you are growing up and it’s hot in jeans in the summer. and hairy legs are ugly

How to explain to parents that you are already old enough and can sleep with a guy?

Complicated. I’m 22, I work, I live in another city alone, but I’m still an enemy of the people, when I come, I stay with a guy and not with my parents (yes, relative in the distance, and it happens)
So why parents may not want to let you go? They are worried. So it is necessary to dispel their experiences.
Tell us that your boyfriend is a good person, he is kind and sensitive to you. Introduce him to them, after all. Give them all the phone numbers and addresses you need. So they will not worry that you will be trite killed and buried. Do not lie to them in this matter. If you can’t say anything good about a guy - why not spend the night with him.
Parents may be afraid that you will be trivially “scolded and abandoned”, that they will simply use you. So it's better not to spend the night on the second day of acquaintance. Here we must convince them of the seriousness of the relationship. Or to convince them that you are a sailor guy (if your parents have normal views, and not adherents of "no, no, before the wedding" - there is no way at all).
If you are under 16 (especially if the guy is older than you), then you don’t have to go anywhere. True. Then you will thank the parents. If a guy really loves you, then he will wait and not die. In the end, then you don’t want the heroine of “Let them talk to be” with the light hand of any acquaintances?

But in general. Talk to your parents. Ask calmly what is bothering them. Discuss this. Invite your boyfriend to this conversation. Discuss each item of their experiences, be logical and calm. And the guy, too, is his main task, to make them understand that he is trustworthy.

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How to tell mom that I want to shave my bikini zone at 12, what will mom answer?

Is it possible to shave a bikini zone in 12 years

How old are you to shave your armpits, legs and bikini area?

I am 12 years old, my mother is very strict, does not allow friends with boys

I am from 12-13 years old, I shave the bikini area and armpits, because I saw that both mom and older sister do it. Since childhood, I do not like unshaven armpits. In my opinion, this is unhygienic. I didn’t inform my mother on purpose, as it were, and so it was in the order of things. It's just hygiene rules. After all, it's just aesthetically pleasing. And friendship with the boys, there is absolutely nothing to do with it. Although I don’t see anything bad in friendship with boys, if these are normal, smart little boys. Naturally, without “extremes”.