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How to upload video from a camcorder to a computer


In addition to standard memory, many modern devices are equipped with an additional information storage. The easiest way to transfer photos from the camera is with a memory card, but only with a card reader.

Note: Most laptops have a built-in card reader.

  1. Following our instructions, connect the memory card to a PC or laptop.

In section "My computer" double click on the desired drive.

Most often, after using the camera on a USB flash drive, a special folder is created DCIMto be opened.

Select all the photos you need and press the key combination "CTRL + C".

Note: Sometimes additional directories are created inside this folder in which images are placed.

On the PC, go to the pre-prepared folder for storing photos and press the keys "CTRL + V"to paste the copied files.

Copying photos from the camera in this way requires a minimum of time and effort.

Method 2: Import via USB

Like most other devices, the camera can be connected to a computer via a USB cable, usually included. At the same time, the process of transferring images can be performed in the same way as in the case with a memory card, or use the standard Windows import tool.

    Connect the USB cable to the camera and computer.

Open section "My computer" and right-click on the drive with the name of your camera. From the presented list you need to select “Importing Images and Videos”.

Wait until the process of searching for files in the device memory is completed.

Note: When reconnecting, previously transferred photos are excluded from scanning.

  • Now check one of the two options presented and click "Further"
    • “View, organize, and group items to import” - copying all files,
    • Import all new items - copying only new files.

    In the next step, you can select a whole group or individual images that will be copied to a PC.

    Click on the link "Extra options"to configure folders for importing files.

    After that, click "Import" and wait until the image transfer is complete.

    All files will be added to the folder. "Images" on the system drive.

    And although this method is quite convenient, sometimes just connecting the camera to a PC may not be enough.

    Method 3: Additional Software

    Some manufacturers of cameras complete with the device itself provide special software that allows you to work with data, including transferring and copying images. Typically, such software is located on a separate disk, but can also be downloaded from the official site.

    Note: To use such programs, you will need to connect the camera directly to the PC via USB.

    The steps for transferring and working with the program depend on the model of your camera and the necessary software. In addition, almost every such utility has a set of tools that allow you to copy photos.

    There are times when the same program supports devices manufactured by the same manufacturer.

    The most relevant include the following programs based on the device manufacturer:

    Regardless of the program, the interface and functionality should not cause you any questions. However, if something is not clear about a particular software or device - be sure to contact us in the comments.

    Instruction manual

    1. If you are using a camcorder that records video onto the built-in hard disk (HDD) or memory card (Flash card), follow these steps: Connect the camera to computer using an appropriate USB cable. Connect its 1st end to the connector on the camcorder itself, and the 2nd end to the USB connector computer but. Later, press the power button. If necessary, select the connection mode corresponding to the transfer (copying) of data.

    2. The system will mechanically determine the new device. With Explorer support, open My computer ", Then go to the connected folder camcorders (if it uses both a coarse disk and a memory card, 2 devices can be displayed). Find the corresponding video files, select them, right-click and select "Copy". Next, open the folder on your hard drive computer and where you are going to copy the video from the camera, right-click and select "Paste." Wait for the copy process to complete.

    3. If you used a memory card to record video, you can proceed further. Unplug the camcorder and remove the memory card from it. Insert it into the card reader computer a and open the appropriate directory with the help of the explorer of the operating system. Find the desired video files and copy them to a folder on your hard drive.

    4. If you are using a camcorder that records video on a tape (MiniDV, HDV), follow these steps. Connect the camera to computer u with support for DV cable. Connect one end to the camera itself, and the other to the IEEE1394 connector computer but. Run the program to import the video (say, Windows Movie Maker). Turn on the import mode of video from the camera, set the desired video quality settings, a place to save to disk, and start the copy process by pressing the corresponding button.