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Clean Gift: 4 Eco-Friendly Packaging Options


How to pack a gift using environmentally friendly materials

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• Curly ribbons, for example, are not recyclable and do not decompose under natural conditions. Here are some examples of materials that are less harmful to the environment:

• Use fabric tapes. It is better to take ribbons from natural fabric, as fabrics such as polyester and rayon do not break up under natural conditions. However, these tapes do not have to be thrown away after the first use. They can be used again and again.

• Raffia is a natural palm fiber that can be used as a wrapper. It is sold in many garden supplies stores and craft shops. A gift in such a package will look very unusual and original.

• With the help of threads and yarn, you can also beautifully arrange a gift. And most likely at your place there will be something suitable for this purpose. If not, they can be bought at hardware stores and craft shops.


• The gift can be tied with contrasting ribbons from brown paper. They can be easily and quickly made even from scraps of wrapping paper.


• Where possible, use glue better. If you can’t do without tape, use as little as possible.


• Sort materials for recyclable (paper, cardboard, fabric) and other (plastic tapes, cellophane packaging). Please recycle materials suitable for recycling at the nearest collection point. If possible, compost materials such as unbleached paper, cardboard boxes, and other similar materials. Do not forget about your plans to wrap textbooks or craft paper crafts.

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Fabric bags

Bright textile bags are another option for durable packaging. The difference from Furoshiki is that to create them you need to make a little more effort - remember your sewing skills. Flannel, cotton, silk - each fabric will make an exclusive gift and emphasize its merits.

Paper bags and newspapers

Any paper can become packaging - the focus is only in its application. Even newspapers from the mailbox will do. Or paper bags from the store. Wrapping a gift in a newspaper or bag, tie it with a bright ribbon, make a noticeable bow or draw a drawing with felt-tip pens - such a package will be eco-friendly, original and will be remembered for a long time.

Wrapping paper has a short life - almost immediately after giving gifts, garbage cans are driven into it, multiplying the already impressive amount of unprocessed plastic on the planet. We believe that it is time to abandon the useless tradition and look for reusable packaging alternatives. Ira Kozlovsky tells where to start.

We love packaging because we love opening things: packages, bananas, packets of cookies and letters that don't look like invoiced. Marketers use it: a bright cover increases the value of the product, encourages you to buy more ... and throw more garbage. Holiday packages, ribbons and boxes are wrapped in tons of paper and plastic and dumped.

Between Thanksgiving and Happy New Year, Americans throw out 25% more garbage, and the British use so much gift wrapping for Christmas that they can wrap the earth nine times. At the same time, a survey by Mintel agency showed that half of the UK residents do not mind receiving a gift without packaging - if it is unsuccessful, no bows and ribbons will make it better.

The British are so obsessed with gift etiquette that Benedict Cumberbatch even released a video where he told how to react to bad gifts like a pair of socks and candles. By the way, their bright packaging did not save them.

The most environmentally friendly gift wrapping option is its absence. Without packaging, you can give a cozy scarf, a flower and a book, and a jar of organic cosmetics, for example, will be decorated with a bright ribbon.

Responsibly choose a gift, but give it without packaging - such an act can be a good way to unobtrusively tell loved ones about your values ​​and your desire to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

“I never dreamed that every new gift was better than the previous one, I just hoped that Santa would come again,” Beah Johnson writes in the book “A House Without Waste.” - In France, we put gifts in shoes, not in stockings. The shoes from my memories are packed not with trinkets, but with traditions. Every year, I waited for the time to decorate a small Christmas tree, listen to Christmas carols, and then sit at an exquisitely laid table, enjoy the melodic ringing of champagne glasses and the heat of candles that my mother saved for a better night of the year. ”

For those who are sure that the New Year mood and festive delight are inevitably connected with the ritual of packing and unpacking gifts, the compromise option is not to buy a new wrapper on purpose, but to use what is at hand. Instead of shopping and standing in lines, it is better to spend this time on creativity and needlework. Even if it seems to you that the finished package looks spectacular, it will be more pleasant for loved ones to receive a gift that you will pack yourself.

What is suitable for packaging?

Choose a package that your hand does not rise to throw away. Furosiki shawls, eco-bags and gift boxes can be used many times.

Furosiki shawls are a traditional origami packaging originally from Japan. “In Japan, it’s a real dominance of plastic, but they still use furoshiki to pack expensive gifts,” said Maria, who moved to a suburb of Tokyo three years ago. - In the Victoria and Albert Museum, I saw a stunning Japanese fabric, which wrapped gifts. What is interesting: the custom demanded, after receiving gifts, to admire the fabric for a while, and then take it back to the owners. So it's really reusable packaging. "

Glass packaging

An interesting solution for decorating a gift for jewelry, soft toys, sweets and various little things will be decoration in a glass jar, on the bottom of which you can pour tinsel, sparkles, sequins. Walls with glue, stickers and acrylic paints to decorate the walls in accordance with the date of the celebration.

In the future, the jars can be used to store spices, cereals, nuts and other useful little things.

Wood packaging

As a rule, the most expensive things are packed in wood: collectibles, homemade drinks, rare varieties of tea, expensive chocolate, accessories, etc. In addition, wooden boxes and drawers are environmentally friendly and durable. They are perfect for decorating the interior of a house or apartment.

From small wooden planks you can knock down a box in which a bottle or spectacular ceramics will look great. You can supplement the space with openwork strips of natural materials. The outer side can be wrapped in paper according to the style of parchment, wrapped with twine and secured with a plasticine seal similar to sealing wax. You can decorate in a romantic style with bright ribbons, bows and lace.

A very interesting idea for presenting will be a wooden box. Gifts are placed at the bottom and covered with fruits. The more of them, the more spectacular it looks.

The box is easy to craft on your own or found in the market, as well as in a hardware store.

Furoshiki technique

A new direction in design arose thanks to an interesting Japanese technique of Furoshiki. There are several tricks of execution.

The main technique. A gift is placed in the middle of the fabric. In a special way, the fabric is wrapped around the gift. The process ends with a beautiful knot, the ends of which are freely located at the edges of the gift. The flap of fabric is freely located on the edge of the package.

In a more complex “four-knot” technique, the tails of the tissue in the end result are perpendicular to each other in the center of the package.

Furoshiki can also be used to package more capacious gifts. The result will be in the form of a bag with soft knots. There are also interesting tricks for the cylindrical shape of gifts.

It’s easy to learn the techniques of this technique. The gift will always be distinguished by sophistication.

Furoshiki technique

Box packing

Box is the most common packaging solution. The bottom can be painted in bulk confetti, shavings, even sawdust, small balls, sweets. With the design of the outside, you can conduct various experiments. Wrapping paper can be special or corrugated. You can complete the design with a ribbon.

You can use plain paper in light shades, decorate with good funny wishes, make prints of kisses and fingers, randomly stick small flowers or other objects.

Use a modern solution for packaging from a newspaper, which can be completed with twine, tied cross to cross.

Box of candies

Everything is very simple here. An empty box of sweets is filled with paper, tinsel, a gift is placed, everything is tied with a ribbon as in factory packaging. The effect of surprise!

It is better to do it yourself with suitable dense materials. This original packaging is suitable for books, albums and similar gifts.

We hope that the ideas of eco-friendly gift wrapping will inspire you to your own interesting ideas and will help to make the holiday especially warm. The main thing - do not be afraid to try something new. ,)

If you have not yet figured out what to give, then check out the options for "Eco gifts for loved ones."

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