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How to Grizzle in Minecraft

No honest players like griefers. The fact is that most gamers play by the rules, get resources, fight mobs and build buildings. However, for some people this process seems boring, so they violate generally accepted rules, causing chaos on the servers. Naturally, in most cases this is forbidden, and griefers are banned at the very moment when they are calculated. But this makes this process even more fun for the grippers, they can test their strength and find out how long they can hold out without getting a ban. Moreover, there are special servers on which fingerprinting is allowed. This is where real chaos is happening. But how to become the best among griefers? What are the types of griefing and what are their advantages? How to grind in "Minecraft" unnoticed so that you are not banned? All this will be discussed in this article.

Killing other players

If you are wondering how to make headlines in Minecraft, then you should first consider the most common and simple methods, such as killing other players. You just need to arm yourself with the best weapons, stock up on various flasks, hang buffs on yourself - and watch over other gamers. The advantage of this method is that you can collect loot from dead players, and there may be plenty of useful items among it. However, the disadvantages are often outweighed, because on many servers the attack of other players is simply disabled. And even if you can hit the enemy, then he may well defeat you if he turns out to be stronger. Well, of course, this is the most noticeable way, because a killed player will instantly tell the administrator your nickname, and you will be banned. But how to grind in Minecraft more safely?

Destruction of buildings

Another very common way of gripping is the destruction of houses and other buildings, since it will be quite simple to do this. You don’t even have to learn for a long time how to make headlines in Minecraft, because you only need to choose the right time so as not to run into the owner of the buildings. You will be able to take away all those resources of which the construction consisted, as well as enjoy the most destructive process. However, this method does not work on servers on which the option of private territories and objects is enabled. You simply can’t get into the player’s region to do something there. So you have to think about how to grind in Minecraft 1 5 2 in other ways.


This option is also suitable only for those servers on which you cannot privatize the territory and objects. Immediately you can figure out how to “chest” the Minecraft because they will not be closed to you. Speaking specifically about the add-on, this method differs from the previous one in that you do not destroy the building, but change its appearance, making it ugly and unpleasant. There is another option - to make an add-on using dynamite, because this unit cannot be removed - only activate it, and with it the whole house will fly into the air.

More tricky methods

Naturally, there are more tricky methods that you can apply for griefing. They will require you more effort and ingenuity, as well as the cost of materials, but the result will be impressive, and you may not be suspected of griffin. For example, you can dig under some house, lay dynamite under it, lay a wire before exiting the undermining and blow up the building, admiring the explosion from afar. You will receive a lot of pleasure, and also do not leave any evidence proving that you are guilty of what happened.