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15 sites for safe download of electronic books for free


With the advent of the Internet, things have become much easier in our lives. Now, to read a book, you don’t need to go to the bookstore, order it from the catalog, ask a friend. Despite the fact that some people still prefer paper options to e-books, more and more people are switching to e-books. In our review today, we bring to your attention a list of sites where you can download books for free without registering and SMS.

Book Brotherhood. An independent library resource, one of the most popular in RuNet. Adding books, authors and any other information is done by users. Here you can absolutely free download books in fb2, epub, mobi formats or read directly from the site.

Convenient site with a beautiful interface. Here you can download e-books in fb2, epub, mobi, azw3, txt formats for free.

One of the most popular online libraries, which contains a large number of books on self-development, psychology, business in pdf and doc formats.

Children's electronic library with more than 2500 books in doc format. All books in the library are freely available. Registration is only needed to add and edit books.

Free online library with a large selection of books in fb2, txt, html, rtf, epub, mobi formats. More than 300 thousand books, more than 120 thousand authors, more than 60 thousand users.

Truly a "storehouse of free books" in the formats epub, mobi and fb2. It should be noted that there are not many books here, but the site is distinguished by convenient and clear navigation, easy and quick download without registration and SMS.

The library of Maxim Moshkov, one of the most famous and oldest in Runet, was opened in 1994. Authors and readers replenish it daily. It contains fiction, science fiction and politics, technical documentation and humor, history and poetry, PCB and Russian rock, tourism and skydiving, philosophy and esotericism and much more. All books can be downloaded for free in txt and html formats.

Free electronic library of Russian literature Literacy. There are books of various genres available for download in rtf, txt, fb2 formats.

A good e-book library in txt format. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that in addition to fiction in Russian, here you can download books in English, Italian, German, French, and Spanish for free. You can also download term papers and essays, but already for a fee.

In addition, the website helps authors and writers make money online, sell their term papers, abstracts, dissertations, sell translations of fiction and other literature.

Free electronic library of fiction and fantasy with simple and convenient navigation. Here are more than 7000 e-books in txt format, which according to the authors of the site is 80-90% of all science fiction and fantasy runet, not counting samizdat.

A simple and convenient library of free e-books in fb2 format.

Free catalog of e-books in rtf, pdf, doc, fb2, djvu, epub, txt, mobi and audiobook formats. If you did not find the book you are interested in on the site, you can leave a request in the order table.

A good electronic library of books in fb2, rtf, txt, html, epub and mobi formats with convenient search and quick download without registration and SMS.

An excellent portal of free e-books in fb2 format. Downloading books is available without registration and SMS. But after registering, you can use a service such as recommending books based on statistics of your downloads.

Public library of electronic books in txt, doc, rtf, dlvu, pdf formats. The library is built on the principle of thematic bookshelves. On the bookshelves, at the beginning, a general list of the author’s works is given, in which, when you click on the name, the information is transferred to the work where you can download the work itself in the form of an archived file for free.

A small free electronic library, currently consisting of only 604 books. Here you can download books in txt and fb2 formats for free without ads and without registration.

Another small electronic library for free download of books in word format. Here you will find more than 8 thousand books in Russian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and other languages.

Specialized free electronic library for programmers. Here you can find the best reference books, electronic textbooks, and self-study programming tutorials that you can download for free and without registration.

A large free electronic library of specialized literature on programming, design, economics, education and much more. The only negative is the abundance of all kinds of advertising, which pops up, pops up and pours on you in all directions.

This site is a directory of links for free download of electronic books mainly in pdf and djvu formats. Here you will find books on mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, economics, astronomy, philosophy and other subjects, magazines of various subjects and articles on relevant topics.

Online library for students and graduate students. Here you can download textbooks and cheat sheets, analytical articles and essays. Unique lectures and cribs for graduate students from the personal archive of the Eternal Student, candidate minimum.

Psychological library of the Kiev Foundation for the Promotion of Mental Culture. Here you can absolutely free download books on psychology, self-development, self-knowledge, religion, philosophy, cultural studies.

Free book archive. Here you can download quite rare books on self-development, teaching, religious teachings, yoga, economics, pedagogy, psychology, esoterics, music, art and much much more.

A free online library with a fairly large collection of books, ranging from soulful lyrics to action-packed detectives. Here are books in two main formats, txt and fb2, which can always be downloaded absolutely free.

Large electronic library, more than 60 thousand books, more than 13 thousand authors. It contains fiction, educational and technical literature, reference and encyclopedic literature, detective novels and novels, as well as novels and novels in the genre of fiction and fantasy, in addition to Russian and foreign literature, poems and poetry, romance novels, children's literature, erotic literature and much more.

Over 80 thousand e-books written by 15 thousand authors. All books can be downloaded for free, without registration, without SMS and pretty fast! The site has two sections - “Creativity” and “Cognition”. The creative section presents interesting books in the genres of fiction. In the section on knowledge, you can download books of a scientific and documentary plan for free.

Large electronic library. Here you can download books in fb2, epub, txt, rtf, pdf, html, mobi formats for free.

Great digital library. Convenient search by author, title of a work or series. Fast free download of books in fb2, doc, txt, rtf, html formats.

An electronic library with over 1300 authors and 8000 books. Here you can download books of the following genres for free: detective, drama, children's literature, foreign science fiction, history, Russian science fiction, thrillers, adventure, philosophy.

Pleasant library of electronic publications. Here you can download books in txt, fb2, rtf, epub, mobi formats for free and without registration. The library offers a wide selection of genres: classic literature, science fiction, fantasy, detective stories, women's and romance novels. As well as children's literature: fairy tales, novels, short stories and books of dramatic works.

Another free online library of books in rtf and txt formats.

A large electronic library where you can download books for free and without registration in txt, jar and zip formats. Convenient navigation, the presence of sections such as aphorisms, women's magazine, jokes, congratulations, dream book, make the site more interactive.

In this library you can download free e-books in doc and rtf formats, of various genres from fantasy and detective to romance. This resource compares favorably with a complete lack of advertising.

This library offers fb2 and txt format books for free download. More than 140 thousand books, excellent sections of ancient literature and reference books distinguishes this site from other electronic libraries.

Free electronic library with more than 30 thousand books in the formats epub, txt, fb2, rtf, pdf.

An electronic library where you can download books in txt format. Large selection of genres, convenient navigation.

In the electronic library "Books for People" you will find more than 8 thousand authors, more than 40 thousand books.

A modern electronic library where you can download books in fb2 and epub formats for free. The site is interesting in that there is a top 100 section, where the most popular books in various genres are presented.

Library of books in txt format. All books can be downloaded and downloaded without registration, but if you want to comment or add books, you need to register.

Online library of electronic books in fb2, epub, txt, rtf, pdf, doc, djvu formats. All books are downloaded by the site users themselves to free file hosting services. The site also provides fiction and scientific literature audio books, books in foreign languages, as well as audio books.

In this online library you will find a large number of books of various kinds: educational, fiction, scientific, computer literature and much more.

The eTextLib library works on the principle of book exchange. You can download books in fb2 format for free that others have uploaded to the library for reading, and you can offer something you have. On the site you can also convert books from fb2 format to epub format.

This site contains books for free download in 5 electronic formats: doc, rtf, fb2, html, txt. Convenient navigation, quick and easy download.

Electronic online library of fiction and non-fiction for free download of books in fb2, epub, txt, rtf, html, doc formats.

A variety of books are collected on the pages of this online library, ranging from works of classical world literature to contemporary writers. Users have the opportunity to download books for free books in fb2, epub, txt formats.

The Orthodoxy and Peace Online Library is the largest library of patristic literature and books of modern theologians available for download in almost all popular formats.

This is not all electronic libraries where you can download books in various formats for free, without registration and SMS. But this list is quite enough to find the book you are interested in in the desired format.

If you couldn’t find the book in the required format, then e-book converters, which are presented in the article “Free Book Converters”, will come to your aid. In a matter of minutes, you can translate any format of the book into the one that your reader supports.

1. RoyalLib Library

One of the most popular electronic libraries. Books are offered in different formats - and you can download the one that works best for your reader. Another convenient feature of the library is reading online. You customize the design of the reader to your taste - and enjoy reading from a large computer screen. You can interrupt at any time - make a bookmark in the book and return to it whenever you want.

2. Twirpx library

Here you can find rare books and magazines. The subjects of books in this library are incredibly wide. From fiction and entertainment novels to such narrow scientific topics as, for example, Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics. Conveniently, on the main page you will find thematic catalogs. Let's say you're interested in celebrity diaries. You will see the section “Memoirs, Diaries, Autobiographies”, go there and be surprised how many more fascinating books you can read.

The only minus of the library is registration. To download files, you will have to register, but you will not receive any e-mail newsletters from this library. The books here are still free, but they are downloaded for "points." Each book "costs" from 5 to 50 points - depending on its value. When you register, you are automatically awarded 100 points - enough for the first days.

What to do then? Upload your materials to the library. A book or magazine that is not already in this library. A student can upload his lecture notes. And with each download of your file - you will be awarded points. Thus, the library is constantly updated with new books. If you absolutely do not want to “work for the good” of the library, then when the points are over, you can simply register again.

4. Library of Flibust

This is a pirate library. If all previous libraries respect copyright, then Flibusta offers to download for free those books that authors and publishers would like to sell.

The question arises - to download or not to download? It all depends on your conscience and budget. Many readers have found this solution: they download the author’s book for free, they want to get acquainted with their work, read it and, if they like the book, buy it in paper form for their home library. Both the author is encouraged and a good book on the reader’s shelf.

Also, this library is suitable for schoolchildren and students who take a course of modern literature. It is impossible to buy all the books that are included in the program. Moreover, for the author, each reading is a PR, and many writers do not really mind that their books are freely downloaded.

If you did not find the necessary book in this library - come back in a few days. Often copyright holders require you to delete a book, but after a while it is uploaded again.

5. SamoLIT library

Not all books in this library are available for free. But the free section is very large, and the books posted there can be downloaded in seven different formats. Many readers will be interested in the “news” section of the site - it tells about book novelties, facts from the life of writers, and how the book world lives.

6. Library Russian science fiction

The site was born in 1996, when it was difficult to find free modern science fiction literature on the Internet. No, of course it was, but in scanty amounts and, basically, at fabulous prices. At that time, there were practically no online libraries designed not for buying books, but for one-time reading. Fortunately, the site’s management has collected on its resource more than 24,000 files related to the fascinating genre of science fiction.

7. Aldebaran Library

The Aldebaran electronic library offers readers convenient sections in which you can find books of completely different genres. Aldebaran positions itself as the largest collection of literature on the Internet. Before downloading, readers can read excerpts of the book online. The resource offers the ability to download literature on iPhones, iPads and androids.

8. Tara Nova Library

In fact, the site is positioning itself not so much as a library, but as an archive. The feature of the resource is that it provides a platform for potential publishers. Here you can find both the books themselves and the work of translators. The official site and the collected materials are provided directly by the authors and translators, and therefore you can safely download all the information posted on it, without fear of breaking the law.

9. LitRes Library

LitRes (like Aldebaran) is on the list of the largest online library of electronic books. The resource offers its partnership to authors and publishers, so the site is useful not only for the reader. The LitRes company was born relatively recently (in 2005), but has already managed to establish itself, having received in 2014 the prestigious Runet Prize. At the moment, the site has about 875,000 books in Russian and foreign languages, among which more than 32,000 books can be downloaded for free. Among other things, LitRes presents an audiobook database consisting of 10,000 materials.

10. Library of Leo Tolstoy

A wonderful resource for fans of the great Russian classic. By joint efforts of volunteers from 49 countries, the site collected a collection of Tolstoy's works, numbering 90 volumes. Also here you can find interesting facts from the biography of Lev Nikolaevich. Convenient signs will help you not to get confused in the wealth of Tolstoy’s work. The site’s manual gives you the opportunity to download books in various formats or read them online. And here you can find interest mates and have a good time discussing the creations of your favorite writer.

11. Library Artifact

Compared to large resources, there are not many books in this library (about 8,500 texts are currently uploaded). But the Artifact offers a collection of many fascinating works by popular authors, for example, Isaac Asimov, Robert Asprin and many others. Помимо художественной литературы здест расположен замечательный раздел «Языки», в котором изучающие иностранные языки смогут найти полезные пособия и учебники.

13. Библиотека Старого Чародея

Интересный проект под названием «Библиотека Старого Чародея» представляет каталог бесплатных книг. Посетите разделы ресурса и найдете множество произведений в жанрах фэнтези и научной фантастики. Обязательным условием для скачивания является прохождение регистрации на сайте. By the way, you can combine business with pleasure: while reading news on the website, read the text, correcting typos. So you will contribute to improving the quality of the free library.

14. Library Nestor

A highly specialized library site contains links to download scientific papers. The catalog is divided into two rooms: general and scientific. In the common room there are cognitive and general educational topics: computing and programming, economics, music and pedagogical literature, cooking, medicine and pharmacology, fishing, animal literature. There are many interesting sections in the scientific hall: sociology, political economy, philosophy, etc. This resource allows you to easily and quickly download archived files (with text and illustrations from a given book).

15. Humer Library

The library site is a storehouse of humanitarian literature. Here you will find books on the topic of pedagogy, cultural studies, political science, etc. In the category of "Fiction" is an interesting selection of works by domestic and foreign classics. The only drawback of this site is the lack of the “Download” function. However, if you do not want to read online, you can simply copy the text manually. Agree, this is a small obstacle when you desperately need to get a rare scientific work.

What sites do you use most often? Share useful literature with us. Good books and easy downloads!

Paid and partially paid resources

Since most of the works are copyrighted, the legal way to obtain a number of works is to purchase them. Therefore, it is worth highlighting separately sites that sell licensed literature, as well as providing access to certain conditions.

One of the most famous of these resources. Here it is proposed to purchase electronic versions of many famous works. A resource has appeared so long ago and is the flagship of the introduction of the struggle for copyright. However, there is a separate section for the literature that is freely distributed. Therefore, you can download a considerable number of books of various genres and directions for free.

One of the most popular literature selling resources. Despite the prevailing opinion that “Ozone” is the sale of paper versions, there is an opportunity to buy digitized literature for reading on the PocketBook and other devices.

The main drawback of the site is the inability to get acquainted with a passage of text, so, acquiring an unknown book, you risk paying money for something completely unnecessary or uninteresting.

Most e-book prices are half the price of paper books. For a number of books (the least popular), the digitized version is completely absent.

Another online literature store with a rich assortment. There is a pleasant offer - when you buy ten books, you get the status of "Book". After that, half of the works published on the website become available.

With further use of the resource, you can increase your status to "Genius" and get access to the library.

This site will be especially useful for those who are looking for specialized literature on self-development and running a business.

You can only decide where to download books better. The choice should be based on many factors, such as:

  • Download conditions (free, paid or partially paid),
  • orientation (specialized literature, classics, fantasy or other),
  • format of the proposed materials.

Most reading enthusiasts pick up good and interesting books from various libraries. After all, having such a great resource like the Internet, it’s foolish to limit yourself to just one library. You can also use the services of search engines and inquiries "elknigi" or "online library reviews" to choose a suitable site.