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How to share PS4 games with friends and buy them together


Play your favorite games together * 1 with friends on PSN. Your friends can be anywhere in the world * 2 and they may not have the game * 3 that you play.

Shared game mode allows your friends who have a PS4 system to take a seat next to you on a virtual couch. They will be able to see how you play your favorite games, try to play them on your own or face off against you in a local multiplayer game and end up on the same team in a joint game - all with one click on the SHARE button.

Let play friend

Hand over control

Want a friend to try your new game? Or do you need his help in a battle with a particularly insidious boss? Shared game mode allows you to transfer game control to your friends on PSN, which can be located anywhere* 2 .

You can take control in turn and go through another adventure together - as if you were in the same room. To transfer control, you must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber - but your friend does not need a subscription.

Joint game

Joint game

Find out who is the best by playing a one-on-one match in a multiplayer game (for example, FIFA 15), or lead Sackboy and his new friends together for adventures in LittleBigPlanet 3 - in shared game mode, your friends in PSN can take a second controller and join you in Game.

To play together, you and your friend must be PlayStation Plus members.

How to unleash the full potential of the Share Play mode ("General Game")

For a comfortable shared game, you and your friend will need a high-speed Internet connection.

We recommend using a data transfer rate of at least 2 megabits per second, and better results can be achieved at a speed of 5 megabits per second. Contact your network provider for data rates. We also recommend limiting the number of devices — for example, smartphones, tablets, or computers — connected to your network during a shared game.

If you have any questions about using the Share Play mode (“General Game”), you will find all the necessary information on our question and answer page.

See our Share Play guide

  • Our walkthrough will tell you about all the ways to share games in shared game mode.
  • You can share games with any users from your friends list on PSN* 2 if you and they have installed system software version 2.0 or higher, while a friend may not have this game.

General game - additional information

* 1 A friend must have a PlayStation®Plus subscription to join the Co-op session.

* 2 The game used for the general game must be available on the PlayStation®Store in both the host country and the friend’s country. Residents of Germany may use the shared game only with other Sony Entertainment Network account holders registered in Germany.

* 3 General game mode allows you to spend an unlimited number of sessions lasting 60 minutes. The organizer can invite only one friend to each session. The game used must be available on the PlayStation®Store in both the host country and the friend’s country. Residents of Germany can use the general game mode only with other Sony Entertainment Network account holders registered in Germany. Games must support multiplayer mode. Games using PlayStation®Camera are not supported. Prizes received by a friend are not saved. The organizer must be a PlayStation®Plus subscriber. A friend must have a PlayStation®Plus subscription to connect to the Co-op session. Requires a PlayStation®4 system and a Sony Entertainment Network account. The organizer and friend must be friends on the PSN and be online at the same time. A shared game cannot be used if the parental settings for the organizer’s game do not match the friend’s parental settings or if the friend’s age does not match the age rating of the game in PlayStation®Store. If the game has a rating of "16+", friends from Germany must enter their German identification number.

1st method

If you and your friend have a PS4, you can save a decent amount of money, buying games for two. Let's start with the drives.

For the game to work, the disc must be inserted into the drive, as it contains license information. Accordingly, you will have to play in turn. However, this does not mean that this method is completely inconvenient.

You can exchange discs, for example, if you buy yourself one game. First, you will go through your own, and your friend, exchange discs and continue to play those that you have not played. This does not end there: disks that you will no longer need you and your friend can sell, for example, on Avito, and with the money raised buy new ones from other players.

This starts the “turnover" of disks, where the main benefit is savingachieved by mutual assistance.

In general, you can share games on ps4transferring discs to your friend or getting them from him.

If you don’t have friends with the same console, then in your city there are likely to be other owners of this platform, so you can change games on PS4 with them, well, or buy from them at a reduced cost.

2nd method

Another way is to buy digital copies of the games for three. This option is worth using. extremely neat, since the network can meet a lot of dishonest sellers. If you and your friend want to cooperate with a stranger, try first to find more information about him (reviews, comments).

How it works? Let's say you want to share a game with your two friends. First you need to create a new account, bind a wallet to it and buy a toy on PSN. Then, you have to allocate places: 1, 2 and 3. Each of the participants is given an account with a prefix "P".

P1 - Can only play on the account where the game is purchased. So that the lock does not appear on it, the console cannot connect to the internet. You cannot resell the game.

P2 - It plays on the account where the game was purchased. Then you can resell or give to another person. For the toy to start, the console must be connected to the Internet.

P3 - Can run the game on any account, including personal. All trophies will be recorded on the profile with which he will play. The game itself can be transferred.

On some sites, the descriptions of P2 and P3 can be swapped. This means that when buying P2 you can get the account that we described as P3 (or vice versa). Pay attention to product descriptions.

Distribution of games and their use require some knowledge from the participants of the “troika”, so before you share games from PlayStation 4 with friends, learn more informationFor example, by reading the forums on this topic.

We play together on the PS4

PS4 supports up to 4 controllers simultaneously. This means that you can play with friends, competing in skill or overcoming the story mode of a game together.

Team Play on PlayStation 4

To play games together on PS4, you will need second gamepad, which, in fact, is logical. In addition, you will need to create a new account or log in to your friend’s account. Why this is necessary: ​​each DualShock 4 is registered in the system from a separate account, so you can not do without a second profile.

For starters, the console owner will need log into your account and start the game. A friend, holding a second gamepad, must press the PS button, and then log in to his account, and then run the same game.

Instead of a second profile, if you want to play on ps4 with two joysticks, you can create a guest profile, but trophies on it will not be recorded.

Share Play Function

Using the Internet you can play together on ps4 with your friend, for example, “running through” difficult levels, helping each other. Moreover, it works even if one of you does not have a game.

Share Button on DualShock 4

You can transfer control to your friend so that, for example, he helps you pass a difficult boss or solve a puzzle. The same method can be used if you want play friend games on ps4 or rate some title to see if it's worth buying. True, for this you will need to purchase a PS Plus subscription.

You can get to the Share Play menu by pressing the button Share on the controller (next to the cross).

Remote Play App on PS4 and PC

To share the game with a friend who does not have a PS4, you can use Remote Play. You may already know that some games are released exclusively on Sony’s consoles, that is, you can’t install them on your Xbox or PC. But you can play!

Of course, this method not very beneficial for the PS4 owner, because at the moment when a friend will play at home, he will not be able to do the same. Explain:

  1. The PS4 owner runs the Remote Play program on the console,
  2. His friend installs the program on his PC and enter IP address consoles and other data in the settings.

When the PC and console are synchronized, the owner of the computer will be able to fully control the console, which means it can play on the PS4 remotely and play games that are inaccessible to its platform.