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Presentation at employment: what to tell about yourself at the interview, examples of how to sell?

Everyone who is looking for work should be prepared for an invitation to an interview. Its success depends on many factors. In order not to worry, you should carefully prepare your speech, because self-presentation at the interview is an excellent chance to present yourself favorably.

The receipt of the desired position depends on how well the interview will go, so it’s worth studying the typical questions that the employer may ask.

Self-presentation at the interview: how to spell out

“Please tell about yourself” is the first phrase that usually sounds.

In order not to stammer, to speak clearly, it is worth preparing a story at home and practicing, improvisation of the answer may not work.

You need to understand what you can tell about yourself at the interview. Speech should last 3-4 minutes. If the employer has read the resume, then you need to try not to retell it. All the facts from it are already known. Self-serving skills, intelligence, correct speech will be evaluated.

You need to start with the presentation. It is better to speak at an interview about yourself as a specialist. It will be interesting to hear about the place of study and the place of the previous work. In preparation for the interview, you can collect all the facts of achievements. It is worth talking about the skills that will be useful in the performance of official duties.

If you had to work in several companies, you need to highlight the most basic merits. With a lot of experience they talk about all the successes. Students can submit projects in which they took part, then the recruitment manager will see the candidate's focus.

At the end, you can briefly submit personal information: about family status, about a hobby. You should talk about hobbies if they characterize a person on the positive side: chess lovers have a highly developed intellect.

In conclusion, the phrase is voiced: "Ready to answer your questions."

Self-presentation principles

To properly present yourself at the interview, you need to follow some tips:

  • behave correctly
  • have an appropriate appearance,
  • provide information clearly and concisely,
  • do not answer a question with a question
  • voice reliable facts
  • do not use borrowed words,
  • Well study the company and the proposed position.

Anyone who knows how to self-serve has a great chance of success. After all, the impression of a person develops in the first minute. The course of the entire interview will depend on him.

  1. It is important to present yourself at the interview as a decent, business person. Everything matters: how to sit, hold hands, which facial expressions to use. The body must be kept steady, the interlocutor should look in the eye, showing interest in the conversation. Highlights can be recorded.
  2. Also, the first impression is formed in appearance. The suit should be selected appropriate to the status of the company. Attention should be paid to shoes, which will also tell about the person. The hairstyle should be done in a business style.
  3. You can not stretch the speech, add unnecessary facts from life to it. Dry biographical information will be uninteresting, it is worth diluting it with information about your skills and successes. The interlocutor himself will highlight the positive aspects of the candidate. Excessive modesty will be inappropriate. No one will like it if they have to pull out information. Self-confidence is one of the main qualities that a recruitment manager wants to see.
  4. To present yourself to the employer as an attentive and smart candidate, you should listen to him.
  5. The interviewer is trying to see in the applicant a future employee, so information about him must be accurate. You should not attribute yourself to other people's merits or reward yourself with skills that you do not have, because the work process will reveal all the weaknesses of the candidate.
  6. Business people do not use parasites or words of foreign origin in their speech. Their absence during the interview indicates a high level of culture.
  7. It is necessary to study the information about the company well. It is especially worth knowing all the requirements for the proposed vacancy.

Provide information about education and previous work

“He graduated from the university (name of educational institution) with a degree in marketing. I am very glad that I mastered this particular specialty. 6 years of experience in the company (name of the institution) showed that I chose the right direction. At my former job, my responsibility was to work with large enterprises. I have achieved such results (we list). ”

We call personal qualities

“I set and achieve new goals. I am able to convince people. I like to learn new things, quickly learn. I do not stop there, so I left my previous job. I hope your company will give me the opportunity to develop further. "

They may ask additional questions: about the negative qualities of the applicant, about the head of the old place of work, etc.

What should not be said

There are many phrases that do not need to be voiced when applying for a job. The manager should know only the positive qualities of the applicant.

Introduce yourself, but do not talk about problems in the family, about young children who are often sick. You can’t respond badly to a previous job, especially about his leader. The question of salary should not be immediately asked. The employer will negotiate it himself if he shows interest in the applicant. About the unwillingness to stay at work outside working hours to complete the affairs must be silent.

Dialogue interview

In addition to the story about yourself, you can ask questions in order to obtain information about the proposed vacancy. They also need to be prepared. You can’t interrupt. Listening carefully, it is worth mentioning some facts from professional activities.

You can ask about the working day, about the leader and meeting with him. Information about employees, about who held the proposed position, the reasons for his departure may be interesting. You can find out how important this vacancy is for the company, and what difficulties you may encounter. Applicants are interested in career prospects.


A successful outcome of the interview is possible subject to all the rules of self-presentation. It is necessary to overcome the excitement and confidently go to the goal. Only careful preparation contributes to an effective result.

We must not forget about the technique of self-feeding, then the desired job can be successfully obtained.

What does the interviewer want to hear when asking this question?

The interview process is a fascinating and difficult task.

The employer or employee from the human resources department will ask questions, and you must respond quickly and confidently. Your direct task is to sell yourself at the interview, which means to prepare answers in advance (we talked about what is most often asked of the candidate for the interview here). Therefore, it is important to understand what to say at the interview when asked to tell about yourself.

As a rule, all questions already have the necessary answers that the employer wants to hear..

However, there are those who can reveal your creative abilities and show your personality. Often at an interview they ask to tell about themselves.

Or, for example, they will ask you a question: “You are going to work, suddenly your best friend calls for help. Your actions? ”How to answer such questions?

This question is very insidious, they want to determine your responsibility and moral values.

The answer should be something like this: “Of course, this question is very sensitive. I can’t quit work, but leave a friend in trouble too. Therefore, if I have enough time before the start of the working day, I will help a friend and go to work.

If not, then I’ll connect my friends and relatives who will save my friend, and I can work without harming the company. ” With this answer you will show your responsibility to work and demonstrate positive moral qualities.

If the employer asks to tell about himself, then in this situation you need to concentrate and gather your thoughts. Self-presentation is much more difficult than answering ordinary questions. Here you need to think very carefully about what to tell about yourself at the job interview.

Consider the answer plan in more detail. How to start, how to please the employer at the interview and how to present yourself correctly.

What should I say?

  1. Introduce yourself.

How to introduce yourself at an interview? You can just give your first and last name. If the position is status, then you should add your middle name. For example, my name is Petrova Irina / Petrova Irina Vladimirovna.

Personal data.

It is worth voicing your age, marital status and place of residence. For example, I am 23 years old, currently living in Magnitogorsk, not married by family.


In 2011 she graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, received a bachelor's degree in teacher education. In 2012, she attended continuing education courses in the same specialty.


Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a teacher, I have 3 younger sisters, so I have a love for children from an early age. 5 years of study at the university proved that this is my profession, here I can reveal all my positive qualities. I believe that the creative abilities that I developed in a music school help me build the learning process in an interesting and fascinating way.

Personal characteristic.

Since school years I have been considered purposeful, responsible and active. I believe that these qualities are needed for a professional teacher. I like to take part in scientific conferences, where I can reveal my research abilities, and I am also a frequent guest of creative events. It is here that you can relax and show musical - theatrical qualities.


For example, in the evenings to calm my soul, I like to play the piano.


For example, I think this is all I would like to talk about. I will be glad to hear your questions.

What to tell about education?

First of all, it is necessary to voice the basic higher education or one that corresponds to the proposed position.

Then you can talk about additional education received or about taking courses or seminars.

You can also mention the contests, conferences or contests in which you took part during your studies.

It is especially good if there are certificates or commendations from contests where the topic is related to a future post.

What to tell about qualities?

Of course, it is worth noting only its positive aspects, for example, purposeful, easy to train and all that is related to work. However, you can mention your shortcomings and other personal qualities that can be wrapped in advantages.

For example, to say that I am a crazy perfectionist and I hate being late for work and doing the work carefully, I don’t know how to do another.

What to tell about skills?

It is worth talking about their best qualities that can come in handy at work. For example, fast typing on a keyboard, a confident PC user, fluency in English.

What to tell about achievements?

Talk about your personal achievements, what you have achieved in the past workplace. For example, in two years I went from being a courier to managing a sales department. Also mention the achievements in self-government.

For example, for a long time I could not wake up early in the morning, overcame my desire and after 21 days I could easily wake up every morning, even on weekends.

What to tell about the goals?

Present goals in a "beautiful" color.

For example, say that you’ve seen all your life how parents suffer from lack of money and dreamed of prosperity in order to provide them with a calm old age.

Therefore, the school focused on specialized subjects, then successfully graduated from the university in the chosen specialty, attended seminars and now apply for the desired position.

And with confidence you can say that you have made every effort to achieve your goal.

What to tell about a hobby?

Speaking of a hobby, you need to make the right choice from many hobbies. The most winning option is a sport that characterizes you as a purposeful and active person who is not afraid of difficulties and has a competitive spirit.

How to tell about yourself if there is no work experience?

What to tell about yourself at an interview without work experience? If you haven’t worked anywhere before, don’t worry! Stay confident and talk about your strengths and achievements during the educational process. I think they should impress the employer. More information on how to answer questions during the interview and how to behave if there is no work experience, we tell in a separate material.

Many candidates ask: what to tell about themselves at the interview? A similar question can be considered on the example of how to present yourself at an interview.

A story about yourself at an interview, example:

“My name is Marina Ivanova. I am 26 years old. I live in Moscow. Single. In 2011 she graduated from the Department of Economics of the State University. The training and experience in this field convinced me that it was not in vain that I chose this specialty. I want to work as a marketer in your company, as a vacancy provides not only analytics, but also product promotion. For me, the use of English is of great importance.

I believe that I prepare well stocks that lead to customer acquisition, as I am creative and sociable. I like to set professional goals and achieve them! ”

So that the request of the employer does not catch you by surprise, an example of a story at the interview: “Tell us about yourself” can be downloaded below.

We hope that now the request of the employer: “Tell us a little about yourself” will not confuse you, you understand that you can tell about yourself at the interview and how to present yourself correctly. Now let's talk about what is not included in the circle of aspects of your life that interest the employer.

We also suggest you look at the video on how to sell yourself at an interview.

What is better to keep silent?

The employer, as a rule, is not interested in your material assets, for example, the availability of living space or jewelry. The successes of parents and relatives are also not interesting.

What is the best thing not to talk about?

First of all, do not tell too personal information, the employer is not interested in your problems, nor are he interested in children's successes and achievements that are not related to the chosen position. Also, do not speak negatively about your past work or former colleagues. Do not forget that you can ask tricky, not very pleasant questions.


I would like to note that even knowing the right way to tell about yourself at the interview, do not forget about your appearance. Going for an interview, choose a business style that looks the most advantageous. Apply modest makeup in pastel colors. It is advisable to collect hair or do a discreet styling.

Getting a dream job is a difficult but interesting process. All you have to do is prepare for an interview and approach this issue seriously and responsibly, studying the activities of the company and preparing a successful and “talking” self-presentation. Remember, everything is in your hands! Moreover, now you know what to tell about yourself at the interview.

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