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How to learn to earn on gold coins

A little about another way, namely about earnings on gold. Today I will deal exclusively with him, and not with all types of valuable metals that you can earn on principle. The reason is simple - gold, like metal, has its own characteristics.

Its main feature is its scope. First of all , This is the country's reserve, ensuring the stability of the national currency and the state as a whole. The more gold reserves the country has, the more stable the country's financial system.

Secondly , gold is actively used as jewelry by the world's population. And judging by the assessment of some experts, this metal is much more on the hands than all the states combined in their central banks.

Thirdly You will be surprised, but neither jewelry, nor strategic gold reserves of various countries are the main consumers. The main consumer of this metal is industry because of its superconductivity. Basically - this is radio and microelectronics. Computers, robots, televisions, gadgets and other high-tech devices. Everywhere there is a small amount of gold. BUT! Think about how many of these devices in the world are already assembled and are going daily! Not to mention such specialized devices as satellites and military equipment. A space satellite alone can hold up to 20 kilograms. And how many of these satellites have already been scattered in orbit?

Useful Tips to Follow

To determine the price of a gold coin, use several basic criteria:

  • Coin rarity
  • Her condition, the presence of defects,
  • The quality of coinage,
  • Precious metal sample,
  • Demand.

Due to the specifics of gold coins, even significant damage may not affect the price, and sometimes the slightest scuff or dent will significantly reduce the value of the coin.

It is worth knowing that Russian gold coins are accepted for payment of goods and services on the territory of the Russian Federation, but only at their face value, which is much less than the actual one.

One must be able to distinguish gold coins from just gold-plated ones. If you do not have the necessary skills, use the help of a professional expert.

How to make money on coins

At the resale of coins, anyone who understands numismatics can decently earn extra money. The scheme of such earnings is quite simple - to sell more expensive what you bought cheaply. The Internet has great opportunities for this. You need initial capital within reasonable limits, Internet access, knowledge of the current situation in the coin market and the ability to correctly evaluate these coins.

Today on the Internet there are quite a lot of resources where you can successfully purchase treasured coins a little cheaper than their true value. First of all, these are auctions on numismatic forums. Here, the initial cost of coins is quite low, often a lot can include a whole handful of coins! Here is such a concept. And now in more detail.

Search for old coins

The search for old coins is a very funny and profitable business! You will more than pay back all the costs of her search: an expedition to the "Field of Miracles", the acquisition of a metal detector, other small expenses, "digging out" and successfully selling just one small old gold coin!

Coins, like mushrooms, need to know where to look. It is known that these can be the shores of seas, lakes and rivers. Previously, the banks of water bodies were used as ferry crossings and places for duties.

It can also be places of old schools or churches. Here it is possible to find both modern coins and precious ancient specimens.

The treasure hunter is also interested in the forest. Find the old paths and walk along them with a metal detector. Indeed, before, many travelers, local peasants, robbers, finally passed through the forest. Entertaining for searches and long abandoned forest houses.

The more you discover ancient secrets, the more successfully you will find more jewelry! Often coins are located at a depth of 10-15 cm. So on the old village roads you will find wonderful results.

How to make money on coins by checking a trifle in your wallet?

Perhaps such a proposal will cause you a smirk. But do not rush to conclusions. Rarely, but all the same, a “magic” coin comes across in your wallets, which at the price is almost your annual salary. In addition, it should be remembered that the price of exclusive coins does not grow by the day, but by the hour, and very significantly.

So, we begin to look for a treasure in our own wallet. Interest for you may be:

  • Anniversary coins - they are issued for various anniversaries and memorable dates. Their release is limited, so they quickly settle in the collections of numismatists. On commemorative coins depict coats of arms of regions and territories, famous people, signs of various departments, etc.
  • It happens that in some yearss coins of a certain denomination are issued in very small runs. For example, 2001 and 2003. Coins of 5, 2, 1 ruble or 50 kopecks denomination, issued in 2001, can be confidently put up for auction, starting from 10 thousand rubles. Be sure - they will be snapped up like hot cakes!
  • Defective coins immediately after “publication” are defective coins missed at the mint by a vigilant controller. The absence of a mint mark on a coin increases its value at times! But our people do not count 5 kopeks for money. And completely in vain! An anniversary two-ruble coin dedicated to Gagarin, but without a mint mark, costs more than 5 thousand rubles.
  • Out of circulation and unused coins, as well as coins of foreign states.
  • Found, for example, in the Krasnodar Territory Yeshka from Japan, how much will it cost? You can always find out the price of all coins from the Internet on forums and numismatist sites.

How to make money selling coins

You were lucky to find a rare coin, what a fortune! It is easy to do, it is much more difficult to sell it at a bargain price. Do not despair, because in every city there is at least one numismatist society. Ask around, ask around.

Any online auction will gladly accept the application for the sale of your exclusive coin. You just need to type in the search engine the phrase "buy rare coins" or "sell rare coins." Statistics say that today demand in this rare area far exceeds supply!

In our financially unstable time, rare coins are also an investment value.

In addition, looking for rare coins among the simple little things, you will also get great pleasure, which can hardly be bought for money.

Finding the coveted coin or buying it inexpensively, you can do a profitable sale. Try to sell coins on other sites or auctions so that you are not suspected of ordinary speculation. Selling for 1-2 coins, make a subscript in the ad: "sells too much." Then no one will be interested in you, even if they notice that these coins were already on the market.

Coin resale

Do you want to get a solid profit by reselling rare coins? Then the minimum price should be set approximately 10% higher than the price for which you purchased the coins. The price of your wonderful rarity with good demand will easily increase by 25-30%.

Even if the coins did not sell immediately, you should not be upset. Put it through time elsewhere. The resale of coins is good because in time the coins only become more expensive, this is a very profitable investment.

If you want to put the income from the resale of coins on a grand scale, you should buy expensive gold or silver coins. There is a very significant difference in the resale of exclusive coins.

One respectable gentleman once bought in bulk for 15 thousand rubles 50 silver Soviet fifty dollars. A piece was worth 300 rubles. There were coins worth 300 rubles, but there were also ones that cost more. The owner left 5 fifty dollars in his collection. And within six months he sold the rest at a price of 350 to 600 rubles per unit. As a result, he sold goods for 23 thousand rubles. And his income amounted to 5 rarest fifty dollars in the collection (for 1,500 rubles), plus 8,000 rubles!

Beginning numismatists are better off starting in the Soviet period. There are practically no fakes here. And collectible coins of the XXI century do not lend themselves to counterfeiting at home. But the price of rare collectibles of recent years is quite impressive.

Good luck in this amazing and unusual market!

Investment in gold

Gold is constantly growing in price. This is one of the few assets in the world that has been in demand throughout the history of mankind.

In terms of profitability, earnings on gold are approximately equal to real estate investments. This means that the yield is quite low, even despite the fact that in our country over the past 14 years, gold has risen in price by almost 7 times.

Investors actively buy gold when they want to protect themselves from the financial crisis. The last global financial crisis was in 2007 - 2008, when the American mortgage market completely collapsed. Then gold literally within a few months received a huge increase in value (almost 2 times).

Since the Russian economy is unstable, and the real inflation rate is quite high, gold remains one of the means of preserving and increasing cash. The cost of gold is a real indicator of inflation in the country. Since it has grown by almost 8 times, the inflation rate for goods outside the consumer’s base basket is about 2 times lower.

Let's look at what are the real ways to make money on gold, how long it will take to recoup investments and are there any alternatives to simply buying a precious metal.

Buying gold

This is the standard way to invest in gold. It would seem that it should be popular, because, as we found out, gold is inexorably more expensive. But in fact, the purchase of real gold bars carries some nuances. When buying a gold bar you will have to pay VAT (18%). Then, after the sale, you will have to pay an expensive examination (the cost can reach 15 - 20% of the value of the ingot).

Therefore, to get the first profit, you need to wait for an increase of 35 - 40%. However, it makes no sense to invest in gold during the crisis, as there are many good alternatives.

It is very difficult to store gold. It is best to leave it at the bank, because any damage - the metal is deemed unfit, and it can no longer be sold at full cost. Even just by printing the packaging, you are throwing your investment away.

Anonymized Metal Accounts (OMI)

This is a more advanced investment option in precious metals. You do not buy the bullion itself, but open a bank account tied to a precious metal. That is, you are formally the holder of 1 gram of gold, but in fact you have money in your account, the amount of which changes in accordance with the exchange rate.

  • Not subject to VAT.
  • You can buy and sell gold remotely.
  • No problems with storage and transportation of metal.
  • The ability to diversify assets.
  • A simple procedure for buying and selling metal.

MHI is much more convenient than physical storage of gold. As I said above, when opening the package, the gold spoils hopelessly, and a real bar can simply be turned over for scrap.

Diversification (separation) - the ability to transfer funds, dividing them into several assets. When you have a real gold bullion in your hands, you can only sell it. When you have money in CHI, you can withdraw part, invest in another asset and divide the savings into several types.

Now let's move on to some non-standard ways of earning on gold.

Purchase of shares in gold mining companies

As gold rises in price during the global crisis, it is possible to buy securities of gold mining companies when the global economic situation is difficult. This is an indirect investment in gold, since if the price of metal rises, the position of mining companies also grow.

This is a rather risky way of investing, in contrast to investing in the metal itself. Gold cannot go bankrupt or make the wrong decision. And the companies are quite. Therefore, without experience in the stock market, it is better not to use this option.

Gold Investment Coins

The Central Bank periodically issues investment coins for some memorable events and dates. After that, after some time, they begin to actively buy them. A clear drawback of this method is that credit organizations buy coins at a price much lower than the nominal.

This is not a way of making money, but buying interesting coins. Any investment coins are illiquid. You can sell quickly, only with a very strong understatement.

You can earn in this way only if you wait several decades until such coins become a real rarity. But if they were released in a large print run, then this is unlikely to happen. The method is for reference only, I do not recommend it.

Gold Investment Funds

Investment funds that work with precious metals can bring much greater returns than conventional investments in gold. The first such companies appeared relatively recently - in 2003, but gold trading is their main activity. Quite a controversial way to make money, because it is already a kind of investment in a speculator.

How much you need to invest to earn on gold

Earnings on gold are classified as long-term investments. That is, do not expect to pick up your savings earlier than after 4 - 5 years. And if it is a long-term investment, it matters not how much you invest, but whether you will regularly replenish it.

In order for your savings to increase after several years, you will have to periodically replenish your account. Today, the price of 1 gram of 999 samples is 2 818 rubles. So, you need to invest about 3 thousand rubles every month.

You can work with gold if you have free money of about 3 thousand rubles a month. This should be about 10% of your salary. More is possible, less is not recommended.


Earning on gold is a long-term investment. If you are not ready to freeze assets for 5 - 10 years, then you should not even think about trying to make money on this precious metal. Think of gold not as a way of earning money, but as a means of long-term investment in order to save money in the worst case and increase in the best case.