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How to flirt with guys?


School age is one of the most interesting periods in a child’s life. It is then that a feeling of first love arises in boys and girls.

To please a boy at the age of 12, one should not only pay attention to his appearance, but also interest the guy with his personality.

For the strategy to bear fruit, we recommend that you turn to effective advice from professionals.

Popular life hacks

Child psychologists are always ready to give recommendations to children and girls of school age. There was no exception to the question of love experiences.

There are popular life hacks that can make a guy pay attention to a girl at school.

We will analyze them in more detail:

    Surprise. Try to surprise a teenager if the boy is older than age.

To do this, it is enough to be neat, smile and not refuse to communicate. Drive away all doubt and embarrassment when the guy comes up first. Know the measure. A measure should always be present - at 13 choosing makeup, give preference to its absence.

If you can’t do without makeup, it’s enough to bring your eyes slightly.

  • Start a conversation first. If the boy is from class - to make it easier, just go to him and start communication.
  • Flirt. Do not ironically joke and offend a guy, this will not only cause a negative, but also provoke a response.

    It’s sometimes better to joke or tease a classmate with innocuous statements.

  • Physical contact. This allows you to configure the person to talk to: lightly touch the guy’s shoulder with your hand during the conversation.
  • What to say?

    The first years of adolescence in girls at 11 years are more difficult than boys: the boys still want to kick the ball on the court, the girls want to go for a walk with their chosen one.

    The conversation during communication should contain the following topics:

    • At the disco talk about the environment, the quality of music, the presence of friends.
    • If the guy is from a parallel class, talk about mutual friends, discuss lessons, teachers, upcoming events and events.
    • Laughter is one of the most important attributes of communication: laugh at his jokes, this will allow him to understand faster.
    • Eye contact during the conversation must be constantly present: in order to begin to communicate, it is important to establish visual attention.
    • When meeting for the first time, when a guy is older, it is better to talk about minor things.

    If the guy’s jokes are directed at the girl, you need to react in a timely manner and answer them inoffensively.

    Difficulties arise if a guy loves another: then you need to gain confidence and prevent obsession. It is better to be yourself, to amaze you with your positive traits, and then he will pay attention.

    How to behave with him?

    There are rules to help a guy who is 10 or 14 like him. The principles of the girl’s behavior are little dependent on age, so you should listen to the advice of a psychologist.

    To behave correctly, to be different from other girls in the classroom or school - follow the recommendations:

    Arouse interestTo do this, read more, do not be afraid to start a conversation first, ask questions
    Manifest true natureBoys are not enthusiastic about arrogant girls, they are against talkativeness, rudeness. The girl should be feminine and soft
    Remember about common hobbiesTo like a tough boy, you don’t need to know about his hobby: start a conversation with a discussion of TV shows, music groups, sports
    Positive is the key to successSmile more, laugh and talk about good
    Can flirtTo like a handsome guy, sometimes look at him with interest, make modest compliments

    How to get dressed?

    A man even at the age of 12 remains a man, and guys always love with their eyes. To please the chosen one, do not forget that you need to dress accordingly.

    Pay attention to your appearance to please the boy at school or on the street:

    • Well-groomed hair - the hairstyle should be neat: it is unacceptable to wear a bunch of dirty hair.
    • Clean skin - a girl at the age of 12 needs to take care of her face using cosmetics for teenage skin.
    • Clothing should be fashionable and stylish.
    • Do not allow underwear sticking out from under the clothes.
    • Things should not overly fit the figure or vice versa - hang on it.
    • High heels at the age of 12 look strange and unattractive: it is better to choose stable shoes.

    If you consider yourself fat, conduct daily trainings, motivating feelings for the boy. It is love that will make you eat less sweets and lose weight.

    Important! Depending on the boy’s zodiac sign, he may like different girls, aries like active ones.

    Libra loves balanced, the lion needs to feel superior, and the fish like peace.

    Learning to dress beautifully is easy - just look at the style of clothing of world-famous stars.

    Features of flirting in social networks

    If it was decided to communicate with a young person of interest by correspondence, use the proven tips and life hacks.

    To find a suitable topic for VKontakte communication, just look at the information on the guy’s page: his interests are indicated there.

    After that, proceed to flirt:

    • Tell something interesting and interesting.
    • Tell us about a cool event that happened recently.
    • To like a bad guy, start a conversation about his interests.
    • Make posts on the page that hint at his identity so that he will enjoy them.

    The prepared person’s strategy is distinguished by planned actions and behavior, which will bring success.

    It’s worth a little effort and after a while the guy himself will be interested in communication.

    Meaningful look

    Well, this is a classic, girlfriend. And, in combination, our favorite technique. It works completely flawlessly. All you need is to throw eloquent glances at him from time to time. When you catch his eyes, hold your own for a few seconds, let him know that he interests you. And in general, it is so exciting to exchange glances in a room full of people.

    Eye contact

    No wonder the eyes are called the mirror of the soul. And in this case, they can serve you well. When talking with him, try not to look away and look him in the eye. And let your gaze tell him what you yourself are embarrassed to say so far. I wonder if you can smile with your eyes? Check it out!

    Chat with him

    There are some simple rules that will help you arrange it during a conversation. First, speak to him by name when you are talking to him. Secondly, remember that all people love to talk about themselves. Therefore, do not forget to ask him about his beloved. Ask questions. And of course, listen carefully to his answers. Even if you have no idea what he is talking about. Smile and wave!

    Use body language

    Sometimes the way you move can tell him more than what you say. Therefore, follow the language of your body no less than the usual language. Receptions you can easily find on the net. The easiest - do not cross your arms during a conversation. Better to play with your curl or thoughtfully twist an earring. Shake your hair lightly to touch it. Experiment.

    Stop in time

    End the conversation at its highest point. When you are at the peak of interest. No need to drag out the conversation to a victorious dull end. You must learn to stop on time in order to maintain his interest. Something must always remain unsaid.

    No one likes hysteria, someone deceived you. Therefore, control yourself. No need to appear near him as soon as he was left alone. Do not write him messages, barely out of sight. Do not chase him. Give him time to miss you. If you are interested in him, he will call you back, do not hesitate.

    Take an interest in what interests him

    What kind of books does he read? What kind of films does he watch? What does he think of mosquitoes and other pets? All this should be interesting to you. After all, we are always interested in knowing better a person who is not indifferent to us. Take any opportunity to learn something new about him. So you will figure it out faster than attract his attention.

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