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How to prevent gout?


How many of us have not heard the phrase that doctors often use “Easier to warn than to treat”? This statement is absolutely true regarding gout. Although the disease develops suddenly, without warning, and it is difficult to predict in advance whether people will suffer from gout, they acquire this disease throughout their lives, and its appearance provokes mainly malnutrition.

Gout affects people after 40 years, especially men, whose diet is mainly composed of animal products and alcohol. Therefore, gout prophylaxis consists in changing eating behavior.

Symptoms of Gout

Regular overeating leads to gout disease.

Gout affects the joints of the fingers and toes, hands, elbows, knees, feet, but most often the joints at the base of the big toes suffer from it.

The disease manifests itself in sudden, rapid pain, which reaches its peak in a few hours. Attacks occur at night or early in the morning. The joint swells, turns red, loses its mobility, a person complains of a feeling of intense heat in the bones, fever. Unbearable pain in the area of ​​the inflamed joint gives even a light touch. If you do not immediately begin to treat gout, bouts of the disease will recur more often, gout will spread to other joints, there is a risk of damage to the kidneys, urinary tract, and stone formation.

Gout Treatment

After the first attack of gout, the alternation of remissions and exacerbations begins. Between the first and repeated attacks it can take up to several years, then the intervals are reduced and reach only a few months.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely recover from gout.

If the disease is detected for the first time, then the patient needs inpatient treatment in the rheumatology department. In the period of exacerbation of gout, patients are also hospitalized. During the period of remission should be observed by a rheumatologist, as well as a nephrologist.

With exacerbation of gout, today, with the help of special devices, a blood purification procedure can be performed. This modern treatment for gout is called plasmophoresis hemosorption. In some cases, deposits of uric acid salts are removed from the soft tissues using surgical procedures.

With gout attacks, anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, and drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid are used.

Gout Prevention

In some cases, with gout, deposits of uric acid salts are removed surgically

People with arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, vascular atherosclerosis, and a genetic predisposition are at risk for gout. Excess weight is one of the factors leading to the appearance of these diseases, as a result, these diseases are accompanied by gout. By preventing these diseases, the development of gout can also be prevented.

Gout is often diagnosed in overweight people. Diets and exercise are a great way to lose weight and avoid many diseases.

Preventive measures against gout are regular physical activity, it is advisable to spend more time outdoors, walk, refuse to drink alcohol and nicotine. An important condition is the consumption of at least 3-4 liters of water per day. A good prevention of gout will be hardening, restorative massage, contrast shower.

Usually attacks of gout develop against the background of overeating and drinking alcohol, especially beer and champagne. Attacks of the disease can be really controlled with the help of a special diet and the right way of life.

To prevent gout, refuse to wear narrow, uncomfortable shoes. If possible, avoid hypothermia, colds, and joint injuries. Of great importance for prevention are physical activity.

Gout Diet

With gout, a strict diet must be observed, and the slightest deviation from it threatens the patient with a new acute gouty attack. Alcoholic beverages are completely excluded from the diet.

  • You can eat no more than 300 grams of boiled lean meat per week.
  • Broths are excluded, everything is cooked only on water.
  • Salt intake should not exceed 6 grams per day.
  • Animal fats, lard must be excluded from the diet.
  • Regardless of the patient’s body weight, it is recommended to arrange any fasting days once a week.
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of liquid daily - fruit or vegetable juices without sugar, milk, alkaline mineral water (Borjomi, Narzan), weak tea, herbal infusions, or a rosehip broth.
Gout affects the joints of the fingers and toes, hands, elbows, knees, feet

Prohibited foods for gout

Since gout attacks and the development of the disease occur due to excessive consumption of meat dishes, alcohol, consumption of foods rich in purines and overeating, it is necessary to limit the consumption of these products. Gout should not be used in strong spirits, beer, effervescent and dessert wines, offal, red meat, fatty smoked meat or fish, sausages, mushrooms, pickles, cauliflower, radishes, celery, peanuts, strong tea and coffee, cocoa, chocolate , legumes (peas, lentils, beans), spinach, canned meat and fish, vinegar, spicy seasonings, spices, salt.

Causes and Symptoms of Gout

Hyperuricemia causes the disease - an increase in blood levels of uric acid. Its excretion through the kidneys with urine increases. The acid precipitates, then turns into crystals and is deposited on the inner shell of the joints, causing arthritis. Nodules appear that are asymptomatic. However, their appearance leads to discomfort and cosmetic inconvenience.

Tofus - small nodules, clearly limited from adjacent tissues and resembling rock formations. Most often localized on the ear cartilage, near the joints, on the back of the hand and wings of the nose and sclera.

In the cells of the renal tubules, stone formation is initiated. Gout often becomes a prerequisite for urolithiasis. But its most striking manifestations are localized in the musculoskeletal system. In this case, redness of the skin and swelling over one or more joints are observed. The articular surface is hot, with the slightest touch to this area, the patient feels acute pain. General well-being also worsens, fever, weakness, night pain in the joints can be observed. Factors that trigger a relapse of gout:

Relapse of the disease may be due to starvation.

  • starvation,
  • physical exercise,
  • stressful situations
  • injuries
  • acclimatization in a new place of residence,
  • weather changes.

Risk group

It includes people genetically prone to hyperuricemia, leading a sedentary lifestyle, who are overweight and do not follow a diet. Most often these are elderly men who eat fatty meat, smoked meats, fish, legumes, chocolate, milk, alcoholic beverages. Also at risk are people with renal failure, autoimmune diseases, hematologic patients, patients with enzyme deficiency, hypertension. Patients are at risk of developing gout due to the use of cytostatics (used in the treatment of oncology), thiazide diuretics (diuretics), and aspirin.

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Treatment of gout is impossible without conservative therapy, which includes the following drugs:

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ("Indomethacin"),
  • drugs that inhibit the formation of uric acid (Allopurinol, Milurit, Tiopurinol),
  • hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs ("Prednisone", "Dexamethasone"),
  • medicines that inhibit the movement of uric acid crystals and combine them into conglomerates ("Colchicine").

If the bumps on the legs reach large sizes, surgical treatment is indicated. Patients during remission are recommended moderate physical activity. They perform a threefold function, including helping to normalize metabolism, reduce weight and ease the load on the joints. Of the physiotherapeutic methods, diathermy, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone, paraffin baths, massage and physiotherapy are recommended.

Medicinal herbs

Additionally, treatment with folk remedies is recommended, which include:

  • baths of chamomile or iodine (9 drops per 3 l of water),
  • decoctions of a string, lingonberry leaves, bay leaf, mountaineer for domestic use,
  • a mixture of aspirin and iodine (10 ml / 5 crushed tablets), which is applied to inflamed joints and wrap overnight.

Gout Prevention

First of all, you need to adhere to a low-calorie diet. In order not to give up meat at all, one should remember in which meat products the concentration of purine is increased. These include pork and beef kidneys, liver, brain, tongue, meat of calves and chickens. Exclude from the menu meat and fish broths, canned food, aspic, smoked meats, sausages. Eliminate dishes using legumes (soy, peas, beans, lentils), and also exclude sorrel, radish, spinach, asparagus. Limit the use of chocolate, strong tea, coffee and cocoa. The use of alcoholic beverages, including beer and champagne, is minimized.

Stress on the affected joints should be avoided, the best to give them complete peace. Regular measurement of uric acid levels will help control it and prevent relapse. Abstinence from abuse of aspirin will also help in this. Daily walks, cycling, any physical activity will increase vitality and prevent the development of gout.

Do you still think that it is impossible to cure the joints?

Judging by the fact that you are reading these lines now, a victory in the fight against inflammation of the cartilage tissue is not yet on your side.

And have you already thought about hospital treatment? It is understandable, because joint pain is a very dangerous symptom, which with untimely treatment can result in limited mobility. Suspicious crunch, stiffness after a night's rest, the skin around the problem area is tense, swelling in a sore spot. All these symptoms are familiar to you firsthand.

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proper nutrition

People suffering from gout have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease - they are more likely to earn hypertension and ischemia.

Gout is a joint disease, a complex form of arthritis. The disease appears due to the fact that the kidneys cannot excrete uric acid in normal mode, it accumulates in the body and concentrates in the blood. And its crystals are deposited in the tissues of the body.

This disease can turn into serious complications. People suffering from gout have an increased risk of heart disease. They are more likely to earn hypertension and ischemia.

Gout is very difficult to confuse with another disease. Most often, it begins with acute and severe pain due to inflammation of one or more joints.

With gout, exacerbations often occur, which are accompanied by inflammation and pain. Doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to treat an acute attack. To reduce the level of uric acid, prescribe drugs that help its excretion by the kidneys, and drugs that reduce its synthesis. Along with this, it is necessary to follow a special diet, as well as regularly take extracorporeal hemocorrection courses.

Fans of alternative therapy may be advised hirudotherapy - treatment with leeches.

Therefore, it is very important for those who suffer from this ailment to avoid exacerbations. To do this, you must follow a few important rules.

Monitor uric acid levels

It is necessary to regularly measure uric acid levels. Checks should be regular, and test results should be studied with your doctor. Other chronic diseases and disorders should also be controlled. For example, hypertension or diabetes. They can affect exacerbations of gout.

Regular medication

Medications for gout should be taken systematically and regularly. Skipping medications that lower uric acid levels can lead to an exacerbation of the disease. They need to be taken strictly with the schedule that the attending physician has developed. However, if during the course of treatment the first signs of redness or pain appear, it is urgent to seek medical help.

Proper nutrition

It is very important to choose the right diet. It is worth paying attention to products that affect your health. For example, seafood, sardines and mackerel increase uric acid levels. It is also worth abandoning bread and flour products, sugary drinks and fruit juices.

It is necessary to focus on food that flushes uric acid and reduces the level of joint inflammation. These are low fat foods, as well as grapes, pineapples and cherries.

Refuse Provocations

Some foods and medications can increase uric acid levels and thus trigger a gout attack. Therefore, people suffering from this ailment refuse to eat tomatoes. Some drugs also affect uric acid. For example, diuretics that are prescribed to combat hypertension.

People who are sick with gout should not forget that they can provoke an attack, otherwise unplanned inflammation and severe pain can not be avoided.

How does the disease occur?

Uric acid is excreted through the kidneys and intestines. Most of it comes out with urine. With the proper functioning of the body, the level of uric acid in the plasma does not exceed the permissible norms of 6.8 ml / dl. However, failures occur, as a result of which the liver produces too much uric acid, or the body excretes it in insufficient quantities.

If the content of this element exceeds the mark of 7 ml / dl, then acute salt crystals begin to form in the tissues, causing sharp pain and inflammation.

If the disease is not detected in time, salt formations begin to grow. In such cases, doctors diagnose gout. Prevention of this disease is aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

You can suspect a disease by the following symptoms:

  • joint pain that does not subside even in a calm state,
  • swelling and fever in the inflamed area,
  • severe pain with a light touch on the affected area.

In most cases, the disease manifests itself in the joints of the toes. The pain occurs at night, in the morning a person is practically unable to move freely. In such a situation, an urgent consultation with a therapist is required, who will prescribe treatment and explain what causes gout on the legs.

What contributes to the onset of the disease?

Deposition of salts in the joints is a fairly common pathology. In most cases, it occurs in people with prerequisites for this disease. If you are at risk, take the time to take preventative measures.

So, the main causes of gout are as follows:

  • hereditary predisposition
  • overweight or sedentary
  • the presence of kidney diseases that contribute to impaired removal of salts from the body,
  • alcohol abuse
  • frequent hypothermia or overheating of the joints,
  • taking diuretics
  • the presence of tumor diseases.

The use of large amounts of food with a high content of uric acid provokes pathology. These include: strong teas, products with cocoa beans, red meats, legumes, fatty foods and some varieties of fish.

The likelihood of developing an ailment depending on age and gender

The main signs and treatment of gout in men do not differ from the manifestations and treatment of the disease in women, however, the stronger sex is more prone to the occurrence of the disease.

This is due to the fact that during puberty in men, the indicator of uric acid in the body rises sharply. Studies by American experts have shown that during this period, in 8% of the male population, the amount of acid in the blood exceeds the permissible mark of 6.8 ml / dl.

The first signs of gout, most men notice at the age of 40 years. Experts attribute this to frequent alcohol consumption, overweight and high blood pressure.

At an advanced age, the disease develops as a result of a malfunction in the kidneys. In women under 50 years of age, gout is extremely rarely diagnosed. Doctors attribute this to the hormone estrogen, which helps remove uric acid from the body.

During menopause, the activity of this hormone fades, which causes gout in women. В возрасте 70-80 лет среди слабого пола частота заболевания превышает показатели мужчин.

Возможные осложнения подагры

Если при обнаружении симптомов заболевания не начать лечение, состояние больного будет постепенно ухудшаться. Launched processes can cause serious complications and cause more complex diseases. For example:

  • the appearance of kidney stones,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • joint destruction
  • extinction of motor function.

When the first signs of gout appear, treatment in men and women begins with a dietary restriction. Patients are advised to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a certain diet.

If treatment is not started, the intervals between exacerbations will be less and the duration of seizures longer. The stones formed in the kidneys interfere with the functioning of the filtering organ, which causes intoxication of the body. Especially neglected processes can be fatal.

What is prevention?

If for some reason you are more likely to develop gout, pay attention to your lifestyle. Focus on nutrition first. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Eat at the same time. Avoid starvation and overeating. Eat in small portions 4-5 times a day.
  2. Watch your weight. Extra pounds increase the load on the joints, cause hypertension. However, the weight should be dropped gradually.
  3. Exclude alcohol. Prevention of gout in men implies a complete rejection of alcohol. In a pinch, keep its intake to a minimum.
  4. Stick to a plentiful drinking regimen. If kidney failure is not detected, drink 2-2.5 liters of water per day. Give preference to mineral water, since alkali perfectly removes acid and salts from the body.
  5. Set up fasting days each week. During this period, eat only vegetables and fruits.

The above recommendations not only prevent the onset of gout, but also eliminate the ailment at the first sign of its manifestation. Pay particular attention to products. Eliminate high purine foods from your diet.

What foods cause gout?

If seizures occur (and for prevention), completely abandon animal products. They are rich in proteins that promote the formation of uric acid. The allowable amount is 1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of a person’s weight.

Limitations apply to salt. If you are at risk, try to stop using it.

During gout prophylaxis and when its first symptoms occur, the following foods are excluded from nutrition:

  • meat,
  • sausages
  • offal,
  • canned food
  • smoked meats
  • bean
  • mushrooms
  • fatty cheeses,
  • spices
  • grapes
  • lingonberry
  • chocolate,
  • strong tea and coffee.

After the first attack of pain, completely abandon fatty foods, rich broths, soups with spinach and sorrel. Dishes with pickles and sauerkraut are also not recommended.

Oat decoctions, freshly squeezed lemon juice, green tea and alkaline water will be useful. From solid foods, liquid cereals, weak broths, baked vegetables and fruits are recommended.

Can drugs prevent disease progression?

Prevention of gout with medicines is aimed at treating and eliminating the causes of crystals in the joints. If the problem is in the kidneys, the doctor prescribes the appropriate therapy. To prevent a hereditary disease, medications are not used.

However, with the onset of the first symptoms of an ailment, drug treatment is important. First of all, anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs are prescribed:

In order to reduce the concentration of uric acid in plasma, the following are prescribed:

Drug treatment can be supplemented with folk remedies, which are also well suited for the prevention of the disease.

Prevention and treatment of folk remedies

Since medications can also have a negative effect on the body, prevention is best carried out using traditional medicine. For example, with the help of cherry berries. Their daily use helps to remove salts from the body and reduces the burden on the kidneys.

Prevention of gout with folk remedies can be carried out with the help of apples. This fruit can be consumed in any form: fresh, baked, in the form of infusion.

In the summer you can drink a decoction. To prepare it, boil the right amount of water, throw in it chopped and peeled apples. After 10 minutes, remove the broth from the heat, cover and let it brew. Drink an apple drink instead of tea all day long.

Daily baths with chamomile infusion are an excellent tool for the prevention of gout on the legs. It is very simple to prepare them: in 10 liters of hot water add 100 grams of dried flowers. To enhance the effect, you can pour 200 grams of sodium chloride into the water.

Effectively combat the deposition of salts is possible with the help of a series of. It should be brewed and drunk in a warm form instead of tea. The number of receptions is not limited, therefore this recipe is used both for the treatment of the initial stage of the disease and for prevention.

At the first signs of gout, traditional healers recommend taking tea from lingonberry leaves. It is prepared from a glass of boiling water and two tablespoons of chopped plants. The broth is infused for half an hour and is taken three times a day.

Sports - excellent prevention of salt deposits on the joints

Exercise helps maintain joint mobility and shape. Regular exercise is considered the best prevention of gout. With an increase in uric acid levels, experts recommend practicing the following sports:

  • swimming
  • Walking
  • Athletics,
  • bicycle riding.

During classes, it should be remembered that the joints are very prone to injury, so the intensity of the exercises increases gradually. Drink plenty of water during exercise, as dehydration affects the functioning of the kidneys and increases uric acid levels. The mineral waters Borjomi and Luzhanskaya are considered especially useful.

Pay special attention to what shoes to wear with gout and for its prevention. During classes and in the process of everyday activities, wear only comfortable and soft options. Close hard leather shoes completely. It compresses blood vessels, disrupts blood circulation and helps retain salts on the joints of the fingers.

At home, wear soft slippers or walk barefoot. If during the day you had to stand a lot on your feet, before going to bed, make a relaxing bath from a decoction of chamomile. It will help relieve fatigue and restore blood circulation.

Exercise Prevention

To prevent salt deposits on the joints of the toes, perform a set of simple exercises daily. They are made as follows:

  1. Sit on a chair and begin to stretch your leg forward in turn. Pull the heel first, then the toe. Exercise slowly, try to achieve maximum ankle tension.
  2. Stand straight, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Start turning your feet around your axis at the same time. First, take your socks in different directions, then - move them to each other.
  3. Stand straight, put your feet in parallel. At the expense of "one" slowly rise to the toes, at the expense of "two" slowly lower to the heels. In the first lesson, do 10 climbs. Every day, increase the total number by 2.

Supplement exercise with regular foot massage. It will improve blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of salts in the joints.

How often you exercise and how often you exercise depends on your lifestyle and health. If you feel good, do preventative movements every day.

Stress - the optimal condition for the development of the disease

Modern medicine connects the development of gout with the emotional state of a person. It is scientifically proven that, with the slightest anxiety, uric acid begins to be produced intensively in the body. Moreover, stress can occur not only from nervous shocks, but also from banal hunger.

Taking antibiotics can also trigger gout. These drugs kill gut bacteria, which help remove acid from the body. This is also a kind of stress leading to the development of gout.

From all that has been said, it should be concluded that gout is a disease of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not monitor their nutrition. To reduce the likelihood of developing this pathology is quite simple. You need to monitor your diet and do sports or gymnastics.

If the increase in uric acid level is associated with malfunctions in the body, timely treatment will be an excellent prevention of gout. The main thing is to remember that to prevent and cure an ailment at the initial stage is much easier than fighting a progressive disease.