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The most unusual culinary way: how to cook in a dishwasher?

Until recently, most representatives of a reasonable part of humanity cooked food in the oven, on the stove or, at worst, in the microwave. However, the Italian culinary specialist Lisa Casali believes that all these are relics of the past. In her opinion, you can and should cook in the dishwasher, reports The Telegraph.

With the serving of a woman, the fashion for cooking in the dishwasher began to gradually take over Europe. People publish their own recipes for dishwashers on the Internet, and Kazali herself wrote the book “Cooking in the Dishwasher,” publishing several video lessons on this topic on her site.

According to Lisa Kazali, cooking in a dishwasher is good for the environment, as it saves resources - you can wash dishes and cook dinner at the same time. In order to protect the products from the dishwasher “tablet” and water, they must be packed in a sealed container or bag before cooking. Kazali advises to cook in this way, first of all, fish, since in the dishwasher it can be cooked with high quality steam.

In general, according to the Italian, the dishwasher works almost exactly the same as a steam oven. And although for the preparation of many products the temperature inside the machine is not high enough, many still manage to cook meat and even lasagna in it. In her video tutorials, Lisa Casali talks about how to cook couscous, sea bass, veal and apple pie in a dishwasher.

How to cook in a dishwasher

The main condition for preparing any dishes in the dishwasher is the use of durable aluminum foil, from which you need to create airtight packaging. This is important so that water that appears in the dishwasher chamber does not get on the food. The package should be placed in the upper basket of the dishwasher.

Instead of foil, you can use hermetically sealed tempered glass jars or sealed bags. If you are sure of the reliability of the packaging, then cooking can be combined with washing the dishes (Lisa Kazali does just that): in this case, detergents will not get on the products, but the temperature will still be. However, if the packaging is at least slightly damaged, damaged during being in the PMM, do not eat these foods.

But, of course, you can do everything separately: cook in a dishwasher without washing dishes, just starting the washing cycle without detergent and canceling the supply of rinse aid for dishes. In this case, however, the factor of energy savings will not be so obvious.

What to cook in the dishwasher

In principle, propagandists of dishwashing cuisine, such as, for example, Italian culinary experimenter Lisa Casali, offer to cook anything in it. For example, tender fish, which, with little heat, quickly reaches readiness. This is the most popular dishwasher. Nothing extraordinary is required for cooking fish in a dishwasher, all the same products: the fish itself (for example, trout or salmon), suitable spices, you can use soy sauce or other seasonings, lemon.

Depending on the desired final degree of readiness (cooking) of fish, you can use different washing programs. Well-known Russian TV cook Elena Chekalova apparently loves raw fish, and therefore suggests using a cycle for fragile and not too dirty dishes in her television cooking class, which usually involves basic washing (read - cooking) at a temperature of 40 ° C (although the final rinse in such programs, it still occurs at approximately 60 ° C).

But lasagna, with minced meat or vegetables, other experimenters suggest cooking using the Intensive Wash program, designed for very dirty dishes (usually around 70 ° C) or the daily dishwashing program (for plates and cups with medium pollution )

For lasagna, as well as for many other products and dishes, the very good thing is that during cooking in the dishwasher the temperature inside the working chamber changes - during pre-rinsing, for example, the water is heated to 45 ° C, the main washing takes place at a temperature of 55 ° C, and the final rinse at 65 ° C. The cooking process turns out low-temperature (while maintaining the beneficial properties of the products), but the temperature gradually rises, which positively affects the taste of the finished dish.

Potatoes with herbs and olive oil can also be cooked in the dishwasher - cut into thin slices, season with your favorite and suitable spices, butter, marinades. Even children can handle this task, so you can bring them in to prepare lunch or dinner. True, think that you will answer the following children's question: “Why do we cook food in the dishwasher, and not on the stove?” Next, we pack the potatoes in foil with high quality, it is recommended to use 2-3 layers of it (it’s better not to trust the children), and together with dirty dishes put in the dishwasher. We cook using the standard PMM cycle (for daily washing of dishes with an average degree of pollution). If for the first time the potato was harsh, then the next time you can chop it finer.

It’s not harder to cook potatoes and chicken breasts - the main thing is to cut them not too large, and pack them just as well, not forgetting to season with everything that you like to flavor this product when cooking in the usual way. And that's it - put it in the dishwasher (do not forget also dirty dishes, detergent), turn on the standard cycle, and wait, and then enjoy a delicious dietary meal.

Shrimp, pilaf, couscous with vegetables, even scrambled eggs or apple pie - all this can be cooked in the dishwasher. On the Internet, by the way, there is a fairly large number of recipes for dishes in the dishwasher: the same Lisa Kazali wrote and published a whole book - a collection of dishwashing recipes (called: Cucinare in lavastoviglie - “Cooking in the Dishwasher”, there is a page with the same name on Facebook). In it you can find recipes for simple and complex "dishwasher" foods.

In general, cooking various dishes in the dishwasher is not a myth, but a real reality: no one will forbid to treat such a method with irony, but from this it will not cease to exist. The main world culinary dishwasher format - Lisa Casali from Italy, not so few followers, they are in Russia (except Elena Chekalova, you can recall, for example, the famous culinary blogger Alexander Demyanenko).

By the way, the dishwasher can be used more traditionally: wash it, but not the dishes, but vegetables, fruits, mushrooms. This should already be done exactly without the use of detergent, simply by activating any of the washing cycles (you can start by pre-rinsing, without heating the water - maybe it will be enough in the end).

In fact, a modern car dishwasher is not even a dual-purpose gadget, but a truly multifunctional device. In addition to washing dishes and products, as well as cooking, you can return the cleanliness to baseball caps (and generally wash - there are such examples), small toys, ventilation grills, rubber shoes, some sports accessories (protection for roller skating, etc.) , plastic soap dishes and various shelves from the bathroom, flower pots and garden tools, trays (models of individual manufacturers have special spray nozzles for their high-quality washing).

It is unlikely that dishwasher cooking will ever gain global popularity, but, in any case, if you have a dishwasher at home, you can always arrange an experiment. In the end, it's fun: home and guests will be surprised. In addition, a similar method can be useful, for example, if the oven is broken, there is no way to fix it quickly, but you need to feed the family with something.

As for energy saving, under certain conditions (if you cook and wash dishes at the same time), of course, it is achievable. However, in our opinion, in Russia, the dishwasher is still an element, if not luxury, then certainly not of prime necessity, which is why most people who purchase PMM do not so often think about saving so deeply.

We draw your attention to the fact that for cooking some products in the dishwasher, it may take not one, but two, less often three washing cycles, which will take a lot of time, and also, in the absence of a large amount of required cleanliness of the dishes, it will still be less attractive in context of saving electricity and water.

Alexander Seleznev, famous Russian chef and pastry chef:

I know about dishwashing, but I don’t see much point in it. Modern ovens are also able to cook at low temperatures, including using steam. Moreover, it does not have to be a special function of steam processing - you can simply pour water into the pan and during the heating process steam will be created. In addition, there are now double boilers, slow cookers - they can cook more wholesome, but no less tasty food.