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How to treat blisters


The appearance of bubbles is characteristic of second degree burns. The blister is covered on top with a thin skin, and inside is filled with a yellowish liquid. These are lymph and intercellular substance.

Such burns are not considered very serious (the easiest stage is the first), and usually heal within a few days without leaving scars.

Of course, ugly and uncomfortable, painful blisters cause a desire to get rid of them as soon as possible. So the desire arises burst a blister from a burn and drain all the liquid out of it. But is it possible to pierce blisters from a burn? Let's try to figure this out.

How much time does it take for him to go by himself?

It usually takes at least two weeks to fully heal a second degree burn.

In this case, the blister usually collapses in 2-3 days from constant contact with environmental objects and changes in skin tension, and fluid flows out of it.

The stages of healing of a burn of the second degree occurs in a number of stages:

  • Purulent necrotic. It is characterized by bladder growth and redness of the skin around. The fluid inside becomes cloudy due to the formation of a large amount of pus.
  • Granulation. It is at this stage that the bubble disappears and skin repair begins.
  • Epithelization - restoration of the upper layer of the skin (epithelium) and complete healing of the wound.

Is it possible to pierce: the pros and cons

It is possible to puncture blisters, but it is recommended to contact a medical institution where the procedure will be carried out in sterile conditions.

Arguments for piercing blisters from burns:

The blister no longer bothers, does not cling to anything. The burn site can be easily bandaged, isolating from the external environment. Blisters interfere with this.

The likelihood that the blister will open itself from a collision with various objects, friction from clothes, etc. disappears.

On the other hand, there is one serious flaw when piercing a blister, always can be infected, which can lead to very serious complications.

Why do blisters appear?

The formation of blisters on the skin is a fairly common phenomenon, especially in the summer. Almost all blisters differ in duration: some disappear after a few hours, others remain on the upper layer of the dermis for several more days. The main reason that contributes to the formation of blisters is the allergic reaction of the skin to exogenous irritants. Such irritants include insect bites, urticaria and taxidermy. There are also other factors that lead to the formation of blisters on the skin: thermal burn or mechanical damage.

The very process of blistering is a direct reaction of the body to a certain stimulus (natural or synthetic), which is a protective mechanism of the body. The most common cause of such formations is an allergic reaction to an insect bite (mosquitoes or midges). This phenomenon is not uncommon in the summer season. It is also worth noting that their formation is directly related to the appearance of severe itching, which occurs as a result of a bite. If you try not to comb the place where the blister appeared, then it will pass quickly enough. Single such vesicles do not require special treatment.

There are also other varieties of blisters that are filled with a clear liquid or cloudy content. Such bubbles appear as a result of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The appearance of such formations can be prevented if, immediately after the person received a sunburn, a special cosmetic product (ointment, cream or lotion) is applied to the damaged areas. Also, sometimes the cause may be touching a stinging plant, such as nettle. The irritation and itching from such blisters is the maximum damage that such bubbles bring.

Chicken pox blisters

The main symptom of chickenpox is the appearance of bubble rashes. And only a few are aware of what stages there are, how they differ, how long the itching for this disease lasts. In the initial period, the disease does not manifest itself in any way, but at this time the virus begins to actively spread throughout the body. The rash period is considered the most severe stage of chickenpox progression. As a rule, it lasts from five to seven days. The skin of the patient begins to redden, he appears vesiculate formations.

The number of blisters, as a rule, is individually for everyone. The formation of large blisters occurs in a few minutes, several peaks of rash can occur per day. During the period of the rash, the patient has severe itching, so it is extremely important to ensure that the patient does not comb the rash. Damage to the integrity of the blister can lead to serious consequences, the most minimal of which is a scar from sores.

The most serious complication of this disease is a bacterial lesion of the upper skin. In this case, the appearance of a continuous lesion focus, which covers most of the body. This process can be extremely dangerous if you do not follow hygiene and do not follow other directions. Also, a sick person is prone to secondary infection. If you comb the blisters during this period, it is possible to introduce bacteria and the subsequent appearance of pus. If the integrity of the blister is damaged, then the risk of the spread of active microorganisms to other areas is high.

What to do with the blister

Blisters can appear on a person’s skin due to a variety of reasons. Burn blisters indicate deep damage to the layers of the epidermis. Only the right treatment, which is possible even at home, promotes faster healing of the bladder and reduces the risk of infection. Simple folk tips and advice will allow the victim to prevent serious consequences and significantly alleviate the human condition. With the right treatment, the blister will disappear within a week, a maximum of two. Improper care and lack of hygiene can lead to accumulation of pus and the development of the inflammatory process.

Immediately after contact with a hot element or high temperature, it is necessary to place the affected area under cold water - this must be done until the bubble has inflated. This action will help reduce the intensity of unpleasant manifestations and slightly alleviate the condition of the affected person. The affected area should be kept under cold water for at least ten minutes. After this, it is recommended to use compresses soaked in cold water or dressings with ice. After these steps, you need to treat the burn site.

Is it possible to puncture blisters

Most practical tips boil down to the fact that piercing blisters is strictly prohibited. This urgent recommendation is based on the assumption that puncturing or damage to the integrity of the blister may result in secondary infection. However, quite often there are cases when there is a need to pierce or get rid of the blister. This occurs in cases where the bubble is in contact with shoes or clothing. Only in such a situation is it advisable to pierce the blister, however, it is necessary to know the rules of how this action is performed in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

To avoid spontaneous puncturing of the blister, it is recommended that a person pierce the bladder on his own. To do this, take only a sterile needle and perform an autopsy. Then it is very important to treat the damaged area with an ointment that contains antibiotics. Also, the affected person must subsequently constantly use sterile dressings and compresses to prevent infection.

Burst Blister: First Aid

If an accidental opening of the blister occurs, a person will definitely need first aid, which is designed to prevent infection by infection. First aid consists of two important steps - disinfecting and treating the wound with an antiseptic. At home, you can perform the following actions:

  1. A small crust that forms on the damaged area is a protective barrier. Therefore, you can’t delete it in any case.
  2. An important first aid step is the treatment of the wound with an antiseptic. It is better to buy them at a pharmacy, and not use for these purposes that the first will come to hand - alcohol, oily cream or ointment.
  3. Then a bandage is applied to the affected area, previously moistened with an antiseptic.
  4. If there is an anesthetic spray or ointment at home, the use of these funds after opening the blister is allowed.

What is the danger

Is it possible to pierce a bladder from a burn - a problem that victims face. Before understanding this issue, it is worthwhile to understand that the appearance of even small bubbles is already a serious damage to the skin. Bubbles can form when in direct contact with fire, hot objects, chemicals, or during prolonged exposure to sunlight. Be sure to consult a doctor in such cases:

- If more than ten percent of your body is damaged.

- If many small vesicles appeared on the skin, which eventually merged into one big one.

- If you see blisters in the groin or on the face.

- If a baby or an elderly person is burned.

How to do it right

How to open bubbles with a burn? If you need a puncture, you must do everything carefully and adhere to the advice of a doctor. Manipulation is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Before piercing the bladder from a burn, the surface is treated and disinfected with a special tool. To do this, you can use hydrogen peroxide and a special gel. In addition, you need to wipe your hands with an alcohol solution. This will minimize the risk of infection in the wound during the procedure,
  2. Next, they go on to sterilize the instrument. An ordinary needle is suitable for the puncture procedure. But it must be sterilized and carefully processed. Do this in a solution of alcohol. The tool is completely dipped in liquid. After that, they carefully inspect for the presence of rust or dirt to prevent infection from entering the wound,
  3. When the complete treatment of the wound and instruments, you can proceed to the piercing procedure itself. Do it neatly and slowly. After violation of the integrity of the bladder shell, contents are carefully lowered from it,
  4. Then a sterile dressing is applied to the site of injury.

Performing this procedure is not at all difficult. You can do this yourself at home. It is only necessary to adhere to the correct course of action and follow the recommendations of doctors.

Further treatment and healing

After removing the fluid, it is necessary to replace the dressing daily, applying antiseptic agents. If in the process of treatment it is necessary to use a bactericidal ointment, then do it up to three times a day. Even with the sterility of the dressing, a large number of microorganisms still accumulate on it.

If the wound bleeds after opening the blister, then chlorhexidine or similar drugs are treated. In all other cases, ointments should be preferred.

Quick restoration of the skin can be achieved using such means as Eplan, calendula ointment, Baneocin, Bepanten, Ichthyol and many others. Before applying them, you must thoroughly rinse your hands with water. Funds must be applied three times a day, observing the same interval between them.

If traces of dirt are found in the wound, then it is treated with chlorhexidine.

Before the procedure for piercing the bladder, you need to immediately take care of the purchase of restorative ointments and agents with antibacterial activity. Sterile materials must also be available.

When do I need to see a doctor? If after the manipulation any complications arose, then you need to consult a specialist for advice. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection and further tissue death.

For self-destruction of the bladder with lymph, you can resort to using a solution of potassium permanganate. This tool is a strong oxidizing agent. Therefore, when applied to the walls of a blister, their thinning occurs.

All interventions for opening serious blisters are performed only by a specialist. They can not be pierced on their own. Blisters that do not differ in large sizes can be opened independently. But you always need to do the processing of leather and tools.

In what cases is there a need for a puncture?

The need to puncture a blister is related to its location on the body. There are places where a large blister will constantly interfere and constrain movement. These include:

  • Hands,
  • feet,
  • neck area
  • popliteal and ulnar folds,
  • shoulders, back.

If you get a second degree burn in one of these places, and the blister constantly interferes, is squeezed by clothes, clings or prevents walking, simpler and safer will be pierce itthan to wait until it bursts itself, unable to withstand mechanical stress.

After all, the number of pathogens on your clothes, shoes or furnishings is always higher than on sterilized thin needle.


We hope you now know the answer to the question: do you need to pierce the blisters from the burn or not, and what will happen if the blisters burst? Doing it yourself is undesirable, because it is fraught with infection. It is recommended only if the blister can already collapse soon due to clothing pressure or other reasons.

But even then, the longer the blister lasts unharmed, the better. After piercing the blister, the wound must be treated with an antibacterial gel and bandaged. Large burns cannot be treated on their own.

Watch the video: 2nd degree burn treatment

Is it possible to pierce a bubble from a burn

Blisters formed on the skin under the influence of high temperatures are cavity particles of the dermis. Most often, they can clearly distinguish serous fluid, which causes inflammatory processes. Do not expect the bubble to disappear on its own.

On the contrary, the longer he is present, the longer the wound will heal. In addition, a filled cavity may burst at the most unexpected moment, and you will not be able to disinfect it. According to the doctors, it is absolutely useless to treat the already appeared tubercles with Panthenol or other rescue equipment. Therefore, to the question: “Is it possible to pierce a bubble from a burn?” The obvious answer is given: “It is possible”.

How to remove a blister

You can remove the blister in two ways - pierce it yourself (but only subject to the sterility rules) or eliminate it with medical medications. Most doctors do not recommend to independently carry out any actions with blisters, but to use therapeutic agents. For these purposes, the following remedies are suitable: Panthenol, Betadine, Miramistin, iodine agent. Also, in any pharmacy, you can buy special gel dressings or buy ointments (for example, tetracycline ointment). Also few know how to smear blisters with chickenpox. As a rule, rashes are smeared with brilliant green. However, you can use other drugs: Fukortsin, Calamine, Rivanol and a solution of potassium permanganate.

What to do after a burn

If you get a second degree burn, then you need to carefully take care of it. However, it is advisable that the doctor do this.

Can I pierce a bladder from a burn on my arm? This type of damage is most common. Treat the damaged area with an antiseptic. Now take the thinnest needle and gently pierce the blister. Make a puncture insignificant. After all, all that is required of you is to pierce the bubble. Take an antibacterial wipe and blot the liquid that has escaped. Treat the wound with an antiseptic. Apply a healing ointment to the wound. So the recovery process will be much faster.

How to get rid of blisters folk remedies

Sometimes at hand there may not be any medications that will help in the case of the appearance of blisters. In this case, alternative advice may be popular advice and tools that can alleviate the condition of the affected person. To avoid the risk of infection, you can replace the antiseptic with cologne. After the procedures, dressings with sea buckthorn oil, aloe leaves, and rosehip oil are allowed. However, you should be careful with blisters for urticaria: some herbs can lead to an increase in an allergic reaction.

Oil burns

This type of skin damage is considered one of the most dangerous and very serious in nature. This is due to the fact that the boiling point of oil exceeds several times the boiling point of water.

Такие ожоги могут быть первой, второй, третьей или четвертой степени. Если пациент повредил участок кожи размером с его ладонь, нужно срочно обращаться за помощью в больницу. Но перед посещением врача без самостоятельной помощи не обойтись. Substitute a damaged area of ​​skin under cold water for twenty minutes. Thus, you can relieve pain and cool the skin a little. No need to test medicines and folk remedies on the damaged area.

After you moisturize the damaged skin, cover it with a clean bandage. You can use cling film, but do not squeeze the skin.

A burn caused by oil can cause severe pain. In cases of severe pain, you can take painkillers. Do not treat the wound with oils, cream or sour cream. This only increases the entry into the wound of the infection and delays the healing process.

If you are wondering if it is possible to pierce a bubble from a burn with oil, then listen to the recommendations of specialists. Doctors prohibit such a procedure at home.

In this case, the blisters perform a protective function. They protect damaged parts of the body from infection and drying out. You should not worry, the bubble with the liquid itself will open in a few days. Follow this and treat the wound with an antiseptic.

Treatment for bladder inflammation from burns

Is it possible to pierce a bubble from a burn on a finger or hand? This can be interpreted as ambiguous. If you are burned with boiling water and the affected area is not too large, then you can carry out this procedure at home. But when burning the body with oil, it is better not to self-medicate. A small blister will resolve on its own, but for a large one, medical help is needed.

After piercing the bladder with fluid, a post-burn condition may appear. Do not delay the treatment, because the infection has got on the damaged surface. Keep your skin hydrated and try not to damage it with dressings.

Summarize. Burn blisters can be punctured. But it is better if the doctor does it. At home, you can get an infection. If the blister opened itself, immediately treat the wound with an antiseptic. In case of significant skin damage, immediately call an ambulance. Follow the recommendations correctly, and a burn will not seem to you a serious illness.