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How is Spider-Man costume made (and is it comfortable in it?)


Superheroes today have become the real idols of boys. And every child wants to try on the image of his beloved character. Why not please your child and make a Spider-Man costume with your own hands? Moreover, making templates for the outfit is quite simple, as well as giving the costume the necessary look.

Materials and Tools

Before you begin, you should determine what it will take in order to create a Spider-Man costume with your own hands. First of all, this is fabric. Knitwear is best suited for this purpose. New Year's outfit can be made from a beautiful and brilliant supplex. And if the costume will be used as pajamas, you should choose the most natural fabric: a cooler, interlock or footer.

Also, sewing will require threads to match the material, acrylic paint for textiles for decoration, a thin brush for drawing and a sewing machine.

Image Details

Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme of the costume and design, so that the image is recognizable. It uses a combination of red and blue on the jacket and pants, and all the decoration patterns are applied in black paint.

How to make Spider-Man costume as close as possible to the original? To do this, you need to correctly distribute the colors: the pants should be blue, sewn from the knee with red material. The jacket must be made with a hood that will be good to find on the face, and in the appropriate places you will need to make holes for the eyes. The distribution of colors is as follows: hood, shoulders, strip on the chest, back and sleeves are red, and the sides and adjacent parts of the sleeves are blue. In the center on the chest should be a superhero icon in the form of a spider, and for all red details it is necessary to put a picture in the form of a web.

Spider-Man shows how a web flies out of his suit

One of Spiderman's main tools is his web. The ability to weave it was transferred to him with spider skills. In the old animated series Spider-Man (1967-1970), Peter Parker shoots a cobweb using devices of his own invention mounted on the wrists of a suit: the trigger on the palm of your hand fires when you press the hook of the sensitive electrode.

In a later animated series of the 90s, Spider tells his little fan about this technology a little more.

Spider-man does not pass the dress code

Peter Parker's equipment provides him incognito, but not always a suit comes to his aid. So in the first game adaptation of Spiderman - the series The Amazing Spider-Man (1977–1979) - the wounded superhero tries to use taxi services, but the black driver refuses to take it: the driver is confused by Spider's costume - especially because he has no pockets.

Spiderman complains about gear

The lost Peter Parker in the second part of Spider-Man (the whole movie is a metaphor for superhero impotence) goes down in the elevator, where he talks to a stranger and admits that Spider’s costume is terribly uncomfortable. By the way, in the directorial version, everything is different: the same stranger turns out to be an employee of a PR agency, who offers Peter to improve his image and gives his business card, but the superhero defiantly does not take it, because there are no pockets in his equipment.

How to make a Spider-Man costume:

1. How to make a head for a Spider-Man costume

Let's start making the costume from the head. From a light mesh, make parts similar in shape, they should resemble two eyes, only elongated at both ends. To sew a suit, buy a red knit fabric. From it make the outline of the mask-head. In addition, red knitwear is needed in order to make long gloves without fingers. Now you can move on to creating the belt. The main parts of the costume are front and back.

2. How to make a jumpsuit for Spider-Man costume

Some details of the costume will be made of blue knitwear. Make two identical squares from the red cloth. From the blue fabric we cut out all the other parts of the costume. We advise you to keep an image of a spiderman on hand when creating his costume. Based on the picture, you can make an identical outfit. Blue knit inserts will have to be made in a turtleneck, as well as in the sleeves.

Spiderman's pants are tight-fitting. They are sewn from blue fabric. Such pants, like leggings, fit legs.

3. How to make a mask for a Spider-Man costume

We finish the mask for the hero. In the mask, cut out two holes that should be combined with the shape of the eyes made of mesh. These holes should be treated with black braid. After the eyes are framed, mask details can be stitched.

We also recommend sewing a turtleneck and pants for the New Year's carnival on your own. A spider-man costume is not a costume whose parts can be bought at the store. It will be necessary to create a suit completely independently. Ready-made costume can be painted with a marker. A spider web should be depicted on the suit. We recommend taking silver and black markers.

When creating a spider-man costume, pay attention to the slices and their processing. As a result of the fact that we use knitwear for the costume, we advise overcasting all seams with an overlock. Otherwise, they will diverge or do not look neat.

Present a fairy tale to your child, make a spiderman costume for him or for yourself. Since making a spider-man costume doesn’t work out quickly, take the time to work. Fantasy, zeal and, of course, good mood will certainly lead to positive results. Create a unique costume and your child will be envied by everything around. New Year's carnival will be the most memorable holiday if you come to him in the costume of a brave hero - in the costume of a spider man.

Spider-Man comes up with a new nanosuit

In the animated series The Invincible Spiderman (1999–2001), Spider-Man aboard a space rocket goes to Anti-Earth (an exact copy of our planet, located on the back of the Sun). In order not to stink there, he puts on an advanced suit developed on the basis of nanotechnology by Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four). Of the new advantages: the equipment has a stealth mode and sound weapons. From design decisions: Spider instead of the web in his armpits appeared fashionable cloak.

Preparation of necessary tools and materials

How to make a spiderman costume with your own hands? Before you start creating a Spider-Man costume, you need to decide what materials will be needed to work, and prepare all the tools you need in your work.

For the needlewoman to work, you need to choose a fabric. Knitwear is ideal, but for a festive costume you can use supplex. It will look original and unusual due to its brilliance. If the costume will be used as home clothes or pajamas, then it is worth giving preference to more natural materials, namely:

Also required:

  • Spool of thread to match the material.
  • Acrylic paint and brush for decoration.
  • The marker is black.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Concealer or white paint.

It is desirable that the clothes were made of thin materials and did not have rough seams. So it will be more convenient to transfer it to the prepared material in red and blue. And the product will look neater.

Cutting products

Made for a costume impossible to cut by eye. For this need to have a suit pattern. Since the entire costume consists of T-shirts and sweatpants, the pattern will help us to make things for the child. So, we take the pants and the t-shirt of the baby, we turn them on the wrong side. We lay out the details on a pre-prepared paper sheet and outline them along the contour. On the product, it is necessary to indicate all available seams and measure allowances. In order for the template of the lower part of the product to be executed correctly, it is necessary to unscrew the pants, insert one leg into the other, and then circle the back and front of the product.

The resulting details of the costume will need to be cut into elements that differ in color.

Assembly of the finished suit and processing of individual parts of the product

At the beginning of the work you need to collect the details. The assembly of the product must be carried out in the following order:

  • First, the seams on the shoulders are sewn together.
  • The hood is assembled and attached to the neck.
  • Sleeves need to be ground to armholes.
  • Side seams should be closed.
  • The front and rear halves of the legs should be sewn at the middle seams.
  • The internal and external seams of the product must be stitched.
  • The bottom of the legs, sweaters and cuffs must be processed.

In the upper part of the legs you need to insert an elastic band. To do this, make an inversion and stitch it.

Dressing a suit with a pattern

In order to create a high-quality spider costume at home, you need to give preference to special acrylic paint for textiles. It is firmly fixed by impregnating the fibers of the fabric.

Paint should not be liquidotherwise, it will be applied in wide strips and spread out over the fibers of the fabric. Paint should be carefully diluted with water. A thin brush will help to accurately perform the work.

The work of creating a web pattern should be started by creating rays for the web, after which you can draw curved jumpers between the rays. Such a course of work will allow you to apply the picture symmetrically. In order for the paint not to appear on neighboring parts of the product, a sheet of cardboard must be placed under the canvas.

When creating a Spiderman costume for a small child, it is worth giving preference above all to the comfort of the baby. For a matinee in kindergarten, you can use a simplified version of the costume. In this case, the main clothes of the child will be jeans and a blue T-shirt. On top of the T-shirt you can wear a cloak or vest, which is sewn at home. Cape should be made in red and blue. You can complement the image with the help of red arm ruffles or new gloves bought in the store.

The pattern on the cape can be done using a black marker, and the spider patch can be purchased at all in advance. If there is no black marker in the house, then the web can be embroidered with ordinary threads. True, in this case, you will need to spend more time and a little more effort. But the finished product will amaze with its realism.

In addition to the image of Spider-Man, shoes should also be matched. It can also be designed in the appropriate color scheme or just take ready-made sneakers or red sneakers.

Do not forget about the mask, which will give the image of mystery. The mask can be made of fabric or color cardboard. It should be fixed on an elastic band. But what format of the mask to use for the image is decided exclusively by the little hero. As a rule, the mask covers:

To make Spider-Man’s mask out of fabric, you need to take the child’s hat out of thin material, attach it to the prepared red material, circle and cut it. Sew the details at the side seams and grind the bottom of the product with an edge. After that, you will need to sew special ties that will help fix the product to the child’s head, and cut holes for the eyes. The area around the eyes should be treated with an overlock and circled with a black marker and white corrector for greater realism.

Cut fabric

To properly cut out the details, you need a pattern of the suit. Spider-Man is an outfit that consists of a T-shirt and pants, which means that in order to easily and quickly make patterns of these things, you need to take sportswear and a child’s T-shirt. Next, things are turned inside out, laid out on paper and carefully circled them along the contour, indicating on the drawing all the available seams. To correctly re-take the template from the trousers, they need to be turned out and one leg tucked into another, and then alternately circle around the front and back of the trouser leg.

To determine the boundaries of combining different colors of paintings, on the finished templates make the appropriate labels, which cut the parts into elements.

Assembly and processing of the product

In what sequence to collect cut elements to sew a Spider-Man costume with your own hands? First, you need to assemble the details of the cut together. That is, to make whole sleeves, back, shelf and parts of the legs. After grinding, the details are treated with an overlock or zigzag. After proceeding to the assembly of products:

  • grind shoulder seams
  • collect and attach a hood to the neck,
  • stitch the sleeves to the armholes,
  • close the side seams
  • stitch the front and rear halves of the legs at the middle seams,
  • grind internal and external seams,
  • process cuffs, bottom of legs and sweaters,
  • on top of the legs make a twist, build it off and put on an elastic band.

Drawing a decorative pattern

To make a quality Spider-Man costume with your own hands, it is best to use acrylic paint for textiles in your work. It impregnates fibers well, is firmly fixed, withstands a huge number of washings and is not taken by the crust, which cracks when stretched, distorting the pattern.

At the same time, the texture of the paint should not be too liquid, otherwise it will leave wide stripes, spreading out over the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, you need to carefully dilute it with water. You should also use the thinnest brush. First, rays are drawn for the web, and then curved jumpers. This allows you to evenly and symmetrically distribute the pattern. So that the paint does not penetrate other parts of the fabric, a cardboard sheet is placed under the canvas.