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Electronic assistants need protection

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For those who invested their money in expensive watches, ensuring their safety in its original form will be a serious motive. Watch care plays an important role in its efficiency and durability. The service life of your favorite chronometer depends on ongoing care and warranty service.

Important data

The villains are only interested in the information that will bring both direct profit and obtained through espionage with the aim of blackmail or sale:

  • credit card details
  • contacts,
  • Email,
  • car control, etc.

If the watch provides access to such sources, then you need to know in advance how to prevent hacking of “smart watches”.

Be careful with your fitness information.

Hackers are not the only violators of the security of smart watches, and advertising agencies and insurance agencies can also do this.

Organizations regularly buy customer information for the specific purpose of informing their prices and pushing spam marketing.

This is very tiring when it comes to the safety of health and safety data.

Smartwatches can be a source of a wealth of data about you.

For example, if an insurance agency sees that you have heart failure or that you are eating high-calorie foods, they may try to hit you with undesirable consequences, or in a worse situation, they may refuse you altogether.

Before using any fitness app, you need to check your security settings.

Choose what will be available publicly.

Similarly, consider using an alias as a username so that your daily sodium intake cannot be tied to your identity and somehow identify you.

Enable anti-theft settings

In addition to digital threats to your device, you should always remember that someone can directly steal your smartphone or smart watch, and then they can easily access your data without any restrictions.

Smart watch companies are very aware of the likelihood of such an outcome.

For this reason, many businesses have created security settings that are designed to protect you from theft.

For example, blocking the activation of Apple in the device - this does not allow you to escape the possibility of theft, but it does not allow anyone to associate the Apple Watch with any device that has not been approved by the owner.

Different smart devices have their own characteristics, so no matter what device you use, you need to learn all the details of security settings.


For those who do not want to "spoil" their favorite watches with additional protection, manufacturers offer nanocoating, the very one that protects the body and windows of cars. A special chemical solution is applied to the display of the device, which should protect it from external influences. Coverage is completely invisible, which many users are mistrusting about its effectiveness.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with several versions of the nano coating for Apple Watch glass:

Screen Protector for Apple Watch

The protective film glued to the display has long been proven to be effective. It is practically invisible, but it provides pretty good protection against scratches. True, it lasts a maximum of a year, and then it becomes speckled with scratches. In addition, using the film, you can protect only the screen, but not the entire gadget.

Protective Case for Apple Watch

If you're prepared for your Apple Watch to change beyond recognition, consider buying a protective case. The accessory will help protect the device from external influences, and special sides even protect the fragile display.

Sometimes in a case, the watch looks too bulky and unattractive. On the other hand, choose a case that you like, and the annoying standard design of the Apple Watch will no longer be an eyesore.

Safety glass and 3D glass for Apple Watch

In truth, an ordinary flat glass stuck to the Apple Watch display looks even worse than a film. But it protects the screen in the middle much better. Weigh the pros and cons and decide what is more important for you, the appearance of the gadget or its safety.

Of course, in our time, the most versatile protective solution for Apple Watch in every sense is 3D glass. It is very durable and protects the screen from scratches and bumps. 3D glass covers the entire surface of the display. What is also important, it is practically invisible, and with it the watch does not look ugly.

Hacking Methods

The universal way to avoid becoming a victim of scammers is not to store important information on insecure electronic media. And this means that you first need to find reliable ways to protect your smart watch from hacking.

If the gadget is used for standard purposes, then serious hackers will not threaten them. This means that information should be stored only from the prying eyes of loved ones, as well as friends and ill-wishers.

First of all, you need to protect the smartphone with which the watch is connected:

  1. The easiest way is to create a combined password and change it regularly.
  2. Do not respond to spam mailings.
  3. Use special programs (you need to learn more about them) that automatically delete correspondence.
  4. Install an application blocker that gives access to them only using a password or fingerprint.
  5. Download applications to keep sites anonymous.

In this case, before you install anything, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the rights and capabilities of the programs themselves. It is better to immediately remove all unused applications, and deny automatic connections.

The story of "catch-up"

The threat of hacking should not be the reason for refusing to use the latest gadgets. After all, this did not become an occasion to refuse to buy cars, apartments, televisions. At all times, there were those who sought to lead a parasitic lifestyle, and humanity fought with them and developed.

Developers are constantly improving the encryption system. The greatest successes have been noted in the field of protection of children's smart watches, which are used primarily for parental control.

The regular release of patches solves many problems, complicating the life of crackers, which can rightfully be called "engines of progress." By regularly installing updates, you will reduce the risk of becoming a victim of hackers. Any network device equipped with software is subject to a certain threat of intrusion. In “catch-ups”, hackers and developers are leaders with varying success.

The risk of becoming a victim of cyber crooks equals the risk of suffering from pickpockets or housekeepers. You always need to be attentive and minimally gullible. This “manual tuning” will help to avoid many problems.

Afraid of Hackers - Don't Have a Smart Watch

When wondering if fraudsters can crack a GPS watch, do not be afraid of an affirmative answer. They really can. However, they should have a reason to do this. So you don’t need to give it. Only fools or ill-wishers will risk, waste time for the sake of entertainment, and it will not be difficult to calculate them.

It is possible to secure a “smart watch” in the same way as to protect hackers and any other electronics from hacking: it is unnecessarily not to inform others about what might interest the villains.

Hacking motives

It is easy to calculate the degree of risk if you know the main reasons for the "invasion":

  • profit
  • pampering, joke,
  • curiosity,
  • thirst for fame
  • revenge,
  • political, religious, public views,
  • espionage,
  • psychological trauma.

Everyone has a chance to be among the victims, but it is so small that most buyers of "sophisticated" gadgets do not think about it, thereby preserving the health of themselves and others.