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How to sober up quickly at home


Those who are looking for how to sober up quickly at home will be helped by 10 simple ways tested by time and experience. Especially useful information will be for those who do not have at home pills for a hangover, purchased drugs and herbs. However, it must be remembered that not everyone is happy with tips for sobering up and removing hungover symptoms. The effect will depend on gender, age, body weight, amount of alcohol consumed and health status.

So, here are 10 easy ways to sober up quickly:

  1. The easiest option is to take special drugs to neutralize alcohol in the blood and remove it as soon as possible. Such medications include: Enterosgel, Dehydratin, Thiamine, Diacarb, Polysorb, activated carbon (in the amount of 7-10 tablets at a time). Hangover syndrome is well removed by drugs such as Zorex, succinic acid in tablets, Alka-Seltzer.
  2. A proven way is to smell ammonia. If your head hurts, you need to drink Analgin or No-Shpu.
  3. If there is nothing at hand - induce vomiting, after drinking a large amount of warm, slightly salted liquid, it is possible with the addition of potassium permanganate. Then take a contrast shower, turning on cold water first. This will excite the nervous system, allow the body to "shake."
  4. If you have time, go in for sports - run a couple of kilometers, do push-ups, squats. Along with sweat, alcohol will come out through the pores of the skin. Complete the procedure should be a contrast shower with rubbing.
  5. Use ascorbic acid or citric acid diluted in water for sobering up, if available, freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can just chew some acidic lemon slices.
  6. Dilute 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. If the taste is unpleasant - add honey or sugar. This drink neutralizes alcohol in the blood, helps to recover after heavy libations.
  7. Recommended to bring to life after drinking alcohol tonic cocktail. Ingredients for mixing: red and black pepper, ground - a pinch, tomato paste - 2 tablespoons, vegetable oil - 1 teaspoon, egg yolk. Everything is whipped with a fork, drunk in one gulp.
  8. The following foods, drunk or eaten at a time, relieve alcohol intoxication syndromes well: beaten raw egg, lemon, any other citrus fruits, parsley, garlic, mint tea, honey, ginger. Drinking 2-3 glasses of cold water, mineral water without gas will complement the effect.
  9. Glycerin gives a good result when sobering. We mix the product with saline in a ratio of 1: 2, take 20-30 mg 2 times a day. You can replace glycerin with succinic acid.
  10. A proven recipe from narcologists: stir 1 glass of honey in 1.3 liters of hot water, pour 1.5 liters of milk. There also add 20 tablets of ascorbic acid, crushed into powder. A drink is made in a three-liter jar. You need to drink 2 glasses at once, the rest - if necessary during the day.

Remember - strong tea, coffee, green tea in large quantities, massage of the nose, feet and palms will not help to remove alcohol decay products.

Tips for those who do not want to get drunk quickly during a feast:

  • do not mix the "degrees" of alcoholic beverages, drink only vodka or wine during the party,
  • do not drink mixed cocktails from vodka, beer and champagne, carbonated drinks, tonic,
  • do not drink in long, slow sips, trapping fluid in the mouth - this increases intoxication,
  • pour chilled drinks into glasses, avoid heated mulled wine, room temperature wine,
  • more and more often eat sandwiches, cheese, meat, fish,
  • get enough sleep and rest before the holiday.

What is sobering

Sobering up can be considered the time when all the ethanol has completely come out of your blood. The speed depends on weight, and on the amount of alcohol, and on its strength, and on the characteristics of your metabolism. The process of sobering up is called elimination. In order to get rid of alcohol that has entered the bloodstream, the body uses a natural blood purification system and certain enzymes. Also, kidneys and lungs may participate in sobering up (in this case, a burnout may occur). That is why the most reliable way to sober up is simply to wait a few hours. But we don’t always have them ...

Method 1. Just stop drinking immediately

This is not so much a method as preparation for all our other actions. It’s better to do it early in the evening, so you’ll have enough time for sobering up. Stop drinking - this does not mean that you need to drink beer instead of cognac. Do not drink anything else: no for the road! Immediately begin to drink some water, but not carbonated, it will aggravate everything!

Method 2. Induce vomiting

Do not be surprised, but you need to induce vomiting correctly. It’s better to do this by putting your index finger in your throat. Wash your hands after this without fail. To keep strangulation from happening, keep your head low. After everything comes out, eat a cracker and drink some water. But not during vomiting itself, but after. Before you sober up quickly in this way, think about whether you really need such violence over your stomach: if you feel drunk, but normal, you should not do this.

Method 3. Eat Intensively

Tight - it's not squid with chips, but a meal rich in starch. Potato and meat are unrivaled. Fructose will also be good, namely oranges and other citrus fruits, apples, grapes or bananas. Helps to remove ethanol quickly and honey. Well, do not forget about fatty foods. It will also be appropriate milk, which will create a film on the mucous membrane in the stomach, and it will interfere with the absorption of ethanol.

Method 4. Rinse the stomach

Well, if during the feast there is someone who will help with this. First you need to do an enema. Do it three times, and enter at least two liters of water. Now we wash the stomach, and you need to inject about 700 ml. water. During the entire procedure, about 5-7 liters of water are introduced. To consolidate the washing effect, you need to give ammonia (smell) and ascorbic acid (inside and a couple of grams per 5 kg of weight). You can also drink vitamin B1 and glucose.

Method 5. “Load” the mind or body

If you are physically developed, just exercise. So you get a lot of oxygen, and a certain amount of ethanol comes out with sweat and breathing. A dozen push-ups-squats are enough. But a marathon for several kilometers is not relevant now. Mental load will also be appropriate: solve intellectual problems, remember the entire multiplication table. You can also think about an action plan for tomorrow.

Method 7. Drink Coffee or Tea

Sober up coffee will not help, but it reduces the sedative effect of ethanol. Coffee dehydrates no worse than alcohol, by the way, so do not forget about water too. By the way, coffee will not improve your motility and cognitive function when drunk. A tea is better to drink strong and with ginger. And where there is ginger, there is also honey with lemon: glucose and fructose with vitamin C. But ordinary water or coffee will also help remove the fume.

Method 8. Water treatments

Only with cold water. Cold sprays will surely cheer you up. This will not work if you have poisoning or you feel sick. Usually in this state the temperature is lowered, and the shower will only exacerbate it. Among water procedures, it is no less good for a drunken sauna or a bath: a lot of ethanol will come out with sweat. Sauna is relevant only for those drinkers who do not have heart ailments. If there is no sauna and is not expected, you need to rely only on fresh air: maybe half an hour on it will do a good deed for the drinker.

Method 9. Medication

Take succinic acid. By the way, activated carbon, eubicor, or polysorb is also appropriate. A diuretic will also play a positive role. Only if it is not dangerous furosemide, of course. Diuretic herbs or a rosehip decoction (diuretic and with vitamin C) is an excellent option. But all sorts of anti-hangover actually do not work, and even remove the fume will not help. Anyone who does not breathe too smoothly with alcohol should find a way to sober up quickly. At home, fruit or ascorbicum help someone, only a shower to someone, and only a dream to someone.

How long does it take to sober up?

To calculate how much time it takes to sober up for you, special calculators will help, taking into account the snack (or lack thereof), and weight, and the amount of ethanol, and the type of drink and so on. But you can figure it out yourself. If you do this in a drunken state, such a count and sober up will help: anyway, working with your head.

So, the first thing you need to adopt is the fact that alcohol breaks up at about the same speed: one milliliter per ten kilograms of your weight and in one hour.

Thus, if you weigh an insignificant 60 kg and took 100 grams of vodka (and this is 40 g of pure alcohol, by the way), all ethanol will come out of you at 6 milliliters per hour. Thus, you will be sober for about six hours and forty minutes.

If you have a centner of weight, the alcohol will break down by ten milliliters in one hour, so after four hours it will not remain in you. And in order to calculate how much time it takes to sober up, determine the exact time when alcohol entered your body and its exact amount. Alcohol begins its decomposition literally right away, so it’s enough to divide the body weight (your own or the weight of the “victim”) by ten, and divide the amount of pure alcohol consumed by the speed of sobering up. Now we add this number of hours to the time when the binge or party began.
The date and time of sobering up determined in this way will be as accurate as possible.

Sobering technology

To get the effect, I advise you to perform all the steps in the specified sequence.

1. Induce vomiting. This is necessary so that the remaining alcohol in the stomach is not absorbed into the blood. In an extreme case, you can chew a few tablets of activated carbon and drink them with a glass of clean cold water without gas, but activated carbon does not work as effectively as vomiting.

Next, you need to smell ammonia 1-2 times or another volatile liquid with a pungent unpleasant odor. If the drunk is unconscious, it is from the ammonia that they begin to bring him to life and only then they cleanse the stomach.

2. Wash yourself with cold water. Short-term cooling activates the protective functions of the body, stimulates blood flow and invigorates. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Bathing in ice water and rubbing it with snow is fraught with hypothermia, since a drunk person does not feel the cold.

If there are no chronic diseases, it is better to take a contrast shower. First, rinse yourself with water of a pleasant temperature, then make the water hot and pour over the whole body for 20-30 seconds, without stopping for a long time in one place, then let cold water in, stand for 60 seconds, then a quick hot shower and finally cold again.

Contrast shower sobering well

3. Drink a cup of strong brewed tea or coffee. These drinks stimulate the nervous system and are a natural diuretic, which quickly removes alcohol from the blood. If a person has heart problems, tea is recommended. After 15 minutes, repeat the procedure. In the interval between coffee (tea), you should try to drink as much water or juice as possible.

Attention! The body of a drunk person is dehydrated, so the use of pharmacy diuretics is contraindicated and can be harmful to health.

4. Go out into the fresh air. Ventilation along with increased oxygen consumption quickly brings the body to life. Healthy people are recommended short-term (5-10 minutes) intense physical activity with sweating and a pulse increase in half. For example, you can shake the press or go for a run.

5. Strain the mind. Fast sobering in many respects depends on the activity of brain processes that can be stimulated by conducting meaningful conversations, solving arithmetic problems, solving crosswords, reading poetry as a keepsake. At first glance, this seems strange, but mental activity helps.

Extreme way ...

After completing the desired task, a person should refrain from further drinking and sleep for at least 5-6 hours. Remember that sobering is not the removal of alcohol from the body, although it depends on it in many ways.

Sober fast

It is not always possible to determine exactly how many hours a person needs to become sober.

It depends on some circumstances:

  1. weight
  2. the amount of alcohol taken
  3. general health
  4. alcohol tolerance
  5. eaten along with alcohol products.

It is important to remember that there is no 100% method of how to sober up instantly. To withdraw alcohol from the blood, it always takes time, at least half an hour, with the use of drugs such as citric and ascorbic acid, diuretics.

For 15 minutes, you can partially sober up in a hospital where alcohol and its decay products are excreted with the help of medications (highly effective intravenous infusions or hemodialysis procedures).

When you use home remedies for sobering up, you can not continue to take alcohol further. Accepted doses of alcohol are absorbed into the body for another 1.5 hours after their use.

If a person smells like alcohol, then alcohol still enters the bloodstream. When it begins to be excreted, it smells of fumes from a person and at the same time urination becomes more frequent.

Typically, alcohol is excreted through sweat, urine, feces, and through the liver (which decomposes it into acetic aldehydes that poison the body).

How quickly a person gets intoxicated and sober is affected by the drinks consumed. For example, champagne, due to its gas content, intoxicates faster, and beer is removed longer than vodka (with the same content of absolute alcohol taken). The more a person drank, the longer he sobered up. Ethanol, which previously entered the body fat, slows down sobering.

When choosing a means of sobering up, one should take into account the fact how much you need to be in a cheerful state. It should be taken into account that ethanol does not act equally on male and female organisms.

Men get drunk at first, then cease to have motor skills, women vice versa. Men have more water than women, and less fat, so women get drunk faster.

The most primitive ways to quickly and effectively sober up from alcohol at home are divided into three groups, depending on the state of intoxication of a person.

The initial stage of intoxication

You can take activated carbon or try to increase physical activity. Massage of earlobes, fresh air and strong tea (coffee) also helps. Some help warm salted water (500 ml of water 1 tsp. Salt), the drink eliminates nausea and cleanses the digestive tract.

You can clean the stomach by drinking 1 liter of water with 1 tsp. soda, you need to drink as much as you go. Then take activated charcoal (1 tablet for every 10 body weight) and a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid.

Such a tool helps well: 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. vegetable oil, a couple of tsp. tomato paste, 10 drops of cognac, salt and pepper a little, add a little horseradish. The finished mixture is drunk in one gulp.

With moderate intoxication

You should try all the methods described above and take a contrast shower or rub in ice water, drink mint drops (for 200 ml of water 15-25 drops), breathe ammonia, drink lemon juice.

A cocktail is prepared from home recipes: 5 drops of lemon, a couple of teaspoons of hot tomato paste, 5 ml of pepper, a drop of vegetable oil are taken per 1 egg yolk. It is drunk at once.

Or, for 1 egg yolk, a couple of drops of vegetable oil and 5 ml of gin, a little black and red ground pepper. It is drunk in one gulp.

With severe intoxication

Be sure to sleep. During sleep, the withdrawal of ethanol and its decay products is faster. But 8 hours of sleep will not be enough for severe intoxication, it is better to sleep 12 hours. If this is not possible, washing the gastrointestinal tract or stimulating vomiting helps.

Citric acid is also an effective remedy. Its concentrated solution (2 g for every 50 kg of body weight) or vitamin C taken orally contribute to the effect.

Enterosorbents such as Smecta or activated carbon will help speed up the withdrawal of alcohol. In this case, do not forget to drink a lot. It is permissible to take a diuretic that is combined with alcoholic beverages (for example, Veroshpiron).

With strong intoxication, a walk in the fresh air will benefit, but only if the street is warm. In frost, on the contrary, it will become worse, up to loss of consciousness and death from hypothermia.

How to sober up instantly

Of course, the most appropriate advice would be "don't drink too much." But if, after all, it turned out that the drunk alcohol brought the body into a state of real estate, and it is at this moment that you need to be in shape, then it is better to remember what you can not do in any case.

Neither in medicine, nor in nature does there exist a magical remedy, after drinking which it would be possible to sober up instantly. Многие известные средства (например, эфедрин препараты или нашатырный спирт внутрь) способны привести не в трезвое состояние, а в реанимационное отделение, потому, что они слишком сильно перегружают сердце.

Поэтому, как бы безнадежно это ни звучало, на вопрос как быстро и полностью протрезветь после алкоголя, ответ один – никак.

Как протрезветь, чтобы вести автомобиль

Любые советы по поводу приведения в чувство пьяного водителя будут чреваты последствиями как для него самого, так и для других водителей, пассажиров и пешеходов.

Ethyl alcohol in the blood invariably dulls reactions, slows down coordination, and prevents one from correctly assessing the situation on the roads. You cannot drive a vehicle even after a glass of wine. The best solution is a taxi ride.

How to sober up for a while

The principle of quick sobering up is that the nervous system quickly comes in tone, since alcohol will not evaporate from the blood anyway. As soon as the action of the drugs is over, the body will return to its previous state.

There is one small but important point: when a person is so drunk that he does not feel anything at all and does not feel pain, all efforts to bring him to life will be in vain. Severe intoxication can not be quickly removed. And within an hour to eliminate moderate intoxication, you can try some commonly available methods.

For stimulation, ingestion of the strongest tea or coffee with the addition of lemon is suitable. At the same time, 4 tsp are taken per 200 ml of water. coffee, you can add a teaspoon of salt to it. Tea is brewed so black that the bottom of the cup is not visible.

However, these drugs greatly increase blood pressure, so they are not recommended for hypertensive patients. But ginger tea with honey will do less harm, but you need to drink it only after calling vomiting.

A solution of citric acid (in 200 ml of water 1 tsp without top) when interacting with alcohol leads to its decomposition into simple compounds. One glass with not strong intoxication should be enough to bring a person to life.

Ammonia - great tool, but not for oral use! When ammonia is combined with ethanol, the body is guaranteed to have problems of well-being, especially with existing problems with the liver. It is necessary to moisten the cotton wool in a solution of ammonia and inhale several times its vapor.

Another way is moisten a terry towel in cold water and rub its ears. Then rub the ears thoroughly with your hands again. Then the blood flow to the ears will increase and temporary enlightenment will come.

You can also chew and hold a dry bay leaf in your mouth or stand in a cold shower.

How to sober up quickly completely

To completely remove ethyl alcohol from the body, you need a comprehensive method.

First the thing is to stop the flow of alcohol into the blood. The sooner this is done, the better, because alcohol continues to enter the bloodstream for about 1.5 hours after it enters the body.

Second the stage will be getting rid of residual alcohol in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. For this, vomiting is caused or gastric lavage is done. At the same time, an enema is made of at least 2 liters of warm water.

On third stage you need to deactivate the alcohol that is already in the body. Citric or ascorbic acid, lemon juice or orange juice will help here. All this is washed down with plenty of water, the more the better. Strong tea, coffee, activated carbon, Enterosgel - all this is suitable for oral administration.

On fourth stage need to accelerate the yield of residual ethanol products. Veroshpiron diuretic or ordinary mineral water is best suited. Natural diuretics: watermelons, strawberries, green tea.

In addition, fruits such as bananas, apples, grapes, pears, peaches, citrus fruits contribute to the removal of ethanol from the body.

The last thing to do is to take the 5% Thiamine chloride solution inside, although it is sold as an injection, you can just drink the drug.

How to sober up in the morning

If in the evening there was a bust with the amount of alcohol consumed and the state of intoxication persists in the morning, you need to pay attention to the methods used when you need to sober up quickly and completely. But without gastric lavage, since all ethanol is already in the blood.

An effective means will be visiting a bath or sauna. With active sweating, metabolic processes are faster.

The main assistant will be drugs for a hangover: Alka-Seltzer, Zorex and others. You should not buy dubious drugs from your hands, even if the seller claims that they are specially designed to help sober up the secret service agents.

Before going to bed, after a large amount of drunk alcohol, Askofen and several glasses of warm water should be taken, then the next morning your head will not hurt.