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Making and selling spiral chips as a business


Do you like chips? Crispy, salty, they ask themselves by mouth, do not notice how they ate one, then another, and more ... Potato chips cooked at home are as tasty as purchased, but without flavor enhancers, flavors and other harmful food additives. Only natural products are needed: a pair of potatoes, deep-frying vegetable oil, salt, ground paprika and a little hot pepper.

Home-made deep-fried chips taste and crisp as close as possible to snacks from a pack. Of course, the snack is high-calorie, so you shouldn’t lean heavily on it, but sometimes you can treat yourself to food that is harmful to the waist. Moreover, for 1 serving you will need only 1 medium-sized potato, and the specified amount of oil is enough for frying 5-6 servings.

How to make potato chips at home

  1. First of all, I peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices, not more than 2 millimeters. It is most convenient to cut with a peeler or sharp ceramic knife.
  2. Pour potato slices with cold water and soak for 15 minutes. Why soak? To remove excess starch, due to which the slices will stick together and darken when frying. This is the main secret of crispy chips. Then I drain the water. A lot of starch remains at the bottom of the bowl, and the potato slices bend slightly and become harder.
  3. I spread them on a waffle towel to remove all excess moisture. Dry for 10 minutes.
  4. I pour vegetable oil into a deep fryer or deep-frying pan (preferably narrow, then less oil will be left). I bring to a boil and spread the potato slices in butter. It is necessary to lay in portions, in 3-4 steps, for more uniform frying. I cook for about 3 minutes, over high heat. Potatoes harden very quickly and become crispy.
  5. As soon as the potato chips are lightly browned, I take them out with a slotted spoon from the oil and put them on a paper towel to remove excess fat.
  6. While warm, sprinkle with "extra" salt and ground paprika, add a little ground chili for a piquant taste. Mix gently (with hands) and serve.

As you can see, it is very easy and simple to prepare golden and crispy chips at home. It is better to store them in a paper bag, in a dry place, can be served as a side dish or a snack for beer. Enjoy your meal!

Business Idea Overview

The production of spiral chips cannot be completely attributed to products for a healthy diet. Frying potatoes is carried out in boiling vegetable oil, which allows you to enjoy a crispy and very tasty fast food. Roll chips are often cooked directly in front of the customer, and they consist entirely of natural fresh potatoes. 3-4 minutes are enough to get a fragrant portion of salt, various spices of fried potatoes at the exit from the fryer. Such food is an excellent accompaniment to beer, soft drinks.

Analysis of this business idea in rough estimates:

  • costs associated with organizational issues of building a business on spiral chips - from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles.
  • the relevance of business in terms of population - settlements from 50 thousand people,
  • industry situation - the market is not saturated with this offer,
  • payback of a business idea - 1-3 months.

For those who are looking for their own business, requiring a minimum investment, a business in the manufacture of spiral chips with their own hands will be a great option. Such work is within the power of most people who seek to earn money independently and become independent entrepreneurs.

You can understand how to make potato spiral chips on a stick by familiarizing yourself with the technology of their manufacture:

  1. Potatoes are being packaged, medium, large potatoes having an even oval shape are selected.
  2. The selected raw materials must be thoroughly washed. If the potato is fresh, the thin peel does not cut off, it gives the chips made a golden color around the edges. Old potatoes must be peeled.
  3. Plant whole potatoes on a skewer made of wood. Spiral chips are cut on a special apparatus. When preparing several potatoes in advance, it is not necessary to straighten the spiral formed as a result of cutting, since it can dry and blacken. It is advisable to do this immediately before frying, with a demonstration to customers.
  4. Having stretched the potato spiral, you need to start cooking spiral chips directly: fry them by lowering them into the deep fat fryer for 3-4 minutes, after which they acquire an appetizing golden hue.
  5. Ready-made spiral chips removed from the deep fryer must be salt, add spices, various sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise at the request of the buyer. The finished product can be packaged, the best packaging - paper or special containers.

You don’t need to make many chips for the future, it is advisable to cook them directly in front of customers so that they can see the process and enjoy a hot, crispy, fragrant dish.

Ways to Sell Spiral Chips

The location of the point of sale is one of the main factors for the success and quick payback of a business. The location of the outlet is directly proportional to the level of sales. The main consumers of these products are children, youth, middle-aged people, the age category is 12-38 years. These parameters should be taken as a guide when choosing the location of the outlet.

The most attractive in this regard will be any places where many young people gather, or parts of the city with an active movement of people.

To expand sales, you can try to offer these products for sale through cafes, bars, and other catering establishments. Outlets through which the sale of spiral chips on a stick during mass holidays and various entertainment events are popular are popular.

To conduct a business for the preparation and sale of spiral chips, it is best to set up an individual business.


  1. Potato 500 g
  2. Hard cheese 40 g.
  3. Chicken egg -2 pcs. taste
  4. Cream 10% 3 tbsp. spoons (can be replaced with milk)
  5. Potato starch 4 tbsp. spoons
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Ground black pepper to taste
  8. Vegetable oil for frying 300 g.

Inappropriate products? Choose a similar recipe from others!

pan, pan, cooking bag, potato pusher

Business Equipment

Equipment for the production of chips will not need much. If the trade will be conducted on the street, you need to purchase a tent with an area of ​​2-4 sq.m. (price - about 3 000 rubles). The room also needs to provide the ability to protect the point of sale. It is advisable to have your own transport for moving to more crowded places, for organizing outbound trade at various city events, etc.

The device for cutting spiral chips. The main characteristic that you need to pay attention to at the time of purchase is the performance of the machine. For starters, you can opt for a machine that produces 25 potato chips per hour. Given that the working day is 8 hours, with the sale of about 20 servings in one hour (the price of spiral chips on a stick is on average 35 rubles - 1 skewer), you can earn 5600 rubles a day. If you take away the costs of production, the profit will be good. Today you can buy a device for spiral chips, powered by a conventional 220 W electrical network with a built-in battery. Therefore, it will be possible to install the device in any place where trading can be most successful. In the event of a power outage, you can switch to the battery without any problems without stopping operation.

Deep fryer for spiral chips. Choosing this technique, you need to focus on the performance of the apparatus that cuts the chips. In this case, the work will be as effective as possible.

Steam table. You need to buy this dish, as you will have to store food in it. When buying a food warmer, you need to pay attention to its capacity.

Table. You can’t do without a table, this is the main workplace, it will house all the equipment listed above, including the machine for spiral chips.

Chair. The seller cannot stand all day for the device, so you need to provide a place where he will be most comfortable sitting and working.

Purchasing Supplies

It is not enough just to buy equipment for the manufacture of spiral chips. For smooth operation, consumables will be needed: a knife, a cutting torch for replacement in the device. Periodically, it needs to be sharpened so that the potatoes are cut carefully, without marriage. In addition, consumables include:

  • potatoes, you can conclude an agreement on its delivery with farmers, private individuals who can provide sufficient volumes of raw materials. You need to start with a small batch, determine the volume of sales, and then calculate how many potatoes will be needed for a certain period, for example, for a month. Nobody is also insured against unscrupulous suppliers, low-quality tubers, therefore, it will be necessary to determine a permanent supplier through its practical selection. It’s not possible to calculate the exact number of deliveries for the first time, since it will be necessary to search for the most suitable place for sales with high traffic through experimental methods
  • wooden skewers (length 35 cm, thickness 0.5 cm), spices, salt, napkins, disposable tableware, containers for packing chips - all this is sold in ordinary supermarket stores.


Spiral potato chips are a food product, so they must be certified. Obtaining a certificate for chips consists of several steps.

  1. Collection of documents for submission to Rospotrebnadzor:
  • registration data in NI,
  • IP registration certificate (copy)
  • Help statistics on codes (from Rosstat),
  • lease agreement, ownership of the area under production, sale of products,
  • documents for equipment used in production,
  • conclusion on the technical conditions of production.
  1. Submission of product samples to the laboratory of the regional branch of Rospotrebnadzor to obtain a sanitary certificate confirming the quality of the products.
  2. Obtaining a document on the conformity of production (premises) to fire safety rules, a declaration of conformity.
  3. Submission to the regional FMC application. After a two-week review, a product certification decision will be issued.
  4. Obtaining a test report of the product with a sample for verification.
  5. Submission after analysis of the production conditions of all available documents to the certification body.

The benefits of launching this business idea are certainly there. It depends on the locality and the place chosen for the sale of chips. Even if the forecast is not very rosy, in the summer the payback will be very high.

The recipe "Potato chips on skewers in the microwave":

So, finely chop the potatoes, salt, pepper, string on skewers. Then put the skewers on a soup plate. Maybe you will find a more suitable vessel, deeper.
Based on my previous experience of drying “chips” on parchment (plate, silicone mat), the less the potatoes come into contact with the surface, the better. You look, and does not stick (does not dry)!

Please note: we do not rinse potato slices from starch, do not dry them. If anything, excess liquid itself drains into a plate while we mess with the next “garland”.
By the way, I sprinkled slices of potato with paprika and Provence herbs. From experience, if you have powder salt, you can add ready-made chips to salt.

Cooking time is strictly individual. Something depends on potatoes, something on the microwave. I suggest experimenting.
The portions in the photo, in order to brown, was enough for 6 minutes at a power of 700 watts. I made three calls in two minutes. During breaks I checked the degree of readiness. And then, I suspect that I overexposed.

True, no one thought about this except me! The children quickly ate and said: “We want more!”. After the third portion, they became interested in who came up with these chips.

Wikipedia came to our aid.
“It is believed that the chips were accidentally invented by George Crum, the chef of the trendy restaurant of the Moon Lake Lodge, in August 1853. According to legend, one of the restaurant’s signature recipes was “french fries”. One day, railroad tycoon Vanderbilt returned a signature dish, reproaching the potato for being "too thick." The chef decided to play a trick on the rich man, cut the potatoes almost to transparency and fried in oil. The new option was a great success!
The first chips appeared in the USSR in 1963 under the name "Moscow Potato Crisp in Slices".
In the usual form for us, in Russia, chips appeared on sale only in the mid-90s. ”

What else can you say ?! We love chips, french fries! You can’t name them healthy food, of course! So we cook it ourselves, from time to time, in order to bring down your edge!

Yes, I almost missed it, we carefully remove the ready-made “chips”, slightly scrolling the skewer. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!