Useful Tips

How to make fire without matches and make a fire


1 way. Using a magnifier

Using a magnifying glass, binoculars, glasses, you can focus the sun's rays on the tinder and thereby ignite it. Focusing the rays on the tinder, the lens should be held motionless. To do this, you can prepare some kind of palm rest in advance.

2 ways. Making fire with a bow and drill

The method of producing fire is based on the effect of heat generation during friction. To do this, you need to make a bow, "drill", support and thrust. A bow can be made from any branch about a meter long, 2-3 cm in diameter. As a bowstring, it can be a strong rope, a narrow strip from a cut belt.

3 way. Getting fire with a “drill" together

Working together, you can do without a bow. Otherwise, the procedure remains the same. The simplicity of this method does not guarantee quick success. And it depends on many factors: the correct selection of wood, tinder quality, pressure on the “drill”, weather, etc. As a rule, such a method can only be successful in the summer in dry weather.

4 way. With a gun

With the help of a gun, you can set fire to a tinder shot. For this, a bullet or shot is removed from the cartridge, as well as part of the gunpowder. The sleeve is clogged with cotton wool, dry moss, a ball of cloth or small birch bark. A shot is fired into the ground next to the stacked tinder. You can pour part of the powder onto the tinder and try to set it on fire, carving sparks with an armchair.

5 way. Using battery

The battery can be used to get fire. A short circuit of the positive and negative contacts will give a powerful spark that can ignite the tinder.

6 way. Flint and a piece of metal

It is easiest to make fire by inflicting sliding blows on the rock with hard rock (silicon, pyrite, etc.). As a chair, you can use metal objects: a file, the back side of a knife blade, an ax blade. The direction of the blows must be such that sparks fall on the tinder - flammable or smoldering material. The success of a business depends on its quality. The tinder can be made from a piece of pure wool or cotton. It is dried over low heat until it starts to burn around the edges. Without letting the fabric ignite, it is removed from the fire and placed in an airtight package. If there is no pre-prepared tinder, then it can be made in an emergency using fine dry birch bark, primary pine or cedar bark, wood dust from a trunk eaten by insects, reed and bird fluff - in short, everything that begins to smolder or ignites when sparks falling on them.

7 way. With the help of Antifreeze and potassium permanganate

There are chemical methods of producing fire, based on spontaneous combustion of various mixtures. You can use antifreeze (radiator coolant) and potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). For this, a teaspoon of potassium permanganate is poured onto paper or fabric, 2 - 3 drops of antifreeze are dripped onto it. After this, the sheet must be tightly folded, put on the ground, put a tinder on top. During the oxidation process, a large amount of heat is released, which can ignite the paper and set fire to tinder. Do not pour a lot of liquid - this reduces the heating rate. The heating rate decreases even with loose paper.

8 way. Using potassium permanganate and glycerin

A compound of potassium permanganate with glycerin, which can appear in a medical kit as a tool used to soften the skin and mucous membrane in case of its disease. In this case, potassium permanganate is poured onto a dry surface, several drops of glycerin are dripped onto it. After the appearance of smoke, a few more drops of glycerin are added, which can be critical - a bright flash occurs, from which the cooked tinder is set on fire.

9 way. Gunpowder

Take the bullet out of the sleeve, pour the gunpowder onto the tinder and use flint, which is found almost everywhere. If you hit him with a metal object, then hot sparks are carved from flint.

10 way. Using a condom

A condom is truly a unique thing, I think that all travelers have long appreciated this multi-purpose item. So, we take a transparent condom and fill it with water. We use it as a lens, focus the beam on a pre-prepared tinder or paper, a little patience, and now there is a smoke.

11 way. Pepsi can

We polish the bottom of the can and use it as a reflector. We direct the beam to a sheet of paper or tinder.

12 way. Photo frame and cling film

Take a photo frame and wrap it with cling film. We put the frame on the stand and pour water. Everything, the installation for lighting a fire is ready.

13 way. Steel wool and mobile phone battery

Steel wool is a plexus of very thin fiber of steel, it looks like a regular cotton wool from a pharmacy. Steel itself consists of 98% iron and 2% carbon, proportions may vary depending on the type of steel. We prepare a “nest” of dry leaves and grass, put cotton in it and spend several times with battery contacts on cotton.

14 way. Chewing gum battery and foil

Cut a strip of foil, fold it in half and sharpen the bend with scissors. We attach the ends of the strip to the poles of the battery, and the main thing here is not to burn your fingers.

This method requires patience. You will not only light a fire, but also warm yourself. We take a piece of ice and with light movements of the knife give it a shape in the lens. Then we polish the surface of the lens with our hands.

16 way. Sodium and water

Sodium is a silver-white metal, plastic, even soft (easy to cut with a knife), a fresh slice of sodium glistens in air and is easily oxidized to sodium oxide. To protect against oxygen in the air, metallic sodium is stored under a layer of kerosene. Sodium reacts very violently with water: a piece of sodium placed in the water floats up, melts due to the released heat, turning into a white ball that quickly moves in different directions along the surface of the water, the reaction proceeds with the release of hydrogen, which can ignite. This experiment is also called "dancing fire."

17 way. Fire piston

This pneumatic lighter was invented sometime in 1770. It works on the same principle as a diesel engine. With strong compression, the air in the cylinder is heated to temperatures above 300 ° C, which leads to ignition of the tinder located at the end of the piston. In order to reach a high temperature, you need a strong blow.

18 way. Friction method using wire.

Fire can also be diluted with ordinary wire. It is desirable that the wire was at least 2 mm thick, if it is thinner, it will simply burn the tree and you will not have time to light the tinder. Two sticks are attached to the ends of the wire, which will serve as handles to you. The principle is this, just wrap the log with wire and as if trying to saw off a piece. A tinder should be planted nearby, as soon as a coal appears, proceed to a fire.

Getting fire by traditional methods

The main sources of fire were and remain matches and a lighter. Matches are included in any survival kit. The following types are distinguished:

    Resistant to wind and moisture (hunting).

To matches didn’t let you down at the right time, you need to perform some simple recommendations:

    Store correctly: in sealed packaging. To avoid ignition, eliminate friction and strum.

Lighters, in turn, may be:

You can take any of them, but, most importantly, not cheap. With the latter, a bonfire will be delayed, and "you will not cook porridge." A pair of flints in reserve will also be useful. They are suitable for the manufacture of a "fire pencil", giving a spark of friction on any hard surface.

Campfire order

  1. Cook tinder or any flammable material:

The first option ignites easier and faster, but it does not burn for long. The main fuel is firewood. First, dry and thin are used, and after that you can add raw ones, the excess water will evaporate from the heat, and the fire will not go out.

    Prepare a place for a bonfire.

Avoid options near dry trees, tents, sleeping bags. The selected area with a diameter of 1-1.5 m is cleared, you can dig a small hole for a fire. If the ground is wet or covered with snow, make an elevation of fresh branches, earth or stones.

    To build a "frame" of the structure.

Whatever type of bonfire a person chooses, several rules should be followed:

  • leave fire access to oxygen,
  • use as dry materials as possible
  • use firewood to light firewood.

The spark falls on the tinder, then small brushwood ignites and, as it burns, sets fire to thicker branches and firewood. If necessary, a weak flame should be maintained by slow inflation.

How to make a fire with a lens?

The sun is an unlimited source of energy. In cloudless weather, you can light a fire even with a small glass. The main thing is to concentrate the sun's beam at one point. A tinder placed in focus in the form of a paper napkin or a nest of dry grass will give a flame that can only be developed.

Also suitable: a mirror, the bottom of an aluminum can, glasses, a piece of pure ice. A lens can be made from a plastic bag or condom by filling them with water that refracts the light. It will remain with his hands to give the water tank the desired shape so that the sun's beam can focus at one point.

You can build a fire with a piece of ice. The main thing is to give it the shape of a biconvex lens with the heat of your hands. The tin can works by the same principle. Only it does not refract the sunbeam, but reflects it. Before use, the bottom of the can can be sanded, but it is important not to overdo it so as not to damage the outer shell.

How to make a bonfire by friction?

Even ancient people noticed that solid surfaces are heated by friction. On this principle, many home-made and industrial devices for producing fire are built. One of them - flint. In modern design, this is a rod made of an alloy of iron, silicon and some metals. Flint is not afraid of moisture and wind. It is durable, unpretentious, does not need refueling and maintenance, does not break. The resulting sparks have a temperature of 3000 ° C.

The disadvantage of a flint is that it is useless in the absence of a dry tinder, which in difficult weather conditions (rain, snow) is difficult. Flint can be manual or semi-automatic. Working with the latter variety frees up one hand. Those who want to start a fire with a flint need to know that:

    Sparks from alloy steel are better carved.

You can light a fire with beam drill. To do this, you need a flat piece of wood as a base. It is necessary to make a groove in it, where the rod will be inserted. A drainage channel is made from the groove for the outflow of friction products and coal. A dry and durable branch with a thickness of not more than 1 cm is suitable for the stem. From another branch, up to 1 m long and 2 cm in diameter, make a bow by tying it with a string from a shoe string or a strip of a cut belt. The core is twisted string. Insert into the groove and begin to move the bow so that the rod spins slowly at first, then faster. This creates friction between the base and the shaft. At the same time, hands are not injured. At the required pace of movement, a haze appears, and then brown powder or coals. Placed in tinder, they will allow to make fire without matches.

You can light a fire without a bow, but then you have to rotate the rod together.

For the next method, you will need an ordinary wire with a diameter of 2 mm or more. The handles will be 2 sticks fixed at its edges. Wrapping a log with wire, they try to saw off a piece of it. It is already possible to make a fire from a lighted tinder.

The simplicity of the method is not a guarantee of instant success. There is a dependence on weather, tinder, wood species. In the summer, this technique will work for sure.

The first time you make a fire in the above ways may not work. It will take repeated training to develop the appropriate skills.

Chemical bonfire

You can light a fire using the thermal effect of chemical reactions in which the following reactants are:

    Potassium permanganate and sugar (9: 1).

Someone considers the chemical method of producing fire strange, but in real conditions it works and helps someone.

Dry alcohol in tablets, which is often sold in sealed packaging along with hunting matches, will also help to make a fire.

For the next method, take the foil and cut off the strip. Folding it in half, scissors sharpen the bend. This helps to create resistance to electric current, which is why heating and ignition occur. By attaching the ends of the foil to the poles of the battery, you can light a fire, most importantly, take care of your fingers. This method relates more to exotic methods than to real ones. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which such an idea may come in handy.

You can also light a fire with a cartridge, from which they took out a bullet, shot and part of the gunpowder, but instead they beat it with chopped birch bark, dry moss or cotton wool. A shot is fired into the ground next to the arson material. It is also possible to set fire to gunpowder spilled on a tinder by sparks from a chair.

The main thing is not to forget that the brain was and remains the main tool of man. He is always with the owner and will help to get fire without matches, to survive in the most extreme conditions. Therefore, you need to think in advance about safety measures and carefully extinguish the ashes after yourself.