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Quality vaporizer for electronic cigarette


Option 1. The electronic evaporator consists of 3 main parts: battery atomizer and cartridge with nicotine solution (or without it). The battery is a rechargeable battery with the ability to charge from the mains or from USB. Atomizer is a device that turns a nicotine liquid solution into vapor suitable for inhalation. The cartridge can be changed and filled with nicotine solution yourself. Typically, electronic vaporizers are sold with a charger and several replaceable cartridges.

Option 2 Models of electronic evaporators, consisting of two parts - battery and cartomizer.

Cartomizer - a cartridge with a built-in disposable atomizer. The advantage of this model is that it eliminates the possibility of breakdown of the atomizer, and they are also simple and convenient to use.

When choosing an electronic evaporator, their differences from each other should be taken into account.

BATTERY - when choosing an electronic vaporizer, pay attention to the battery capacity, the larger it is, the longer you can use the electronic vaporizer. Mostly on the market, now, the following batteries are available with a capacity of 180 mah - which equals 180 puffs or 10 ordinary cigarettes, 280 mah - 300 puffs or 16 ordinary cigarettes, 650 mah - 700 puffs or 25 ordinary cigarettes, 900 mah - 1000 puffs or 50 regular cigarettes.

First of all, the choice of an electronic vaporizer depends on how many regular cigarettes you smoke per day. If not less than a pack, then preference should be given to evaporators with a battery capacity of 280 mA / h or to an evaporator with a portable charger (for example, built into a pack or cigarette case).

Cartridges or cartomizers - a container in which a special fluid is located. After the cartridge runs out, you need to insert a new one or fill it with special liquid.
Everyone uses the liquid because the cartridges run out quickly, and constantly buying new ones is too expensive. In addition, there is a huge variety of liquids, which allows you to choose almost any taste to the most exotic (coffee, vanilla, cola, red bull, chocolate, menthol, mint, peach, tutti frutti, lemonade, cappuccino, marlboro, Cuban cigar, 555 , Virginia, and many more.) Different types of electronic vaporizers use cartridges of different capacities, basically a cartridge is equivalent to 10-16 cigarettes in comparison with ordinary cigarettes. But for example, in electronic tubes, a cartridge is equivalent to 50 cigarettes!

The choice of liquid or cartridges depends on which cigarettes you smoke, if strong - Regular / High, if light - Lite / Medium, if ultra-light - Ultra lite / Low, you can also try using nicotine-free cartridges.

What do we actually breathe? Composition?

Evaporator liquid usually consists of a base, nicotine, flavors and a small amount of water.
The basis of the mixture is Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). It is he who, under the influence of a heating element, which is located inside the atomizer, turns into steam. The amount of nicotine can be adjusted by the percentage of the solution, as well as the number of flavors.
You can make a solution, in general, without nicotine, only with flavorings. Particular attention should be paid to the composition of natural Epuffer fluids.

EPuffer Electronic Evaporator Fluids include:

Acetyl pyrazine - NI (Natural Ingredients), (Kosher), food ingredients used in liquids, with the smell of sweets, caramel, nuts, popcorn. Flavors in liquids, produced from natural grains of vanilla, coffee, cocoa beans. Natural Nicotine - is made from the best varieties of tobacco, bell pepper and tomatoes. Damascenon - N.I. (Natural Ingredients), (Kosher) - a clear liquid, yellow, comes from natural sources, the molecules of which are: fresh fruit juices, herbs, flowers, berries: blackcurrant, apricot, raspberry, grape, Strawberry. The taste of liquid is saturated with fruity, floral notes of strawberries or roses. Maltol in liquids for cigarettes, is an amplifier of taste aromatic properties, is used in the manufacture of confectionery. Menthol is a naturally occurring crystalline organic substance derived from peppermint essential oil. Food workers use menthol as a flavoring agent for confectionery, caramel, and alcohol (rum, cognac, liquor). All of the ingredients in ePuffer Electronic Evaporator Fluids are found in many fruits and vegetables without harming human health. Propylene glycol, a pharmaceutical liquid, is a safe substance and is contained in the GRAS category list (a list of substances recognized as completely harmless) compiled by the United States Office of Medicines and Food Products (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

How to use an electronic vaporizer?

Charge the battery, the first charge usually takes at least 8 hours. Paying attention to the color change of the bulbs on the charger for the first time is not necessary. In the future, the battery usually charges about 3 hours. It is better to assemble the device in accordance with the instructions, but without it there should be no difficulties. Do not try to use an electronic evaporator with an empty cartridge, this may lead to a breakdown of the atomizer. Enjoy it!

Is it safe to use an electronic vaporizer? Must read!

Unlike regular cigarettes, electronic vaporizers do not contain resins, heavy metals, carcinogens and about 4000 harmful substances that are present in the smoke of tobacco cigarettes. This, of course, is very significant.

Propylene glycol and Glycerin are the basis of refueling liquid for electronic evaporators - are they harmful? They do not appear to be carcinogens.

Propylene Glycol it is widely used in medicine (even administered intravenously) in the food industry (in flavorings, for example), it has a disinfecting effect, it is used as a preservative, solvent, to produce smoke in special theater smoke machines, etc. That is, it does not mean harmful as such.

Glycerol widely used in cosmetology, food industry,

medicine. Soap is made from it, all kinds of skin creams, it is used as a substitute for sugar in cooking. In the studies conducted, on the compatibility of these two components, not a single dangerous compound for human health was found.

It is very important to understand that cigarettes are a huge business that brings billions of dollars to its owners annually. And with the advent of electronic vaporizers, this business is in real danger. Therefore, it is not surprising the appearance of custom articles about the fact that electronic evaporators are not safer than ordinary ones, etc. Already, cigarette manufacturers are joining the war for their billions, and the fact that smoking an electronic vaporizer does no harm to anyone who smokes or to those around them!

The device and the value of the evaporator

The electronic vaporizer is a mini inhaler. The device allows you to burn the nicotine supplement through its boiling in special solvents. This method was supposed to be a safe alternative to smoking. Since a short time has passed since its appearance on the market, it is impossible to judge the safety of electronic devices for smoking for human health.

The vaporizer is one of the details of an electronic cigarette. It is attached on one side to the battery, on the other - to the tank into which liquid is poured. Between this part and the tank there is a heating spiral with a wick wound with cotton wool.

Vata is impregnated with a liquid consisting of propylene glycol, glycerin, aromatic additives and nicotine. Turning on the battery, a person activates the supply of current to the atomizer, because of which the spiral heats up. The liquid, which was saturated with cotton wool, begins to evaporate, turning into steam, which the smoker inhales.

How much is the vaporizer in an electronic cigarette

The duration of use of evaporators may vary. The service life of the part depends on the quality of the liquids used, the time of the device. If you use high-quality mixtures, you will have to change the evaporator once every 1.5-2 weeks. When using liquids without dye, the service life can be extended up to a month. These values ​​are suitable for people who are accustomed to smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. If a person rarely uses the device, his life is extended.

You can understand that it’s time to change the part by changing the quality of the steam. If it has become less saturated, the aroma and taste have changed, the density has decreased, the atomizer should be changed.

Evaporator Classification

Evaporators are divided into atomizers, tankerisers, clearomizers, drips.

Atomizers can be divided into 3 groups. These species differ from each other in technical characteristics, suitable for different groups of people.

Serviced are used in reusable smoking devices. Their service life depends on how correctly a person will use the gadget, take care of it. Buying a device with a reusable vaporizer is more profitable for a smoker.

The second group of atomizers is called maintenance free. They are used in disposable electronic cigarettes. The device does not charge, it is thrown away when the liquid runs out. On average, they are enough for 200-360 puffs. This roughly equals 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

There is also a combined option.

What is a vaporizer?

This is an element that provides the conversion of the smoking mixture into steam. It turns out that the taste characteristics of the steam and its density will depend on its design features, dimensions, resistance of the heating element.

The evaporator is that part of the smoking device where the container for filling the mixture and the heating element with a wick made of cotton wool or synthetic winterizer material are located.

Types of bottom evaporators

Electronic devices for smoking are constantly being improved. Manufacturers offer new models, improve technology. Manufacturers strive to improve the quality of the vapor produced during vaping, which is affected by the resistance of the evaporator. The smaller it is, the more saturated the vapor clouds are, but the service life of such a device is much shorter.

BCC - single helix models. The resulting steam is saturated, has a pronounced taste, stands out in a thick cloud. This model is gradually losing popularity.

BDC - models with two spirals. They have a uniform load.

BVC is the newest of the models. It has one vertical spiral. In such a device, the liquid for the evaporator evaporates the fastest. The vertical spiral is blown more evenly, which allows to extend its service life.

Cartomizer is a maintenance free option. It looks more like a pipe than a cigarette in appearance. This device appeared on the market first.

Dripka is an option that does not have a tank for pouring liquid. You can soar with such a device for a short time. Every 10-20 minutes need refueling. Experienced vapers believe that this option allows the liquid to better maintain its qualities: it does not stagnate in the tank. A special system was invented that allows you to refill the device without constantly carrying cans: the steam worker needs to press a special button when the liquid is finished so that a new portion arrives at the evaporation device.

Tankerisers - serviced evaporators. They have large volumes. The disadvantage of this device is the constant contact of the liquid with the heating element. Because of this, her taste changes.

Clearomizers are a subspecies of atomizers. Their case is transparent, so the steam bather can control the amount of remaining liquid, refuel the device in a timely manner. In addition, clearomizers have a large volume. Their minus is that the liquid stagnates, changes its taste.

Device and principle of operation

Before choosing an evaporator, you should clarify how the element is arranged and works.

The steam generator is simple in design, manufactured in two forms:

  1. Of the three components - the battery, the cartridge element with liquid and the atomizer. The reusable battery is charged from the mains and via the USB cable. The cartridge can also be used repeatedly, independently filling with liquid. The mixture turns into steam in an atomizer. As a rule, electronic devices in the kit contain a charging cord and spare cartridges.
  2. Of the two elements - the battery and the cartomizer. This is the name of a cartridge that has a disposable atomizer. The design advantage is simplicity and ease of use. The probability of failure is low.

The duration of use of the electric cigarette will be determined by the volume of the battery. When the capacity is small, you will have to charge the device more often.

A cigarette works like this:

  • during tightening, the mixture through the wick falls on a spiral,
  • the electric energy supplied by the battery is converted into thermal energy by heating the spiral element.

The smoking mixture, interacting with a red-hot spiral, is converted into vapors that are inhaled by a person through the hole provided for this.

The best of the best

The lower the resistance, the larger the clouds of steam. In addition, it turns out more saturated and tasty, aromatic. A slight resistance, however, has a negative side: replacement of the vaporizer in an electronic cigarette will be required more often.

A good option would be SmokMicroOne R80. This model is convenient for both beginners and experienced steam workers. The battery lasts for a day. Steam can be supplied even during recharging.

EleafiStick 100w TS - a model that allows you to adjust the power to your liking. The device is small, temperature control is available.

Joyetech eVic VT also has a thermal monitoring option. There is also protection for the board from overheating, short circuit. The device allows you to adjust the power. The device has a capacious battery.

When choosing a device, you should be interested in its technical characteristics. This will let you know how often to change the vaporizer in an electronic cigarette, what characteristics the vapor will have, how often you will have to charge the vape.

By design

From the features of the device, the functionality of the tanks changes:

  • method of blowing a spiral of nichrome material,
  • the place where the mixture is for refueling,
  • option for transferring non-combustible slurry to a spiral.

In size

The device parameters are determined by aesthetics, stylishness and compactness of the device, ease of operation.

Based on the sizes, the following groups are distinguished:

  1. Diameter does not exceed 9 mm. These are thin devices, very similar to simple cigarettes.
  2. From 10 to 14 mm. The name of the format is ego. The most popular version of the device, as it successfully combined compact dimensions, ease of use, amazing technical characteristics - battery charge, density and saturation of steam, excellent qualities of taste and aroma.
  3. 17 mm. Elements are also in demand, but not so convenient in daily use.
  4. 20 mm. This is a group of devices average in size and parameters.
  5. 22 - 23 mm. Another ego standard. Models are serviced, differ in charge capacity. They weigh a lot, are inconvenient to use because of their large size.

By spiral resistance

Another important indicator that determines the quality of the evaporator.The resistance of the spiral element will depend on how quickly the smoking fluid evaporates in the vape. Standard options for resistance do not exceed 2.5 Ohms, there are models with very low rates. But the elements are not in demand and their release occurs in limited quantities. The reason is the short life.

Resistance Evaporator Types:

  1. 1.6 ohm. The charged mixture evaporates quickly, and the steam is warm, saturated and thick.
  2. 1.8 ohm. The most optimal option. It is popular because of the dense and almost cold steam. Long period of operation.
  3. 2.1 ohms. Amateur model. The steam is very cold and less dense. The advantage is a long service life

Types of replaceable evaporators

These models are easy to use and maintain, so they are popular.

At first the evaporator was located on top, but this often burned the wicks. To eliminate such a drawback, the evaporator was transferred to the lower clear zone. This group of devices became known as BCC. After the improvement of the smoking device was completed, another modification appeared - BVC, which has a spiral located vertically. The list ended with BDC modifications, characterized by the presence of two spiral elements. There are other options for the location of heaters, but such models are not in demand.

Each group has its own characteristics:

  1. BCC is a great option with one spiral element. It uses shortish wicks, which are sometimes not visible at all. The steam generated by this device is cool, the liquid does not change the color cast and does not fade.
  2. BDC - is rapidly gaining popularity. The double-type spiral, from which the slurry evaporates quickly, the characteristics of the smoking device in terms of steam and taste differences are improved.
  3. BVC is a new development. There is only one vertical spiral, which increases the evaporation area. The period of operation of the clergy is quite large.

How to clean the evaporator

Even a newly acquired item will function worse over time. When less steam is produced, it should be changed. But in the event that the construction is a one-piece type, it simply needs to be cleaned using known methods.

When using a smoking device, it is necessary to remember about preventive measures. This will make it possible not to perform complex work, to extend the period of functioning of the cigarette between the two cleaners. It will be enough from time to time to remove excess mixture with a napkin, at the end of each day, remove the cartridge, expose the cigar vertically.

If a cigarette starts to squish during steam, you should not panic. You just need to unwind the body part, remove the evaporator and carefully inspect the back side, marked with a yellow mark. On it and the battery contacts, droplets of the mixture will be distinguishable. This is the reason for the strange sound. By removing them, a cigarette can be collected.

How to repair an evaporator

When a burning smell is felt even after cleaning, the evaporator needs repair. It is best to take it to the workshop, but you can try to do the work yourself. For this purpose, the main wick holder is removed, the point of contact with the heating element is examined.

If there is damage in this part, then washing and drying are carried out, burnt areas are removed with small nippers, the wick carefully immerses a little deeper. Now you can pack a cigarette.

What to look for when choosing an evaporator

Be sure to clarify the amount of refueling mixture. 30–40 ml for three weeks will be enough for a novice sweater, but an avid vaper of this amount will not be enough.

The serviced atomizer has one advantage - you can rewind the spiral yourself to better reveal the taste of the mixture. Yes, and the strength of smoking can be adjusted by voltage.

Top Best Atomizers

Having understood what an evaporator is, specifying its classification, you can consider options for the best cigarette models with different vaporizing elements

The five leaders are as follows:

  • Smok Micro One R80,
  • Eleafi Just 2,
  • Eleafi Stick 100w TS,
  • Joyetech e Vic VT,
  • Kangertech Suboxmini.