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Tip 1: Finding a Hobby for You


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Hobbies allow you to study interests that are not related to your work. They allow you to be creative and try new things. If you are tired of an old hobby, a new hobby will help you regain creativity. Be sure to check your budget before choosing a new hobby, as some may be expensive. Don’t worry, you have many options, even if you have a small budget.

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If both of you like active pastime, perhaps some kind of sport will unite you. Think about whether you could play tennis, volleyball, badminton with your partner or partner. Maybe both of you are attracted to winter sports, and you like skating or skiing. Do sports together, be it a simple trip to the gym, and see how such an activity improves your life together.

You can not only do fitness, but also watch the development of events in the world of sports. Perhaps you both like to watch football or hockey, or even cheer on the same team. Wonderful! Arrange viewing sessions at home or visit the stadium. You will have many topics to talk about, and during the championship days you will rush to meet your loved one in the sports arena, like on wings.


To unite a man and a woman can be some kind of creative activity. Maybe both of you are fond of music, drawing, creating new things. Discuss with your partner or partner what you enjoyed doing as a child. Perhaps this activity will appeal to both of you now.

Passion for some kind of art can also help to have fun together. If you both enjoy going to concerts, circus performances, exhibitions, performances, creative evenings, vernissages or showing alternative films, give this type of leisure more joint time.

The ability to spend more time together can give a passion for computer games. If you, like your loved one, love strategies, logic games, arcades, shooters, stimulants or adventure games, then you can play them together.

If you are not keen on computer games, and your half loves them, try to feel the hobbies of your partner or partner. Perhaps you will like it, and you will get a new hobby, and the location of a loved one.

Together with your loved one, you can attend educational courses. Maybe you both have long dreamed of pulling up English or learning some exotic foreign language, mastering the art of design or cooking. It's time to act and enroll in courses. Moreover, for two you can get a discount when paying for tuition.

You can learn something new at home. There are tons of training videos and courses on the Internet that will help you diversify your leisure activities. The main thing is to make a lesson schedule that suits both of you and not miss out on your studies.

Come from childhood

Some people ask themselves: how to come up with a hobby? “Come up with” is not quite the right word. Hobbies need to be found ... in oneself.

Most often, hobbies stretch into adulthood straight from childhood. My fellow countryman Roman grew up mainly in the men's company. And his father, uncle, and older brother always took him fishing.

It is not surprising that by the age of 35, Roman is the owner of a rich collection of fishing tackle, knows the difference between a jerkbait and a wobbler, regularly goes “at night”, traveled half of Russia in search of a rich “catch”.

Hence, rule number 1: if you can’t come up with a hobby, remember what you liked best in childhood. They loved to sew outfits for dolls. Take a magazine with patterns and craft something for yourself. I liked to care for animals. Start with a couple of parrots. Drew wall newspapers at school? Try picking up the paint and brush again!

As psychologists say, the most correct decision is what came to mind first. So go to your origins and look for your hobby in the distant past.

Take an example from others

Another way to find a lesson to your liking is to "be sober". Look around, see what relatives, friends, and colleagues do in their free time. Listen to their stories: maybe you will “catch” someone else’s enthusiasm and try yourself in a new hypostasis.

So in due time it happened to my hostel neighbor Marina. A common acquaintance Tanya signed up for salsa classes and suggested that we go, as they say, “for company”. Without much enthusiasm, Marina agreed, and what do you think.

Tanya abandoned these "dances", as she called them, a long time ago, and Marina ignited them with all her heart. Moreover, she has mastered other dance styles and is currently performing at various events, earning a lot of money and getting great pleasure from her favorite business.

Rule number 2: take an example from others. Perhaps someone’s fleeting hobby will become your hobby for life!

Fantasy to the rescue

The third way to find out your hobby is to turn on fantasy. Imagine yourself an absolutely happy person who has everything you need. What do you do? Are you singing Do you play musical instruments? Or maybe spend days in the garage, delving into the "insides" of the car (there are different hobbies after all)?

In general, the image that first pops up in the head, and can be regarded as a "hobby of all life."

Well, of course, if the hobby is affordable. However, it happens that a person presents himself as a "traveling frog", which plows the vastness of the whole world. Money for such a hobby needs a lot, but there are equivalent alternatives to such expensive hobbies.

In fact, in our country there are many interesting places of which there are few who know. Mysterious dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory, bewitching Amazons of the Murmansk region, the exciting Golubinsky failure of the Arkhangelsk region ... In general, you do not need to go to the ends of the world and spend incredible money to realize your right to a hobby.

So, rule number 3: don't be afraid to dream. To know your destiny means to realize 50% of your dreams.

Five-minute test

Unfortunately, in some cases, people cannot independently understand their addictions. In particularly difficult cases, psychologists are involved. They offer many questionnaires to identify your hobby with a high degree of certainty.

Each test consists of a huge number of questions that require a lot of time to “kill”. But I spent time and found a very simple, clear and affordable test. Only five questions, each of them has five options. You need to choose one, and then count the number of answers under individual letters.

So, just a few minutes, and you will find out your hobby:

    As a schoolboy, what subjects interested you most?
    BUT. Physical education.
    B. Music, Fine Arts, literature.
    AT. Proceedings.
    G. Geometry, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics.
    D. Biology, botany, geography, natural history.

--> --> On TV show a clip of your favorite singer. At this time you:
BUT. Start to dance or sing along.
B. Imagine what kind of visual picture they would “make” as a director of a clip.
AT. You study the appearance of the artist - a suit, makeup, hairstyle.
G. Repeats the words of the song in the head.
D. You analyze whether the plot of the clip and the behavior of the singer match the meaning of the song.

The next working day is over. What will you do when you return home?
BUT. Five-minute charging will not hurt!
B. Pick up an interesting book.
AT. Sit down at embroidery / knitting / ikebana.
G. Get another challenging crossword puzzle.
D. Gather a dog for a walk - and go!

What qualities and abilities do you most admire?
BUT. Excellent physical fitness and a desire for a healthy lifestyle.
B. Creativity, creativity, rich imagination.
AT. Patience, perseverance, golden hands.
G. Analytical mindset, ability to solve mathematical problems.
D. Courage, readiness for adventures and risk.

  • The perfect date in your opinion?
    BUT. Skating around the city on bicycles or roller skates.
    B. A trip to a museum, theater or concert.
    AT. Meeting at home with candles, romantic music and champagne.
    G. Conversation in a small cafe where you can get to know each other closer.
    D. Hiking or skydiving.

  • Now count the number of "yes." The letter that turned out to be dominant will help determine your main hobby.
    • A. Sports. By devoting yourself to an active lifestyle, you can satisfy the natural need for movement. Suitable hobbies are yoga, martial arts, swimming, billiards, tennis, dancing.

    B. Creativity. Rich imagination is your "horse". So "saddle" to choose a photo business, drawing, creating websites, carving, writing poetry and prose.

    B. Needlework. Your task is to bring maximum comfort and warmth to life. Ideal options are sewing, knitting, cooking, embroidery, floriculture.

    G. "Mind Games." You need maximum intellectual stress. Suitable hobbies are chess, learning foreign languages, proving theorems, solving charades and puzzles.

  • D. Adventure. Your element is adrenaline, and the main feature is curiosity. It is necessary to satisfy both of these principles. Suitable travel, extreme sports, fishing, hunting.
  • The test is elementary, it requires only a few minutes of attention. But at the same time it helps to “put together brains” and determine your true interests.

    Personally, I have no problem choosing a hobby, but for the sake of experiment, I decided to take this test. And the result coincided with reality. Four selected option “B” - the result is very reliable. And I am really fond of poetry and work in a creative environment.

    After this test passed my friends, it became clear: it works "wifi-wifi". I can explain this with a limited number of questions, as well as the fact that a person may have more than one hobby.

    Time, money and company

    Passed the test. Here are a few more secrets explaining how to find a hobby to your liking. - Before you start doing this or that business, - make sure that you have enough time for it.

    • Try to make a hobby a source of income. Can you sew? Sheathe friends. Do you like to sing? Speak at corporate parties. By the way, my brother, obsessed with aquarium fish since childhood, makes good money on them today!

  • Look for like-minded people in real life and on social networks. It is better to go to the theater not alone, but the company, stamps and badges need to be exchanged with the same collectors, roots and seedlings of all kinds of flowers can also be shared with the same gardeners.
  • And do not be upset if a hobby, which at first seemed "native", quickly got bored. Try something else - and so, by trial and error, be sure to find something to your liking!