Useful Tips

Kingdom Hearts II


  1. 1 Take out the Decisive Pumpkin. You can do as much damage to Lexus as possible with a pumpkin.
    • You can get this pumpkin if you defeat the Halloween Experiment.
  2. 2 Remove the Highest Ribbon. The tape reduces 25% damage to all elements, including physical damage.
    • Complete the Twilight puzzle to get the tape.
  3. 3 Get the tape. It reduces the damage done to you.
    • If you don’t have a ribbon, you can make it with 5 Fire Stone (Blaze Gem), 5 Ice Stone (Frost Gem), 5 Thunder Stone (Thunder Gem), 5 Bright Stone (Bright Gem), and 3 flashes (Gale) . See here for more details:
  4. 4 Get Full Color + (Full Bloom +). He will add 3 points to the power of Sora.
    • Full Color + (Full Bloom +) is a modification of Full Color (Full Bloom). You can get both of these items. The recipe can be found here:

Part 2 Get Ready Before The Battle Starts

  1. 1 Remove all the attack abilities of Donald and Goofy. Lexaus will become stronger every time you hit him on the shield, for example, with Donald's magic or with the help of Goofy.
  2. 2 Call the genie at the beginning of the battle. This will help you avoid all unnecessary attacks by Donald and Goofy. Also, the gin will constantly treat you.
  3. 3 Put Refleg in the quick access panel.

Part 3 Learn More About Lexus Attacks

  1. 1 Avoid his power attack. Lexaus will blow off Sora, Donald and Goofy with his aura while charging a power attack.
    • When Lexaus does this, immediately call the genie.
    • Do not attack him while charging the attack, otherwise he will charge the power attack even faster!
  2. 2 Beware of his tomahawk strike. Lexaus attacks you with a tomahawk.
  3. 3 Fight off his attack. Shattering Earth. Lexaus will throw his tomahawk into the air to summon 3 spikes of earth.
    • This attack can be repulsed by Refleg or Dodge Roll (analog + □) 3 times, with a pause in the middle.
    • Use the Dodge Roll to avoid an attack.
  4. 4 Try to avoid capturing it. Lexaus will run to Sora and ask him at the pillar, and then throw his tomahawk at him.
    • This attack is difficult to avoid. It will begin in the same way as most other attacks, it can be blocked only by Reflega. Fortunately, he will only use this attack when his aura exceeds 50,000 points.
  5. 5 Block the earthquake. Lexaus will leave the arena and hit Sora. Then he will summon several huge stones that will cover everything around.
    • Constantly engage Refleg when he approaches you, this should help you avoid his blow.

Part 4 The Battle of Lexus

  1. 1 Immediately call the genie after the start of the battle. You will have some time to do this while Lexus charges the attack. Donald or Goofy may try to attack him if you do not quickly call the genie and the damage of Lexaus will increase significantly.
  2. 2 Get closer to Lexus as soon as he finishes charging the attack. He may try to attack you. To avoid his attack, you need to use the dodge roll dodge as soon as he throws his tomahawk into the air, and then again when the first stone appears. Pause for a second before deviating from the attack for the third time.
    • Do not go too far from Lexus, deviating from the attack, to avoid damage when it is charged power attack.
  3. 3 Press □ to defend yourself if Lexaus waves his hand and hits the ground. This is the attack you are waiting for. Make sure that you are close enough to him so that when you block his blow, the command (∆) is activated.
  4. 4 Make a full combination of punches on Lexus after reacting to his attack. After the last blow, wait until Lexus falls to the ground and make another combination, but do not use the final blow, otherwise he will beat him off and gain even more strength.
  5. 5 Repeat these steps until the end of the battle. If you do everything right, Lexaus will never reach the full scale for a strong attack.

Part 5 Battle with the Fully-Gained Lexus

Read how to fight Lexus if he has already gained the full scale of power to strike.

  1. 1 Continue the battle as usual. If you see that Lexaus is turning near Sora, immediately activate Refleg. Lexaus will capture Sora and there’s nothing you can do. We must try to repel the attack with Reflega.
  2. 2 Watch Lexus jump from the arena. If he jumps, it means that he is preparing for his attack of Madness (desperation). Wait until it starts to descend, and then activate Refleg many times until the screen is completely filled with stones.
  3. 3 Continue to block him until you have the opportunity to defend himself from his attack with a tomahawk.
  4. 4 Repeat all these steps until Lexaus dies.

Game process

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Mostly gameplay Kingdom Hearts II does not differ from its predecessor, although the developers, according to them, tried to fix many errors encountered in the gameplay of the first part. The plot of the game is linear, but contains many side quests. The virtual camera basically shows a third-person view, however, a first-person view is also available if desired. Most of the game takes place at interconnected locations, where fights take place.

As with many role-playing games, Kingdom Hearts II there is a system of experience. Defeating enemies, the main character and his partners gain experience. After receiving a certain number of points, the main character or his partner rises to a level up - with a new level, his characteristics increase, as a result of which the character becomes stronger. As in the first game, at the beginning Kingdom Hearts II the player is trained where he decides which characteristic - attack, defense or magic - to strengthen, and which to sacrifice in return.

Fights in Kingdom Hearts II occur in real time. The player uses an analog stick and buttons to run and jump, also in the lower left corner of the screen there is a menu where you can select a command (English Commands) - a particular character action. Using the menu, you can attack the enemy, cast a spell, use an item, summon a new partner on the battlefield, or use a joint attack with a partner. A new ability, the Reaction Command, has appeared, which can only be used in battles against certain enemies. To use it, the player must press a button on the controller at the right time. Certain bosses can only be achieved with a “reaction team”.

The flights on the Gummi Ship from the first game, which became the object of criticism, have been changed. Although the essence of the flights remained the same, the system was redesigned to be a cross between a “shooter on rails” and a “Disneyland roller coaster,” that is, the “pipe” along which the ship flies has ceased to be straightforward. The Gummy ship is needed to travel in space between worlds. Now you can’t get into the world right away: to get into this or that world, you need to complete a mission on the Gummy Ship, where the player must fight with enemy ships. After completing the mission, the world becomes open, but if the plot will need to go through it again, then the task will need to be re-run.