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Using Messaging on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


The operating system for iOS mobile devices is getting better with every update. Trying to bring the software to perfection, Apple, patenting every step, introduces more and more incredible features, such as managing all fingers of the hand, or creating a personal Wi-Fi point on the iPhone base, which awaits us with the release of firmware version iOS 4.3.

But they don’t want to pay attention to the little things from the moment the first iPhone was released. An item has not appeared in the settings of SMS messages that allows you to activate the automatic receipt of SMS notification. That is, while waiting for a response to your SMS, it is not clear whether your message has reached the subscriber or not. There is an elementary way to find out.

When writing text, you must first place a question mark "?" and continue typing, as you were going to do. Having received an SMS from you, a person will not see a question mark, and on the iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS, 3G and 2G, a report on the delivered message will come. It works with all Russian telecom operators (Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele2).

It may be useful for you to find out how to activate a request for sending SMS and E-mail messages from an iPhone.

05/27/13 Released iPhone 5S and iPad 5. Date of appearance of new products in 2013.

The previously announced release date for the new iPhone 5S and the fifth generation iPad is again being postponed, this time in the fall of 2013. According to the Japanese news blog Macotakara, the new generation of iPad tablets will not be released until after the release of the iPhone 5S. Thus, the release of the new iPad 5 is scheduled for the end of 2013, almost immediately.

05/25/13 WWDC International Conference in the summer of 2013. What's new from Apple?

The upcoming summer at the WWDC 2013 international conference will be mainly devoted to Apple's operating systems, that is, fully redesigned iOS7 will be presented and Mac OS updates will be highlighted. Apple's chief designer, Jonathan Ive, has invested a lot in upgrading the mobile operating system. It is noteworthy that the main.

Reply to a message from the lock screen

  1. On the lock screen, press the notification you want to respond with effort.
  2. Enter your message.
  3. Click to send a message.

If you have an iPhone X or newer, an 11-inch iPad Pro or 12.9-inch iPad Pro and you cannot reply to a message from the lock screen, go to Settings> Face ID and Password and turn on the feature "Reply by message." If you have an iPhone 8 or newer model or iPad, go to "Settings"> "Touch ID and Password Code"> "Lock Screen Access" and enable the "Reply with Message" function.

04/13/13 Lightweight (budget) iPhone Air or mini, already in the summer of 2013

A lightweight version of the most anticipated smartphone may go on sale already this fall (source Neil Hughes, analyst). Apple's partners in the supply of hardware for phones and tablets believe that the company plans to simultaneously announce two modifications of the new budget devices along with the new iPhone 5S in June, thereby preparing.

Message forwarding

Select a conversation and do the following:

Press and hold the cloud of the message you want to forward, then tap More.

Click the icon and enter the name of the contact. To send a message, click.

Game Plague inc. Kill all people by developing your virus or a terrible disease

Many will like the rather original idea of ​​this iPhone game. For fans of strategies and puzzles, the plot will seem more than exciting, and the gameplay itself will take a single hour from life. The task is to kill all people, that is, the entire population of all countries. Absolutely all people, even on the most remote snowy corners of the planet, should.

Delete a message or conversation

A deleted message or conversation cannot be restored. Therefore, be sure to save important information from your messages.

To delete a message:

  1. In a conversation, press and hold the message you want to delete, and then tap More.
  2. Click, and then click Delete Message. If you want to delete all messages in the topic, click "Delete All" in the upper left corner. Then click Delete Conversation.

To delete one conversation, swipe it to the left, click Delete, and then click Delete again to confirm the action. To delete several conversations, open the Messages program and click Edit in the upper left corner. Then click the circle next to the conversation and click “Delete” in the lower right corner.

If you need to store messages for a certain time, go to "Settings"> "Messages"> "Leave Messages". Then choose how long to keep messages.

Yandex Taxi for iPhone, an indispensable assistant for a city dweller.

Yandex mobile services are increasingly appearing in the Russian AppStore top. Their applications are reliable and easy to use, and sometimes even simply necessary. This time, consider the new version of Yandex taxi for iPhone3, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5. To begin with, this application is absolutely free and at the same time quite functional and useful.

Storing Messages in iCloud

Now the history of your correspondence will be stored in iCloud and synchronized on all your devices, even on new ones after they are configured.

Messages in iCloud are automatically updated and displayed on all your iMessage devices. If you delete a message, photo or conversation on one device, they will be automatically deleted on the rest of your devices. Since all of your attached files are stored in iCloud, you can free up space on your device.

Using predictive typing

Using the predictive typing feature, you can enter and complete entire sentences with just a few taps. During typing, you will be offered options for continuing the phrase based on your previous conversations and your writing style. You can also change advanced keyboard settings.

To turn off predictive typing, press and hold or, go to the Keyboard Settings section and turn off the predictive typing feature.

How to download (save) video from Safari to iPhone without using a computer or iTunes

The large and bright display of the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G is definitely suitable for watching videos. But downloading videos in a standard way via iTunes is not always convenient, or is not possible. The following describes the working method of how to download or save video from a boarding school (Safari, Firefox, Opera, iCab) to iPhone memory. In the AppStore.